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Multi-ChoiceEthical Philosophy Selector
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Yes/NoWhich famous philosopher do you most agree with?
Yes/NoClassical Philosophy Selector
Yes/NoAge of Purity Quiz
Yes/NoChoose your philosopher
Yes/NoWhat's Your Animal Demon Spirit?
Yes/NoPhilosophy of Religion
Yes/NoChoose your favorite metaphysician
Yes/NoWhat is your Enneagram type?
Yes/NoThe Dead Philosopher Adventure
Yes/NoAlignment test
Yes/NoPhilo-sonality THE ULTIMATE TEST
Yes/NoWhat were you in a past life?
Yes/NoAre you a Fascist?
Yes/NoWhat philosopher/philosophy do you most closely agree with?
Yes/NoWhat type of book are you?
Yes/NoIndividual or Collectivist?
Yes/NoSociological Theories/Philosophies
Yes/NoWhats your ethical philosophy?
Yes/NoWhat is your point of view towards the world
Yes/NoEarly American Philosophies
Yes/NoInglehart cultural ideology selector
Yes/NoWhat is your political orientation?
Yes/NoHow open minded are you?
Yes/NoWhat Kind Of Mind Do I Have?
Yes/NoEnneagram Test Part 2
Yes/NoWhich Famous Person Are You Similar To
Yes/NoWhich famous philosopher do you most agree with? (Revised)
Yes/NoPolitical Orientation Selector
Yes/NoThe Celestine Prophecy Drama
Yes/NoObjectivism, Nietzscheanism or Altruism?
Yes/NoDo you deserve to die?
Yes/NoPolitical Philosopher Selector
Yes/NoEsoteric and Arcane Faculty Advisor Selector
Yes/NoAre you insane?
Yes/NoChoose your perfect government
Yes/NoWhat is your political delineation?
Yes/NoWorldview of the Future
Yes/NoWhat Ghost are you?
Yes/NoWhat element are you?
Yes/NoAre you an antisemite?
Yes/NoAlter-Ego Philosophy
Yes/NoWhich Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit character are you?
Yes/NoWhat is your governing philosophy?
Yes/NoWorld Views and Ideologies
Yes/NoWhat is your stance on meta-ethics?
Yes/NoElements of Personality
Yes/NoWhat Rank SHOULD I give you?
Yes/NoHow much Philosophy do you watch?
Yes/NoWhat are you?
Yes/NoWhat Kind of Multiple Are You?
Yes/NoWould Locke become romantically involved with you?
Yes/NoChristian Philosophy
Yes/NoIntellectual thoughts of Wisdom
Yes/NoAre You Happy?
Yes/NoNumber Selector
Yes/NoIntegration Ability Selector
Yes/Nowhat are you worth?
Yes/NoPersonality Stats
Yes/Nowhat can you do for the revolution
Yes/NoAmerican Patriot
Yes/NoGoth or Industrial?
Yes/NoTest of Darkness
Yes/NoDo You deserve life?
Yes/Nosmartness selector
Yes/NoAre you me?
Yes/NoThe Stupidity Selector
Yes/NoNeotaoist Test
Yes/NoG-unit Q&A
Yes/NoUltima-Genisis, or building thy own truth.
Yes/NoThe Purple Selector
Yes/NoWhat is the meaning or purpose of your life?
Yes/NoAre you a ''Lisist''
Yes/Nowhat random object of ophelia's affection are you?
Yes/NoZwarte Traan
Yes/Nowhat kind of pokeball are you?
Yes/Nowhich member of the ashram are you?
Yes/NoAislin's Selector to the Stars
Yes/NoTrump Thrills into Shadow
Yes/NoÄr du gay (och man)?
Yes/NoWho do you most resemble?
Yes/NoDeath 2000
Yes/NoWhich 'Pokey the Penguin' character are you?
Yes/NoLife & Stuff

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