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Yes/NoWhat Teen movie character are you?
Yes/NoWhich ''Nightmare Before Christmas'' Character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Evil Batman Villain are you?
Yes/NoAccording to your hygiene, which Hogwarts old person are you?
Yes/NoPirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl quiz
Yes/NoWhich Recurring Kevin Smith Character Are You?
Yes/NoThe ''What Movie are you?'' test.
Yes/NoWho in Mean Girls Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Alan Rickman Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich FIGHT CLUB character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Last Unicorn character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Classic Movie Actress Are You?
Yes/NoMovie Selector
Yes/NoWhich American Pie Character are you?
Yes/NoHorror Movie Selector
Yes/NoLOTR class selector
Yes/NoWhich The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Newsies Character is Most Like You?
Yes/NoWhat Lion King character are you most like?
Yes/NoWhich actress should play you in a movie about your life?
Yes/NoWhich Shrek Character Are You?
Yes/NoPhantom of the Opera: What Erik (Erique) Are You?
Yes/NoWhat Annie Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich ''Princess Bride'' character are you?
Yes/NoWorld Domination Selector
Yes/NoWhich Holes character are you?
Yes/NoWhich character from ''The Last Samurai'' are you?
Yes/NoActor match
Yes/NoWhich Moulin Rouge Song are you?
Yes/NoWhat Hannibal Character would you be?
Yes/NoWhich Tim Burton Character are You!
Yes/NoThe Addams Family
Yes/NoWho is your ''Showgirls'' boyfriend?
Yes/NoThe Matrix
Yes/NoWhich Pulp Fiction Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich character from Troy are you?
Yes/NoWhich Pirates Of The Caribbean Guy Is Your Perfect Match?
Yes/NoWhich Labyrinth Character Are You Most Like?
Yes/NoWhich forgotten Animated Heroine are you?
Yes/Nowhich slc punk character are you?
Yes/NoWhich character from The Godfather are you?
Yes/NoWhich Battle Royale Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich movie heroine are you?
Yes/NoWhich Legally Blonde Character Are You
Yes/NoBattle royale Character Selector
Yes/NoLord of The Rings Character Test
Yes/NoWhich Moulin Rouge Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Johnny Depp Character is Your Perfect Match
Yes/NoAlice in Wonderland Selector
Yes/Nowhat Terminator 2 character are you?
Yes/NoMulan character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Teen Witch Character Are You?
Yes/NoFast and the Furious - Which character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Jurassic Park Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhat is your Celebrity match?
Yes/NoWhich River Phoenix Movie Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich ''Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'' character are you
Yes/NoWhich character from A Clockwork Orange are you?
Yes/NoAustin Powers character selector
Yes/NoWhich lotr Ringwraith personality are you?
Yes/NoNightmare Before Christmas Character Quiz
Yes/NoWhat Character on Cruel Intentions are you?
Yes/NoWhich 'Trainspotting' character are you?
Yes/NoWeird Cult Movie Selector
Yes/NoWhich character from Amelie are you?
Yes/NoWhich Hunger Games Character Are You
Yes/NoWhich Johnny Depp Leading Lady are you? Take the test to find out!
Yes/NoWhich Mummy Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Girl, Interrupted character are you most like?
Yes/NoWhat Elijah Wood Character are YOU?!
Yes/NoWhich newsie are you most compatible with?
Yes/NoWhich Ghostbusters Character Are You?
Yes/NoEvery town has a story- Tombstone has a legend!
Yes/NoWhich Pirates of the Caribbean character are you??
Yes/NoAtlantis: The Lost Empire Character Quiz!
Yes/NoChoose Your Movie Rental
Yes/NoWhich Tim Burton Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Ewan McGregor Character Are You?
Yes/NoRocky Horror Character Selector
Yes/NoWho's your perfect Harry Potter partner?
Yes/NoWho is your inner villain?
Yes/NoWhen will you die in a Scary movie?
Yes/NoWhich Indiana Jones Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Alfred Hitchcock Film Are You?
Yes/NoCOOL COOOL KOOOL Movie Star Quiz!!!
Yes/NoSaving Private Ryan Character Test
Yes/NoCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Which Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Adam Sandler Movie Best Describes You?
Yes/NoWhich GoodFellas Character Are You?
Yes/NoGodzilla Kaiju Selector
Yes/NoWhich Osmosis Jones character are you?
Yes/NoA quien de Rebelde Way te pareses?
Yes/NoMortal Kombat quiz
Yes/NoMurder By Death quiz
Yes/NoAre you Lock, Shock, or Barrel from the Nightmare Before Christmas?
Yes/NoWhich Stand by Me Character are you?
Yes/NoMerlin quiz
Yes/NoWhich Heather Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Classic Film Star Are You?
Yes/NoSin City Character Quiz
Yes/NoImperial Officer Personality Selector
Yes/NoWhich character from The Crow are you?
Yes/NoWhich Balto Character Are You?
Yes/NoLeague of Extraordinary Gentleman quiz
Yes/NoWhich 'Interview With The Vampire' character are you?
Yes/NoMusical Movie
Yes/NoWhich ''Ghost World'' Character Are you?
Yes/NoWhich Jim Carrey Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich 'Ice Age' Character Are You?
Yes/NoBeetlejuice quiz
Yes/NoTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles quiz
Yes/NoPhantom of the Opera Selector
Yes/NoWhat Member of Jackass Are you?
Yes/NoWhich character from the movie Troy are you most like?
Yes/NoDo You Have Good Taste In Film? Or Are You a Film Moron?
Yes/NoB-Movie Selector
Yes/NoWhich 'Rocky' character are you?
Yes/NoThe Godfather selector
Yes/NoMoulin Rouge
Yes/NoWhat Titanic Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Pirates of the Caribbean character are you most like?
Yes/NoWhat Zoolander Freak Are You?
Yes/NoWhat Simba's Pride character are you?
Yes/NoBring It On!
Yes/NoThir13en Ghosts character selector
Yes/NoWhich West Side Story character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Brad Pitt Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich All Dogs Go To Heaven character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Mighty Ducks 2 Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Lisbon Sister Are YOU?
Yes/NoWhich Johnny Depp are you?
Yes/NoEvangelion character selector
Yes/NoWhich Legend character are you most like!!
Yes/NoBattle Royale Character Selector!
Yes/NoNewsie Match
Yes/NoMummy/Mummy Returns quiz
Yes/NoResident Evil Guy Match Quiz
Yes/NoWhich Dogma character are you?
Yes/NoFailed 80s Child Stars
Yes/NoWhich Jennifer Lopez character are you?
Yes/NoIt's a Wonderful Life (what character you?)
Yes/NoReservoir Dogs
Yes/NoJim Carrey Movie Selector
Yes/NoWhat Lion King character are you?
Yes/NoOz archtypes
Yes/NoInsomnia quiz
Yes/NoWhich Hellraiser Character Are You?
Yes/Nowhat secret of nimh character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Shadow Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Fast and The Furious Character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Killer Klown From Outerspace Am I!?!
Yes/NoWhich Harry Potter Character is YOUR Best friend?
Yes/NoThe Magnificent Seven Character Test
Yes/NoWhich Barbie Movie Are You?
Yes/NoGinger Snaps Characters
Yes/NoWhich Kevin Smith Movie are you?
Yes/NoWho Framed Roger Rabbit quiz
Yes/NoSpy Kids Selector
Yes/NoWhat 'Monsters Inc.' Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich character from Watership Down series are you
Yes/NoWhich Peter Pan character are you?
Yes/NoMatrix Selector
Yes/NoApocalypse Now Character Selector
Yes/NoLittle Shop of Horrors quiz
Yes/NoWhich Hedwig and the Angry Inch Character am I?
Yes/NoRENT Quiz From Movie (( With Pics))
Yes/NoSpider-Man Selector
Yes/NoRomy and Michelle Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Rules of Attraction Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich New York Minute Character Are You?
Yes/NoFerris Bueller's Day Off selector
Yes/NoPearl Harbor Characters
Yes/NoWhich Holes character would you date?
Yes/NoEdward Scissorhands Personality Quiz
Yes/NoThe Shawshank Redemption Character Selector
Yes/NoWhat Clue character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Rocky Horror Picture Show character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Twilight Character From The Movie Are You Most Like?
Yes/NoPulp Fiction Character Selector
Yes/NoScream selector
Yes/NoThe Lion King character selector
Yes/NoHannibal Lecter Trilogy selector
Yes/NoThe Goonies selector
Yes/NoWitch Ghost from 13 Ghosts Are YOU?
Yes/NoWhich Clint Eastwood character are you?
Yes/NoWho is your Newsies Soul Mate
Yes/NoView Askew Character Selector
Yes/NoThir13en Ghosts ghost selector
Yes/NoWhich Stephen King movie (that I've seen) would you like best?
Yes/NoWizard Of Oz Character Quiz
Yes/NoWhat Men in Black character fits you?
Yes/NoSleepy Hollow selector
Yes/NoWhich martial arts superstar are you?
Yes/Nowhat spider-man character are you(movies)
Yes/NoWhich Matrix Character are you?
Yes/NoWho are you from 'Clerks'?
Yes/NoThe Road to El Dorado Personality Selector
Yes/NoWhich Re-Animator Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich But I'm a Cheerleader Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Pulp Fiction Character are You?
Yes/NoAlien selector
Yes/Nowhich may 2004 movie should you rent?
Yes/NoGhost Ship selector
Yes/NoIce Age Character Quiz
Yes/NoWhich Fifth Element Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Peter Lorre character are YOU?
Yes/NoWhich of The Blues Brothers characters are you?
Yes/Nomovie star selector
Yes/NoWhich Good Will Hunting Character Are You?
Yes/No2002 Movie Character Selector
Yes/NoThe Dark Crystal Character Selector
Yes/NoCats Don't Dance Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Muppet are you the most like?
Yes/NoThe Scarlet Pimpernel Test
Yes/NoWhat A.I. Character are YOU?
Yes/NoGhost World character selector
Yes/NoWhich character from The Mummy and The Mummy Returns are you most like?
Yes/NoRat Race quiz
Yes/NoGangs of New York Character
Yes/NoWhich Clueless Character Are You?
Yes/NoScooby Doo Meets the Boo Brothers quiz
Yes/NoWhich Johnny Depp Movie are you?
Yes/NoGattaca Character Selector
Yes/NoTim Curry character selector
Yes/NoWhich movie hero are you?
Yes/NoLabyrinth Selector
Yes/NoWhich Marvel Movie character are you?
Yes/NoOwen Wilson character quiz
Yes/NoThe 10th Kingdom character quiz
Yes/NoWhat Lawrence of Arabia Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich movie in theaters would you like most?
Yes/NoWhat Fictional Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Balto Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich School Of Rock Character Are You?
Yes/NoJude Law Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Quest For Camelot character are YOU most like?
Yes/NoJurassic Park quiz
Yes/NoSeven Samurai Personality Selector
Yes/NoWhich ''Annie Hall'' character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Cabaret character are you?
Yes/NoStephen King's It selector
Yes/NoNewsies Bad Guy Selector
Yes/NoWhich Titanic Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich 'Quills' Character Are You
Yes/NoA Knight's Tale personality selector
Yes/NoWhich Coyote Ugly Character Are You?
Yes/NoLittle Shop of Horrors Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Princess Rouge character do you resemble the most?
Yes/NoGreat Escape Character
Yes/NoBalto Character Selector
Yes/NoThe Avengers (movie) quiz
Yes/NoWhich ''The Shining'' Character are you?
Yes/NoAmerican Pie selector
Yes/NoThe Brave Little Toaster: Which appliance are you?
Yes/NoWhich Shrek Character are YOU?
Yes/NoWhich Shaun Of The Dead Character Are You?
Yes/NoShanghai Noon quiz
Yes/NoWhich Alfred Hitchcock Movie do you most relate to?
Yes/NoHannibal Lecter
Yes/NoKill Bill Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Creepy Movie should you be in?
Yes/NoWhich One Of Gecko's Favorite Cartoons Are You?
Yes/NoVampire Chronicles Characters
Yes/NoShanghai Knights quiz
Yes/NoMummy Character Personality Quiz
Yes/Nowhich Trainspotting character are you?
Yes/NoWhich of the Thirteen Ghosts are you?
Yes/NoDetermine your favourite Kevin Smith project.
Yes/NoThe Shining selector
Yes/NoWhich nightmare before christmas character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Cry-Baby Actor/Actress are YOU?
Yes/NoWhich Christmas Show Or Movie Do You Relate To?
Yes/NoLilo and Stitch character select
Yes/NoWhich VeggieTales character are you?
Yes/NoBack To The Future Trilogy Personality Selector
Yes/NoStarship Troopers Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Requiem for a Dream character are you?
Yes/NoWhich ''Carry On Cleo'' character are you most like?
Yes/NoLittle Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland selector
Yes/NoLord of the Rings boyfriend/girlfriend chooser.
Yes/NoAnastasia Character
Yes/NoWhich Tess of the d'Urbervilles character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Hedwig Character Are You?
Yes/Nojoe casaletto's movie selector #2 //// MARCH 2001
Yes/NoBram Stoker's Dracula Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Hong Kong Cinema Star Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Reservoir Dog are you?
Yes/NoThe Rocky Horror Picture Show! Which character are you?
Yes/NoWho's your perfect The Emperor's New Groove match?
Yes/NoCaptain America: The First Avenger
Yes/NoAre you a Greaser or a Social
Yes/NoWhich Evil LOTR Character Are You?
Yes/NoScream 3 selector
Yes/NoWhich Jason Isaacs movie role are you?
Yes/NoWhat character are you most like in the RoboCop series?
Yes/NoDark City quiz
Yes/NoEver wonder what Movie or TV Cop you would be, find out now.
Yes/NoWhich Empire Records character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Spaceballs Character are You?
Yes/NoLeah Ireland Movie Reviews
Yes/NoWhat type of Precrime fighter are you?
Yes/NoWhich King Kong Character Are You Like?
Yes/NoWhispers from the Ring Selector
Yes/NoWhich Pee Wee's Big Adventure Character Are YOU?
Yes/NoWhich Office Space character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Julia Roberts character are you?
Yes/NoWhich villain from The Crow are you most like?
Yes/NoVelvet Goldmine Character Selector
Yes/NoHaunted Mansion selector
Yes/NoTwilight's Number 1 Fan
Yes/NoRevenge of the Which Jude Law Character are You Selector
Yes/NoWhich Pussycat Are You?
Yes/NoWhich song from Newsies fits you?
Yes/NoWhich Tenenbaum Are You?
Yes/NoPagemaster quiz
Yes/NoWhich Velvet Goldmine Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich character from The Nightmare Before Christmas are you?
Yes/NoStrange and horror movies
Yes/NoWhat Silence of the Lambs character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Urban Legend character are you?
Yes/NoWhat about Bob quiz?
Yes/NoThor, the 2011 movie based on the Marvel Comic.
Yes/NoThe ''My Name Is Jonas''- Movie quiz, version one
Yes/NoWhat anime character are you most like.
Yes/NoWhich Shrek character are you?
Yes/NoWho's Your Perfect Pirates of the Caribbean Guy?
Yes/NoWhich Spooky Movie Do You Belong In?
Yes/NoWhich Cruel Intentions Character are you?
Yes/NoLone Ranger Characters
Yes/NoWitch Gilmore Girl character are you most like?
Yes/NoWhat Johnny Depp character are you most like? (From the movies I've seen)
Yes/NoVelvet Goldmine Character by t.v.eye
Yes/NoGodfather Character
Yes/NoGladiator Character Selector
Yes/NoGet Smart Character Selector
Yes/NoEvil Dead Character Selector
Yes/No''Willow'' Character Selector
Yes/NoIndiana Jones movie selector
Yes/NoPitch Black: What character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Johnny Depp Film Are You?
Yes/NoKing Kong
Yes/NoJosie and the Pussycats Character
Yes/NoThe Godfather- Corleone Family Selector
Yes/NoJack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story quiz
Yes/Nothe godfather
Yes/NoWhat movie monster are you
Yes/NoWhich Adam Sandler Character Are You Most Like?
Yes/NoWhich Nightmare Before Christmas character are you?
Yes/NoWhich MAGNOLIA Character Are You?
Yes/NoSLC Punk! Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Movie Should You Star In?
Yes/NoWho your Monkee Personality?
Yes/NoCongo selector
Yes/NoThe Nightmare Before Christmas character selector
Yes/NoWhat Marilyn character are you?
Yes/NoTremors Character Selector
Yes/No''Billy Madison'' Personality Quiz
Yes/Noa2dc-character selector (indonesian movie)
Yes/NoWhat School of Rock Character are you?
Yes/NoThe 'Burbs personality test!
Yes/NoJurassic Park Selector
Yes/NoX2 Character test
Yes/NoWhich RKO Player Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Evil Overlord/Minion are you?
Yes/NoWhich Osmosis Jones da Sequel Character are you?
Yes/NoWizard of Oz Personality Quiz
Yes/NoWho from Monty Python and the Holy Grail are you?
Yes/NoWhich Princess Bride character are you?
Yes/NoSnatch: The Elusive Personality Search
Yes/NoMore Leah Ireland Movie Reviews
Yes/NoIce Age character selector
Yes/NoIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Yes/NoHogwarts Sorting Hat
Yes/NoWhich 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Lord of the Rings character are you?
Yes/NoCats and Dogs Character Selector
Yes/NoCardassian Character Selector
Yes/NoWho's the Right Man for You?
Yes/NoThe School of Rock personality selector
Yes/NoWhich character from Nightmare Before Christmas are you?
Yes/NoWhich Muppet are You??
Yes/NoWhich Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhat film on the top of my video shelf are you?
Yes/NoThe Dragonheart Character Personailty Quiz
Yes/NoWhich Xmen 2 guy is your perfect match ;)
Yes/NoWhich Nightmare Before Christmas character are you?
Yes/NoAre you Potc, LotR, or HP?
Yes/NoWatership Down Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Schindler`s List Jew are you?
Yes/NoWhat movie are you?
Yes/NoWhich Holes D-Tent Boy are you most like?
Yes/NoCharlotte's Web Characters
Yes/NoWhich Dogma character are you?
Yes/Noknow your narnia
Yes/NoWhat heroine category do u fall under????
Yes/NoCare Bear Quiz
Yes/NoNightmare Before Christmas Character
Yes/NoHouse Of Flying Daggers
Yes/NoWhat Harry Potter Beauty Are You?
Yes/NoEu sou um personagem de romance-juvenil de sessão da tarde?
Yes/NoWhat Jurassic Park person are you?
Yes/NoWhich Little Women character are you most like?
Yes/NoOffice Space Character Generator
Yes/No1776 the movie
Yes/NoFinding Nemo
Yes/NoResident Evil Movie Quiz
Yes/NoWhich early 2000's movie are you??
Yes/NoPirates of the Caribbean: Cream of the Gold Selector
Yes/NoWhich 'Chicago' Character are You Most Like?
Yes/NoWhich Silence of the Lambs persona are you?
Yes/NoWhich Goonie Are You?
Yes/NoMovie Detectives
Yes/NoWhich SLC Punk! Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhat Ninja Turtle Are you?
Yes/NoWho are you in Midnight run?
Yes/NoScience Fiction movie selector
Yes/NoJourney to the West 2
Yes/NoShrek personality test!
Yes/NoWhich X-Men Character are you?
Yes/NoHarry Potter Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich guy is for you?
Yes/NoWhat Empyrean guy are you?
Yes/NoMonsters Inc Test
Yes/NoWhat Rocky Horror Character Are You Most Like?
Yes/NoWhich Movie Heroine are you?
Yes/NoBlade Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Movie McGuffin are You?
Yes/NoWhat Pirate Movie Character Are You?
Yes/NoThe Rise of the Dark Lord Personality quiz!
Yes/NoWho are you in Space Balls?
Yes/NoAnime for you
Yes/NoWhat Mouin Rouge Character are ya?
Yes/NoWhich American Pie Character Are You Most Like?
Yes/NoThe Scorpion King Character Selector
Yes/NoFilm Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Biblical Character are You?
Yes/NoWhat Fight Club Character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Movie Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Nightmare Before Christmas Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Lord of the Rings character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Spider-Man Character Are You?
Yes/NoBadass African American Actors
Yes/NoIndiana Jones the Condensed Version
Yes/NoRequiem For A Dream Character Selector
Yes/NoBack to the Future I, II and III
Yes/NoSpider-Man Comic book character selector!
Yes/NoWhich old dead actor are you?
Yes/NoYoung Male Film Celebrities
Yes/NoPirates of the Carribbean Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich character from ''The Happening'' are you most like?
Yes/NoWhat Labyrinth Character Are You?
Yes/NoHorror Movie Villain Selector
Yes/NoWhich Mummy Character are you?
Yes/NoGhostbusters quiz
Yes/NoWhich Movie Do You Belong In?
Yes/Nothe Ever After selector
Yes/NoWhat horror movie character are you?
Yes/NoThe Rocky Horror Picture Show Test!
Yes/NoMonsters Inc. Character Selector
Yes/NoLast Unicorn Character Selector
Yes/NoWhat's Your West Side Story Character?
Yes/NoWhich Supporting Actor are You?
Yes/NoFlash Gordon Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich League of Extraordinary Gentlemen character are you?
Yes/NoMonsters Inc Quiz
Yes/NoRequiem for a Dream Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich character from ''The 'Burbs'' are you most like?
Yes/NoYoung And Dangerous Character
Yes/NoWhat Matrix Program Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Signs Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Cats character are you most like?
Yes/NoGaladriel's Super Neat Character Test
Yes/NoWhich LOTR Woman are You
Yes/NoHow strong is the force with you?
Yes/NoWhat Pirates of the Caribbean character are you
Yes/NoWhich Marvel Movie best matches you?
Yes/NoWhat Moron Channel© character are you?
Yes/NoEvan's Great Matrix Personality Test
Yes/NoWhich movie character are you?!
Yes/NoWhich Wizard of Oz Character are you?
Yes/NoThe Bourne Identity
Yes/NoHarry Potter Character Selector
Yes/NoWhat Batman film is your favorite?
Yes/NoWhich Movie Villain Are You?
Yes/NoUnder Appreciated Actors selector
Yes/NoWhich Mummy Returns character are you?
Yes/NoCelebirty selector
Yes/NoYour Lord of the Ring Moviesr! (for female)
Yes/NoWhat Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Freddy Got Fingered Character Are You?
Yes/NoThe Boondock Saints Charatest
Yes/NoCharlie and the Chocolate factory
Yes/NoWhat rocky horror song most suits you?
Yes/NoWhich Stanley Kubrick character are you?
Yes/NoWhick Brat pack member are you?
Yes/NoDo you have a thirst for BLOOD?
Yes/NoWhich 'Manos: The Hands of Fate' character are you most like?
Yes/NoDonnie Darko
Yes/NoThe Three Musketeers Selector
Yes/NoMonty Python and the Holy Grail
Yes/NoWhich character from Pirates of the Caribbean are you?
Yes/NoWhich character from POTC are you?
Yes/NoFrodo or Sauron?
Yes/NoMiddle Earth Moviesr
Yes/NoMatrix selector (hmmm... not very imaginitive)
Yes/NoNewsie Date
Yes/NoWhich Loser character are you?
Yes/NoThe Interview With The Vampire Movie Charecter Selector
Yes/NoWho are you from the Movie Chicago?
Yes/NoThe Haunting quiz
Yes/NoWhich Labyrinth Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Lord of the Rings character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Hedwig Character Are You?
Yes/NoPirates of the Caribbean Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Mighty ducks character are u most like?
Yes/NoFellowship of the Selectors
Yes/NoWho are you in 'The Commitments'?
Yes/Nowhich september film should you rent?
Yes/NoAre you a girl or a guy?
Yes/Nowhich chicago character are you?
Yes/NoGreen Mile Character Selector
Yes/NoWhat 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' Movie Character Are You?
Yes/NoMighty Ducks
Yes/Nowhat is your perfect place to go on vacation?
Yes/NoResident Evil and Scooby Doo Character
Yes/NoLord of the Rings Movie Chooser
Yes/NoWhich Jawbreaker Bitch are You
Yes/NoWhich Askewniverse character are you?
Yes/NoSinbad character selector 2003
Yes/NoWhat Pulp Fiction Charcter Are You?
Yes/NoMighy Ducks District-5
Yes/NoHannibal Lector Character Selector
Yes/NoAre you my type?
Yes/NoWhich SLC Punk Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhat chick flick is most like your life like?
Yes/NoMovie Guys I Moviesd
Yes/NoHoly Grail Character
Yes/NoTitanic character
Yes/NoThe Evil Persona Quiz
Yes/NoDeep Rising quiz
Yes/NoWhich Legend Character are you?
Yes/NoHarry Potter Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich LEGEND Character Are You Most Like?
Yes/NoStanley Kubrick movie selector
Yes/NoWhich Without a Paddle character are you most like?
Yes/NoScream 2 selector
Yes/Nowhat daredevil character are you
Yes/Nowhat freaky movie are you?
Yes/NoWhich Lord of The Rings Person are You Most Like?
Yes/NoHarry Potter and the philosophers stne character selector
Yes/NoMoulin Rouge Character
Yes/NoWhich Dragon Movie Would You Be In?
Yes/NoWhat Spider-Man film is your favorite?
Yes/NoWhich race of LOTR Character R U?
Yes/NoKing Of The Hill
Yes/NoWhat b-movie character are you
Yes/NoWho are you in Middle-earth
Yes/NoWhich horror movie guy would you go out with?
Yes/NoWhich member of the crew are you?
Yes/NoDeep Blue Sea quiz
Yes/NoWho's your X-men Dream Date?
Yes/NoJay And Silent Bob Characters
Yes/NoEmpire Records - open till midnight!
Yes/NoWhich Pitch Black Character are You
Yes/NoWhat Alanis Morissette Album do you most relate to?
Yes/NoWhich 'Chicago' character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Charactor X-Man Are You?
Yes/NoSith Lords
Yes/NoRose Red quiz
Yes/NoThe Ring
Yes/NoWhich LoTR Being Are You?
Yes/NoBelgariad Charector selector
Yes/NoFun Labyrinth test
Yes/NoWhat is ur character 4 Lord Of The Rings
Yes/NoWhich Police Academy movie is right for you?
Yes/NoWhich of the mean girls (2004) should you date?
Yes/NoFirefly/Serenity character selector
Yes/NoWhich lord of the rings character are you?
Yes/NoSpiderMan Movie Quiz
Yes/NoThe Beauty and the Beast quiz
Yes/NoKevin Smith's Jersey Trilogy
Yes/NoWhich LOTR Character is your favorite?
Yes/Nowhich shreck careter are you?
Yes/NoWhat Monty Python Knight (from Holy Grail) Are You?
Yes/NoWhat Kevin Smith character should you be?
Yes/NoWizard of Oz Selector
Yes/NoHow soppy are you when it comes to films?
Yes/NoEdward Scissorhands characrtor selector
Yes/Nothe faculty character selector
Yes/NoWhich Duck Should YOU Want?
Yes/NoWhich Dogma Character Are You?
Yes/NoAnaconda selector
Yes/NoWhat is your Harry Potter charater
Yes/NoWhich lord of the rings character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Big Money Hustlas Character Are You?
Yes/No''Blade 2'' Characters
Yes/NoWelcher Filmfigur entsprichst Du?
Yes/NoEnglish Patient Character Selector
Yes/NoShawly Shrek
Yes/Nox-men selector
Yes/NoWhich Mutant from X2 are you?
Yes/NoWhat character from Now and Then are you?
Yes/NoIndiana Jones adventure selector.
Yes/NoWhich Movie Heroine are you?
Yes/NoMovie Character
Yes/NoWhat Titanic Thing Are You?
Yes/NoVelvet Goldmine Character Selector
Yes/NoWhat TLK2 character are you?
Yes/NoThe master of disguise test
Yes/NoLegally Blonde Selector
Yes/NoWhat John C. McGinley Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich DBZ character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Moulin Rouge Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Angus character are you?
Yes/NoEscape From New York
Yes/NoBuckaroo Bonzai Character Selector
Yes/NoGone In 60 Seconds
Yes/NoWhich Newsie are you???
Yes/NoWhich Will Smith character are you?
Yes/NoEver After Character Selector
Yes/NoWhat Skate video Are you
Yes/Nobenny & Joon character selector
Yes/NoWhich character from the original Alien are you?
Yes/NoLegend, who are you??
Yes/NoMystery Men Selector
Yes/Nowhat lord of the rings character are you
Yes/Nowhich Lord of The Rings character's personality is most like yours?
Yes/NoWich Moulin Rouge Diamond Girl Are You?
Yes/NoAre you Sith
Yes/NoWhat kind of movie are you?
Yes/NoStanley Kubrick movie selector
Yes/NoWatership Down
Yes/NoWhich Moulin Rouge character are you most like?
Yes/NoWhich Moulin Rouge character are YOU most like?

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