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Yes/NoWhich Genshin Impact Character are you most like?
Yes/NoWhat Color Yoshi Are You?
Yes/Nogenshin impact kin assignment
Yes/NoWhat SNK character are you?
Yes/NoWhat 'Mystic Messenger' Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Megaman Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Genshin Impact Character are you most like? (Revised)
Yes/NoWhich Legend of Dragoon Character are you?
Yes/NoBest RPG for you
Yes/NoWho of Genshin Impact are you most like?
Yes/NoWhich Legend of Zelda Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Super Smash Bros. Character Are You?
Yes/NoMetal Gear Name Generator
Yes/NoWhat Navi Would You Be?
Yes/NoSSBM Character Selector
Yes/NoThe Super Smash Bros: Melee Personality Test
Yes/NoWhat Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monster are you most like?
Yes/NoWhich Tekken 3 Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhat Super Smash Bros. Melee Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Evil Mortal Kombat Character are YOU?
Yes/NoWhich Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Lunar dragon are you?
Yes/NoWhat ''Persona 4'' Main persona are you?
Yes/NoWhat style of video game is right for you?
Yes/NoWhat video game should you play
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy VII-VIII Personality Test!
Yes/NoWhat Resident Evil Character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Crash Bandicoot Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Video Game System are you?
Yes/NoWhich Final Fantasy 6 Character are you most like?
Yes/NoVideo Game Selector
Yes/NoWhich Mario character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Epilogue Character Are You Most Like?
Yes/NoSonic Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Samurai Warriors character are you?
Yes/NoWhat RPG Sprite are you?
Yes/NoWhich Kingdom Hearts character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Video game character are you?
Yes/NoFFF - Final Fantasy Females
Yes/NoWho should be your Final Fantasy lover?
Yes/NoWhich Video Game Character Are you like?
Yes/NoSuper Smash Bros. Melee Selector
Yes/NoSoul Calibur 2 Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Twilight character are you?
Yes/NoMortal Kombat Character Selector
Yes/NoWhat Final Fantasy 9 Character are you most like?
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy VII Personality Quiz
Yes/NoWhat Disgaea character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Zelda character are you most like?
Yes/NoAnos 80 - Quem era você?
Yes/Nofamily guy character selector test
Yes/NoSoul Calibur 2 & 3 Personality Quiz
Yes/NoWhich Legend of Zelda Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Fire Emblem:The Sacred Stones class are you?
Yes/NoMetal Gear Series Characters
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy 10 Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Fire Emblem 3 Character are YOU?
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy Femme
Yes/NoHow Long Would You Survive in a Survival Horror Game?
Yes/NoWhat Harvest Moon Character are you?
Yes/NoResident Evil Character Selector
Yes/NoWhat Kirby character are you?
Yes/NoStreet Fighter Personality Test
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy VIII Female Selector
Yes/NoResident Evil Selector
Yes/NoZelda Game Selector
Yes/NoWhich fire emblem character are you.
Yes/NoThe Final Fantasy Character Compatability Quiz
Yes/NoWhat Star Ocean 2 Character Do You Act Like?
Yes/NoWhich Castlevania Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhat Minecraft Mob are You?
Yes/NoPhoenix Wright Character Selector
Yes/NoHalo Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich video game character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Purple Moon Rockett's World Character are You?
Yes/NoWhat Zelda Character Are You Really?
Yes/NoWhat Final Fantasy girl should you marry?
Yes/NoMetal Gear Solid Code Name (Part 1: Expertise)
Yes/NoResident Evil Match Quiz (for Guys)
Yes/NoWhat Earthbound Character are YOU?
Yes/NoWhat Kind of Video Game are you?
Yes/NoMetal Gear Solid Code Name (Part 2: Animal)
Yes/NoPaper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Character Selector
Yes/NoWhat Video Game Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Samurai Showdown character are you?
Yes/NoSonic the Hedgehog Character Selector
Yes/NoPicking a video game type
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy VIII Squall/Seifer Selector
Yes/NoWhich Tekken character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Zelda Race Are You?
Yes/NoWhat Crash Bandicoot Character Are You???
Yes/NoWhich JSRF character are you?
Yes/NoPS2 Action/Adventure game selector
Yes/NoSquaresoft Guys - Pick your ideal mate!
Yes/NoWho is your 'Legend of Zelda' Girlfriend?
Yes/NoWhat Video/Computer Game Character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Video/Computer Game Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Valkyrie Profile Character are You?
Yes/NoPSX RPG selector
Yes/NoConsole Game
Yes/NoVideo Game Villains
Yes/NoWhat Sonic the Hedgehog Character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Sim would you be?
Yes/NoThe Harvest Moon 64 Girls Selector
Yes/NoWhich Guitar Hero II Playable Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhat Tales of Phantasia Character Are You Like?
Yes/NoEverQuest Class Selector
Yes/NoSimilarties: Which Final Fantasy Character Are You Like?
Yes/NoWhich resident evil 4 character are you like?
Yes/NoUltimate RPG Match-Maker
Yes/NoPaper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Boss Selector
Yes/NoWhich Blood Omen 2 character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Super Mario character are you?
Yes/NoWhat StarCraft character are you?
Yes/Nowhat tales of symphonia character are you?
Yes/NoPuyo Puyo Character Selector
Yes/NoSonic the Hedgehog Personality Quiz
Yes/NoStarFox64 Character Selector
Yes/NoFF7 Female Character Personality Test
Yes/NoThe Resident Evil Movie Character Test
Yes/NoWhich Deus Ex Character are You?
Yes/NoWhich Devil May Cry demon are you?
Yes/NoIf you were a unique item from Diablo, which one would you be?
Yes/NoStreet Fighter Character Quiz
Yes/NoWhich RPG character are YOU?
Yes/NoWhat Video Game Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Yellow/Red/Blue Pokemon are you?
Yes/NoVideo Game Characters selector
Yes/NoWhich Pokemon would you be?
Yes/NoWhich Golden Sun Character are you Quiz
Yes/NoWho's Your 'Legend of Zelda' Boyfriend?
Yes/NoNext Gen Console Selector
Yes/NoWhich TF2 class are you?
Yes/NoWhich Resident Evil Girl are you most like?
Yes/NoJ-J-J-JET SET RADIO? Who in Tokyo-To are you?
Yes/NoPhantasy Star Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Kingdom Hearts 2 Character are You?
Yes/NoWhich Final Fantasy Character Are You Most Like?
Yes/NoWhich Pokemon game should you choose?
Yes/NoWhich Squaresoft Video Game Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Professor Layton character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Triforce Would You Get?
Yes/NoWhich Video Game Character are you most like
Yes/Nowhat sonic character are you? (sonic hero's-sonic unleashed characters only!)
Yes/NoFinal fantasy Turks character
Yes/NoWhich Civ 4 Leader?
Yes/NoWhat Monster Rancher 2 monster are you?
Yes/NoVideo Game Personality Selector
Yes/NoWhich video game character are you?
Yes/NoWhat WOW class are you?
Yes/NoWhich Max Payne Character are You?
Yes/NoWhat Video Game Char Would You Date?
Yes/NoWhat is your favorite yaoi couple type?
Yes/NoWhich PS2 Game you would most like?
Yes/NoFF7: Turks
Yes/NoWhich Genshin Impact Character are you most like? (Revised)
Yes/NoWhich Console best suits you?
Yes/NoWhich Syphon Filter Series character are YOU like?
Yes/NoHalo Combat Evolved Character Quiz
Yes/NoWhat video game console to buy?
Yes/NoWhich DOA character are you like?
Yes/NoWhich Phantasy Star 4 Character are you most like?
Yes/NoWhat's YOUR best Final Fantasy weapon?
Yes/NoNext-Generation Console Selector
Yes/NoWhat Game Company Are You
Yes/NoQué personaje de la sere de Videojuego de Mario Bros. eres? (Spanish)
Yes/NoFF7 Male Personality
Yes/NoVideo Game Selector 2001
Yes/NoWhich Super Smash Bros Brawl character are you best at truly
Yes/NoTekken Test
Yes/NoWhich Bully Clique would you probably belong in?
Yes/NoWhich Legend of Zelda character or monster are you
Yes/NoQual personagem do Aow Shard que você mais se identifica?
Yes/NoPsychic Force 2012 Character Slector
Yes/NoValkyrie profile test
Yes/NoVideo Game Character
Yes/NoWhich Megaman Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Thief character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Suikoden III character are you?
Yes/NoEarth Bound Character Test
Yes/NoMario Personality Test
Yes/NoWhat Jumi Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Skies of Arcadia character are you?
Yes/NoDream Sphere Presents...FF7 CHARACTER TEST!!!!
Yes/NoWhich Battlefield 2 Kit is right for you?
Yes/NoThe Wind Waker Character Quiz
Yes/NoAnimal Crossing Personality Quiz
Yes/NoWhich kind of Koopa are you?
Yes/Novideo game creatures....
Yes/NoWhich Pikmin creature are you?
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy 4 Character Personality Test
Yes/NoWhich Suikoden IV character are you?
Yes/NoElemental Knight Personality Test
Yes/NoWhat first-person shooter is best for you?
Yes/NoWhich King of Fighters Character are you?
Yes/NoDoll Princess Quiz
Yes/NoWhat DBZ character is most like you?
Yes/NoResident Evil Personality quiz
Yes/NoRiver City Ransom Gang Selector
Yes/NoKirby Character Test
Yes/NoWhat Guilty Gear Guy Are You?
Yes/Nowhich starter pokemon are you
Yes/NoChrono Trigger Character Selector
Yes/No¿Que personaje Del tekken3 eres?
Yes/NoWhich Ocarina of Time character are YOU?
Yes/NoCastlevania Personality test
Yes/NoWhich Fire Pokemon are you?
Yes/NoKs Capcom/SNK character selector!
Yes/NoMegaMan X Character Selector
Yes/NoGrand Theft Auto 3 Character Selector
Yes/NoLegend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time female character selector
Yes/NoMajora's Mask Character Selector
Yes/NoMetal Gear Guy Selector
Yes/NoWhat Mortal Kombat warrior are you?
Yes/NoQue personaje de Chrono Cross eres?
Yes/NoMagic Video Game Characters
Yes/NoEverQuest Race Selector
Yes/NoWhich Tama Are You?
Yes/NoVideo Game Villain Selector
Yes/Nowhich video game series do you like??
Yes/NoWhich Anime Character would you be???
Yes/NoWhat Sonic R Character are you most like?
Yes/NoParappa the Rapper/Lammy Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Smash Character are YOU?
Yes/NoThe Paper Mario Character Thingy
Yes/NoWhat video game charactor are you?
Yes/NoWhich Tamrielic Race Are You?
Yes/NoThreads of Fate Charactars
Yes/Novideo game character personality test!
Yes/NoWhich kick-ass main character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Skies Of Arcadia Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhat Evil Video Game Character are you?
Yes/NoWhat RPG Class Are You?
Yes/NoCual es tu color de elemento?
Yes/NoWhich Megaman Boss Character Are You?
Yes/NoWho are you like in ''Rudra no Hihou'' (Rudra's Secret Treasure).
Yes/NoWhich Dragon Quest 8 character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Resident Evil 1 Character Are You?
Yes/NoTenshi Ishhi Personality Test
Yes/NoVideo Game System Selector
Yes/NoWhich Suikoden character are you most like?
Yes/NoWhat Role Playing personality suits you best?
Yes/NoWhat's Your Dance Dance Revolution Theme Song?
Yes/NoWhich Megaman Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Megaman Boss are you?
Yes/NoSSB:M Character Selector.
Yes/NoThe Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker character selector
Yes/NoThe Bio-Organic Weapon Quiz
Yes/NoWhich Chrono Cross female personality type are you?
Yes/NoWhich Rival Schools Character(boy) Are You???
Yes/NoThe Harvest Moon AWL Girl Selector
Yes/NoYour Perfect GTA Game
Yes/NoWhich Kya Dark Lineage character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Ocarina of Time Temple Sage Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Donkey Kong 64 Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhat Evil Zone Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhat Type of Video Gamer are you?
Yes/Nowhich dragon ball z character are you
Yes/NoWhat Sonic Adventure 2-Battle Character Are You Most Like?
Yes/NoGTA V personality test!
Yes/NoWhat Anime Character Are U Similar To?
Yes/NoWhich Evil Megaman Boss Are You?
Yes/NoVideo Games and You!
Yes/NoWhat Warcraft II character are you?
Yes/NoStar Fox Adventures Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Legend of Zelda character are you?
Yes/NoWay of the samurai personality test
Yes/NoWhich Tales of Destiny Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Warcraft class are you?
Yes/NoWhat's Ur Faveorite Videogames Console??
Yes/NoSilhouette Mirage Selector
Yes/Nowhat lunar 2 character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Darkstalker Most Applies To YOU
Yes/NoWhat Old-School Nintendo Character Are You?
Yes/NoWho are you in TS2?
Yes/NoTales of Symphonia Quiz
Yes/No¿A qué personaje masculino de Rival Schools te pareces?
Yes/NoWhich Mega Man Legends Character Are You?
Yes/NoBloody Roar 2 Character selector
Yes/Nowhat brawl character are you?
Yes/NoMetroid Prime Hunters Character Selector
Yes/Nowhat item are you in the N64 zelda games?
Yes/NoKingdom Hearts Personality Test
Yes/NoDragon Quest III Class Selector
Yes/No:: The Um Jammer Lammy Character Selector ::
Yes/NoThe Discworld MUD Guild Selector
Yes/Nowhich jak and daxter charter r u?
Yes/NoWhich Okage: shadow king character are you most like?
Yes/NoChrono Trigger Personality Quiz
Yes/NoWhich Kingdom Hearts character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Suikoden Hero are you??
Yes/NoWho's your KOF man?
Yes/NoDonkey Kong Country character quiz
Yes/NoWhat weapon do you use?
Yes/NoVirtua Fighter 2 Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich person from any Zelda game would you be?
Yes/NoLegend of Zelda Personality Selector
Yes/NoTekken 4-Dark Resurrection Character
Yes/NoGRAND THEFT AUTO: san andreas and vice city
Yes/NoThe Puyo Puyo Game Test
Yes/NoGuilty Gear/X Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Region Should you live in?
Yes/NoWhat Zelda character is your personality most like?
Yes/NoWhat type of video game character are you-innocent or mischievous?
Yes/NoWhich Sonic character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Legion Saga character are you most like?
Yes/NoWhat Everquest (tm) class would you be?
Yes/No¿A quíen te pareces de Rival Schools: Project Justice?
Yes/NoAre you a Yoshi, Sonic, Mario, or others?
Yes/NoRiviera/Yggdra Union Element Selector
Yes/NoAre you an avid gamer?
Yes/NoWhat Navi Would You Be?
Yes/NoWhat Mario charecter are you most like?
Yes/NoWhat Clock Tower 3 Character are you?
Yes/NoPokemon character compatiblity
Yes/NoSoul Calibur 2 Character Test
Yes/Nogames console selector
Yes/NoSuper Smash Bros Melee Character Selector
Yes/NoWhat Star Fox char are you?
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy Dating Service!
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy or Dragon Ball Z
Yes/NoJet Set Radio Deluxe Character Test
Yes/NoThe Sonic Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich DDR character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Final Fantasy 10 Character are you?
Yes/NoWhat EVIL Final Fantasy character are you (1-10)
Yes/NoWhat Legend of Zelda character are you?
Yes/NoMilkCan Groupie or Hip Hop Master??
Yes/NoWhat Septerra Core Character Are You?
Yes/NoXtaku: Yea, or Nay?
Yes/NoWhat Tales of Destiny Character are you?
Yes/NoMetal Gear Solid 2 character selector
Yes/NoSonic Adventure character personality selector
Yes/NoWhat Guilty Gear Gal Are You?
Yes/NoAge of Empires Military Unit Selector
Yes/NoSonic the Hedgehog Selector
Yes/NoSuikoden 1 selector
Yes/NoPersona 2 Character Selector
Yes/NoWho tekken 3 Character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Bloody Roar Character Are You?
Yes/NoOnline gamers personality quiz
Yes/NoWhat Female Chrono Cross character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Terranigma Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich L Position Suikoden 2 Character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Chao Are You?
Yes/NoFF3 Character Personality Test
Yes/NoWhat Resident Evil Character Are You? (15 characters)
Yes/NoWhich Suikoden 1 Character Are You? (for girls)
Yes/NoDead or Alive Girl Selector
Yes/NoStreet Fighter Alpha personality
Yes/NoWhich Laguna Loire Are YOU?
Yes/NoChao Quiz
Yes/NoWhich Suikoden Strategist are you?
Yes/NoWhat Oddworld creature are you?
Yes/NoDiablo II: What kind of character would you be best at?
Yes/NoWhich Sonic Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhat Donkey Kong Character are you?
Yes/NoKingdom Hearts Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Final Fantasy game is the best for you?
Yes/Noratchet and clank character selector
Yes/NoWhich Spyro The Dragon character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Tetris Shape Are You?
Yes/NoWhat Xenosaga Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Pokemon are you?
Yes/NoWhat's Your Ideal BattleMech?
Yes/NoWhat's Your Strongest Ideya?
Yes/NoThe Tek Select
Yes/NoOgre Battle 64 Character Selector
Yes/NoDarkness, Inc. Personality Test
Yes/NoCharaboms Selector
Yes/NoKSRPG Character Type Selector
Yes/NoWhich Sonic Hero Are you?
Yes/NoDBZ and Final Fantasy charecters
Yes/NoWhat MegaMan 7 Boss Character Are You Most Like?
Yes/NoRPG game that best suits you
Yes/NoQual personagem do Star Ocean Second Story vc é?
Yes/NoWhich Killfrog Character are you?
Yes/NoUm Jammer Lammy character selector
Yes/NoWhich Final Fantasy girl are you?
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy 7 personality quiz
Yes/NoWhich Resident Evil character are you???
Yes/NoWhat colored Jewel Chao are YOU?
Yes/NoFind out Your Element
Yes/NoAre YOU a Final Fantasy VII master?
Yes/NoNintendo Villains quiz.
Yes/NoSuper Smash Bros. Melee!
Yes/NoLegend of Dragoon Personality Test
Yes/NoWhat Seiken Densetsu 3 Character Are You
Yes/NoFamous Game Series
Yes/NoClock Tower 3 character selector
Yes/NoWhich Secret of Mana Spirit are you?
Yes/NoWhich Xenogears villain are you?
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy Villain Selector
Yes/NoWhich Final Fantasy on the PSX would you fit into best?
Yes/NoVideo game selector
Yes/NoWhat Starcraft Broodwar Defense Map Are You?
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy Tactics Character Selector
Yes/Nowhich ssx character are you?
Yes/NoBloody Roar 1-3 Zoanthrope Character Selector
Yes/Nowhat gta character are you???
Yes/NoStretch Panic Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Grand Theft Auto 3 Island Would You Be Most At Home On?
Yes/NoWhat Chao are you like?
Yes/Nowitch digimon would be the best partner for you
Yes/NoWho is your Advance Wars DS character
Yes/NoPower Stone Character Selector
Yes/NoKirby Character Selector
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy Character Test
Yes/NoWhich Starfox: Dinosaur Planet Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhat SA2B Character Are You?
Yes/NoSnatcher Character Quiz
Yes/NoMark of the Wolves
Yes/NoWho matches your Personality?
Yes/NoRockman Character Selector!
Yes/NoThe Triforce Selector
Yes/NoVirtual On: Cybertroopers Character Selector
Yes/NoCrash Match Personality Selector
Yes/NoThe Um Jammer Lammy Character Selector #2
Yes/NoWhich Street Fighter are you?
Yes/NoDevil May Cry Character Selector
Yes/NoTales of Destiny character selector
Yes/NoStarcraft Broodwar Unit Selector
Yes/NoResident Evil Code Veronica Character Selector
Yes/NoNintendo Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Rival Schools school are you in?
Yes/NoWhich Sonic The Hedgehog Character Are You???
Yes/NoWhat Mario Character are you?
Yes/NoResident Evil Online Quiz
Yes/NoWhat FF4 Survivor character are you?
Yes/NoLegend of Zelda- female character
Yes/NoWhich Suikoden2 Guy is right for you?
Yes/Nowhat the legend of zelda character are you?
Yes/NoDDR Freak .. or not?
Yes/NoWhich Harvest Moon Girl Are You?
Yes/NoDark Souls Character Selector
Yes/NoWho's Your Iron Fist?
Yes/NoRed Alert 3 Quiz
Yes/NoWhat A Raichu's Tale Character are YOU?
Yes/NoWhich Zelda Series Characters Are Most Like You?
Yes/NoCom qual personagem de Ultima 1-7 você se parece?
Yes/NoShizuma's Amazingly Adequate Xenogears Character Selector
Yes/NoBloody Roar 2
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy 7/8/9 Character Selector
Yes/NoWhat Iconic RPG World Map Theme Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Grandia character are you like the most?
Yes/NoWhich Weaponlord Character Are You?
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy V Characters
Yes/NoWhich Shadow Age Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhat Final Fantasy VIII Monster Are You?
Yes/NoKlonoa:Lunatea's Veil character selector!
Yes/NoXenogears Personality Test
Yes/NoWho's your KOF lady
Yes/NoWhich Nintendo character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Deus Ex Character Are You?
Yes/NoPaper Mario Selector
Yes/NoWhat Ninja Turtle Character are you?
Yes/NoValkyrie profile character
Yes/NoWhich sonic Character are you supposed to be?
Yes/NoDance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Character Quiz
Yes/NoWhich character are you from The Legend of Zelda: The Heart of Evil?
Yes/NoWhich Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure 2 Character are you?
Yes/Nofinal fantasy villan
Yes/NoClock Tower 3 character selector
Yes/NoLegend of Dragoon Quiz
Yes/NoWhat Zelda Character Are You?
Yes/NoWalthros Character Selector
Yes/NoBully personality test!
Yes/NoSonic Characters Quiz
Yes/NoCrash Bandicoot Character Selector
Yes/NoSuper Smash Bros Melee
Yes/NoLunar 2: Eternal Blue Character Selector
Yes/NoDoes Ross like me?
Yes/NoChapino Fandom
Yes/NoWhich resident evil character are you?
Yes/NoConoce tu color innato
Yes/NoWhich BOTVGHer are you? 2002 Edition
Yes/NoWho Would Be Your RPG Man?
Yes/NoSonic Adventure 1 and 2 Character Test
Yes/NoWhich Zelda Character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Nintendo Charecter are u?
Yes/NoWhich Mega Man Character Are You Most Like?
Yes/NoStreet Fighter
Yes/NoWhich Final Fantasy 9 character are you most like?
Yes/NoDiablo II character selector of doom
Yes/NoWhich Megaman Character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Grandia II Character Are You?
Yes/NoFrom Aeris to Vincent - Which FF7 character are you?
Yes/NoFF Quiz
Yes/NoWhich Epilogue Character Are You Most Like?
Yes/NoDynasty Warrior Character
Yes/Nowhich top 15 video game character are you?
Yes/NoEverquest class
Yes/NoWhat MegaMan Soul Are You?
Yes/NoOcarina of Time
Yes/NoWhich Street Fighter Vixen Wants To Spar You?
Yes/NoWhat ToS charecter are you?
Yes/NoWhich SMRPG character are you most like?
Yes/NoParasite Eve Character Selector
Yes/NoResident Evil villain choser
Yes/NoWhat Chrono Trigger character are you most like?
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy class selector
Yes/NoWhat character from the EverQuest RPG are you most like?
Yes/NoZelda Game Selector
Yes/NoCastleVania Quiz
Yes/NoMonkey Island Character Selector.
Yes/NoSaGa Frontier Characters
Yes/NoWhat class would YOU be in the FF world?
Yes/NoWhat Mario Character are you like?
Yes/NoWhich character from the Mega Man X series would you be?
Yes/NoWhat Navi Are You?
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy Character Class
Yes/NoChrono Cross Female Selector
Yes/NoWhich Legend of The Gems Chracter are you?
Yes/NoMario Character Test
Yes/NoWhich Super Smash Brothers Melee Charecter is right for you
Yes/NoGolden Sun Character Selector
Yes/NoWhat Uscit character are YOU?
Yes/NoWhich Metal Demon is YOUR long lost twin?
Yes/NoWho the hell are you?
Yes/NoWhat SSBM Character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Dungeon Siege Monster are you most like?
Yes/NoWhat Version should I run?
Yes/NoWhich triforce are you going to get?
Yes/NoWhat Resident Evil Character Are You?
Yes/NoDead or alive Selector
Yes/NoBloody Roar: Primal Fury Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Elemental Spirit are you?
Yes/NoSoul Calibur Characters
Yes/NoWho should you use on super smash brothers melee?
Yes/NoHarvest Moon Back to Nature Chick finder
Yes/NoWhat megaman hero are you?
Yes/NoWhich MM Character are you?
Yes/NoFinal fantasy character fav
Yes/NoNintendo Character
Yes/NoChrono Cross Female Character Selector
Yes/NoNintendo Mascot Selector
Yes/NoANOTHER Um Jammer Lammy Selector
Yes/Nowhat zelda character would you best be in a relationship with?
Yes/NoWhich Sexy Gym Leader/Elite/...sexmonster are you? :D
Yes/NoWhich Goldeneye Weapon Suits You
Yes/NoChrono Cross Female Character Selector
Yes/NoKoF2K1 Females
Yes/NoWhich character in a RPG are you?
Yes/NoYour Zelda character
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy VII character selector
Yes/NoLunar Compatibility Test
Yes/NoWhat Civ IV Traits Do You Have?
Yes/NoWhich Super Smash Melee character are you!?
Yes/NoWich Star Fox character is you most alike?
Yes/NoWhich Um Jammer Lammy female are you most like?
Yes/NoDance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Song
Yes/NoWhich Super Smash Bros. Melee Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhat color are you?
Yes/NoFirst Person Shooter
Yes/NoMario character selecter
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy Character Selector
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy VIII Dating Game
Yes/NoWhat GOJ are you?
Yes/NoGrandia II Quiz
Yes/NoWhich Star Ocean 2 Character are you?
Yes/NoPop'n Music Deuil Selector
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy X Personality Test
Yes/NoSecret of Mana Elemental Selector Test, For Some Reason
Yes/NoMega Man 8 Robot Master
Yes/NoThe Classic Final Fantasy Enemy Test
Yes/NoWhat Ragnarok 1-1 job suits best your playing style?
Yes/Nodynasty/samurai warriors test
Yes/NoWhich Adept Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Metal Gear Character Are You???
Yes/Nothe best sonic character for U
Yes/NoResident Evil 2 and 3
Yes/Noshrek slam
Yes/NoWhich Monster are you from Disgaea ?
Yes/NoWhat Chrono Trigger Character are you?
Yes/NoResident Evil Weapon
Yes/NoWhich SaGa Frontier Main Character are You?
Yes/NoChrono Trigger Time Period Selector
Yes/NoThe Six Sages
Yes/NoCO Selector
Yes/NoRanger, Warrior & Other Characters
Yes/NoSonic Adventure 1 + 2 Character Selector
Yes/NoYoshi Color
Yes/NoWhat Command & Conquer Char. are YOU?
Yes/NoWild Arms 2 Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Phantasy Star 2 Spell Are You?
Yes/NoJob CLass Finder
Yes/NoFF8 compatibility selector
Yes/NoHappy Wheels personality test!
Yes/NoKIngdom hearts
Yes/NoMario Selector
Yes/NoWhat are you?
Yes/No¿A qué escuela de Rival Schools pertenecerías?
Yes/NoWhich Zelda character are you?
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy Character Selector
Yes/NoMario Party 3 Partner Selector
Yes/NoWhat game character are you?
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy VII Character Selector
Yes/NoPhantasy Star 3 Character Selector
Yes/NoPick a Super Smash Bros. Melee Character
Yes/NoWhat FFX character are you??
Yes/NoWarCraft2 Character Selecter
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy 7
Yes/NoEarthBound Character Selector
Yes/NoWhich Akiba's Beat Character are you?
Yes/NoWhat Rival Schools Character (girl) Are You?
Yes/NoSilent Hill 2 selector
Yes/NoNintendo character selector
Yes/NoBreath of Fire 2 Character Test
Yes/NoWhich ''8-bit Theater'' Character Are You?
Yes/NoTurok 2 characters
Yes/NoThe best Chrono Cross selecter
Yes/NoWho are you like?
Yes/NoTHE FF VILLAIN QUIZ - Wanna be a Villain?!
Yes/NoKingdom Hearts Character Selector
Yes/NoBest Chars(Ex:Sephiroth,Howrang,Ken from Street Fighter)
Yes/NoComputer Game Selecter
Yes/NoWhat Charactor are you most like
Yes/NoSilhouette Mirage: Second Chance
Yes/NoWhat Golden Sun Charactor are you?
Yes/NoWhat halo villan are you?
Yes/NoKirby Character Advanced
Yes/NoGrandia Character selector
Yes/NoWhich hero/heroine are you?
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy 6
Yes/NoPhantasy Star 4 Character Selector
Yes/NoBest Sonic Charecter
Yes/NoWhich Chrono Trigger character are YOU?!
Yes/NoYour SegaSonic Character
Yes/NoHarvest Moon Girl e
Yes/Nowarhammer 40k
Yes/NoMetal Gear Character Quiz
Yes/NoCrash Bandicoot Selector
Yes/NoWhich Nintendo character are you?
Yes/NoChrono Cross Female Selector
Yes/NoWhat Super Smash Bros. Melee Character are you like?
Yes/NoFinal Fantasy Game Selector
Yes/NoWhich Evolution character are you?
Yes/NoForbidden Realm Players Species
Yes/NoWhat Zelda character are you?
Yes/NoOld School Final Fantasy Super-Selector
Yes/NoWhat Legend of Zelda character are you?
Yes/NoWhich Sonic the Hedgehog character
Yes/NoFantasy Character Selector
Yes/Nofinal fantasy female
Yes/NoWhat Dragoon are you?
Yes/NoWhich....MIGHTY FIGHTING MACHO MAN..are you?
Yes/NoFF 7-10 Guy Test
Yes/NoThe SSBM Character You Are
Yes/NoThe CoD2 Character Selector
Yes/NoPuyo Puyo 2 Character Selector

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