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  1. You are Mario the Mighty PLumber of to

  2. You are sonic, you beat up poor old he

  3. You are Megaman, you have to many diff

  4. You are Conker, your an evil little Sq

  5. You are Titus, You resemble Future Tru

  6. You are Bowser.(You can't just leave t

  7. You are Invader Zim.(oops how'd that g

  8. You are JIll Valentine, you'll shoot m

  9. You are Dr. Robotnik/Eggman. You send

  10. You are Ryo(Street Fighter) you are so

  11. You are Spider Man.(YES capcom made a

  12. You are Geno.(SMRPG)You possesd a doll

  13. You are Sephiroth.You're just Powerful

  14. You are Fox Mcloud.You were in the one

  15. You are Mighty the Armadilo, you have

  16. You are Kirby,awww so cute.

  17. You're Mewtwo a Pokemon everyone makes...

  18. You are a Koopa Troopa you've did more

  19. You are Donkey Kong and in DKC 64 you

  20. You are Sion.(The Bouncer)You were Mad

  21. You are Wario, all you think of is mon

  22. You are Bowser, you are the most borin

  23. You are Bass, you are a Rival to Mega-

  24. You are Black Mage,noone knows what yo

  25. You are a Server Bot, you look like a

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