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graphVideo GamesVideo Games Poll: What Video game character are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Video game character are you?" by MIke H.

Choose from this list:

You are Mario the Mighty PLumber of toilets.
You are sonic, you beat up poor old helpless fat guys in robots.
You are Megaman, you have to many different games about you.(Well,So does Mario)
You are Conker, your an evil little Squirell.
You are Titus, You resemble Future Trunks of DBZ to much.
You are Bowser.(You can't just leave the plumber outta this can you )
You are Invader Zim.(oops how'd that get in there?)
You are JIll Valentine, you'll shoot my head off without hesitation.
You are Dr. Robotnik/Eggman. You send robots to do all your dirty work.
You are Ryo(Street Fighter) you are soooo strong.
You are Spider Man.(YES capcom made a Marvel game)
You are Geno.(SMRPG)You possesd a doll.(kinda like Chuckie)
You are Sephiroth.You're just Powerful and Evil.
You are Fox Mcloud.You were in the one of the first fx chips games.
You are Mighty the Armadilo, you have no fans.(HAHAHA)
You are Kirby,awww so cute.
You're Mewtwo a Pokemon everyone makes fun of although deep down they know they can't resist pokemon.
You are a Koopa Troopa you've did more than Kenny.
You are Donkey Kong and in DKC 64 you have a cool theme song.
You are Sion.(The Bouncer)You were Made by Square but you're in one of their games that aren't RPG.
You are Wario, all you think of is money ad your own personal well being.
You are Bowser, you are the most boring villan in a Video Game. You do the same thing in eachgame.
You are Bass, you are a Rival to Mega-Man
You are Black Mage,noone knows what your face looks like.
You are a Server Bot, you look like a lego person.


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