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ReligionReligion Poll: Islamic Denomination Selector (Revised)
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ComicsComics Poll: Marvel Character Selector (Revised)
AstrologyAstrology Poll: What Planet Are You (Revised)
ComicsComics Poll: RU Team X-Men or Team Street Fighter Back in 96?
ComicsComics Poll: If your Problems Escalate to Magneto's which 12 Side With U?
Science & NatureScience & Nature Poll: What Planet Are You?
ReligionReligion Poll: Which KS Superhero/Villain RU?
ReligionReligion Poll: Which Biblical Horseman RU?
ComicsComics Poll: Which X-Men Villain Wants to Kill U?💀
EntertainmentEntertainment Poll: Which Hazbin Hotel character are you?
MusicMusic Poll: What Metallica Album Are You?
ComicsComics Poll: Who are You in X-Mení97?
007 James Bond007 James Bond Poll: Which 007 RU, Based on the Bond Girls Opinions about U?
Food & BeveragesFood & Beverages Poll: Pepperidge Farm Cookies
SportsSports Poll: What year was your favorite year to be a Yankees fan?
ReligionReligion Poll: Which Bible Villain Probably Wants to Stone You the Most??
AnimeAnime Poll: Which Haikyuu First Year would like you?

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