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graphPhilosophyPhilosophy Poll: Do you deserve to die?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Do you deserve to die?" by Huber.

Choose from this list:

Please, Please, Please kill yourself. You are a disgrace to the human race. I would kill you myself, but i'm afraid you might touch me.

you most certainly deserve to die. You're not pure evil, but you still have no place on this earth. Everyone is allowed to be just plain terrible sometimes, but you abuse the privlege.

There is some hope! You are a generally terrible person, but you can be saved! All you have to do is send a check or money order to Andrew Huber, P.O. Box 27715, Washington DC, 20016

Shit, you aight. You got style where it counts. You're stoopid fly. You get more pussy than an animal shelter. You remind me of a younger, less experienced me.


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