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Philosophy Poll: Worldview of the Future Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
graphPhilosophyPhilosophy Poll: Worldview of the Future
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Worldview of the Future" by GaianMind.

Choose from this list:

Conventional World: Market Forces- This variant incorporates mid-range population and development projections, and typical technological change assumptions. The problem of resolving the social and environmental stress arising from global population and economic growth is left to the self-correcting logic of competitive markets.

Conventional World: Policy Reform- Policy Reform adds strong, comprehensive and coordinated government action, as called for in many policy-oriented discussions of sustainability, to achieve greater social equity and environmental protection. The political will evolves for strengthening management systems and rapidly diffusing environmentally-friendly technology, in the context of proactive pursuit of sustainability as a strategic priority.

Barbarization: Breakdown- In this variant, crises combine and spin out of control, leading to unbridled conflict, institutional disintegration and economic collapse.

Barbarization: Fortress World- Fortress World features an authoritarian response to the threat of breakdown. Ensconced in protected enclaves, elites safeguard their privilege by controlling an impoverished majority and managing critical natural resources, while outside the fortress there is repression, environmental destruction and misery.

Great Transitions: Eco-communalism- The Eco-Communalism variant incorporates the green vision of bio-regionalism, localism, face-to-face democracy, small technology and economic autarky.

Great Transitions: New Sustainability Paradigm- This variant shares some of the goals of the Eco-Communalism scenarios, but would seek to change the character of the urban, industrial situation rather than to replace it, to build a more humane and equitable global civilization rather than retreat into localism. The New Sustainability Paradigm is the focus of Great Transition.

Muddling Through- Perhaps you don't know and don't care about the bigger picture beyond your own life, or see the world as too big and complex to make any effective changes. Either way, you just carry on with your own life despite what might be happening in the world.


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