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  2. Which famous philosopher do you most agree with?
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  4. What philosopher/philosophy do you most closely agree with?
  5. Classical Philosophy Selector
  6. Choose your philosopher
  7. Choose your favorite metaphysician
  8. Whats your ethical philosophy?
  9. What is your stance on meta-ethics?
  10. Are you a Fascist?
  11. What Kind Of Mind Do I Have?
  12. Worldview of the Future
  13. Do you deserve to die?
  14. Philosophy of Religion
  15. Philotypes(TM:-)
  16. What is your Enneagram type?
  17. Inglehart cultural ideology selector
  18. Existentialism, Absurdism or Nihilism?
  19. Are you an antisemite?
  20. Which philosopher are you?

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