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EducationYour Compatibility with the United States of America

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A Education Selector by Nathan Guerin, created January 2000. The purpose of this selector is to distinguish between those individuals who either: 1) are educated on US government, the Constitution, and the founding of our nation; have a good idea about what our nation is all about; and are able to think logically and reasonably based on facts, or 2) Are largely uneducated about our government, Constitution, and principles we were founded on; and/or are vulnerable to emotional propaganda and "feel-good" ideas that are, for the most part, worthless or actually negative when it comes to preserving this nation.

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    1. The United States Constitution is and only is what the current US Supreme Court declares it to be.
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    2. Automobiles are regulated in this nation. Logically, then, it only makes sense for firearms to also be regulated.
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    3. Today's Federal governement is far too powerful and has overstepped many of its Constitutional limitations. If the founding fathers were here today, they would probably be greatly disappointed.
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    4. The opinions and ideas of the majority of Americans should righfully supersede Constitutional law when it comes to what the Federal government should and should not do.
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    5. Overall, media (television, newspapers, etc.) in the United States is very liberally biased.
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    6. A lot of people are incapable of or simply don't make smart, educated decisions for their own well-being (ie., abusing drugs, not wearing a seatbelt, not saving money for one's future or for one's medical problems, etc.). It is therefore lawful and effective for the Federal government to legislate laws to protect people from poor decisions (ie., drug laws, healthcare, social security, etc.).
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