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graphEducationEducation Poll: Your Compatibility with the United States of America
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Your Compatibility with the United States of America" by Nathan Guerin.

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You are in need of some serious education about the United States of America. Take a few courses on our Constitution as well as on US history. You believe too much you see on television, and it is a rare occasion that you question what you hear through the "grapevine". Spend some time reading up on facts and educating yourself rather than listening to emotional accounts and letting others tell you how it is. When you go to the library (and there's an excellent chance you don't), you need to spend a little more time in the reference section and a little less time in the fairy tale section. Your views, if followed by all, would lead this nation directly to hell.

Your ideas about the principles of this nation are largely uneducated and unreasonable. It is a good thing this country is not entirely run by people who think like you. Stop watching television and forming your opinions on what others say and get out and educate yourself. Your knowledge of the Constitution is extremely weak.

You might say you have an "average" person's opinions on the principles of the US and our Constitution. Unfortunately, the average person's opinions are largely unconstitutional, as the average person is very lacking in factual knowledge about these things. Do some research and get to a library. Don't trust what people of today say. Read up on historical accounts and augment your knowledge through facts, not opinions.

You seem to have a fairly good idea of the way this nation was meant to be. If everyone thought like you, we'd be a lot better off. But you could use some fine tuning to have an even better grasp on the principles of this nation and our Constitution. Keep educating yourself, and be wary of what you hear on television or through "word of mouth".

You seem to have an excellent head on your shoulders, as you have a solid understanding of reality, the Constitution, and the principles of this nation. If only everyone thought like you, we'd be a million times better off. I just wish that I could have asked more questions to really test the consistency of your knowledge and beliefs.


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