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SelectSmart.comTo create selectors, join From your 4me page you can manage the selectors that you create.
Create a yes/no selector. Yes/no style selectors are our most popular selectors and the easiest to create. See an example.
Create a multiple choice selector. Multiple choice selectors are more advanced and allow you to ask more and detailed questions. See an example.

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Create a flowchart. To create flowcharts, decision trees and timelines join From your 4me page you can manage all that you create on See an example. To learn more about flowcharts and what they do, see this page.

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Write an article which will appear in the Post. SelectSmart.comWrite your reports, articles or opinion pieces.

Secure, Anonymous & Free enhances your experience...and it's free. With the security of your anonymity it's the safe place to share, compare, discuss and save your selector quiz results. There are two main types of pages: blog pages and comments pages.

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The blog pages are the "4me" members' own personal pages which feature that "4me" member's name, their greeting, the selectors they've visited, their ratings of those selectors, their top results and comments they've posted. Members must rate and comment on the selectors to have their top results saved to their pages. "4me" members can link to their blog pages from social networks. See a member's blog page. blog page

Comments Pages
Each comments page is associated with a particular selector. You'll see "4me" members' comments on that particular selector. These pages allow "4me" members to reply back and forth with other "4me" members. Each comment links to that "4me" member's blog page so people can see that "4me" member's top results. See a sample comments page. comments page

Anybody can visit and read the blog and comments pages, but only "4me" members can post comments.

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Each member gets their own "dashboard" which is their control panel for their blog page. By clicking on their dashboard button, members can delete their results or comments which they don't want made public any longer. The dashboard is where members post their greeting which appears at the top of their page in the "(Member Name) says:" box.

More Features
There are more features and benefits to Rather than our talking about them here, we suggest that you visit the example pages above and see them for yourself.

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