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EducationPre-Referral Process
By kgroth
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This flowchart shows the referral process.

Student presents an academic concern in the classroom. For example, does not pass a grade level DRA and is not passing weekly comprehension checks.
Teacher tries in class, Tier One interventions. Teacher also checks the cumulative file as well as with the health office regarding the student.
Student responds as expected to Tier One interventions.
Student would continue on with the class, intervention is considered successful.


Teacher would call parent to set up a meeting to discuss the concerns and set up a plan and a due date for the level two intervention(Swaney,2008).
Student responds to Tier Two interventions.
Student continues on with successful interventions, no further interventions are added.


Teacher would set up a meeting with parents again and set up a level three intervention. At this time another goal and due date would be set(Swaney, 2008). Did student respond?
Process would stop here.


Student Assistance Team would set up an MDT 1 to look at testing or checklists that may need to be done. Team can utilize that information along with RTI data to look at verifying a student with a learning disability.