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1Multi-Choice SelectorWhich excellent anime & manga should you have your eyes on?
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1Yes/No SelectorWhich Attack on Titan - Shingeki no Kyojin character are you most like?
2Yes/No SelectorWhich Haikyuu character is most likely to have a crush on you? NOT a KIN QUIZ.
3Yes/No SelectorJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Character Selector
4Yes/No SelectorWhich Tokyo Revengers character are you
5Yes/No SelectorWhich Jujutsu Kaisen Character are you most like?
6Yes/No SelectorWhich MHA student are you?
7Yes/No Selectorwhich bsd character are you
8Yes/No SelectorWhich Sk8 the Infinity Character Are You?
9Yes/No SelectorWhich male protagonist are you?
10Yes/No SelectorWhat character to cosplay..?
11Yes/No SelectorWhich Haikyuu Character Do You Kin? CAPTAIN EDITION
12Yes/No SelectorWhich Anime Character Am I?
13Yes/No SelectorAttack on Titan - Shingeki no Kyojin character selector
14Yes/No SelectorWhich Haikyuu character do you kin?
15Yes/No SelectorWhat Anime Character would you look like? (For Girls)
16Yes/No SelectorWhat JJK Character Are You?
17Yes/No SelectorWhich anime hair color and style would you have?
18Yes/No SelectorWhich Vongola Ring would you fit under in Katekyo Hitman Reborn?
19Yes/No SelectorWhich Death Note Character Are You?
20Yes/No SelectorNaruto character selector
21Yes/No SelectorWhich JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Character are you Most Like?
22Yes/No SelectorWhat MHA Villain are you?
23Yes/No SelectorWhich MHA student are you? (Revised)
25Yes/No SelectorWhose Personality in Naruto do you fit?
26Yes/No SelectorWhich Chainsaw Man character are you?
27Yes/No SelectorWhich Naruto Character are you?
28Yes/No SelectorWhich Bleach Character are you!
29Yes/No SelectorTokyo Revengers Kin Quiz
30Yes/No SelectorWhich Naruto girl is your girlfriend?
31Yes/No SelectorWhich Pokemon Is Right For You?
32Yes/No SelectorWho is Your Hunter X Hunter Kin?
33Yes/No SelectorWhat MHA Villain are you? (Revised)
34Yes/No SelectorSaiki K kin assignment
35Yes/No SelectorWho is your anime boyfriend?
36Yes/No SelectorWhich Hetalia Axis Powers character are you?
37Yes/No SelectorWhich Akatsuki Character are you?
38Yes/No SelectorGhost's Full Metal Alchemist Character Selector
39Yes/No SelectorWho's your anime boyfriend
40Yes/No SelectorWhich D.N Angel Character are you?
41Yes/No SelectorWhich TBHK character are you?
42Yes/No SelectorNaruto Shippuden personality test
43Yes/No SelectorWho would be the right anime guy for YOU!
44Yes/No SelectorDevil Fruit Selector
45Yes/No SelectorNaruto Character Quiz
46Yes/No SelectorWhich Tokyo Mewmew Character are you?
47Yes/No SelectorTokyo Mew Mew Love Match
48Yes/No SelectorDragonballz: power level.
49Yes/No SelectorWhich JJBA Villain Are You Most Like
50Yes/No SelectorIt's simply a very good naruto test with many character results and questions, made by a true fan (me) try it!
51Yes/No Selectornaruto personality quiz-genin selector
52Yes/No SelectorThe Banana Fish Personality Selector
53Yes/No SelectorWhat ''Wolf's Rain'' character might you be?
54Yes/No SelectorWhat Season 1 Digimon character are you?
55Yes/No SelectorWhich Sk8 the Infinity Character Are You? (Revised)
56Yes/No SelectorWhich Zatch Bell Character Are You Most Like?
57Yes/No SelectorWhich Fullmetal Alchemist Character Are You?
58Yes/No SelectorWhat Naruto guy would be your boyfriend? (Bad guys)
59Yes/No SelectorWhat Naruto Character are you?
60Yes/No SelectorDragonball Z Personality test
61Yes/No Selectorwhich Code Lyoko character are you most like?
62Yes/No SelectorYu Yu Hakusho Personality Quiz
63Yes/No SelectorSailor Moon Personality Test
64Yes/No SelectorWhich Vampire knight hottie would rock ur world?
65Yes/No SelectorWhich Dynasty Warriors Character are you?
66Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of anime character are you?
67Yes/No SelectorNaruto
68Yes/No SelectorAssassination Classroom personality test!
69Yes/No SelectorKingdom Hearts 2, Who from Organization XIII are you?
70Yes/No SelectorWhat rookie digimon would be your partner?
71Yes/No SelectorWhich JoJo's Bizarre Adventure protagonist are you?
72Yes/No SelectorWhat Wolf's rain character are you?
73Yes/No SelectorYugioh Monster Type/ Attribute Quiz
74Yes/No SelectorWhich Shaman King Character are you? Super Version!
75Yes/No SelectorWhich Teen Titans Character are you?
76Yes/No SelectorWhich Sukisyo character are you?
77Yes/No SelectorNaruto Personality Test (Revised)
78Yes/No SelectorWhat Legendary Pokemon are You?
79Yes/No SelectorWhat Teen Titan are you?
80Yes/No SelectorBlind date with an anime boy! (for girls only!)
81Yes/No SelectorWhich Pokemon Character are you? (Human Characters)
82Yes/No SelectorWhat Elfen Lied character are you?
83Yes/No SelectorWhat Saint Seiya Character are you Quiz
84Yes/No SelectorWhich Vento Aureo Character Are You Most Like? (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5)
85Yes/No SelectorQuel perso de One Piece êtes-vous?
86Yes/No SelectorWhich Yugioh Gx Character are You?
87Yes/No SelectorXiaolin Showdown Character Match
88Yes/No SelectorWhich digimon crest do you belong to?
89Yes/No SelectorWhich Naruto Character are you?
90Yes/No SelectorDescubre tu identidad
91Yes/No Selectorwhat danganronpa thh character are you
92Yes/No Selectorhunter x hunter character selector
93Yes/No SelectorInu Yasha/Japanese name that fits your personality!
94Yes/No SelectorWhich Naruto Ninja are You?
95Yes/No SelectorWhich Shaman King Character Are You?
96Yes/No SelectorWhich Megaman NT Warrior netnavi are you?
97Yes/No SelectorFullMetal Alchemist Match! (GIRLS ONLY!!)
98Yes/No SelectorWhat JoJo character are you most like?
99Yes/No SelectorWhich Chrono Crusade Character Do You Act Most Like
100Yes/No SelectorDragonBall/Z/GT/AF character selector!
101Yes/No SelectorFull Metal Panic Selector
102Yes/No SelectorWhich Mermaid Melody Princess Are You? :)
103Yes/No SelectorWho is your ideal Naruto Guy
104Yes/No SelectorWhat would your quirk be in MHA?
105Yes/No SelectorWhich Witch Hunter Robin Character Are You?
106Yes/No SelectorWhich Character from Tokyo Revengers are you?
107Yes/No SelectorDragonball GT character
108Yes/No SelectorWhich Code Geass r1 character are you?
109Yes/No Selectorwhat yugioh monster type are you
110Yes/No SelectorWhat W.I.T.C.H character are you?
111Yes/No SelectorWhich Hunter x Hunter Character are you?
112Yes/No SelectorYugioh gx personality quiz
113Yes/No Selectorwhich deathnote character are you?
114Yes/No SelectorWhat Pet Shop of Horrors Character are you?
115Yes/No SelectorTotally Spies Character Selector
116Yes/No SelectorWhich One Piece character are You?????
117Yes/No SelectorWhich naruto village are you from?
118Yes/No SelectorWho is your Ideal Naruto Girl?
119Yes/No Selectorfull metal alchemist character test?
120Yes/No SelectorWhich Crayon Shinchan Character Are You?
121Yes/No SelectorWhich Ouran Host Club Character are you
122Yes/No SelectorSerous Male Anime Character selector
123Yes/No SelectorBungo Stray Dogs Character Selector
124Yes/No Selectorwhich of my naruto OCs are you? (OC means Original Character)
125Yes/No Selectorensemble stars personality quiz (first year edition fml)
126Yes/No Selectorwhat bakugan character are you?
127Yes/No SelectorYUGIOH GX
128Yes/No SelectorWhich Gundam Wing Character Are You Most Like?
129Yes/No SelectorWhich Kingdom Hearts II Character Are You?
130Yes/No Selectorlegendary pokemon test(kanto-johto)
131Yes/No SelectorWhich Spirited Away Character Are You Most Like?
132Yes/No Selectorwhich bobobo-bobo-bobo character are you most like!?
133Yes/No SelectorWhich Rurouni Kenshin Sword Style Are You
134Yes/No SelectorWhich Pokemon (Human) Character are you most like?
135Yes/No SelectorWhich of the HiME in Mai-HiME(Mai HiME) are you?
136Yes/No SelectorFLCL Personality Quiz
137Yes/No SelectorWhich Naruto Character Are You?
138Yes/No SelectorWhich hunter x hunter character fit you best?
139Yes/No SelectorOne piece crew personality test
140Yes/No Selectorwhich tokyo mew mew girl are you?
141Yes/No SelectorTeen Titans Personality Test
142Yes/No SelectorQué personaje episódico de animé eres? (Spanish)
143Yes/No SelectorWhich Anime Character Are You?
144Yes/No SelectorGundam SEED character selector
145Yes/No SelectorWhat Faerie's Landing character are you most like?
146Yes/No SelectorBeyblade G-Revolution & V Force Quiz
147Yes/No SelectorWhich fairy tail character are you most like?
148Yes/No SelectorNaruto german charakter test
149Yes/No SelectorWhich Prince of Tennis character are you?
150Yes/No SelectorAkame Ga Kill personality test!
151Yes/No Selectorwhich anime blood type are you? selector
152Yes/No SelectorInuyasha Character Quiz
153Yes/No Selectorque personaje de saint seiya eres¡?
154Yes/No Selectorwhich anime should u watch next
155Yes/No SelectorInu-yasha Personality Test
156Yes/No SelectorWhat Junjou Romantica character are you?
157Yes/No SelectorWhat anime should you watch next??
158Yes/No SelectorThe Mew Mew/Magic Performer quiz
159Yes/No Selectorque personaje de inuyasha eres tu?
160Yes/No SelectorWhat Ergo Proxy Character are you??
161Yes/No SelectorWhat anime boy is best for you
162Yes/No SelectorNegima Character Exame
163Yes/No SelectorWhat Evangelion Character Are You?
164Yes/No SelectorYugioh- Which Character are you _(FnEx)_
165Yes/No Selector¿Qué personaje de Monster eres?
166Yes/No SelectorWhat are you going to do with Kurapika? (For girls only)
167Yes/No SelectorFruits Basket Personality Selector
168Yes/No SelectorWhich Dragonball character could be your boyfriend?
169Yes/No Selectorwhat akatsuki character are you?
170Yes/No SelectorWhich Shaman King character are you?
171Yes/No SelectorWhich Sailor Moon Villain are You?
172Yes/No SelectorWhich Evangelion Character Are You?
173Yes/No SelectorWhich Tokyo Revengers character are you?
174Yes/No SelectorWhich Outer Sailor Soldier are you?
175Yes/No SelectorWhich Mameshiba Are You?
176Yes/No SelectorWhich Yugioh Character Are You Most Like?
177Yes/No SelectorMirai Nikki personality test (12 diary holders)!
178Yes/No SelectorWhat Get Backers character are you?
179Yes/No SelectorYugioh Quiz
180Yes/No SelectorWhat Elfquest Character Are You?
181Yes/No SelectorTokyo ghoul or Sword Art Online? Hunter x hunter included
182Yes/No SelectorLove Hina :Test de caractère
183Yes/No SelectorXiaolin showdown personality test
184Yes/No SelectorGurren Lagann Character
185Yes/No SelectorWhich Naoki Urasawa’s Monster Character are You?
186Yes/No SelectorDabid's .hack//SIGN Personality Test
187Yes/No SelectorWhich Beastars character are you?
188Yes/No SelectorOh Mona! Which Wondergirl are you?
189Yes/No Selectorwho's your yugioh boyfriend?
190Yes/No SelectorNaruto Character Personality Test
191Yes/No SelectorWhat Teen Titans character are you?
192Yes/No SelectorQuel personnage de Axis Power Hetalia êtes-vous? part 1
193Yes/No SelectorWich name fits you? (( Got these name from my made up characters from awhile ago.))
194Yes/No SelectorGuilty Gear XX Character Quiz
195Yes/No SelectorWhich Character from Spiral are you?
196Yes/No SelectorSaint Seiya Character Selector
197Yes/No SelectorShaman King Quiz
198Yes/No SelectorYu Yu Hakusho Selector
199Yes/No SelectorNaruto Personality Test
200Yes/No SelectorWhich D.N. Angel Character Are You?
201Yes/No SelectorOuran Character Selector
202Yes/No Selector¿Que pareja de Ranma 1/2 eres?
203Yes/No SelectorGroove Rave Adventure Selector
204Yes/No SelectorWhat Naruto Character are you?
205Yes/No SelectorWhich FMA Character are you?
206Yes/No SelectorWhich Naruto character are you mostly similar to?
207Yes/No SelectorWhich Mamodo Partner Are You?
208Yes/No SelectorWhich Hypnosis Mic Character Are You? (Kin Assignment)
209Yes/No SelectorFlame of Recca Character Selector
210Yes/No SelectorWhich Disgaea Hour of Darkness Character are you?
211Yes/No SelectorMain characters from Imadoki ! by Watase
212Yes/No Selectorwolfs rain
213Yes/No SelectorFruits Basket Character Test
214Yes/No SelectorDragonball Z. Which Dragonball Z/GT guy is ur Guy
215Yes/No SelectorWhich Vandread Character Are You?
216Yes/No SelectorNaruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Neji, Rock Lee, Gaara, Shikamaru?
217Yes/No SelectorAquarian Age Character Selector
218Yes/No SelectorWhich Dark Rose (Zatch Bell fanfic) character are you?
219Yes/No SelectorWitch is your favorite Naruto charcter?
220Yes/No SelectorNaruto Characters Selector
221Yes/No SelectorWhich DNAngel character r u?
222Yes/No Selectorque personaje de yu yu hakusho eres tu
223Yes/No SelectorWhat beyblade guy will you marry?
224Yes/No SelectorHam-Hams
225Yes/No SelectorDragonballz Race Selector
226Yes/No SelectorYour Twin-Soul Anime
227Yes/No Selectornaruto personality test
228Yes/No SelectorWhich Pretty Guardian Senshi are you?
229Yes/No SelectorWhich Inuyasha character are you most like?
230Yes/No Selector¿Qué personaje del universo de Slayers se asemeja más a tu personalidad?
231Yes/No SelectorWhich Death Note Character Are You Most Like?
232Yes/No SelectorWhich Scryed character are you?
233Yes/No SelectorWhat Fruits basket Character are you
234Yes/No Selectorwhat anime vampire are you?
235Yes/No SelectorTu Anime Perfecto!!
236Yes/No SelectorWhich Yu Yu Hakusho Character are you?
237Yes/No SelectorWhich anime bishounen are you?
238Yes/No SelectorRagnarok Character Selector
239Yes/No SelectorFullMetal Alchemist Selector
240Yes/No SelectorWhich starter pokemon are you?
241Yes/No SelectorWhich Inuyasha Guy is your soul mate
242Yes/No SelectorFushigi Yugi Character
243Yes/No SelectorWhich Ronin Warriors Character Are You Most Like
244Yes/No SelectorYour anime role
245Yes/No SelectorNaruto carachter personality quiz
246Yes/No SelectorAzumanga Daioh character selector
247Yes/No SelectorWhat Pokemon Are You? (R/B/Y/G/S/R/S)
248Yes/No SelectorWhich Sinnoh gym leader are you?
249Yes/No SelectorWelcher HunterXHunter Charakter bist du?
250Yes/No SelectorDeath Parade personality test!
251Yes/No SelectorWhat Pretear character are you most like?
252Yes/No SelectorCardcaptor Sakura Personality Quiz
253Yes/No SelectorWhat Card Captor Sakura Character are you?
254Yes/No SelectorAre You an Otaku?
255Yes/No SelectorWhich CLAMP character are you?
256Yes/No Selectorteen titans
257Yes/No Selectorwhat anime are u
258Yes/No SelectorWhat digimon season are you with?
259Yes/No SelectorWhich Sonic Character should be you BF
260Yes/No SelectorWhich Belmont are you?
261Yes/No SelectorA Real DBZ QUIZ
262Yes/No SelectorPokemon selector.What kind of pokemon starter,and other are you
263Yes/No SelectorWhich Great Pretender character are you?
264Yes/No SelectorWhich major Assassination Classroom character are you?
265Yes/No SelectorWhich Seigaku regular are you?
266Yes/No SelectorWhat Yu Yu Hakusho Character Are You Most Like?
267Yes/No SelectorTokyo Babylon
269Yes/No SelectorWhat Beyblade character are you?
270Yes/No Selector¿Qué Ham-Ham eres?
271Yes/No SelectorWeiss Kreuz Personality Test
272Yes/No SelectorWhat YuGiOh Character would you most likely kill?
273Yes/No SelectorWhich Hikaru no Go Character are YOU?
274Yes/No SelectorYYH Match Maker(for girls!!!!!)
275Yes/No SelectorFruits Basket Boyfriends Selector
276Yes/No SelectorWhich Flame of Recca character are you?
277Yes/No SelectorWhich Neopets character are you?
278Yes/No SelectorThe Seven Knights of Leafe
279Yes/No SelectorAzumanga Daioh Character Selector
280Yes/No SelectorCyborg 009 Character Selector
281Yes/No SelectorWhich Rurouni Kenshin guy is your soul mate?
283Yes/No SelectorWhich anime girl is best suited for you?
284Yes/No Selectorwhat kind of anime person are you
285Yes/No SelectorTokyo Mew Mew Quiz
286Yes/No SelectorWhich of my Soul Calibur III Chronicles of the Sword characters can you identify with most?
287Yes/No SelectorYoshi Maker
288Yes/No SelectorHamtaro Kid Character
289Yes/No Selectorwhich element do you control
290Yes/No SelectorNegima character selector
291Yes/No Selectorwhat kind of anime girl are you?
292Yes/No SelectorWhich Peach Girl Character Are You?
293Yes/No SelectorWho Is Your Anime Boyfriend?
294Yes/No SelectorWhich anime hero are you most like?
295Yes/No SelectorWhich Naruto characher are you?
296Yes/No SelectorCode Geass Character Identifier
297Yes/No SelectorGet Backers Selector
298Yes/No SelectorWhich Serial Killer are you?
299Yes/No SelectorWhich Neo Senshi are You?
300Yes/No SelectorInuyasha Villain Selector
301Yes/No SelectorGalaxy Angel character selector
302Yes/No SelectorInuyasha character
303Yes/No Selectorwhat keyblade are you?
304Yes/No SelectorWhat race are you?
305Yes/No SelectorWhich Cowboy Bebop Character Are You?
306Yes/No SelectorEvil or Awesome Anime Character
307Yes/No SelectorWhich Yu-Gi-Oh character do you duel like?
308Yes/No SelectorWhich digimon from season 3 are you?
309Yes/No SelectorFind out your special One Piece Charakter (German)
310Yes/No SelectorNaruto Character/Fighter selector
311Yes/No SelectorCartoon love (Digimon, Pokemon, DragonballGT, Yu-gi-oh)
312Yes/No SelectorYour Fushigi Yugi boyfriend
313Yes/No SelectorBalto Character Selector
314Yes/No Selectorwhat spirited away character are you?
315Yes/No Selectorwho are you from bleach?????
316Yes/No Selectorwhich anime character are you?
317Yes/No SelectorFushigi Yuugi personality quiz
318Yes/No SelectorVem är du mest lik?
319Yes/No SelectorGundam Seed Personality Quiz
320Yes/No SelectorWhat Straw Hat pirate are you?
321Yes/No SelectorWhat anime series is right for you?
322Yes/No SelectorSamurai Deeper Kyo character?
323Yes/No SelectorWhats your anime soul?
324Yes/No SelectorWhat Anime Show Would You Like to Watch???
325Yes/No SelectorZatch Bell!
326Yes/No SelectorWhich UnRequited: A Love Story character are you?
327Yes/No Selectordragonball z boyfriend test
328Yes/No SelectorWhich Angelic Layer Character are You?
329Yes/No SelectorWhich Heat Guy J Character Are You?
330Yes/No SelectorWhich Dandelion Character Are You Most Like?
331Yes/No SelectorWhich Azumanga Daioh Character Are You?
332Yes/No SelectorWhich yugioh guy is for you?
333Yes/No SelectorDragonBallGT
334Yes/No SelectorSuikoden 3 Selector
335Yes/No SelectorFruits Basket Character Selector
336Yes/No SelectorWhich Code Lyoko Should You Date?
338Yes/No SelectorA Good Sandy or Maxwell Fan
339Yes/No SelectorW.I.T.C.H.
340Yes/No SelectorPrince of Tennis (-0 Hyoutei type)
341Yes/No SelectorPokémon Type Selector
342Yes/No Selectorwhich jojos bizarre adventures character would like you?
343Yes/No Selectorbardock666 or Spawn666's ONE PIECE Quiz
344Yes/No SelectorZodiac P.I. Character selector
345Yes/No SelectorAsuka Langley Sohryu Compatibility
346Yes/No Selectorwhich Angry Beavers character are you
347Yes/No SelectorDragoball Z/GT Personality Quiz (that is actually detailed)
348Yes/No SelectorWhich Evo Character are you most like?
349Yes/No SelectorWhich Demon Diary Character Are You?
350Yes/No SelectorPrince of Tennis Character Test
351Yes/No Selectorwhat legendary Pokemon are you?
352Yes/No SelectorGalaxy Angels
353Yes/No SelectorBlank Anime's Naruto Selector
354Yes/No Selectorwhich yaoi manga suits you?
355Yes/No SelectorHaibane Renmei Character Test
356Yes/No SelectorDragonBall Z fighter
357Yes/No SelectorElemental Power Selector
358Yes/No SelectorDanny Phantom Selector
359Yes/No Selectorwhich bo-bobo character are you?
360Yes/No SelectorWhich Mamodos Spell Are You?
361Yes/No SelectorFullmetal Alchemist character
362Yes/No SelectorWhich Tokyo Mewmew Character are you?
363Yes/No Selectorwhich anime should you watch now?
364Yes/No Selectorwhat yugioh monster are you
365Yes/No SelectorWhat starter Pokemon are you?
366Yes/No Selectorinuyasha character test
367Yes/No SelectorWhich Amatsuki Character Do You Act Like?
368Yes/No SelectorWhich Soul Calibur guy suits you?
369Yes/No SelectorMagical Doremi
370Yes/No SelectorWhat Rumiko Takahashi charector best suits you?
371Yes/No Selectorwhich inuyasha girl are you?
372Yes/No SelectorWhat izz yur Anime Hair Color!!?? (ohya and itz mah first quizzy)!
373Yes/No SelectorWhich Yugioh Character Are you Most Like?
374Yes/No SelectorWhat type of Killer are you?
375Yes/No SelectorThe Best Naruto Char Selector!
376Yes/No SelectorWhat is your power level?
377Yes/No SelectorWhich YuGiOh Character Would YOU kill first?!
378Yes/No SelectorNeon Genesis Evangelion Character Selector
379Yes/No SelectorWhat Mecha should You Pilot?
380Yes/No SelectorWhat anime should you watch?
381Yes/No Selectortenjho tenge
382Yes/No SelectorWhat Witch Hunter Robin character is best to be your witch hunting partner?
383Yes/No SelectorWhich Negima character are you?
384Yes/No SelectorWhich Sailor Moon SuperS Villain are you?
385Yes/No SelectorWhich of Ranma's girlfriends is right for you
386Yes/No SelectorInuyasha Characters
387Yes/No SelectorTo which of the Four Gods do you belong?
388Yes/No SelectorHakkenden! Which Dog Warrior are you?
389Yes/No SelectorWhat Dragonball Z character are you???
391Yes/No SelectorQuest for the True Otaku
392Yes/No SelectorWhich X/1999 Dragon of Earth are you most like?
393Yes/No Selectorwhat mf vento aureo character are you
394Yes/No SelectorYu-Gi-Oh: Which Battle City Finalist Are You
395Yes/No SelectorWho's the D.N. Angel character that will like you for sure ?
396Yes/No SelectorWhich Pokemon are you?
397Yes/No Selectorwhat digimon are you
398Yes/No Selectorkingdom hearts:who are you?
399Yes/No SelectorWhat Type of Digimon Tamer are You
400Yes/No SelectorRave Master charcter
401Yes/No SelectorYu Yu Hakusho
402Yes/No SelectorWhat fairy tail girl should you date?
403Yes/No SelectorAnime....stories....friend discriptions.
404Yes/No SelectorWich Shaman King Character Are You?
405Yes/No SelectorWhich Gundam Seed/Destiny Guy Would You Date?
406Yes/No SelectorNaruto selector
407Yes/No SelectorBeyblade character quiz
408Yes/No SelectorWhich of my favorite yu yu hakusho characters are you?
409Yes/No SelectorNaruto character match up
410Yes/No SelectorWhich Minami-Ke character are You?
411Yes/No SelectorRurouni Kenshin Character Selector
412Yes/No SelectorWhich Chobits Character are you?
413Yes/No Selectoranime personality quizz
414Yes/No SelectorWhose Your Xiaolin Showdown Husband?
415Yes/No SelectorWhat Pokemon Best Fits You?
416Yes/No SelectorInuyasha Character Quiz
417Yes/No SelectorWhich One piece character are you?!
418Yes/No SelectorWhat Sailor Moon Character are you?
419Yes/No SelectorAnime Quizzes
420Yes/No SelectorEvangelion Character Selector
421Yes/No SelectorGundam Wing Sick Puppy Writers Brigade
422Yes/No SelectorWhich 'Tamashii No Journey' Character are you?
423Yes/No SelectorWhat Anime Character are you Most Like?
424Yes/No SelectorWelcher HunterXHunter Charakter bist du?
425Yes/No Selectorkingdom hearts quiz
426Yes/No SelectorInuyasha boy friend selector
427Yes/No SelectorWhat Inuyasha caracter are you?
428Yes/No SelectorOne piece Character test
429Yes/No SelectorDigimon - Digital Monsters DDM
430Yes/No SelectorFLCL selector
431Yes/No SelectorWhich Seeker are you?
432Yes/No SelectorWhich Naruto Character are you?
433Yes/No SelectorWhich dragon spirit are you?
434Yes/No SelectorWhich Werewolf Pack Do you Belong In
435Yes/No SelectorWhich soul calibur II character are you
436Yes/No SelectorCase Closed
437Yes/No SelectorDragon ball Z Detailed quiz
438Yes/No SelectorWhich Sonic character are you most like?
439Yes/No SelectorWhat Dragon Ball Z character are you most similar to?
440Yes/No Selectoranime boyfriend
441Yes/No SelectorCode lyoko
442Yes/No SelectorYu-Gi-Oh! Yaoi Pairings
443Yes/No SelectorWho would you date?
444Yes/No SelectorWhat fruit basket character are you?
445Yes/No SelectorWhich Naruto character are YOU?
446Yes/No SelectorWhat's Your Bishonen type?
447Yes/No SelectorWhat is your Element?
448Yes/No SelectorGalaxy angels girl selector
449Yes/No SelectorAnime
450Yes/No SelectorDigimon Frontiers selector
451Yes/No SelectorWhich Sailor Moon Seishi are you?
452Yes/No SelectorWhich DBZ character are you really???
453Yes/No Selectorwhat will you wear if you were an anime character ?
454Yes/No SelectorWhich Yu-Gi-Oh! Bishounen Would Be Your Match?
455Yes/No SelectorWhich Yu-gi-oh Character are you
456Yes/No SelectorWhich Ronin Warriors Character Are You Most Like?
457Yes/No SelectorYu-Gi-Oh Yaoi/Shounen-Ai
458Yes/No SelectorWhich Yu-Gi-Oh Character?
459Yes/No SelectorWhat bad guy is after you?
460Yes/No Selector~Rurouni*Kenshin~
461Yes/No SelectorUnknown Anime
462Yes/No SelectorPeacemaker Kurogane Selector
463Yes/No SelectorWhich D.Gray-man Character are you?
464Yes/No Selectorufo baby boyfriend selector
465Yes/No SelectorTFTP Character Selector
466Yes/No SelectorNaruto Character
467Yes/No SelectorWhich Soreike! Anpanman character are you?
468Yes/No SelectorWhich of my Anime Characters are You?
469Yes/No SelectorTeenage Mutent Ninja Turtles caracter selecter
470Yes/No SelectorWhat Cowboy Bepop Bounty Hunter are you?
471Yes/No Selectorwho are you most like in the yu-gi-oh season 0 anime?
472Yes/No Selectorhow naruto and sasuke dies
473Yes/No SelectorWhat Manga Character Are You?
474Yes/No SelectorWhich Hellsing character are you? Seres, Integra or Alucard?
475Yes/No SelectorWhat Peacemaker Character Are You?
476Yes/No SelectorNaruto
477Yes/No SelectorWhich Road Rovers Character are You?
478Yes/No SelectorWhich Yu Yu hakusho guy is for you?
479Yes/No SelectorTokyo Mew Mew
480Yes/No SelectorWhat is your anime hair color?
481Yes/No Selector~ Naruto Identification ~
482Yes/No Selectordragon ball z
483Yes/No SelectorSailor Moon Character Selector
484Yes/No SelectorWhich Fruits Basket Character are you?
485Yes/No SelectorWhich character from Betterman are you?
486Yes/No SelectorWhich Fruits Basket Guy Are You (Male)
487Yes/No SelectorWhat Naruto Character are you....ness?
488Yes/No SelectorWhich Digi-Girl are you?
489Yes/No SelectorWhich Pokemon Character are you most alike?
490Yes/No Selectoryugioh challenge
491Yes/No SelectorYour naruto Character -works well-
492Yes/No SelectorYu-gi-oh! Male Character Selector
493Yes/No SelectorAzumanga Daioh Character Selector
494Yes/No Selectorpokmon what pokemon are you?
495Yes/No SelectorWhat neon genesis rebuild of evangelion angel are you
496Yes/No SelectorWhich Yugioh doom organization character are you?
497Yes/No SelectorWhich read or die character are you?
498Yes/No Selectorinuyasha and sailor moon personality quizz
499Yes/No SelectorWelcher Typ von Anime-Mann passt zu dir?
500Yes/No SelectorRurouni Kenshin Personality Selector(with images)
501Yes/No SelectorWhat neon genesis evangelion rebuild angel are you
502Yes/No SelectorSelector de Anime!
503Yes/No SelectorWhich Fullmetal Alchemist MOVIE Character Are You?
504Yes/No SelectorDestiny Stone Character Selector
505Yes/No SelectorWhich Gravitation Character Are You?
506Yes/No Selectorwhich YUGIOH monster are yo quiz? 2!!!!!!!!!!!
507Yes/No SelectorMiyazaki Anime Heroines
508Yes/No SelectorWhat Samurai Pizza Cat Personality Problem do you have?
509Yes/No SelectorPuyo pop fever finder!
510Yes/No SelectorDragon Knights Character Quiz
511Yes/No SelectorWhich Tokyo Mew Mew Roleplay character do you think you are?
512Yes/No SelectorPita-Ten Character Selector
513Yes/No SelectorHow much of a Dragonball Z fan are you?
514Yes/No SelectorWhich Rurouni Kenshin Character Are You?
515Yes/No Selectorwhat family guy character are you !!!!!!!!!!
Multiple Choice Selectors
516Multi-Choice SelectorQuel personnage de Nana est-tu?
517Multi-Choice SelectorWhat is your Nen Type?
518Multi-Choice SelectorWho's your anime girl friend?
520Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Would You Look Like as Your Anime Character?
521Multi-Choice SelectorNaruto Character Quiz
522Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Pokemon Gym Leader (Kanto) are you?
523Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Fruits Basket character are you?
524Multi-Choice SelectorBleach character quiz. Who are you most like in bleach?
525Multi-Choice SelectorWhich anime series is right for you?
526Multi-Choice SelectorNaruto character match up
527Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Nen group do you belong to?
528Multi-Choice SelectorBleach Boyfriend selector
529Multi-Choice SelectorWhich style of anime is right for you?
530Multi-Choice SelectorWarriors, What is your cat name?
531Multi-Choice SelectorWhat D. Gray-Man character are you?
532Multi-Choice SelectorAnime Character Quiz
533Multi-Choice SelectorBleach Character test with a twist~
534Multi-Choice Selectorwhat Hunter X hunter NEN group are you ?
535Multi-Choice SelectorWhich One Piece Girl is your Girl Friend?
536Multi-Choice SelectorQuel personnage de Jojos Bizarre Adventure êtes-vous ?
537Multi-Choice SelectorWhich naruto guy likes you?
538Multi-Choice SelectorMein Held Academia (My Hero Academia)
539Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Power Do You have?
540Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Negima Character are you?
541Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Yugioh Gx Character are you
542Multi-Choice Selectorwhich naruto character are you most like
543Multi-Choice SelectorA3! Compatibility Quiz
544Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Kagune type would you have?
545Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Inuyasha Character Are You?
546Multi-Choice SelectorQuel est votre Nen ? (hxh)
547Multi-Choice SelectorWhat FullMetal Alchemist Character Are You??
548Multi-Choice SelectorYour digimon partner
549Multi-Choice SelectorCould you become a member in the code lyoko gang?
550Multi-Choice SelectorMy Naruto Character Selector
551Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Naruto guy should you be with?
552Multi-Choice SelectorAnime personality quiz for boys
553Multi-Choice SelectorOne Piece Boy Quiz
554Multi-Choice SelectorÀ quel personnage de nana ressemble tu le plus
555Multi-Choice SelectorWhat should your name be?
556Multi-Choice SelectorWho's Your Man? (InuYasha)
557Multi-Choice SelectorWhich of the Eleven Supernovas from One Piece are you?
558Multi-Choice SelectorWhat is your element?
559Multi-Choice SelectorRandom Anime
560Multi-Choice SelectorWhich One Piece character are you (Up to manga Chapter ~600)
561Multi-Choice Selectorwhat bobobo character are you?
562Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Suikoden III character are you?
563Multi-Choice SelectorWhat is you anime hair color?
564Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Lucky Star character are you?
565Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Pokemon
566Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Of My Tales Of The Abyss Characters Most Resembles You?
567Multi-Choice SelectorHow well do you know Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)
568Multi-Choice SelectorSamurai Deeper Kyo Character Personality Quiz
569Multi-Choice SelectorBECK: Mongolian Chop Squad Selector
570Multi-Choice SelectorNaruto Boys
571Multi-Choice SelectorWhich character are you in Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya?
572Multi-Choice SelectorQuel membre de la Brigade Fantôme êtes-vous ?
573Multi-Choice SelectorTales of Symphonia Character
574Multi-Choice SelectorYu Yu Hakusho personality selector
575Multi-Choice SelectorWhich of the 7 playable ''Tales of the Abyss'' characters are you?
576Multi-Choice SelectorFMA Kitty Quiz
577Multi-Choice SelectorPerguntas de dbz
578Multi-Choice SelectorWhich .hack//SIGN character are you?
579Multi-Choice SelectorWho would you be if you were in Haikyuu?
580Multi-Choice SelectorHowl's Moving Castle
581Multi-Choice Selectorzatch bell character selector
582Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Naruto character are you?
583Multi-Choice SelectorNaruto V.S Sasuke test
584Multi-Choice SelectorOne Piece / Straw Hat Pirates
585Multi-Choice SelectorWhat is your warrior clan?
586Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Shadow Skill character are you?
587Multi-Choice SelectorWhich suikoden 3 character are you?[choose wisely]
588Multi-Choice SelectorUltimate DBZ Personality Quiz
589Multi-Choice SelectorTomboy
590Multi-Choice Selectorinuyasha character test
591Multi-Choice SelectorMy Furuba Quiz!!
592Multi-Choice SelectorWhich MLP Equestria Girl do you look like?
593Multi-Choice Selectorkagome/kikyo
594Multi-Choice SelectorTransformers Victory
595Multi-Choice SelectorEvangelion character!!!!!!!!
596Multi-Choice SelectorWhat is youre Magical Element
597Multi-Choice Selectorwhat anime character are YOU YOU YOU
598Multi-Choice SelectorUn quiz animé français.
599Multi-Choice SelectorInuyasha Character quiz
600Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Pokemon are you?
601Multi-Choice SelectorPokemon
602Multi-Choice SelectorTSUBASA Selector Quiz
603Multi-Choice SelectorWhich sonic character would you be if you were a sonic character
604Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Are You? Anime Girlz
605Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Hyper Active Anime Girl Are Youh?
606Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Yu Yu Hakusho Character are?
607Multi-Choice SelectorTransforming Toys
608Multi-Choice SelectorWhich battle royale character are you?
609Multi-Choice Selectorwhat anime style are you? (for girls only)
610Multi-Choice Selectorwhat yu yu hakusho person are you
611Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Anime/Video Game Hottie Best Suits You
612Multi-Choice SelectorA3! Compatibility Quiz
613Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Anime Female Are You?
614Multi-Choice SelectorWhich of my 5 Tales of Symphonia characters are you most like?
615Multi-Choice SelectorWhich character from the One Piece - Marinford arc are you?
616Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Fruits Basket Character Are You?
617Multi-Choice SelectorWhich excellent anime & manga should you have your eyes on?
618Multi-Choice Selector¿Qué Supernova de One Piece eres?
619Multi-Choice SelectorYour toilet bound hanako kun kin quiz
620Multi-Choice SelectorPrincess tutu quiz
621Multi-Choice SelectorWhich digidestine are you.
622Multi-Choice SelectorÀ quoi sert ce quiz?
623Multi-Choice SelectorWhich BubbleGum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Character are you
624Multi-Choice SelectorPokemon Type
625Multi-Choice SelectorÊtes-vous rouge, noir, rose, vert, et cetera?
626Multi-Choice SelectorEpreuve n°1 - B
627Multi-Choice SelectorOne Piece Kin Assigner
628Multi-Choice SelectorHunter X Hunter caractères
629Multi-Choice SelectorWho are you in the Anime world?
630Multi-Choice SelectorWho in Element Set are YOU most alike?
631Multi-Choice SelectorInuYasha Female Character Selector
632Multi-Choice SelectorZodiac P.I.
633Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Ninja of Konoha do you represent?
634Multi-Choice SelectorTales of Symphonia
635Multi-Choice SelectorWhat inuyasha charicter are you
636Multi-Choice SelectorTrigun character selector
637Multi-Choice SelectorQuel est votre type nen?
638Multi-Choice SelectorBishonen Suggestor
639Multi-Choice SelectorÊtes-vous rouge, noir, bleu, vert, et cetera?
640Multi-Choice Selectorare you bored
641Multi-Choice SelectorCharacter Quiz
642Multi-Choice SelectorCity of Time
643Multi-Choice SelectorDBZ Character
644Multi-Choice SelectorAnime hottie
645Multi-Choice SelectorWho are you of my OC's?
646Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Yugioh character are you
647Multi-Choice SelectorFruit Basket
648Multi-Choice Selectorevangelion
649Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Race Are You?
650Multi-Choice SelectorEpreuve n°2 : 3e - A
651Multi-Choice SelectorBlank Quiz
652Multi-Choice SelectorÊtes-vous Chasseur de prime, Ninja, Professeur, Racaille ou Zodiaque?
653Multi-Choice SelectorExamen 1-A
654Multi-Choice SelectorWho of the Bladebreakers are you most alike (with fanfic characters)?
655Multi-Choice SelectorWitch pokemon character are you most like? (Kanto)
656Multi-Choice SelectorSuper Milk Chan Personality Quiz
657Multi-Choice SelectorWhich MMX Character Are You
658Multi-Choice SelectorDBZ Personality
659Multi-Choice SelectorBasara Charechter Match Quiz!!!!
660Multi-Choice SelectorWhat is your Nen Type? (Revised)
661Multi-Choice SelectorGet your Bishi
662Multi-Choice SelectorÊtes-vous Politique, Assassin, Policier, et cetera?
663Multi-Choice SelectorPenguin Brother Selector
664Multi-Choice SelectorAnime Boyfriends
665Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Fairy Tail Anti-Hero are you?
666Multi-Choice SelectorBasket, Boxe, Football Seinen, Football Shonen ouTennis?
667Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Video Game Console are you most interested in?
668Multi-Choice SelectorQuel est votre type nen?
669Multi-Choice SelectorPokemon Element
670Multi-Choice SelectorQuel est votre type nen?
671Multi-Choice SelectorÊtes-vous argent, topaze, bronze, et cetera?
672Multi-Choice SelectorInuyasha Hero Selector
673Multi-Choice SelectorA random quiz...
674Multi-Choice SelectorWhose your ideal .hack//SIGN Character???
675Multi-Choice Selectorwho are you???!!!!
676Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Zanpakutou Fits You. By: Justice Rose
677Multi-Choice SelectorUn quiz animé français.
678Multi-Choice Selectorwhat anime character r u
679Multi-Choice SelectorUn quiz animé français.
680Multi-Choice SelectorWhich DBZ goodguy are you?
681Multi-Choice SelectorTEXHNOLYZE
682FlowchartAttack on Titan - Shingeki no Kyojin 16 character flowchart
683Flowchartone piece
684FlowchartVeemon's Evolution