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graphAnimeAnime Poll: Dragon ball Z Detailed quiz
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Dragon ball Z Detailed quiz" by Veggiboi666.

Choose from this list:

Bardock, the lone saiyan
Goku, strong, friendly and Brave
Vegeta, the proud
Trunks, time's hero
Piccolo, the determined
Frieza, the Arrogant
Cell, the perfect warrior
Omega Shenron, the Buff
Broly, the Angered Saiyan
Gohan, the child prodigy
Goten, the Energetic
kid Trunks, The Brat
majin Buu, the happy Killer
Kid Buu, the wild and Crazy
Future Gohan, the Loner
Cooler , the full of hatred
King Vegeta, the proud father
baby, the Ambitious
Super 17, the deranged
krillin, earth's strongest human


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