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graphAnimeAnime Poll: Which of my Soul Calibur III Chronicles of the Sword characters can you identify with most?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which of my Soul Calibur III Chronicles of the Sword characters can you identify with most?" by Ivy Valentine.

Choose from this list:

Tessa - I guess you can say she's my main character...Tessa is a well-behaved and good mannered young lady, and seems to care for everyone - whether they're considered her friends or her enemies. She is responsible and good at giving advice. Tessa has an older brother named Keith and a best friend named Lilliana. She wields an Iai sword, hidden in an oilpaper umbrella (like Setsuka).

Keith - The older brother of Tessa, Keith just ADORES chocolate cake. He has a cheerful, bubbly, prankster-like personality and likes blonde girls. Because of all the sugar he eats, he is often bouncing off the walls. However, he is overall a laid back guy...and wears an unloaded gun on his belt, to impress people....o_O He wields a rapier sword.

Princess Fenrina - A sweet, shy girl, who would rather read a good book than go to a noisy party. Though she is very quiet, and many people forget she's there, all the boys like her because she's so beautiful. Fenrina is also slightly sensitive, but always manages to keep her head during a crisis. She wields wave swords.

Lilliana - Tessa's best friend, Lilliana is a perky, flirtatious girl who can't stop making hilarious remarks to save her life. She is always in a good mood, and likes to style her hair in complicated hairstyles, which usually takes her hours. Lilliana likes to wear 6-inch-heels, even though they make her trip and fall all the time. Sometimes, she forgets her homework. but overall, she's a girl that just wants to have fun. She wields the Jian (Chinese Blade)

Scylla - a teenage fairy of 16 with a sweet-natured personality. Though sometimes a little flirty, Scylla has a great fear of rats. She is a very caring girl, and has a very likeable personality. She wields a hoop blade (like Tira).

Feolan - an extremely shy elf who is a little distrustful around humans - especially preppy girls who think he's the cutest thing in the world. He is pretty calm, but just a little nervous around preps. He prefers to hang around with calm people, or other elves, but he does have some human friends. Above all, he's be willing to die for any of his friends. he wields a sword and shield.

Ronia - A mermaid who can come out only during the morning and early afternoon. She is very friendly, and a fun person to talk to. Anyone who approaches her is greeted with a warm smile. because of being a mermaid, she is very pretty. She is very responsible and tends to all her friends if they are in trouble. She wields the steel fan.

Leander - a handsome young elf with an Irish accent. He is very fluent in his native language and can speak is so fast, he always gets on the nerves of his younger sister Mave, whenever he's giving her a lecture. He is a very loyal friend and will always stand by his relatives' side no matter what happens....he'd die for anyone. Leander wields Kunais.

Mave - the younger elf sister of Leander, also having an Irish accent. She is a lot like her brother - loyal, trustworthy - but more calm and a little more likeable. She is more trustful of humans and more seroius than her brother. Her most striking features include her hair, eyes, and high cheekbones. Mave wields wave swords.

Sebastien - A carefree, funny guy, and brother to Magali and Joaquin. yeah, when I say "Carefree", that means he'd be the type who could care less about doing his homework. He is slightly flirtatious (in a good way) and a tiny bit of a troublemaker, but we can forgive him, can't we? Though he may be a little irresponsible, he is definately not stupid, or starved for attention. Sebastien wields A Chinese Sword (dao).

Magali - little sister to Joaquin and Sebastien. Magali is a little impatient with all the preps and other bad-behaved people around her, and has a fiery personality. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, even if it gets her into trouble. She is the type of person who believes strongly what she believes and can't be manipulated or swayed easily. Sure she sounds really serious, but she can have a sense of humor when she wants to. Magali wields a Dao (Chinese Sword)

Joaquin - Older brother to Magali and Sebastien. He is in the army, ready to die for his country. While he is a very strong-minded guy, he is very calm and caring under all circumstanmces, and knows what he's doing. He is very loyal to his friends, family, and country, and is married to an elf named Merendy (Who is not on this quiz because not much is known about her...sorry.:-P) Joaquin wields a Dao (Chinese Sword).

Ricky - The hottie red-headed guy that all the preps want. They especially say his butt is his most striking feature (I don't know WHY they think like that...) Ricky is a very patient and calm guy. I mean REALLY patient. He is very friendly and good at striking up conversations with other people. A great guy to talk with. besides...he's Abelia's cousin! HA! Ricky wields the Chinese blade (Jian).


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