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graphAnimeAnime Poll: What type of Killer are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What type of Killer are you?" by DeViLbOy.

Choose from this list:

Assassin- you are a silent dark fighter. while most people misunderstamd you you are willing to do anything in order to complete your mission.

Swordsman- your prefered weapon is a blade and you use for good. During your ourny you come apon many friends and they adapt to you easily. you re wiliing to risk it all for the sake of good and mankind.

Evil knight- You care of nothing and no one. your heart is as cold as an iceberg.The lose you endured was tremendous and you could hold on any longer soo you acepted the darkness and let it consume you. if you feel pain then others mut as well.

Mage- you prefer magic among everything else and are skilled at it. You are person who agrees in being apart of a group and is bright along with independent. Even though you agree with being in a group you would run if you had the chance.

samurai- Your honor is your weapon. None can match your blade skillz except maybe the assassin. You are lost deep within your soul and use your anger and strength for good. Unlike the Evil Knight you use your lose to drive you to victory.


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