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graphAnimeAnime Poll: Who's your anime boyfriend
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Who's your anime boyfriend" by Aku.

Choose from this list:

Yuuhi (ayashi no ceres)
Yuki (fruits basket)
Haru (fruits basket)
Sanosuke (rurouni kenshin)
Aoshi ( rurouni kenshin)
Kenshin (rurouni kenshin)
Tasuki (Fushigi yuugi)
Nuriko ( Fushigi yuugi)
Nakago (fushigi yuugi)
Goku (saiyuki)
Kira (angel sanctuary)
Katou (angel sanctuary)
Mika-chan ( angel sanctuary)
Ranma (ranma 1/2)
Ken ( weiss kreuz)
Aya (weiss kreuz)
Kamui (X/1999)
Chichiri (fushigi yuugi)
Vash (trigun)
Wolfwood (trigun)
Sanzo ( saiyuki)
ilpalazzo (excel saga)
Gene (outlaw star)
celf ( rayearth)
Mr. K (gravitation)


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