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graphAnimeAnime Poll: Rave Master charcter
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Rave Master charcter" by Funnyfatso12.

Choose from this list:

ELLIE (31773) You are a fun-loving gambling obbsesive. Great!
Shuda. You're an old werid previous rave master. Don't be that disapointed!
Plue. oohhh sup. Chrome. She can see herself. In the shining greel of the white wheels of a red sheveil her foot on the floor and the top down. Chrome. Zipping by on an electric glid in dual tail pipes doing 105 in the broad day light on a two lane. Headed outta town!
Deerhound. Your the rave bearer.
Muzica. Your cool!
Levin. You apper in rave 007.
Haru. The rave master...Kinda cool...


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