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graphAnimeAnime Poll: Which Heat Guy J Character Are You?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Heat Guy J Character Are You?" by chibichica.

Choose from this list:

Daisuke Aurora: You're kinda lazy, but loveable. You ride a cool motorcycle and are a detective. Your cheerful outlook makes you pretty easy to get along with, but you do have your temper.
Kyoko Milchan: You are a hard worker, and sometimes impatient. But, you have a beautiful voice, and your sweet nature more than makes up for your nagging. You only do that 'cause you're stressed at work, anyway. ^_~
Clair Leonelli: You are, um, (how shall i put this?) less than sane, but you have your reasons. You have family problems; your father abused you in your youth. Now that you're grown up, you're the leader of the local mafia, and you like to blow things up. You still haven't come to terms with your past, but that makes you a very interesting character. You might want to get some therapy, though. Usually, you are bad, but not always.
Boma: You are on a quest to find your little sister. You also, as a life prisoner in Magnagalia (sp?) city, have a wolf's head as punishment. You can be mean, but you can also be nice. You also, unfortunately, don't mean a whole lot to the story as a whole. O_o And you're good with a sword.
Shun Aurora: Somewhat of a control freak and an asshole, you are Daisuke's sexy older brother. You have plans of your own to take over the city. That's ironic, since you're the police chief. You are bitter because of your father's murder, but at least you're pretty. :-9
J: You're an android, and helpful. Although, you do have an annoying habit of spouting proverbs, you kick some serious butt.


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