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graphAnimeAnime Poll: Tokyo Mew Mew Love Match
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Tokyo Mew Mew Love Match" by Mew Cherry.

Choose from this list:

Aoyama Masaya - the most popular boy in school!
Shirogane Ryo - the gorgeous super-genius blonde with the tragic past
Akasaka Keiichiro - researcher and chef; the perfect gentleman
Kisshu - the first alien to appear; a bit obsessive but he's wicked cool
Pai - the oldest and most serious of the aliens
Taruto - the littlest trouble-maker alien
Blue Knight - the mysterious alien hero
Deep Blue - the evil and powerful leader of the aliens
Tasuku Meguru - the daredevil
Alto - the heroic gray kitty! Nyao!
Masha - the uber kawaii pink robot!
Francis... ugly... orange fat cat... ew... X-X


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