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Featured Columns:
  • Bronwyn, Blog a la Random: Humorous quotes.
  • Doctor Joe, Comedy follower.
  • Funny Flowcharts:
  • Should I get out of bed?
  • Are You A Birther?
  • What to do when e-mail alert goes off in the middle of the night
  • Soccer Flow-Chart
  • Three Little Pig House Building Options
  • More Cowbell Or Not?
  • Should I Go To Ford's Theatre Tonight?
  • Are you a Tea Party Member?
  • Should I go to work today?
  • Should I turn the air conditioner on?
  • New Drug Selection Tool
  • Ridiculous flowchart
  • Making decisions in college
  • As is typical with humor, certain readers may be made to feel foolish or uncomfortable. Some of these allegedly funny quizzes may be offensive to some or perhaps all people.

  • CJ'S REPUBLICAN IDENTIFIER By CJ, a self-admitted Democrat
  • BLASPHEMOUS SELECTOR A humorous, potentially offensive but thought provoking selector by John Hancock.
  • COOLNESS SELECTOR 2 Be forewarned that this selector's punchline results include threats of physical violence. By CJ Lason
  • COOLNESS SELECTOR By Tyler and Aprille
  • DORK SELECTOR By Anthony Reynolds
  • FAMOUS DEAD PERSON SELECTOR By Genius. An odd collection of 5 late notables.
    Not Necessarily Tested Humor Quizzes
  • Tyler's Coolness Test: How Cool Are You? By Aprille Clarke
  • Pregnancy Test By Donni Hakanson
  • Babies: Are you having a boy or a girl? By Donni Hakanson
  • who are you eva test! wow. By shixiv
  • How to tell if your dog hates you By Sparkle
  • WhAt'S yOUr OpiNiOn By freeflowinkidd
  • Selecty selector By Meredith
  • Who are you By Dan
  • Julia vs. Kat By Kat Baer
  • Manzi's chick picker By k_manzi
  • coffee By jill heather
  • Who's who, who are you? By Aaron Fevens
  • What character is the most like you? By Kalypso
  • Chibi Deathbusters Test! ^_^ By Chibi Missy 9
  • Squall or Galen? By Darren
  • What's Your Tea Type? By Moonbeme7
  • What kind of Rebel are you? =P By Ivyna J. Spyder
  • Who's your perfect Rebel girl? By Ivyna J. Spyder
  • Practice Selector By 923
  • Practice Selector By kiji
  • Olympus Apartments - Official Deity Analysation Process....OF DOOM By Olympus Apartments
  • Friends Character Selector By Maggie Flook
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy By Nira no Kamo
  • BETRAYAL Love Quiz By Astarin
  • The Angel Selector By Fiaaahhh... and Chubs
  • Should I take this quiz? By Dan Tinianow
  • Stupid questions for Stupid People! By Kim
  • Which Simpson Person is most like me? By K. Emilie. J.
  • Which Glay member best suits you in marriage? By Kriggy
  • How Sinitsin are you? By Sinitsin
  • Would you be accepted into The Clan? By Iya
  • Animal Selector By leopard
  • Who is YOUR Va-Va soulmate? By Kristina
  • Are You a Squirl-ass By SOADglowgirl
  • Group 4 Personality Match By Iriael
  • What Casa Del Walker Character are you most like? By EsperDerek
  • Comic Selector By Edwardo
  • How psychotic are you? By Salsa
  • Which Senior Member of PIPWMI are you? (Posessed Insane People With Major Issues) By Kami
  • How PUNK are you? By Heather
  • Idiot By Katharine
  • are you a wannabe, dork, loser, or a poser? By little.girl.punk
  • Choose your breakfast By Morris Cecil Glalet
  • Colors for Girls By Meikarin
  • Brain or beauty? By LDW
  • Who are you most likely to marry? By Nienor
  • How Evil Are You? By Destara
  • Which Griddler is right for you? By Laura
  • Type of Underwear By CrazyFastGuy
  • 7th grade teachers By A student
  • how alternative are you? By Pyra
  • What's Your Mental Age? By Katie
  • How Good Are You? By Destara
  • Are you an obnoxious customer? By Chad Hoolihan
  • Garfield Test By Meggz
  • The Me Head Quiz By Archie Els
  • What fruit are you? By Booka
  • Which one of the O-Boys are you most like... according to us? By Cut Your Hair, Jacob!
  • Personality Quiz By The Guardians
  • The Clique By Aratir
  • we da late night crew, yo By malloreigh
  • The WWoHP Selector By Minerva Turpitude
  • The Absolutely Nothing Selector! By Sukoshi Aki
  • SunTyger's Friends - Monkey Sex Selector By SunTyger
  • JessiPicks! By JessicaRose
  • thE pUnk TEst By ben friday
  • How Insane are YOU? By PsychoKitten
  • Anime_Chaos Personality test By Kim
  • By Amanda K. Brown
  • Know Your Role in the World By Eric Stahl
  • Who are you in Mo and Alex's world? By Ablexmogo
  • Is he a Jerk? By Shadow_spirit
  • How Studly Are You? By LP
  • Andrew, Raizin, Brian, Fernando. By Chad Lucas
  • are you as crazy as me?? By chibi ai chan
  • The World Domination Selector By Barry Welch
  • Which of My Friends/Aquaintences Is Right For You? By Sara Lynn
  • The Insanity of it all By Catzo
  • really, how cool are you? By gina
  • Depression and Boats By Milky
  • Testies By Resilient
  • The Great Big Mayneeyah Selector Thingie By H Hog
  • Who's your Amberholic match? By Feylamia
  • Are you addicted to online quizzes? By hardcorae
  • How Much Are You Like Me - Worship the Fear By Cat MoonShadow
  • What Kind of Name Should You Have? By Cat MoonShadow
  • Wallpaper & Holograms By Unknown_usr
  • Accepting Your Dorkiness By Sven Hoslov
  • University o Diversity Human Past life Tangerine Dove Twister By Jonathan Davis
  • Which Backstreets chara are you? By Leah
  • Which of Nora's Ex-boyfriends are you? By Nora
  • Colorific By Myrddin
  • The Geablizer By Andrusi
  • Is graduate school for you? By Steven Beiting
  • How Inappropriate Are You? By FireLily
  • Sandy Version Personality Selector By haunter_uk
  • Umm Yea By Chris Radley
  • What Type of Bunny Are You? By Destara
  • Are you gay? By Some_Guy
  • Are You Fundamental? By SilverShadow
  • What kind of sock are you? By Arabella
  • Which May House Jew Are You? By Alexander Hsu
  • Lovely Ladies of 203: How Suite It Is By May House
  • which bitch are you? By Carlie
  • Öbo-testet By Peter Hamnebo
  • Leet or Llama? By Arkady Folkner
  • help the guy!!!1 By Senshi or *~Hitomi~*~Kanz...
  • Ojamajo witches By Chieko
  • Which Group Marriage member are YOU? By The Old Pole
  • How Cool Are You Selector By asskicker
  • How Borkish Are You? By Irk
  • Towson Crew Selector By Towson
  • Which One of My Biznatches Is You? By Anna
  • Are you a monster in bed (this one is for guys) By likethemgirls
  • Mathematics By Kaie
  • What to do if you meet a Stu quiz By Stuart Garnham
  • How Big of a Harry Potter Fan are You? By the voice
  • Are you insane? By The RPG Warlord
  • How insane are you? By Sedge
  • The Sweet Sweet Suite By Tim Schnabel
  • Wonky Squidness Selector By Nijipynku
  • The Creator - Which character are you? By Krystal
  • British Humor By Cardinal Biggles
  • cheese/love style By Sarah Duvall Smith
  • What are you? By Zucchini
  • What Kind of Canadian Are You? By lamaitresse
  • What kind of friend are you? By scullymulder13
  • Spiritual Goat By TNOPB
  • What kitchen utensil/appliance are you? By Constance
  • Which Chattie Chat Chat person are YOU? By Constance
  • Which Goonie R U? By Carebear
  • Who Am I? By Jesse Kopczynski
  • How outgoing are u? By Alexander J Mann
  • What DBZ Character Are You? By Alexander J Mann
  • How close of a friedn are you? By Colette
  • Which World Figure Are You? By Chris Goggin
  • How much are you like Smelly Kelly? By guitargrrl
  • Test Yourself -- How Well Do You Know Ally? By Allison
  • You think you know Josh? Heh. Idiot. By Josh
  • Which Nick and J character are you? By aim
  • What is your mood? By Chizzy23
  • Will you go out with me? By Colin
  • What the hell are you? By Kitty Youngpeter
  • Which Of My Friends Are You The Most Like? By Ashley
  • Which Nazi are You?? By Louisa Klara H
  • Obscure Cartoon Character Match By Sunny
  • IAM steriotypical By Rachel Federman
  • Waste of Time By emharvo
  • How will the mofia kill you? By distruction
  • Which one of my friends are you most like? By lj
  • Shwa's Random Room Object Selector By Shwa
  • Which Horseman of Zany Misadventures/Capers are you? By Plaid King
  • What branch of Earth do you cast? By Pahyum
  • What By Goldi Leaf
  • The Mikey By Lee Lee Filth
  • Which alter-ego of E are you? By Enrai
  • UBB Is kEwLiEz!!!!!!!!!!!1 By FRAN IS COOL!
  • Evil Power Ranger People Personality By Kimberly Ann Hart
  • What Junk Food Are You? By Katie
  • What stupid friend are you? By Dick Clark
  • Which character from my stories are you? By Sarah
  • Are you anything like me? By Fiyero
  • Which one of my friends are you? By Fiyero
  • How Cierran are you? By Fat Boy Bob
  • Der ultimative BUTCH-FEMME-TEST By mary
  • Are u a hippie? By me
  • Seien sie ein Katzenfeind oder -freund? By Katze
  • What Dog Are You? By Gklang
  • Vincent Theoria Justin Jasper or Daniella? By Jasper
  • Are you Kayleigh or Katelyn or Ben? By Ben
  • holly By holly
  • The Fifield C Selector Quiz By Fifield
  • Don't see it? Find it here:
  • PUNK SELECTOR By Ben Friday
  • PUNK SELECTOR By Deserie
  • WHAT KIND OF BITCH ARE YOU? SELECTOR By Winged Bitch. Some readers might find this offensive. Now that you're forewarned, don't bitch to us about the content.
    Not Necessarily Tested Humor Quizzes
  • Which feminine hygiene product are you? By Jenni (aka j3nn1)
  • Which F2Ber are you? By Aussieintn
  • Do I Hate You? By The Full Mooney
  • Which #PpGWorld Regular Are You? By Potassium
  • What drink are you? By Stephanie
  • What iron product are you? By Nikuku Bitaru
  • What Object Will You Be Re-incarnated As When You Die? By Callum Waddell
  • Magic Roundabout Character By magicpea
  • Could you join the CHRAST society, the HSC, and the Makeout Club? By Thin Waifer
  • Hombre Ideal By Mar
  • what type of youth group dork are you? By soul searcher
  • f2b By The Great I Am
  • Which Angie Are You? By Angie
  • Board Ethics. By The Great I Am
  • Which Flaming Deadly Pudding character do you have most in common with? By Ima Mess
  • What ren and stimpy character are you? By sonja
  • What OD Error Message Are You? By SlapCrazy
  • Which One of Katie Furey's Friends Are You Most Like? By Katie-Shaggy
  • The super duper animal selector! By Darkmonkey
  • How Important Are You to Leon? By Leon
  • which one of US.. are YOU?! By katrina
  • Funny walks. . . By Rae
  • Which face are YOU?? By stefanie
  • Which item of clothing are you? By Light_faerie27
  • Jumbubby! By Panda
  • Which Glam Rocker are you? By AffectionAddict
  • what nightmare before christmas charecter are you? By talia
  • Which Red Cricket Member are you? By Jeff
  • Should You Date Me? By Demonesque
  • What Inanimate Object Are YOU? By Lyndsay
  • The Tier System By brandon stecklein
  • Which Sexual Fantasy are YOU? By Kris
  • Which of Lao Tsunami's Muses Are You Most Like? By Lao Tsunami
  • Which Eidyl Castle Muse are You? By SapphiraC
  • What Adorables Are you? By Cyclce
  • What computer part are you? By Cmantito
  • Which one of my crazy friends are you? By Queen Becca
  • Which Part Of Emmu Are You? By Emmu
  • Are you a band freak??? By Lashergrl16
  • What Fruit Are You? By Crazed Hedgehog
  • What Kind of Vegetable Are You? By babooshka
  • Are You Obsessed With Uruk-Hais? By waccoonie71
  • What is your IDEAL pet name? By HydroJenBomb
  • What Are You? By Jana
  • Which MuseSpace/MuseWar Writer Are You? By laotsunami
  • which silver screen goddess are you? By mort
  • which of christina's friends are you? By benson
  • What CRCAP catchphrase is the one for you? By The Disco Mamma
  • which annoyingly stupid member of #nin are you most like? By nicole
  • The Erin character quiz By Dimples
  • Hunters are Poopey!! By Morgan Christian
  • tjTeachers et al. By a student
  • Is your neighbor dumb? By Marshall Rivers
  • What is your Inner Non-Sequitur? By A.V. Phibes
  • What kind of person are you? By Mia
  • Which member of the hoover-demartino house are you most like? By nesrop
  • Which Joltopian are you? By CinnimonKong
  • What computer part are you? By songbird85
  • What garden decoration are you? By aurora945
  • What Epic Character Would You Be? By Matt B
  • Which Bugg are YOU? By Ananew
  • Which Season are You? By Mailyn
  • Which Jonathan am I? By AnaAng
  • What kinda chick are you? By zara
  • Which student are you? By rachael
  • Which One Of My Flatmates Are You? By Honor
  • Which of the Four are you? By MadameFru
  • What are you in the sky? By Brittany
  • WHO ARE YOU? By anathema
  • Are you right for me? By Randy
  • Which friends school eigth grader are you most like? By layner
  • What Kind of Tampon are you? By Mushyballs
  • Gay Tesy By Riley Palmer
  • Which one, which one? By Knoxville
  • Which *NSync Cling-on are YOU? By Katherine
  • Are you cool like Jules? By Jules Rudman
  • Which one of my Friends are YOU? By Lollipop*
  • which one of christine's friends are you most like. By Christine
  • Which type of eating utensil are you? By Ekka
  • Which Pee Wee's Big Adventure Character Are YOU? By beckster
  • Fill Out Carefully By Bryan
  • What musical are you most like? By Alea
  • Which Body Part are you? By Brad324
  • Who The Hell Are You? By Amethyst Moon
  • Which one of Kevin's Friends Are You? By Kevin
  • What type of flower are you? By Sarah
  • What kel is yoo? By miss kel
  • What Random Object In Kat's Room Are You? By Kat n Rachel
  • The Rabid Chics Selector By Toni
  • Which Household Item Are You? By MalachiGarnet
  • What soft drink would you be? By WolfZero
  • Am I Erin or Rainee? By Erin Dilbaitis
  • What member of the Freak Squad are you? By Cathy
  • The Misfits By kiss IT
  • Are you stupid? By sideshow
  • friendselector By Knowlto
  • Which Bruncher are you? By treasure
  • Which Pez Dispenser Are You? By _Eponine_
  • Which Inanimate Object Are You? By Heather
  • What kind of Geek are you?? By bob
  • How Oekaki InSaNe are YOU!? By Niffer
  • Alphabet Personality Test (Humor ) By Casey
  • How Much Of A Loser Are You? By Savannah And Bianca
  • Dumbassity Test By Tori and Paul
  • What Color Crayon Would You Be? By Kelsey
  • My Guy-Friend Test By Alison
  • love? By nina
  • What Member of Monty Python are -you-? By Sarah
  • What Position Are You? (Relationship Humor) By LeyLey
  • Shut Up Stupid By Shut Up Stupid
  • Are You Lit Enough? By A Fan
  • which patty bear are you? By casey-yo
  • You're my pal... By Dan
  • What's your Hawaiian name? By Kahealani
  • Which Hogwarts Founder are You? By oompa
  • Which JC body part are you? By jcjoeyfreak
  • Are you me? By Rosie
  • Which of Jess-chan's Friends Are YOU Most Like? By InsaneJess-chan
  • Who's the Nut for you? By PC
  • Randomness is a Virtue By The Forsaken One
  • HPO: Which Character Are You? By Pan-chan
  • The ''Are You Nuts'' Selector By hazelginger
  • Which Psycho HITZ Posse girl are you? By habeker
  • Who are you? By ruby
  • Which Ronald McDonald's Pal Are You? By Steph
  • Are you like Snap, Crackle, or Pop? By Sarchasm
  • Which Homestar Runner character are you? By Luke
  • Which friend of Mattie's are you most like? By Mattie
  • What One Of My Gel Pens Are You? By Anti-Standard
  • Are You Dead? By Scooter
  • Which Azures Diary Regular are you? By Azure
  • Which Angel Wing are you?? By Kashiwa
  • Which Acquaintance of Amanda are You? By Mandee
  • Who are you? By Delacroix
  • Which of my men are you? By Scarlet~Angel
  • What inanimate object are you most like? By LostInThisWorld
  • Which Ex-boyfriend are you? By Willow
  • What Hands Of Blood Character are you most like? By Dragon_Kody
  • Which Allergen Are You? By Rah
  • Which New Kid on the Block are you? By Yvaine
  • which pet are you? By Buzzy Lizzie
  • Queen Bob By QueenBob
  • What Character (movie or other) are you? By Sammy
  • What type of evil cat are you? By Samii R.(yea the cute one
  • Which Homestarrunner Character Are You? By Katherine
  • What car are you? By Tyco
  • Find your perfect matching word!!! By Loev
  • What type of student were/are you? By Team Empire
  • How nooby are u in runescape By runeguy
  • Blood Gulch Chron. By joseph
  • Camp Name Selector By mysticalg
  • Drug Selector By Anna Banana
  • Element By pheonixfromtheashes
  • What band do YOU think is the best??? By Emily_nichols
  • Which stereotypical student are you? By livinitout
  • Favorite team By peter
  • Elmo or Napoleon?? By marsbar--104
  • What Friend Are You? By samii
  • Your lucky colour in the rainbow By hermionewatson
  • Are You Ghetto Enought To Shave A Toaster By meghan
  • Stick This In Your Poll And Vote On It By StickThisInYourBlog
  • who are you?!?!! By Ezza_1989
  • hahaha By Joshua
  • Which grammar person are you? (priesty is not behind me this time) By R Lemming
  • Witch cartoon are you? By OsoO
  • Eighties Idol Selector By David Hasselhoff
  • JUST FOR HUMUR By Jasper
  • Are You An Inside Kitty? By Charmian
  • Could you be my ex boyfriend? By katrinalynn19
  • Jennifer, Felicia or Samantha? By myredmirage95
  • Which Weirdo Are You? By RatLyn
  • Which famous Australian animal are you? By demonjack14
  • Would you survive through a zombie attack? By Emogloben
  • Homecoming Queen By kewlness_2012
  • which character are you>? By Kitty Saba
  • Which Member Of The Simpsons Family Are You? By witter woo woo
  • What sort of work is best for you? What kind of employment would you like?
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