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  • A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark animation selector By Hotohori
  • A Cuál de los Personajes de Weiß Kreuz te Pareces más? By Ouka_WeissKreuz
  • A Cual personaje de Fushigi Yuugi te pareces más ? By KERO-KUN (keroweb)
  • A Cyber City Oedo 808 Selector By Vicious
  • A.P.N.A. Test By Kyo Rivera
  • Aa! Megami-sama Personality Test By Edward Chang
  • Aa! Megami-samas Character Selector By Skuld Goddess
  • Aaah! Kawaii! You best anime guy matchup. By AniKat
  • Abarenbou! By risu
  • Abenobashi selector By josh
  • Absolutelycrazy PKO-selector By AniFriend&Ramika
  • ADAS Character Selector By Gbo
  • Adult Swim Comedy Character Selector By adultswim
  • Adult Swim Show Selector By vampirezealot
  • Aeon Flux By Anime Freak
  • Aeriths Sanctuary By Moninah
  • Ah Megamisama Goddess Selector By Aoiko
  • Ah my goddess character selector By Tori Tamishuyri
  • Ah! My goddess Selector By Queen_lylys
  • Ah! My Goddess! By Liz
  • Ai no Kusabi character selector By Krystal
  • Ai Tenshi Densetsu Weddingpeach Angel Selector By Shiori
  • Ai Yori Aoshi Character Selector By Saotome Keitaro
  • Akasha Character Selector By Michiru Kaioh
  • Akasha Character Selector By Michiru Kaioh
  • Akazukin Chacha Character Selector By noda
  • Akihabara Denno Gumi Character Selector By Sasaki Shiori
  • alamosakids quiz By Fed-ex
  • alice19 character selector By harryfreak
  • Alicias Gundam Wing and 08th MS team Selector By Alicia Maxwell Winner
  • Alicias Gundam Wing Dating Game By Alicia Maxwell Winner- Sh...
  • Aliens versus Predators By James
  • AliRPG Character Personality Quiz By Ruu
  • Alkseeya Most Like By The KC
  • All To You, Nothing To Me Character Selector! By Xenotheum
  • All-C Character Selector By Kikotfantan
  • An actual personality selector, not one that goes by, say, where you live, or go to school, or what you have. By kristi kraler
  • An Inuyasha Quiz By Annie Tan
  • Angel Heart By neva
  • Angel Sailor Scout Personality Test By Rosey
  • Angel Sanctuary Character Selector By Sara
  • Angel Sanctuary Character selector By Andra
  • Angel Sanctuary Character Selector By Keiko
  • Angel Sanctuary Character selector By The Mad Hatter
  • Angel Sanctuary Character Selector By Nenufaremi
  • Angel Sanctuary OAV Selector By Nick Something
  • Angel Sanctuary Persona Test By Ryuujino Kou
  • Angel Sanctuary Pop Quiz By The Dark Crystals
  • Angel Sanctuary Selector By Mikachan
  • Angel Sanctuary Selector By Aeravis
  • Angel Seekers Personality Test By Isami
  • Angel Test By Chii-chan
  • angelguys By Min
  • Angelic Layer By Naru Narusegawa
  • Angelic Layer Character Selector By Icchansan
  • Angelic Layer Character Test By little crow
  • Angelic Layer Deus Selector By Taiyo
  • Angelique Personality Selector By ~*Courtney*~
  • Angelique Romance Selector By Jade
  • Angels Blessing By angel_wings
  • Angels Heart By Lightning
  • Anim Con Quiz! By animeconquiz2
  • Animal Alliance Selector By Fudgesicle
  • Animalia By Goagleon
  • Anime By Journey Bordeaux
  • ANIME By Tery
  • Anime By Jenna
  • Anime By Silver_Claimer
  • Anime & Final Fantasy Personality Test By Geo!!!
  • Anime (Gundam, Digimon, Escaflowne and Tenchi) By Grace
  • Anime 4 U By CraZvietChild
  • Anime 4 U By CraZvietChild
  • Anime addiction By E
  • Anime and Games Babes Selector (Mainstreamers need not apply) By Duran the Warrior
  • Anime and RPG By Shirie H
  • Anime and Video Game Hero Selector By Artemis Moon Goddess
  • anime animal selector By Deniohki
  • Anime Babe Selector By Warbird01
  • Anime Bishoujo Character Selector By Neko
  • Anime Bishounen Matchup By Shinigami15
  • anime boyfriend By Kagome
  • anime boyfriend By kiss_inuyasha
  • anime boyfriend By K_A_G_O_M_E
  • Anime Boyfriend Quiz By KawaiiTheKillerDemonMouse
  • anime character By Daigen
  • Anime Character Selector By Vash
  • Anime Character Composition By emiliea
  • Anime Character Personalities By Nuny Yuuki
  • Anime Character Quiz By Azh
  • Anime Character Selector By Kala
  • Anime Character Selector By BubblyChan
  • Anime Character selector By Nerd Eater
  • Anime Character Selector By Jackle
  • Anime Character Selector By HyperSaiyanGoku
  • Anime character selector By Mike Sisson
  • Anime Character Selector (both genders) By Viteros Ojikage
  • Anime Character Selector Another one By Caleb Roy
  • Anime Character Slector By ryu98us
  • Anime Character you Would Be By Goko not Goku
  • anime charicter selector By Havoc 88
  • Anime Chibi By Chibi Lina
  • Anime Chick Quiz By Chris Terry
  • Anime Con Quiz #01a By animeconquiz
  • Anime Date By terrachaos2
  • Anime For You By Kattie
  • Anime Friend selecter By Emily
  • Anime funny By Damon
  • Anime GF Selector By Micchi
  • Anime Girl Match Up By Ashna
  • Anime girl selector By trilla
  • Anime Girl Selector By Yoko-Rei Hananka
  • anime girlfreind By iloveinuyasha
  • anime girlfriend By kiss_inuyasha
  • Anime Girlfriend Selector By terrachaos2
  • Anime Girls Selector By Lady Sunshine
  • Anime girls, which are you most like? By Kaze_no_Kage
  • Anime Guys By AnGeL
  • Anime Hair Colour Selector By Sokase
  • Anime Hero or Villain? By Rebecca Lynne
  • Anime Hero Representation By Jeremy Nix
  • Anime Hero Selector By Daniel
  • anime hero selector By Yasagami
  • Anime Hikari - the Palace-server. By Mabui Ainokami
  • Anime Junkie? By Usagi
  • Anime Kingdom, Character Test By AnimeGirlShaman
  • Anime Kittys By Ashila
  • anime life style quiz By toki izarou
  • Anime main character selector By ERiK
  • Anime Mania! Which Anime Character are YOU?! By Lina Gabriev
  • Anime Mascot Selector By Kero-chan
  • Anime Matchmaker By Sakura Kinomoto
  • Anime Multi-Series Character Selector ^-^ By AnimeGirl
  • Anime peoples By Gir Maynard
  • Anime person Selector By David R Maynard jr
  • Anime personality By livi
  • anime personality quiz By jim
  • anime personality quizz By Songo
  • Anime Personality Selector By lteonga
  • Anime Personality Selector By Dr. Cheese
  • anime personality test By vera
  • Anime Quiz By Danielle
  • Anime Quizzes By Kage Tenshi
  • Anime Ranking Selector By Kayla
  • Anime Selector By Trunks-San
  • Anime Selector By Kelebcarak
  • Anime Selector!! By Bat-chan
  • Anime Series By terrachaos2
  • Anime show choser for you By *tohru*
  • Anime Soup du Jour By KataKirei
  • Anime Villain (YuYu, Kenshin) By Zanza
  • Anime Weapon Selector By Kiyota
  • Anime weapon selector By Blake_chan
  • Anime Webmistress Association Selector By Princess Asuka ^-^
  • anime Zoid anime slector By psyco
  • Anime....stories....friend discriptions. By Shadow-san
  • Anime/ Manga Selector By Zhanios
  • Anime/ Shonen Jump character Selector By KevinNeff1745
  • Anime/Manga 4 U By piiko-chan
  • animequeen01 By animequeen01
  • Animers! By Spicy_Nacho
  • anime-tsudoibice By Kekkonen
  • anime-tsudoiii By Kekkonen
  • aninmequiz666 By Hyatt
  • Anns Quiz (How Much Do You Know About Ann?) By Annrules
  • Another Evangelion Character Selector By infinite cactuar
  • Another MKR Selector By Lindsay
  • Another Yu-Gi-Oh Character Quiz :) By kiseitai
  • Another yugioh test By Insane Duelist
  • Anti-Sailor Moon By Kail
  • Anyones Faith Character Selector By Xenotheum
  • Aptitude for fun test By |)/\/||) Childers
  • Aqua By Aqua
  • Aquarian Age Character Selector By Aya Moto
  • Arcana Cast Selector By Kelly-chan
  • Are u a true cardcaptor sakura fan? By ricardo .m
  • Are U Like Suzaku Seven? By Tasuki728
  • Are u oppsessed w/ Yugi Mouto? By CatGrl66
  • Are yoo a hentai? By |-NeKoChaN-|
  • Are yoooooou? By Amber
  • Are you /kawaii/ (cute) or /kowai/ (scary)? By Mark Williamson
  • are you a cat girl or what??? By someanimefangirl
  • Are you a crazed anime fan? By Laura
  • Are you a crybaby? By DeannaFlare
  • Are you a DBZ Character? By Ann
  • Are you a dragon of heaven or earth (X:1999)? By Kawaii_R
  • Are you a Hamtaro Addict? By FireHam
  • Are you a hentai monkey By thakyn
  • Are you a Kenshin or an Aoshi By Misao
  • Are you a Megaman X Fan??? By Zeroman X
  • Are you a perfect match for Angel Sanctuarys Rociel? By Lucifers Dark Angel
  • are you a true anime fan ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? By madpeter
  • Are you a villan or a heero? By Holly shinguji
  • Are you A Wubble or A Human? By greg
  • Are you a Yu-Yu Hakusho Character? Which one? By SangoMinamino
  • Are you an anime hero or villain? By Trunks
  • Are you an anime TV fan? By spotpc
  • Are you an ExK fan? By ExK no Tenshi-tachi
  • Are you an Expert on Shippo from InuYasha? By Shippy Hideko
  • Are You an Otaku? By Yotama Shoro
  • Are you an ultimate Ronin Warriors fan? By Dawn_chan_Sanada
  • Are You Capable To Be a Digi Destined? By DemiVeemon
  • Are you cool to Alex?! By Alex
  • Are you Criminal or Bounty Hunter? By Jack SeVille
  • Are you crossdresseror not? By fnlfntsslcr
  • Are you Dependent or Independent By Crystal
  • Are you Destin or Amber? By Amber and Destin
  • Are you Eric or Chris By Matt
  • are you good enough to be pharoah? By marik lover
  • Are you Hikaru from mkr, Ryoko from rbhs, Kagome from iy, Miaka from fy, or Kayko from yyh? By Emme
  • Are you important? By Zaxterama
  • Are you into it? By Fallen Angel
  • Are you like Gio-boy? By Chibi-baka
  • Are you like Mika or Annika? By Yavin4
  • Are you like Trowa Barton? By Amethyst Valente
  • Are you man enough? By Zanza
  • Are you most like Yoko or Kooriko? By Yoyo-chan and Kooriko
  • Are you my Brahzer? By Addy Strizz
  • Are you obsessed with anime? By Kaiti Kaiba
  • Are you on Fire? By Carrie-san
  • Are you Sakura or Lee????????? By ricardo .m
  • Are you sakura,madison,kero,or lee By ricardo
  • Are you Seimaden obsessed? By Kaen
  • Are you Seme or Uke By Japhia Kinomoto
  • Are you seme or uke? By Asura Sotosuri
  • Are you similar to Yoh Asakura? By Shaman_King_Lover1420
  • Are you Tasuki&Chichiri obsessed? By ShunuGrrrl
  • Are You The Perfect Girl for Vicious? By Esvee The Outlaw
  • Are you the true Noir? By glycyne
  • Are you Vincent obsessed?? By Kess Reignheart
  • Are you Ying or Yang? By Kawaii_r
  • Are you Youko Kurama, Shuiichi, or Hiei? By Moony
  • Arslan Senki Character Selector By rose
  • Ashs Pokemon By AK2
  • Aspirin characters By manese
  • Astral Specter Character Matcher By Andrea
  • Asuka Langley Sohryu Compatibility By Darkwave
  • Avengers By Chris
  • Awasete Ippon! Character Selector By Remi
  • Awesome Anime Selector! By tenchi moete
  • aWos damn personality quiz By aWo
  • AY dating (boys) By TTK
  • Ayashi no Ceres Character Selector By Kawaii-chan
  • Ayashi no Ceres Matchmaker! By Shuro-chan
  • Azumanga Daioh Character Selector By Chi Chan
  • Azumanga Daioh Character Selector By HyugaFalcon
  • Azumanga Daioh character selector; with descriptions! By Kiko
  • Don't see it? Find it here:
  • B5itf-Finland persoonallisuus testi By Hush
  • Bad Guy bishonen By tabris
  • Bad Guys By Howler
  • Badass Test By Scott Jones
  • Bahamut Lagoon By Dranzerstorm
  • Bakaretsu Hunters/Sorceror Hunters Character Selector By Tenkawa Ruri
  • Bakaretsu Hunters/Sorceror Hunters Date Selector By Tenkawa Ruri
  • Bakemono Hunters Personality Quiz By Aoiko_Tsuguna
  • Bakuretsu Hunters By Hoshino Ranma
  • Bakuretsu Hunters By Kokorona Koneko
  • Balto Character Selector By Pouncing Tiger12
  • Bang... Which Cowboy Bebop Character Are U? By KuramaSango90
  • Bardock Movie Selector By SSJ_Gohan
  • bardock666 or Spawn666s ONE PIECE Quiz By Spawn666 or bardock666
  • Bardock666s next "DBZ!!6" quiz By Bardock666
  • bardock666s which "sayian are you?" quiz By Bardock666
  • Battle Angel Selector By Xeno-chan
  • BATTLE ROYALE SURVIVAL SURVEY By ---Ninja killer --Pirate ...
  • BB-Daman Bakugaiden Characters By Kurobon
  • BB-Daman Bakugaiden Pets By Kurobon
  • BBZ/GT Crush By Ashliee
  • BeamAcademy By Ida
  • Beast Wars Characters By Emissary of the Vok
  • Bebop By hdsamn
  • Bebop Quiz By FayeFe
  • Beginners Anime Guide By Serdar Yegulalp
  • Berserk Character Selecter By Tenkawa Ruri
  • Berserk Character selector By Yuu Nima
  • Best Anime Bishonen Selector By MissInverse
  • Best Anime for You By Bull Eye the Cow
  • Best Anime Girlfriend for You By zenmaster
  • Best Anime Woman for You By The Captain
  • Best Anime/game Friend By moonrakeron
  • Best digi for you By Punimon 40
  • Best FF Female Date By LordMourdor
  • Best Final Fantasy for you By Kuja no Miko
  • Best InuYasha Character Selector(all other selectors get out of my way) By InuYasha Fan( same guy3 )
  • Best Kenshin opponent By Andie Joy Smith
  • best match By nuri_kun
  • Best Mate By Sniper
  • Best Naruto By deadlyman
  • Best Pairing for You By calamityfromthesky
  • Best Ranma ½ selector By Ranchan
  • Best rurouni kenshin selector By Enishi
  • Best Sexy Bishounen Match By Brit-chan
  • Best type of Pokemon for you By ~Aqua~
  • BeyBlade By Kai
  • BeyBlade By Rical
  • Beyblade By Shahbaz
  • Beyblade Anime Character Selector By AniGirl15
  • Beyblade character quiz By raybird2314
  • Beyblade Character Selecter By DeeDee
  • Beyblade Character Selector By Kai Fangirl
  • Beyblade Character Selector By tysonisfat
  • Beyblade Character Selector By reefer
  • Beyblade Charactor Selector By Ray
  • Beyblade G-revolution By The Mysterious one
  • Beyblade G-Revolution & V Force Quiz By The Mysterious one
  • Beyblade Human Selector By Rei & Mariah
  • Beyblade Personality By JoceJoce1001
  • Beyblade Personality Test By Pokemonboy
  • Beyblade Selector By Vanessa
  • Beyblade Selector By Kari_Kamiya00112
  • Beyblade Selector Quizes By Kogi
  • Beyblade soul mate, and friend By Brandi Guy
  • Beyblade xtreme selector By wolborg17463945
  • BGC Tokyo 2040 character selector By littlesylia
  • BGC Tokyo 2040 character selector By littlesylia
  • BGSSC Personality Quiz! By holidaydrunk
  • Biancas Llanon Selector By Bianca Marou
  • Big O Character Selector By Jordan Etzel & Dan Hedden
  • bigclockbots By Kail
  • binetsu shoujo By jessica
  • Bishie Quiz!!!! By kuramagurl12199
  • Bishies?! By Dotta
  • Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon By Mei Hanashi
  • Bishonen 4 Rent By Forgotten Sailor
  • Bishonen Match Up By Ejji and Izu
  • Bishonen of February/Promises Are Character Selector By Bunny
  • Bishonen Selector By jupichan
  • Bishonen Selector (for girls if you couldnt guess) By Sweet Angel
  • Bishouji Selector By Kidd-Chan
  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Character Selector By Sakura Kinomoto
  • Bishoujo Senshi Sera Muun Minor Manga Character Selector By usa-chan
  • Bishounen Archtype Test By ShoSen
  • Bishounen connoisseurship By Psycho Sisters
  • Bishounen Destiny By Kinomoto Sakura
  • Bishounen Selector By Kaitou Kisaragi
  • Bishounen Selector By YohkoKiyoto
  • Bishounen Selector By Chibi-Ryoko
  • Bishounen Selector By Kelebcarak
  • Bishounen Selector By demonicangle
  • Bishounen Selector By KiraCatgirl
  • Bishounen Selector the 15434th By eshar
  • Black and White chara selector By Kawaii_R
  • Black and white part 2 chara selector (Those on Terra) By Kawaii_R
  • Black Spy Game character selector By Raniko
  • Blade of the Immortal Character Quiz By Shadow Samurai
  • Blade of the Immortal Character Quiz? By Shadow Samurai
  • Bladebreaker Selector By Kai_Hiwatori11112
  • Blank Animes Naruto Selector By Leprechaun
  • Bleach Character Selector By BleacherMan
  • Blind date with an anime boy! (for girls only!) By Hikurina
  • Blink Character Selector By seira
  • Blood and Ashes Character Quiz By Korpse
  • Blood of the Races Character selector By Meo
  • Bloody Roar Character Selector By Xion
  • Blue Midnight Manga Selector By AmYtHeStgLoRyeYeS
  • Blue Seed Character Selector By Topaz Tribal
  • Blue Seed Date Selector By schally
  • Blue Seed Personality Match By Dryden-san
  • BoogiePop Phantom Character test By Trigifie
  • boredem can kill By Rayne
  • Bounciness, or no Bounciness? By Heather
  • Boy Meets Boy character quiz By Skids
  • brads anime selector By brad
  • Breath of Fire 3 By LockePF
  • Breath of Fire 4 character selector By Chas
  • Breath of fire character selector By Lestat Jones
  • Breath of Fire II Character Selector By bluegummybear
  • Broken Sky character selector By Mai Assuka
  • Bronze saint selector By Shiryu
  • BtX Character Selector By Aoi Yume
  • Bubblegum Crisis All Characters Selector By Nexus
  • Bubblegum Crisis Character Selector By PrissAsagiri
  • Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Character Selector By Shiori
  • Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Character Selector By Priss
  • Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Selector By evilklogg
  • Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Selector. By evilklogg
  • Buddies selector By Xico
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer By Catherine Copping
  • Burn up Excess Quiz of Eternal Life By Zimmie
  • Burn Up W By Jeane Roi
  • BUST A GROOVE By Comet
  • BWSD; Which angel/other are you???? By Bunni
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