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  • BLASPHEMOUS SELECTOR A humorous, potentially offensive but thought provoking selector by John Hancock
  • CIGARETTE SELECTOR By girlwithagun. This selector probably you should have a surgeon general's warning, but if this selector causes you to smoke, you were already an easy mark for big tobacco companies.
  • COLLEGE SNACKFOOD SELECTOR By BeaverLies. Food for thought?
  • COLOR GUARD SELECTOR By Natasha Silvio. OK, maybe this is not that weird, but what would you classify it under?
  • HOLIDAY SELECTOR By Lydie. Be sure to read her cynical descriptions of the holidays by clicking on your results.
  • HOME CLEANING PRODUCT SELECTOR By Ohcincy. Graphic results.
  • GEEK STEREOTYPE SELECTOR By DarkBlueAnt. Graphic results.
    Not Necessarily Tested "Weird" Quizzes
  • Take this quiz! By misha
  • Extrovertiert oder introvertiert? By kamikaze
  • Justin Sane By Justin
  • Which Nature Boy are you? (not that it matters, we don't exist) Test By TK-069
  • The RKMB/Natureverse Hot Girlz Compatibility Test By TK-069
  • weird and don't ask By FK
  • Which Cwazypeople person are you? By Theresa
  • What Tarar God/ Goddess Are You? By Sabrina Kraft
  • Idiot's Quest Charachter Quiz By Runalee
  • Are you a thug? By Matt
  • What Freak Revolution Member are you? By The Freak
  • The Completely Useless Test That Will Tell Nothing About You By Gotenkz
  • Witch BumbleBug fan char are you? By bumblebug
  • What are you really? By Kristen
  • Which of my multiple personalities are you? By Sakura_Museigen
  • What Kind of Person Are You? By loloenjoysthings
  • Are you an idiot? By Aaron Veuleman
  • Witch friend are you???? By Kristen
  • Which of Meedy's friends are you? By Meedalene
  • Are You White Trash? By Avira
  • What Spongebob Character are you? By Kathy The Cat
  • What is your inner age?? By Amelia
  • What color Play-Doh are you? By Mary Briand & Carrie Berg
  • Are YOU My Friend? By the person who made this ...
  • This has no point! By Kristen
  • Are You Insane? By emiyuy01
  • Do YOU like Xiao? By Xiao The Stylist
  • What Theatre Employee are you By Capetta
  • What bread product are you? By Supermuffin
  • What type of character are you from my imagination? By Ace of Hearts
  • Which Pharaoh Trilogy Character Are You? By DaBraegha
  • Witch Char Are You? By Heka
  • What Guy from Our (Charlie and Mimmo) Class do YOU like (LOVE)? By Charlie and Mimmo
  • Which ATRL slut are you? By Lucy
  • Which of my Characters Would You End Up with? By damane
  • Which Con/Cosplay Personality Couple Are You? By Your mom
  • Which kind of Christmas Spirit do you have? By Mariana
  • Choose insanity - choose life By boot
  • Are you Ryan? By Ryan C Wallace
  • Are you like me? By sk8maniact
  • The Group Quiz By mike
  • LCHS Freshman FEMALE Selector By Archangel
  • What girl in our class do you like? By Ceidis Flahn
  • Which one of my boyfriend / ex-boyfriends are you? By Mushroom
  • What Kind of Meeple are You? By Enidy the Dreamer
  • Which of my Buds Are YOU most Like? By Jimu-chan
  • The 100% Funny and Useless Quiz By SP_Rox07
  • Do you belong to your own world By Kitty
  • Whats your mood? By latinagurl
  • what kind of person are you?? By maja
  • Christmastree Selector By Isis
  • The second group quiz By Mike
  • Which one of my friends are you By Dee
  • Which Homestar Runner character are you most like? By the talking muffin
  • Scrunch or fold? By idi0teque
  • Which Silver Crown character are you? By dashneton
  • R U AN EMAPTH By Chibs
  • ARE YOU A GOOG FRIEND!!!! By Susan
  • Which Member of the Terrible Trio are you? By Danalas
  • Which Necroveritas Spirit are you? By harriani
  • Which Spongebob character are you? By Jasmine
  • Which "The Black" Character Are You? By Lita Kinfire
  • Where are you in the world of skittle's hierarchey? By harriani
  • Which person of The Gang are you? By Joey
  • The Totally Random Selector-of-Goodness By Chris H.
  • Which Race of Sente Are you? By Blackie Blackeye
  • Are you a Dooduanawhat? By the nameless dooduanawhat
  • What type of NERD are YOU?! By The Mediocre Four
  • How are you like my friends O_O By Rachel McCoy
  • Which of Tentva's Children Are you? By Sententva
  • Com qual delas você mais se parece? By Vicky
  • Com qual delas você mais se parece? By ViCkY e PaTiNhA
  • Com qual delas você mais se parece? By ViCkY!
  • Com qual delas você mais se parece? By ViCkY!
  • Which Kelli friend are you ? By Kelli
  • Are you addicted to AOL Instant Messenger? By Kristin
  • Just how crappy are you? By Ky-guy (Crappyland443)
  • Evil People selector By Joey Fiore
  • What kind of Geek Stereotype are you By DarkBlueAnt
  • What kind of wierdo are you? By a hamster lover
  • Which Of The Sheep Queen's Random And Unusual Words/Phrases Are You? By Sheep Queen
  • Of Myth and Music By Cloud Kitten
  • The Chrono Cross Male Character Selector By Aludemon
  • Colour Quiz By colourlover
  • The Cute Cuddly Chrono Cross Critter Quiz! By Chrono Cross Freak
  • Which Female Freak is Your Friend? By RaptorineDream
  • Which One of Empress_W's Home Friends Are You? By Sarah Widmeyer
  • Are U a Gina L. wannabe? By punkdiva
  • What do you see? By Miruna R.
  • What's your screwed-up religion that doesn't exsist? By Punk Zell Dincht
  • What mythological creature are you? By Phalanx
  • Are you Obsessed with The HPN? By Manda
  • Which type of guardian angel do you have? By Kawaii_R
  • If you were a drug........... By sermanvia
  • How much of a vampire are you? By Queen_of_Damned
  • Hello Everyone. By reedguardian
  • Which Loser-Material Are You? By ACE
  • what kind of sugar are you By devious sheep
  • Which Anne Rice Vampire are You? By Diana Pozo
  • What Type of Faerie are You? By Angela
  • Yay! who are ya? By Karini
  • Clique Chart By Hujamma
  • Are You A Chewit By Dean Ronnie
  • Which Weebl & Bob Character are You? By Hunter Tammaro
  • Witch Night Harm Bot are you By barky1
  • Witch Autobot FANchar are u? By barky2
  • Witch Con FANchar are u? By barky3
  • What tough guy are you? By LastCrow
  • What type of character are you? By BeNt
  • what type of animal are you? By megan
  • Who is your inner personality? By Erin
  • Which Type of Fanfiction Author are You? By Shelley Midnight
  • Which Simpsons character are you most like? By J Scott
  • Redneck? By jobob gullermo
  • Which Of The 4 Holidays Are You? By Samantha
  • personal By FK
  • Rate Yur Yay By Karini
  • Which of Shen's Random RP Charries are YOU By Chibi Shen
  • The wierd tanni quiz By tannifreak
  • Ayla's Kiss Kiss Listy By Tannii Roseheart
  • Which Person at my Lunch Table are you? By Rachia
  • Which Dark Pool Character are you? By Demon Bunneh
  • Which Ninja Are You? By CYCLO
  • Who of the madman from world of Dooms are you? By MISTER BIG T
  • What % Kalie are you? By Kalie
  • What Country do you identify with By Denlex
  • Which Project F.I.R.E. Character are you? By Fupueniku Korosu
  • Which one of Destiny's Weird Words are you? By Destiny New
  • ...Who the hell are you? By Ren
  • Which Vampyre Family Do You Belong To? By Krystal Romanov-Moriarty
  • puff test By puffblue
  • What does Fiere have 2 say bout u??? By Fiere
  • Worst Witch Character Selector By My_Name_Iz_Chewy_Buttinz
  • Which Odio guy are you? By Sakur Riu
  • What type of tramp would you be By Nick Britton
  • Which World Record Should You Try To Break? By Jann
  • sanity selector By NONAME
  • Ktory z naszych seksi idoli jest ci przeznaczon? By pisklak
  • Which Element Are You Most Likely? By Megan
  • Which Hair Colour Is Meant For You?!? By Megan
  • Which split are you? By gothbastet
  • Which Zelda character are you most like? By John Galt
  • Which Spandau Viper Are You? By suze & roddy
  • Which Spandau Husband Are You? By suze & roddy
  • Final Fantasy/Pokemon quiz By Typhlode
  • Who are you in my CRAZY life? By Dan
  • Cool, Cool, and more cool! By Megan
  • Anime Vortex user quiz By Protector of Yugi
  • Good Or Evil By Cutie
  • Which Uff9 Staff are you? By Luna
  • Are you a butt picker, nose picker, eye crust eater, all? By jon848
  • Computers By poodi
  • Which Member of The Rolling Stones are you? By Robyn
  • AUDREY LOOK HERE!!!!!! By Pookie Glass cow
  • What species are you? By NegamiTrangshi
  • Which Superfish Adventures/ Shrimpboy's Journey Character are you? By me
  • oddness test By ludovico
  • Insanity Test By Rica
  • End of Sane Character Twin By Zoni and Wildcat
  • Super Smash Brothers Melee By Eddie D.
  • Which of Shtetl's Friends (or enemies) Are you? By Shtetl Chiisaimachi
  • Which Invader Zim Character Are You? By Jessi the Psycho
  • Who do you want? Colchester County High School girls are waiting for YOU... By QueenBob
  • Are You Worthy of Being A Vampire By Drusilla
  • Who art thou? By Akurei
  • Where Do You Fit In My Comic Book By The HigherPower In Fronta...
  • Are You Weird? By *~*Dazzling*~*
  • Find your inner random object By Rachel the Almighty
  • Offical. What Laminal are you? By pn
  • offical Laminal selector By paul n
  • What Loveline Personality Are You? By Smashi De Heads
  • What type of freak are you? By Arius M. Imagene
  • Flying_egg's Blue_lightbulb Selector By Dan
  • Which Ginch-man Character Are YOU? By Safety_Pin
  • poop quiz By pooper scooper
  • How smart are you By Spike (kurama)
  • Which CP Member Are You? By Pappy
  • By they come...they eat....t...
  • The Nicole Quiz By Nicole and Emmet and Jami...
  • Emmet and Marika Quiz By Sasha and Sara and Jamie
  • Favorite kind of Torture By greenboxers
  • Which Greendrop character are You? By Ana
  • Action Figure Game quiz By ???
  • Who are you in the UTB? By UTB
  • What Random Thought Are You? By uinen_ocean
  • Which Subject or Ruler of the Mighty Kingdom Are You? By Baron von Richthofen
  • Which Dark Prider Are You? By RuukahKishenzi
  • the stupid selector By shorty
  • Are you dumb selector By loookingatyougirlsmakemeh...
  • Which rated x character are you? By william
  • Which Bad Cartoon Are You? By Jennifer
  • What kind of loser are you? By Claire
  • What are you? By Amanda
  • Which Cool Anime Guy are you? By Tenshi Takeshi
  • Which actor in a play at my school are you? By ???
  • The Official Test of St. Zenobia the Heretic By St. Zenobia the Heretic
  • Which Stupid Made Up Character Are You By Knifeshow
  • What elemental mage are you? By Nathan
  • What word are you By Marsh
  • Are you evil enough for the Kirby of Doom tribe? By Kirby of Doom
  • The Great Koessikka Quiz By anarkistijaenis
  • What animal r u most liikely 2 b????????? By Amaya
  • Which BAS Operator Are You? By pooney75
  • BAS Survivor By pauly75
  • Which one of my book characters are you? By Em!
  • Which Of My Freinds(Here In Cali) Are You By Keevee
  • What fantasy/horror creature are you? By Cassiopea
  • By jerrick bernier
  • Don't see it? Find it here:
  • SERIAL KILLERS SELECTOR By Wolfman. Be forewarned that this selector links to the Crime Library, which contains graphic material. It may disturb or offend some viewers.
  • SPENCER ABRAHAM OR NORMAN MINETA SELECTOR Well, at appears that even government bureaucrats have their fans. By Shelly
  • SWEAR WORD SELECTOR By Bethy Plops. WARNING: contains swear words, but you probably figured that out.
  • TORTURE METHOD SELECTOR By Sophia. Be forewarned that this selector links to the Torture Museum, which contains graphic material. It may disturb or offend some viewers.
  • YOUR INNER NON-SEQUITUR SELECTOR By A.V. Phibes. The author is known for her illustration, comic art, character design and traditional sideshow performance art--especially driving long nails into her nose.
    Not Necessarily Tested "Weird" Quizzes
  • What Type of Knife are you? By Knifey (Niall Oddy)
  • What type of speed bump are you? By Kylene
  • Which Lame-ass are you By iwannaburger0572
  • ( This one's for the RFG ) Which Rerun Are You Obscenely Obsessed With? By Chickentoss
  • How Compatible Are You With Fina? By Fina
  • The TPMS Person Finder By Jon B.
  • Do you have the schul virus thingy that doesn't exist? By Ewwwmen
  • Are you like me? By Aoshi
  • Which vampire are you? By Katie
  • Which one of my friends are you the most like? By Zanza
  • Which of the Third Eye Blind songs are YOU? By ArtyH
  • Which Gen2 HP Character Are You? By Gamolbrim
  • What is your level of insanity? By Caerulius
  • If I were to become ruler of the world, would you be likely to die? By Townsed
  • Which math symbol are you? By Mylin10893
  • Are you like my husband? By Zanza
  • What School kid are you? By Paul n
  • Are you in any way a fruginagle By ~*Maria*~
  • R4||D0// 3$$!!1! By MSIHITWOD-Guy
  • Which character are you from the hit movie "The Conglomerate"? By Tidus
  • Which Harry Potter Character are you ~*TWIST*~ By MelodyQ
  • Which character from The Crown of Elgaren are you? By LadyBronwyn
  • Free Spirit By Mr Toodles
  • Which one of Suze's Spandau husbands are you? By Suze
  • what colour best describes you? By Kitsune-ish
  • Welke rock/metalstijl ben jij? By Jemmy
  • What's Your Scene(goth, punk, etc.)? By LaStGiRlStAnDiNg
  • Moon By Meg Mathews
  • What Seibertron Moderator/Administarator are you? By Jibbajabba
  • The Hair Color Selector By rG
  • What beast of Gore are you most like? By T.R.D
  • Which Efi character Are you? By Efi la reina de la sabana
  • How should you hold your cigarette? By Sara
  • The Useless Quiz for Opinionated People By Kelly Ng
  • do you have any specail powers? By zucohead
  • what kind of dragon are you? By dragonfire168
  • Are you a fairy, pixie, nymph, or a dragon? By Liz and Ashley Pawhorn
  • What Weapon are You? By JhataSan
  • Which one of us are you? By hyper_jer
  • What is your past life secret By Cool_Dark
  • Are you a sandwich or a sink? By Brenden Dortch
  • Que entidade Humboldtdiana do 1a você é? By Yoshi
  • What is your gender? By jap
  • What member of Team Death are you? By Chump
  • Who's your fighting game dessca or katlyn? By Rinney
  • Who are you out of Chad and his friends By Chad Shoemaker
  • Which weapon are you? By fanatacist
  • What Kid? V. 2.0 By Paul
  • How far away from THE STEF are you? By sporkish_glee
  • Where are you from? By Yumiko
  • Hey Sakura! By Sakura Blossom
  • Are you a ghost? By Sakura
  • What Stupid Person are you? By Hotohori
  • ¿quién es tu pareja ideal del canal popular 1 rock? By O-o
  • Kuja's Quiz By Kuja Masamune
  • Which 'UB' Is Your Real True Love? By Marcey
  • ?.?.? By nomez
  • I Don't Know Yet By CosmicAngel
  • ¿Qué bebida se asemeja más a tu personalidad com miembro del canal popular 1 rock? By O-0
  • What House In Neopian Highschool Will You Be In? By dannistruttt
  • What dragon are you? By coolblackdragongirl
  • What totem are you By guiding eagle
  • What are you? By Soysoy
  • do u believe in moley By Bruuuno
  • Chads Ultimate Selector Of The Characters He Is By Chad Shoemaker
  • My High School By Jared Palmer
  • up your nose By Akiko
  • Which Stupid Character are you? By Kelsey
  • What element are you? By Bob Bobbington
  • What kind of poo is your favorite By Ben
  • Mr Bean Character Selector By Mr Bean
  • ??? By hgvg
  • Which techdeck is right for you? By hgj
  • Crystal Clan desider By gywall the waterfaller
  • Which of the Traveling Youkai are you? By inuyasharevolt2
  • Are you a "star person"? By spooky
  • Do your parents like you? By Katie
  • Dumb first selector! By Morwen Magick
  • Are you Insane? By shadowkat
  • What myth beast are you? By Wind
  • Which Catz3 Breed are You? By Kiti
  • Which Kampy Girl are You Hooking Up With? By TK-069
  • Are You "Weird Al?" By Ryan
  • What type of boot are you? By ddominatrix
  • Erm not to sure wot im doin test By mik
  • What kind of spy are you By sam draisey
  • ¿Qué "personaje" de la clase eres? By Ruben Cereijo
  • ¿Qué profe eres? By el matao de turno
  • Which Funny Mate for U? welkfiea!!! JK... By D & K
  • Alias Test - Which Alias Character are YOU? By JessG
  • Which Alias Character are you? By JessG
  • Look at the horseys! By Pyromaniac
    Not Necessarily Tested Multiple Choice "Weird" Quizzes
  • am i cory By james cain
  • CMsn Peeps By some lonely teen
  • Questions By Matt Williams the midget
  • Stupidity quiz By Dr. Monkey Fred
  • The Yachting Club: Founder Quiz By Blackwell
  • What Animal are you? By Jason
  • Have you had a good day? By Bob
  • What type of vegetable are you? By Mr Turnip
  • What type of vegetable are you? By Mr Turnip
  • Poop Selector By Nick
  • What kind of useless bum are you? By Kelly
  • What Voice Are You? By Kitty P.C. Wood
  • Alanna the First Adventure By TaCay
  • Magical Trianguel By Arlees Brooks
  • cual es tu nombre? By Arlees Brooks
  • Que chico de Magical Trianguel es tu media naranja? By Arlees Brooks
  • What color are you? By Jason
  • What should you wish for? By Jason
  • What Kind of Twister Player are you? By Ty Chang
  • Cice ili ja? By Denny
  • The Restrictive People Quiz By Vita-Mins
  • ¿Qué personaje eres en Magical Triangle? By Luine
  • ¿A quién te pareces más? By Umi Ryuuzaki
  • Quel personnage de Morgan êtes vous? By Piwi
  • Quel personnage de Morgan est pour vous?;) By Piwi
  • Quel personnage de Kamino êtes-vous? By Piwi
  • Which "The_Goblin and Friends" Character are you? By The_Goblin
  • Which of my insane dreams are you? By Senor Dmitri
  • Bordertown Novels: Elsewhere NeverNever and Finder By Rockstar
  • Which Current EJHS Freshman Are You? By Becca Shoom
  • Which Current EJHS Freshman Are You? By Becca Shoom + Sarah Roths
  • Freak to Geek By FreakinGeek16
  • The Crazy and WEIRD MHer quiz! By Rae
  • Are you psychic??? By kittiwindx
  • How uncomfortable do you make people? By Atomic Bunnie
  • which freindly gnome are you? By psychotic blue
  • The Completely Pointless Selector By Jenni
  • The Completely Pointless Selector By Jennifer
  • Are You of Light or Darkness? By Dweeby Darkmage Doll
  • Are you in love? Or are you just friends? By Dweeby Darkmage Doll
  • Which character from Lynn and Laura's web sites are you? By ImNotAragorn
  • R U WeiRd?>~~ By Paige Doornob blonde
  • Which Homstar Runner character are you? By Chris
  • Which Homestar Runner character are you? By deepblue
  • The Evil-o-Meter! By Enduo Ril
  • Ideal Turd selector By Squishy
  • Cheesemania By fluffy Deadfish
  • ~*MY POLL*~ By Beata
  • Fangame selector By Tenchi UK
  • are you a trouble maker By stiffy
  • Can we say "Random?" By cracked_away
  • Sanity Tester By Cyan_Chi
  • The Splinterverse Sorting Hat By hows my hair
  • Do You Like Raffy By Raffy
  • Which Warriors Clan Leader are You? By owlfur91
  • What conspiracy thoery are you? By First
  • Which member of MY family would you most be like? By Smok
  • Hogwarts School By Peter_Pan
  • What Super Powers would you have? By ticked off otter
  • The Quiz Of All Quizzes By Wilky
  • Perfect Dark selector By shmine
  • Which 1 of my friends r u most like? By nick payette
  • que va a ser de nosotras,ahora?? By Arlees
  • which bug are you? By scott jessa
  • are you a fallen angel or a goody-goody By flare og
  • Which oneEthree stereotype are you? By theonewiththebignose
  • which hero or villian are you? By Linder von Parshly
  • Dpalm & friends By Dpalms
  • JQhn and Friends By JQhn
  • A True Test By JQhn
  • Who are your animal guides? By Akukama
  • Completely Made Up By The Death Knight
  • What screen name should I decide to use.? By Sarah Beirith
  • Simpsons!!!!!! By Roboduck66
  • What character from my stories would you get along with? By JerseyDevil7
  • Nerd, Goth, Geek, Prep or Not Selector By Cory
  • Which character can you relate to from Magic Pengel? By I am me
  • Nothing Whatsoever! Random Test By Stuff
  • cuanto me conoces? By Luine
  • Test na inteligencjê XD By Sahara Knoblauch
  • What character will you be? By Senkou
  • Which character from the Celestial Sphere are you best related with? By Zetsubou4
  • Who do you love? By Zetsubou4
  • Which Aku are you? By Akukama
  • Who from my school are you most like and do I like you? By Jaymz Lemmy
  • Piratical Parley and Politics Crew Members By Captain Bootyshaker
  • What Animal are YOU? By Barkyboy
  • Rumpalitesti By Nappi
  • the cyote By tony
  • What word are you? By Lard
  • Can u fit in By Kody
  • Which Gnome Video Character are you? By Gnome video
  • useful or useless selecter By grand_0
  • Can i guess where you live? By hahahahaha
  • What Random Item are You? By Peanut Butter Salad
  • Which No Rules Game Character Are You Most Like? By buffyandcoffee
  • Which No Rules Gang Do You Belong In? By buffyandcoffee
  • What sort of work is best for you? What kind of employment would you like?
    A career suiting my talents & interests.
    A career requiring a high school diploma.
    Good, high-paying gig economy jobs. What place is ideal for your next move?
    Where would you rather live?
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