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Find a word, part of a word or phrase on this page (exact spelling only)
Rate these selectors, these are largely untest and untried. There may be some hidden gems. Some probably should be deleted. Send us your comments.
  1. :: The Um Jammer Lammy Character Selector ::
  2. ¿A qué escuela de Rival Schools pertenecerías?
  3. ¿A qué personaje femenino de Rival Schools te pareces?
  4. ¿A qué personaje masculino de Rival Schools te pareces?
  5. ¿A quíen te pareces de Rival Schools: Project Justice?
  6. ¿Que personaje Del tekken3 eres?
  7. ¿QUién serías si fueras un personaje de FFVII?
  8. Aedya Quest Class Selector
  9. Age of Empires Military Unit Selector
  10. Animal Crossing Personality Quiz
  11. Animals
  12. Anos 80 - Quem era você?
  13. ANOTHER Um Jammer Lammy Selector
  14. anschizo's -What ESM Character are you most like?-
  15. Arc The Lad
  16. Are you a Carmie?
  17. Are YOU a Final Fantasy VII master?
  18. Are You A RPGer?
  19. Are you an avid gamer?
  20. Are you more like Ganon, or link?
  21. Are you obsessed with Neopets????
  22. BaNg BaNg!!! gOt RaVe Or yA GoTta PiSs oFf =P
  23. Best Chars(Ex:Sephiroth,Howrang,Ken from Street Fighter)
  24. Best RPG for you
  25. Best Sonic Charecter
  26. Best Team
  27. Bloody Roar 1-3 Zoanthrope Character Selector
  28. Bloody Roar 2 Character selector
  29. Bloody Roar 2
  30. Bloody Roar Character Selector
  31. Bloody Roar: Primal Fury Character Selector
  32. Boys & girls.. those were some wonderful dreams.
  33. Breath of Fire 2 Character Test
  34. Bush or Gore selector
  35. Bust a Groove 2!
  36. Bust*A*Groove
  37. Castlevania Personality test
  38. Chao Quiz
  39. Chapino Fandom
  40. Charabom Selector
  41. Charaboms Selector
  42. Chrono Cross Female Character Selector
  43. Chrono Cross Female Character Selector
  44. Chrono Cross Female Selector
  45. Chrono Cross Female Selector
  46. Chrono Dbz Chars
  47. Chrono Trigger Character Selector
  48. Chrono Trigger Character Selector
  49. Chrono Trigger Personality Quiz
  50. Chrono Trigger Selector!
  51. Chrono Trigger Selector
  52. Chrono Trigger Time Period Selector
  53. Chrono Trigger
  54. Class Selector
  55. CMil character sorter
  56. CO Selector
  57. Com qual personagem de Ultima 1-7 você se parece?
  58. Computer Game Selecter
  59. Conker's BFD character Selector
  60. Conoce tu color innato
  61. Console Game
  62. Crash Bandicoot Character Selector
  63. Crash Bandicoot Selector
  64. Crash Match Personality Selector
  65. Crono Trigger friend selector
  66. Cual es tu color de elemento?
  67. Da Final Fantasy 8 Test...Who R You???
  68. Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Song
  69. Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Character Quiz
  70. Darkness, Inc. Personality Test
  71. DBZ and Final Fantasy charecters
  72. DDR Freak .. or not?
  73. Dead or Alive Girl Selector
  74. Dead or alive Selector
  75. Devil May Cry Character Selector
  76. Diablo II: What kind of character would you be best at?
  77. Digimon World 3 selector!
  78. Doll Princess Quiz
  79. Dragon Quest III Class Selector
  80. Dragoon Characte Selector
  81. Dream Sphere Presents...FF7 CHARACTER TEST!!!!
  82. Earth Bound Character Test
  83. EarthBound Character Selector
  84. earthbound
  85. Electric Freedom
  86. Elemental Knight Personality Test
  87. Elements of Chaos Characters
  88. Elements
  89. EverQuest Class Selector
  90. Everquest class
  91. EverQuest Race Selector
  92. Evil Zone selector
  93. Faith Torn Asunder
  94. Fatal Frame : The Ritual That Failed
  95. Favorite Playstation Game u will like
  96. FF 7-10 Guy Test
  97. FF Quiz
  98. FF Tactics Hero Selector
  99. FF VII Character Selector
  100. FF3 Character Personality Test
  101. FF4+FF6 Character selector
  102. FF6/3 Quiz
  103. FF7 Character Selector!
  104. ff7 charater quiz
  105. FF7 Female Character Personality Test
  106. FF7 Male Personality
  107. ff7 test..
  108. FF7: Turks
  109. FF7
  110. FF7Lover
  111. FF8 Character Selecter
  112. FF8 compatibility selector
  113. FFF - Final Fantasy Females
  114. FFVIII Character Quiz
  115. FFX Girls
  116. Final Fanatsy 7+8+9 hero selector
  117. Final Fantasy 10 Character Selector
  118. Final Fantasy 10 selector
  119. Final Fantasy 4 Character Personality Test
  120. Final Fantasy 4 character selector
  121. Final Fantasy 6
  122. Final Fantasy 6-10 Selecter
  123. Final Fantasy 7 personality quiz
  124. Final Fantasy 7,8 & 9 character selector
  125. Final Fantasy 7/8/9 Character Selector
  126. Final Fantasy 7
  127. Final Fantasy 7-10 Species Selector
  128. final fantasy 8 quiz
  129. Final Fantasy Character Class
  130. Final fantasy character fav
  131. Final Fantasy Character Selector... thingie.
  132. Final Fantasy Character Selector
  133. Final Fantasy Character Test
  134. Final FAntasy Character
  135. Final Fantasy class selector
  136. Final Fantasy Dating Service!
  137. final fantasy female
  138. Final Fantasy Femme
  139. Final Fantasy Game Selector
  140. Final Fantasy IX Charctor Selector
  141. Final Fantasy IX Selector
  142. Final Fantasy Occupation Selector
  143. Final Fantasy or Dragon Ball Z
  144. Final Fantasy Selector
  145. Final Fantasy selector
  146. Final Fantasy Summon Selector
  147. Final Fantasy Tactics Character Selector
  148. Final fantasy Turks character
  149. Final Fantasy V Characters
  150. Final Fantasy VII character selector
  151. Final Fantasy VII Character Selector
  152. Final Fantasy VII Character Selector
  153. Final Fantasy VII Personality Quiz
  154. Final Fantasy VII Selector OK?
  155. Final Fantasy VIII Character Selector
  156. Final Fantasy VIII Dating Game
  157. Final Fantasy VIII Female Selector
  158. Final Fantasy VIII Squall/Seifer Selector
  159. Final Fantasy VII-VIII Personality Test!
  160. Final Fantasy Villain Selector
  161. Final Fantasy X character selector
  162. Final Fantasy X Character Selector
  163. Final Fantasy X characters
  164. Final Fantasy X Monster Selector
  165. Final Fantasy X Personality Test
  166. Final Fantasy X
  167. Final Fantasy
  168. Find out which FF7 or FF8 character you are like
  169. Find out Your Element
  170. First Person Shooter
  171. fiskvik
  172. Forbidden Realm Players Species
  173. Forum chick picker
  174. From Aeris to Vincent - Which FF7 character are you?
  175. Gamecube Stars-Who are you?
  176. games console selector
  177. Gitaroo Man Selector
  178. Golden Sun Character Selector
  179. Golden Sun: Djinni Selector
  180. GOLEM baddies from PE3 RPG Test: Which one are you like?
  181. Gorin Character personality test!
  182. Grand Theft Auto 3 Character Selector
  183. Grandia Character selector
  184. Grandia II Character Selector
  185. Grandia II Quiz
  186. Guilty Gear/X Character Selector
  187. Half Life Character Selector
  188. Halo Character Selector
  189. Harvest Moon Back to Nature Chick finder
  190. Harvest Moon Girl e
  191. Have You Been Lied To? NFL Blitz 2001
  192. hax :{
  193. HENTAI
  194. Heretic Character Test
  195. How Long Would You Survive in a Survival Horror Game?
  196. If you were a badguy....
  197. If you were a unique item from Diablo, which one would you be?
  198. In the Name of the Rose Character Selector
  199. JAKMANJAKselect
  200. Jet Set Radio Deluxe Character Test
  201. J-J-J-JET SET RADIO? Who in Tokyo-To are you?
  202. Job CLass Finder
  203. Job Points
  204. Kingdom Hearts Character Selector
  205. Kingdom Hearts Character Selector
  206. Kingdom Hearts Personality Test
  207. Kingdom Hearts
  208. Kirby Character Advanced
  209. Kirby Character Selector
  210. Kirby Character Test
  211. Klonoa:Lunatea's Veil character selector!
  212. KoF2K1 Females
  213. Ks Capcom/SNK character selector!
  214. KSRPG Character Type Selector
  215. Kual person da Jazz vc eh ??
  216. Legen of dragoon
  217. Legend of Dragoon Personality Test
  218. Legend of Dragoon Quiz
  219. Legend Of Dragoon Selector
  220. Legend of the Dragoon: Second Generation Selectore (AoD, WoT, GDoS, WoH, AUC, WoG, VoE)
  221. Legend of Zelda- female character
  222. Legend of Zelda Personality Selector
  223. LOF Heros/Villans
  224. Lufia 2 Character Selector
  225. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Character Selector
  226. Lunar Compatibility Test
  227. Lunar:Eternal Blue Character Selector
  228. Magic Video Game Charecters
  229. Magical Creature
  230. Magis Character Selector
  231. Majora's Mask Character Selector
  232. Male Dragoon selecter
  233. Mario Character Test
  234. Mario Party 3 Partner Selector
  235. Mario Personality Test
  236. Mark of the Wolves
  237. maxim809
  238. Mega Man 8 Robot Master
  239. MegaMan X Character Selector
  240. Melee
  241. Metal Gear Guy Selector
  242. Metal Gear Name Generator
  243. Metal Gear Series Characters
  244. Metal Gear Solid 2 character selector
  245. Metal Gear Solid Code Name (Part 1: Expertise)
  246. Metal Gear Solid Code Name (Part 2: Animal)
  247. MilkCan Groupie or Hip Hop Master??
  248. Monkey Island Character Selector.
  249. Monster Wrenchen Test
  250. Mortal Kombat Character Selector
  251. My Homepage(elliot homepage)
  252. Myrmadon's Mega Man Match-Maker. Mwaar.
  253. Mysidia Garden
  254. Mystical Fighters Inc. Selector
  255. Next Gen Console Selector
  256. Next-Generation Console Selector
  257. Nintendo character selector
  258. Nintendo Character
  259. Nintendo Mascot Selector
  260. Nintendo Villains quiz.
  261. Ogre Battle 64 Character Selector
  262. OgreBattle64 Character selector
  263. Old School Final Fantasy Super-Selector
  264. Online gamers personality quiz
  265. Paper Mario Selector
  266. Paranoia
  267. Parappa the Rapper/Lammy Character Selector
  268. Parasite Eve Character Selector
  269. Perfect Dark Character Test
  270. Person
  271. Persona 2 Character Selector
  272. Phantasy Star 3 Character Selector
  273. Phantasy Star 4 Character Selector
  274. Phantasy Star Character Selector
  275. Pick a Super Smash Bros. Melee Character
  276. Picking a video game type
  277. Pokemon character compatiblity
  278. Pop'n Music Deuil Selector
  279. Power Stone Character Selector
  280. Practice Selector
  281. PS2 Action/Adventure game selector
  282. PSX RPG selector
  283. Psychic Force 2012 Character Slector
  284. Puyo Puyo 2 Character Selector
  285. Puyo Puyo Character Selector
  286. Qual person da Jazz você é ?
  287. Qual personagem do Aow Shard que você mais se identifica?
  288. Qual personagem do Star Ocean Second Story vc é?
  289. Que personaje de Chrono Cross eres?
  290. Que personaje de Chrono Cross eres?
  291. ramble quiz
  292. Release your demons
  293. Resident Evil 2 and 3
  294. Resident Evil Character Selector
  295. Resident Evil Character Selector
  296. Resident Evil Match Quiz (for Guys)
  297. Resident Evil Online Quiz
  298. Resident Evil Personality quiz
  299. Resident Evil villain choser
  300. Resident Evil Weapon
  301. River City Ransom Gang Selector
  302. Rockman Character Selector!
  303. RomsForAll
  304. RPG game that best suits you
  305. SaGa Frontier Characters
  306. SAPO Selector.
  307. Secret of Mana Elemental Selector Test, For Some Reason
  308. Shadow of Destinky character selector
  309. Shizuma's Amazingly Adequate Xenogears Character Selector
  310. Silent Hill 2 selector
  311. Silhouette and Mirage Type Selector
  312. Silhouette Mirage Selector
  313. Silhouette Mirage: Second Chance
  314. Similarties: Which Final Fantasy Character Are You Like?
  315. Skies of Arcadia - Who are YOU like?
  316. Smash Bros. Selector
  317. Sonic Adventure 1 + 2 Character Selector
  318. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 Character Test
  319. Sonic Adventure character personality selector
  320. Sonic Character Selector
  321. Sonic Character
  322. Sonic the Hedgehog Character Selector
  323. Sonic the Hedgehog Personality Quiz
  324. Sonic the Hedgehog Selector
  325. Sonic the Hedgehog Selector
  326. Sonic
  327. sonicblue's Personality Selector
  328. Soul Calibur Characters
  329. Squaresoft Guys - Pick your ideal mate!
  330. SSB:M Character Selector.
  331. SSBM Character Selector
  332. Star Craft
  333. Star Fox Adventures Character Selector
  334. Star Ocean 2 Character
  335. Star Ocean 2 Good Guy Selector!
  336. StarFox64 Character Selector
  338. State of Emergency Selector
  339. Street Fighter Personality Test
  340. Street Fighter
  341. Stretch Panic Character Selector
  342. Suikoden 1 selector
  343. Super Mario Bros Selector
  344. Super Monkey Ball Charactor Selector
  345. Super Smash Bros Melee Character Selector
  346. Super Smash Bros Melee
  347. Super Smash Bros. Meele Selector!
  348. Super Smash Bros. Melee Selector
  349. Super Smash Bros. Melee!
  350. Super Smash Brothers Melee Selector
  351. Tales of Destiny character selector
  352. Tales of Destiny II Character Selector
  353. Tekken Test
  354. Tenshi Ishhi Personality Test
  355. Test
  356. TesterRun
  357. testing
  358. The best Chrono Cross selecter
  359. the best sonic character for U
  360. The Bio-Organic Weapon Quiz
  361. The bouncer character selector
  362. The Classic Final Fantasy Enemy Test
  363. The CoD2 Character Selector
  364. The Discworld MUD Guild Selector
  365. THE FF VILLAIN QUIZ - Wanna be a Villain?!
  366. The Final Fantasy Character Compatability Quiz
  367. The Harvest Moon 64 Girl
  368. The Harvest Moon 64 Girls Selector
  370. The masheads psychological analyser
  371. The NES Game Test
  372. The one true quiz...find out your destiny of FFX...
  373. The Paper Mario Character Thingy
  374. The Pichu Quiz
  375. The Puyo Puyo Game Test
  376. The Resident Evil Movie Character Test
  377. The Six Sages
  378. The Sonic Character Selector
  379. The SSBM Character You Are
  380. The Super Smash Bros: Melee Personality Test
  381. The Tek Select
  382. The ultimate Metal Gear Selector
  383. The Ultra Friends Test
  384. The Um Jammer Lammy Character Selector #2
  385. The Unreal4ever Weapon Selector
  386. The WAI3 character selector
  387. They Say Vision
  388. Threads of Fate Charactars
  389. Threads of Fate Characters
  390. Threads of Fate:Which character are you?
  391. ToeJam and Earl 2: Who are you?
  392. Toejam or Earl?
  393. Trinity Character Selector
  394. Turok 2 characters
  395. Ultimate Final Fantasy Selector
  396. Ultimate RPG Match-Maker
  397. Um Jammer Lammy character selector
  398. Unnamed Selector
  399. Unnamed Selector
  400. Unnamed Selector
  401. Unnamed Selector
  402. Unnamed Selector
  403. Unnamed Selector
  404. Unnamed Selector
  405. Unnamed Selector
  406. Unnamed Selector
  407. Unnamed Selector
  408. v
  409. Valkyrie profile test
  410. VH test
  411. Video Game Character
  412. Video Game Characters selector
  413. video game creatures....
  414. Video Game Personality Selector
  415. Video Game Selector 2001
  416. Video Game Selector
  417. Video Game System Selector
  418. Video Game Villains
  419. Video Games and You!
  420. video games
  421. Virtua Fighter 2 Character Selector
  422. Virtual On: Cybertroopers Character Selector
  424. WAI character test
  425. Walthros Character Selector
  426. WarCraft2 Character Selecter
  427. What A Raichu's Tale Character are YOU?
  428. What Anime Character Are U Similar To?
  429. What Black and White Creature are You?
  430. What Bloody Roar Character Are You?
  431. What capcom fighter are you?
  432. What Chao are you like?
  433. What Chao Are You?
  434. What character from the EverQuest RPG are you most like?
  435. What Charactor are you most like
  436. What Chrono Trigger character are you most like?
  437. What Chrono Trigger Character are you?
  438. What Chrono Trigger Character are you?
  439. what chrono trigger character are you?
  440. What Chrono Trigger Character are you?
  441. What class would YOU be in the FF world?
  442. What color are you?
  443. What Color Yoshi Are You?
  444. What colored Jewel Chao are YOU?
  445. What Command & Conquer Char. are YOU?
  446. What Crash Bandicoot Character Are You?
  447. What DBZ character is most like you?
  448. What Donkey Kong Character are you?
  449. What Dragon Warrior Monster Are You?
  450. What Dragoon are you?
  451. What Dungeon Siege Monster are you most like?
  452. What Earthbound Character are YOU?
  453. What Everquest (tm) class would you be?
  454. What EVIL Final Fantasy character are you (1-10)
  455. What Evil Video Game Character are you?
  456. What Evil Zone Character Are You?
  457. What Female Chrono Cross character are you?
  458. What FF4 Survivor character are you?
  459. What FF7 character are you?
  460. What FFX character are you??
  461. What Final Fantasy 6-9 villiam /boss are you?
  462. What Final Fantasy 8 Character Are You?
  463. What Final Fantasy 9 Character are you most like?
  464. What Final Fantasy Bad Guy Are You?
  465. What Final Fantasy character 4-10 playable are you?
  466. What Final Fantasy girl should you marry?
  467. What Final Fantasy VII Character Are You
  468. What Final Fantasy VIII Monster Are You?
  469. What Fluffy Blast Character are you?
  470. What Game are you?
  471. What game character are you?
  472. What game character are you?
  473. What Game Company Are You
  474. What GOJ are you?
  475. What Golden Sun Charactor are you?
  476. What Guilty Gear Gal Are You?
  477. What Guilty Gear Guy Are You?
  478. What halo villan are you?
  479. What Harvest Moon Character are you?
  480. What 'Hyperness' Are You Most Like?
  481. What is your favorite yaoi couple type?
  482. What Jikkyu Oshaberi (Chatting) Parodius Character Are You?
  483. What Jumi Are You?
  484. What kind of gunner are you?? NOT COMPLETED
  486. What kind of swordsman are you?
  487. What Kind of Video Game are you?
  488. What Kirby character are you?
  489. What Kraux'er are You?
  490. What Legend of Zelda character are you?
  491. what lunar 2 charecter are you?
  492. What Mario Character are you like?
  493. What Mario Character are you?
  494. What Mario charecter are you most like?
  495. What Mario Land Minion are you?
  496. What Mega Man character are you?
  497. What MegaMan 7 Boss Character Are You Most Like?
  498. What megaman hero are you?
  499. What Moonshine Valley RPG Character are you?
  500. What Mortal Kombat warrior are you?
  501. What Nano Beast are you?
  502. What Navi Would You Be?
  503. What Neopet Are You?
  504. What Nintendo Charecter are u?
  505. What Oddworld creature are you?
  506. What Old-School Nintendo Character Are You?
  507. What one of Adam's characters are you?
  508. What original Control of Destiny character are you?
  509. What part of Harvest Moon 3 are you?
  510. What Percipitation/FFEve Character are you?
  511. What Race Are You?
  512. What Resident Evil Character Are You?
  513. What Role Playing personality suits you best?
  514. What RPG Class Are You?
  515. What RPG Making program are you?
  516. What RPG Sprite are you?
  517. What SA2B Character Are You?
  518. What Septerra Core Character Are You?
  519. What Skies Of Arcadia Character Are You?
  520. What Smash Brothers character are you?
  521. What SNK character are you?
  522. What Sonic Adventure 2-Battle Character Are You Most Like?
  523. What Sonic Character are you?????
  524. What sonic character are you?
  525. What Sonic R Character are you most like?
  526. What Sonic the Hedgehog Character are you?
  527. What SSBM fighter are you like?
  528. What Star Fox char are you?
  529. What Star Ocean 2 Character Do You Act Like?
  530. What StarCraft character are you?
  531. What style of video game is right for you?
  532. What Super Smash Bros. Melee Character are you like?
  533. What Super Smash Bros. Melee Character Are You?
  534. What System are you?
  535. What Tales of Destiny Character are you?
  536. What Tales of Phantasia Character Are You Like?
  537. What The Cybernetic Generation character are you?
  538. What type of video game character are you-innocent or mischievous?
  539. What Type of Video Gamer are you?
  540. What type of Video Gamer are you
  541. What Uscit character are YOU?
  542. What Version should I run?
  543. What Video Game Char Would You Date?
  544. What Video Game Character Are You?
  545. What Video Game Character Are You?
  546. What Video game character are you?
  547. What video game charactor are you?
  548. What video game console to buy?
  549. What Video/Computer Game Character are you?
  550. What Walberg Character Are You
  551. What Warcraft II character are you?
  552. What Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monster are you most like?
  553. What Zelda character are you?
  554. What Zelda Character Are You?
  555. What Zelda character is your personality most like?
  556. What Zelda Race Are You?
  557. What's Ur Faveorite Videogames Console??
  558. What's YOUR best Final Fantasy weapon?
  559. What's Your Dance Dance Revolution Theme Song?
  560. What's Your Ideal BattleMech?
  561. Which 8-bit Theater Character Are You?
  562. Which Adept Are You?
  563. Which Anime Character would you be???
  564. Which Ayanami Character Are you?
  565. Which Blood Castle/NC Char Are You?
  566. Which Blood Omen 2 character are you?
  567. Which BOTVGHer are you? 2002 Edition
  569. Which Byelemore: Division character are you most like?
  570. Which Castlevania Character Are You?
  571. Which character are you from The Legend of Zelda: The Heart of Evil?
  572. Which character from the Mega Man X series would you be?
  573. Which character in a RPG are you?
  574. Which character of FFVII are you most like?
  575. Which Chrono Cross female personality type are you?
  576. Which Chrono Trigger character are YOU?!
  577. Which Chrono Trigger Character Are You?
  578. Which Crash Bandicoot Character are you?
  579. Which CUR Member are you?
  581. Which Darkstalker Most Applies To YOU
  582. Which DarkWars character are you most like?
  583. Which DDR character are you?
  584. Which Deus Ex Character Are You?
  585. Which Deus Ex Character are You?
  586. Which Devil May Cry demon are you?
  587. Which DJ Trunks Board member are you?
  588. Which DOA character are you like?
  589. Which Edea are you? 2
  590. Which element is right for your
  591. Which Elemental Spirit are you?
  592. Which Epilogue Character Are You Most Like?
  593. Which Erratic Emeralds Character Are You?
  594. Which Evil Megaman Boss Are You?
  595. Which Evolution character are you?
  596. Which FF7/CC Character Do You Relate To?
  597. Which FF9 Character are you?
  598. Which FFMUSH Admin are you most like?
  599. Which FFMUSH SeeD OC Are You?
  600. Which FFX Character are you?
  601. Which Final Fantasy 10 Character are you?
  602. Which Final Fantasy 6 Character are you most like?
  603. Which Final Fantasy 7 character are you?
  604. Which Final Fantasy 9 character are you most like?
  605. Which Final Fantasy Character Are You Most Like?
  606. Which Final Fantasy game is the best for you?
  607. Which Final Fantasy on the PSX would you fit into best?
  608. Which Final Fantasy X charachter are you?
  609. Which Fire Emblem 3 Character are YOU?
  610. Which Fire Pokemon are you?
  611. Which Gamer Crossfire admin/mod are you?
  612. Which Gamer Crossfire mod/admin are YOU?
  613. Which Gamer Crossfire mod/admin are YOU?
  614. Which Golden Sun Character are you Quiz
  615. Which Goldeneye Weapon Suits You
  616. Which Grandia character are you like the most?
  617. Which Grandia II Character Are You?
  618. which GUNBLADER are you most like?
  619. Which Harvest Moon Girl Are You?
  620. Which hero/heroine are you?
  621. Which Incredible Crisis character are you?
  622. which jak and daxter charter r u?
  623. Which Jet Set Willy room are you?
  624. Which kick-ass main character are you?
  625. Which Killfrog Character are you?
  626. Which kind of chocobo are you?
  627. Which kind of Koopa are you?
  628. Which King of Fighters Character are you?
  629. Which Kingdom Hearts character are you?
  630. Which Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
  631. Which Laguna Loire Are YOU?
  632. Which Legend of Dragoon Character are you?
  633. Which Legend of The Gems Chracter are you?
  634. Which Legend of Zelda character are you?
  635. Which Legend of Zelda Character are you?
  636. Which Legion Saga character are you most like?
  637. Which Lobby Rat Are You?
  638. Which Lunar dragon are you?
  639. Which Male Project Justice Character Are You
  640. Which Max Payne Character are You?
  641. Which Mega Man Character Are You Most Like?
  642. Which Megaman Are You?
  643. Which Megaman Boss are you?
  644. Which Megaman Boss Character Are You?
  645. Which Megaman Character are you?
  646. Which Megaman charatcter are you?
  647. Which Metal Demon is YOUR long lost twin?
  648. Which Metal Gear Character Are You???
  649. Which MM Character are you?
  650. Which N64 Mario Character Are You?
  651. Which Nintendo character are you?
  652. Which Nintendo Character are you?
  653. Which Nintendo character are you?
  654. Which Nocturne Prelude Character Are You?
  655. Which Ocarina of Time character are YOU?
  656. Which Ocarina of Time Temple Sage Are You?
  657. which of my friends are you most like?
  658. Which of Sonic's original friends are you?
  659. Which of the FF7 characters are you ?
  660. Which Okage: shadow king character are you most like?
  661. Which one of my characters are you closest to?
  662. Which Path are you?
  663. Which person from any Zelda game would you be?
  664. Which Person From Fade's Manga Are YOU?!
  665. Which Phantasy Star 2 Spell Are You?
  666. Which Phantasy Star 4 Character are you most like?
  667. Which Phantasy Star 4 character are you?
  668. Which Phantasy Star Heroine Are YOU?
  669. Which Phantasy Star III Character Are You?
  670. Which Pikmin creature are you?
  671. Which Pokemon are you?
  672. Which Pokemon game should you choose?
  673. Which Purple Moon Rockett's World Character are You?
  674. Which Region Should you live in?
  675. Which Renegade Wizard are You?
  676. Which Resident Evil 1 Character Are You?
  677. Which Resident Evil character are you???
  678. Which Resident Evil Girl are you most like?
  679. Which Rival Schools school are you in?
  680. Which RPG character are YOU?
  681. Which RPG Character are you?
  682. Which RPG Character is you gonna be?
  683. Which RPG character?
  684. Which RSSA Character are you most like?
  685. Which SaGa Frontier Main Character are You?
  686. Which sage from OOT are you most like?
  687. Which Saiyen character are you?
  688. Which Samurai Showdown character are you?
  689. Which Secret of Mana Spirit are you?
  690. Which Sid character are you?
  691. Which side are you on in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2?
  692. Which Skies of Arcadia character are you?
  693. Which Smash Character are YOU?
  694. Which SMRPG character are you most like?
  695. Which Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure 2 Character are you?
  696. Which Sonic Character Are You?
  697. Which Sonic character are you?
  698. Which Sonic The Hedgehog Character Are You???
  699. Which Sprite Comic Author Are You?
  700. Which Spyro Advance Character are You?
  701. Which Spyro The Dragon character are you?
  702. Which Squaresoft Video Game Character Are You?
  703. which ssx character are you?
  704. Which Star Ocean 2 Character are you?
  705. Which Starfox: Dinosaur Planet Character Are You?
  706. Which Street Fighter are you?
  707. Which Suikoden 1 Character Are You? (for girls)
  708. Which Suikoden character are you most like?
  709. Which Suikoden III character are you?
  710. Which Suikoden2 Guy is right for you?
  711. Which Super Mario character are you?
  712. Which Super Smash Bros. Character Are You?
  713. Which Super Smash Bros. Character Are You?
  714. Which Super Smash Bros. Melee Character Are You?
  715. Which Super Smash Brothers Melee Charecter is right for you
  716. Which Swordian user are you most like?
  717. Which Syphon Filter Series character are YOU like?
  718. Which Tales of Destiny Character are you?
  719. Which Tama Are You?
  720. Which Tamrielic Race Are You?
  721. Which Tekken 3 Character Are You?
  722. Which Tekken character are you?
  723. Which Terranigma Character Are You?
  724. Which triforce are you going to get?
  725. Which Triforce Would You Get?
  726. Which Turk are YOU?
  727. Which Twilight character are you?
  728. Which Ulterra to Engaia character are you?
  729. Which Ultimate Villain are you?
  730. Which Um Jammer Lammy female are you most like?
  731. Which Valkyrie Profile Character are You?
  732. Which Video Game Character Are you like?
  733. Which video game character are you?
  734. Which video game character are you?
  735. Which Video Game Charecter are you most like
  736. which video game series do you like??
  737. Which Video Game System are you?
  738. Which Weapon Would You Use?
  739. Which Weaponlord Character Are You?
  740. Which Xenogears villain are you?
  741. Which Yoshi Are You?
  742. Which Yoshi are you?
  743. Which Zelda character are you most like?
  744. Which Zelda Character are you?
  745. Which Zelda character are you?
  746. Which ZM Fan-Maverick are you?
  747. Which ZZTer does your state of mind represent the best?
  748. Which....MIGHTY FIGHTING MACHO MAN..are you?
  749. whichffcharru
  750. Who anime character you are most like
  751. Who are u??
  752. Who are you in TS2?
  753. Who are you like in Rudra no Hihou (Rudra's Secret Treasure).
  754. Who are you like?
  755. who are you
  756. Who matches your Personality?
  757. Who should be your Final Fantasy lover?
  758. Who should you use on super smash brothers melee?
  759. Who tekken 3 Character are you?
  760. Who Wants to be a Final Fantasy Villain?
  761. Who Would Be Your RPG Man?
  762. Who's Your Iron Fist?
  763. Who's your KOF lady
  764. Who's your KOF man?
  765. Wild Arms 2 Character Selector
  766. Wingedmene
  767. Xenogears charactor selector
  768. Xenogears Personality Test
  769. Xtaku: Yea, or Nay?
  770. Yoshi chooser
  771. Yoshi Color
  772. Your SegaSonic Character
  773. Your Zelda character
  774. Zelda Char. which one are you?
  775. Zelda Charactor, which are you?
  776. Zelda Game Selector
  777. Zelda Game Selector
  778. Zelda Ocarina of Time Link's Equipment Test
  779. Zelda64
  780. zenki stuff What sort of work is best for you? What kind of employment would you like?
A career suiting my talents & interests.
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