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Moseley-Braun, Former Senator Carol IL - Democrat Has withdrawn from the race and supported Howard Dean
Former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun, of Illinois, "plans to visit Iowa next month as she considers a potential run for the Democratic nomination for president in 2004.", reported. Moseley-Braun is the only black woman ever elected to the Senate.
"I will continue to fight to create a new federal-state-local partnership to rebuild our schools, and to ensure that college is available and affordable. This can be done within a balanced federal budget. I am also committed to protecting the retirement security of every American by ensuring that Social Security and Medicare will be there for this generation of retirees, and for those that follow. Federal budget surpluses should be used to help accomplish this objective."

Taxes & Spending: Opposes the positions of the National Taxpayers Union. Supported 19% of the Concord Coalition's pro-balanced budget positions. However, she voted for a Balanced Budget amendment.

Faith- Based initiatives: Opposes allowing churches to provide welfare services. As a senator she opposed prayer in public schools.

Welfare: The Children's Defense Fund, an organization concerned how poverty and welfare cuts effect children and families, has not not scored her policies. a) Provide tax incentives for companies to hire and train homeless people who want to work.

She supports the following:

  • Increased funding of homeless shelters and low income housing projects.
  • Increased funds for housing assistance for welfare recipients who need housing to get or keep a job.
  • Providing homeless families with apartment vouchers they can use to supplement the cost of an apartment.
  • Maintaining current welfare-to-work requirements in order for states to qualify for block grants.
  • Converting government-funded low-income housing projects into private housing, managed and owned by the residents.
    BIPAC, the Business-Industry Political Action Committee has not rated her record or policies.

    Security & Terrorism: She is the most consistently outspoken opponent of the U.S.A. Patriot Act, which she promises to repeal. She believes the Iraq war was declared and waged by methods that circumvented the separation of powers. She opposes pre-emptive war in part because it violates her belief in international law. She says all her government policies should be completely transparent.
    "The assault on our civil liberties that this Ashcroft, this Bush Administration (began), and that, frankly, Congress opened the door for with the Patriot Act. That act has, arguably violates the 1st, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th, the 8th and the 14th amendments of the Constitution, has opened the door to e-mails being tapped, and phones being tapped, and searches, and people disappearing in this country for the first time.

    Foreign Affairs: "Accused the Bush administration of squandering the goodwill for the war on terrorism that accrued after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on Washington and New York. 'Rather than fritter that goodwill away in a rush to preemptory, unilateral military action and in the process isolate us in a country on perpetual alert, we would do well to foster cooperation to freeze the very ground in which extremism and terrorism festers'." UPI reported. " ... (Iraqi leader) Saddam (Hussein), (Osama) bin Laden and all their pals can and must be driven out of business and the world wants to see us succeed in that endeavor. But duct tape is no substitute for diplomacy and I believe the people can and must demand an end to the saber rattling that has made us hostages to fear."

    The Bush administration has put the country on the wrong track with its foreign policy, deficit spending and erosion of civil liberties, she said. She believes that the U.S. should take unilateral military action if Iraq does not comply with all accepted UN resolutions.

    Education: Backs rebuilding crumbling schools, raising federal funding. She proposes to stop funding public schools through local property taxes and start funding them primarily through a federal tax. The idea is to equalize the amount of money schools receive so poorer districts are no longer neglected. She opposes the mandatory standardized testing system. Moseley Braun said she would fight the prohibitively expensive costs of university tuition by expanding Pell Grants and prevent students from relying exclusively on student loans.

    Polls notwithstanding,she said she doesn't believe most Americans believe spending money to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq is more important than spending money on health care, education, job creation and other priorities. She would:

  • Implement a universal health care program to guarantee coverage to all Americans regardless of income. She proposes a "single-payer system ... really does fit with the interests of a lot of groups, particularly businesses, that previously may not have seen it that way. A single-payer system essentially means that all of the money for healthcare will go to a single payer - that would be the federal treasury. [The money] would come from the income tax. But the administration of the plan would be through the same ... private insurers that currently exist."
  • Support health care strategies focused on prevention, including health education and natural medicines and remedies.
  • Support legislation to define and enforce the rights of insured patients, including greater access to specialists and emergency rooms, wider choice of health care providers, and appeal mechanisms when claims are denied.
  • Allow small business owners, the self-employed and workers whose employers do not provide health insurance to have the same deductibility for health costs as corporations and large employers.
  • Expand eligibility for tax-free medical savings accounts, which would be taxed if used for any purpose other than medical costs.

    Social Security: Opposes the concept of workers investing a portion of their payroll tax into private investments. She would invest a portion of the budget surplus into the Social Security trust fund.

    Illicit Drugs: She supports:

  • Increased penalties for selling illegal drugs.
  • Increased funding of federally-sponsored drug education and drug treatment programs.
  • Increased funding for border security to stop the flow of illegal drugs into the U.S.

    Trade: "It's in the interest of American firms to embrace the idea of labor and environmental and human rights standards, because, otherwise, not to embrace them, simply gives a price advantage to firms and countries that exploit workers, exploit the environment and take advantage of that exploitation by passing it along in their price." Opposed giving President Clinton fast-track negotiation authority when she was in the Senate.

    Ex-felons' Voting Rights: During a Miami Beach NACCP forum in July 2003, this candidate expressed support for restoration of voting rights of felons who served their sentences.

    Gun Policy: Increase federal restrictions on the purchase and possession of firearms. She received no current evaluation from from the NRA, and a 83% from The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

    Abortion Policy: Pro-choice. Abortions should always be legally available.

    Environmental Policy: She would:

  • Strengthen the Clean Water Act.
  • Increase fees charged to ranchers who graze cattle on federal lands.
  • Revise the 1872 mining law to increase the fees charged to mining companies using federal lands.
  • Encourage development of alternative fuels to reduce pollution.
  • Strengthen emission controls on all gasoline or diesel powered engines, including cars and trucks.
  • Increase federal taxes on gasoline and diesel fuels to promote conservation and alternative fuel development.
  • Impose stricter national air quality standards.
  • Strengthen the restrictions on clear-cutting on federal lands.

    Minority Issues: Supports the NAACP's positions.

    Civil Liberties: She received no recent scorecard from The American Civil Liberties Union.


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