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Graded & Tested Harry Potter Quizzes
Grades and comments are by an HP fan and selector creator named "Leora".
  • A LOOK INSIDE YOUR MIND! SELECTOR By Leora Grade A: It is good, and will get better! I like my questions.
  • A MORE MEANINGFUL HARRY POTTER HOUSE SELECTOR By Vashkoda Grade A- The results are very different from the norm, but the person who made this site put in a lot of effort.
  • ACCORDING TO YOUR HYGIENE, WHICH HOGWARTS OLD PERSON ARE YOU? SELECTOR By Lauren. Popular Grade A Very unique idea, humorous. Definitely worth looking at.
  • BEST HARRY POTTER CHARACTER POLL By sarah40557 (multiple choice)
  • HARRY POTTER CHARACTER SELECTOR By Loony Moony Grade A. Well developed questions. Many characters.
  • HARRY POTTER CHARACTER SELECTOR By Leigh. Grade A-/B+. Fairly reasonable questions!
  • HARRY POTTER CHARACTER SELECTOR By Allie Very Popular Grade B+ This selector, while having only a few new questions, seems to give fair results. It's well planned.
  • HARRY POTTER CHARACTER SELECTOR by Andrael Grade B- Many boring questions, but a lot of results.
  • HARRY POTTER CHARACTER SELECTOR By Laffy T'Caffy Grade B+ Results aren't the most accurate, but different can be good. Some questions are original, some are weird.
  • HARRY POTTER CHARACTER SELECTOR By Oracle Includes graphics Grade C+ Mostly has to do with physical features. The graphics at the end aren't the best, but it adds to the selector.
  • HARRY POTTER CHARACTER SELECTOR By Pennz Grade B The questions are overall unoriginal, but there are many overall results that seem fairly accurate.
  • HARRY POTTER CHARACTER SELECTOR By Dementorchic Includes characters from "Order of the Phoenix"
  • HARRY POTTER CHARACTER SELECTOR By Ashleigh Grade B+: Another cool character selector that's pretty well done.
  • HARRY POTTER COUPLE SELECTOR By Taylor Grade B- This isn't exactly sorting you into any category, rather it is telling you which characters from HP you"think" will get together. Some are unlikely, or like Harry's dead parents, already married.
  • HARRY POTTER COUPLE SELECTOR by Snuffles Grade B: This is not the most realistic, but some of the questions make it worth looking at.
  • HARRY POTTER DATE SELECTOR By Tazzysoze Quite Popular Grade C Watch out, this is a test for both genders. Maybe these should be separate male/female. Some questions don't make any sense.
  • HARRY POTTER MATCHMAKER By Anna Grade A-/B+: Very good for this type of Harry Potter Selector! Lots of effort and logical and different questions.
  • HARRY POTTER PROFESSOR SELECTOR By Katlyn Langton Grade C+ If being like a person means looking like that person, this is okay, but none of the questions judge if you are similar to a character. No one can fly on a broom, and if they can, they are already at"Hogwarts."
  • HARRY POTTER SPELL SELECTOR By Saranna Grade B One would have to look through all of my books or search the internet to remember what some of the listed spells do.
  • HARRY POTTER WAND SELECTOR By V.R. Oni Quite Popular Grade C+ Wand lengths, not wand types, which may seem boring. This is more of a personality test, and without the length of a"wand" given, it Belongs in the personality section. Basic Arithmancy is used.
  • QUIDDITCH PLAYER SELECTOR By Kakarow Grade B- The results are not all that accurate.
  • QUIDDITCH POSITION SELECTOR SELECTOR by Erika Grade: A- This selector has relevant questions. It uses your athletic abilities and preferences to tell you what position you could play. It has nice graphics.
  • QUIDDITCH POSITION SELECTOR SELECTOR By GryffinRose Very Popular. Includes graphics and midi misic. Grade A- Based on your sport abilities and skills, this tells you which position you'd be if you could play Quidditch. Some results are hard to get, but the end graphics are good.
  • QUIDDITCH TEAMS SELECTOR By Rebecca Grade C+ This is more of a house test than a Quidditch test. Some aspects of certain houses are not portrayed right.
  • SORTING HAT RITUAL SELECTOR By inn keeper Grade A- Things are worded clearly and expanded upon. Some ideas are original.
  • SORTING HAT SELECTOR By Andrea Grade B+ This selector has it down.
  • SORTING HAT SELECTOR By Hotohori. Grade: A-. It's a bit like mine *grin*. The questions are fun to read, and some are from book 5.
  • THE HOGWARTS SORTING HAT SELECTOR Very Popular By James Dominguez Grade A- Questions aren't the traditional short boring ones. They are less obvious.
  • THE SORTING HAT SELECTOR By Glanecia Grade A Something this good must have taken a lot of time to make. It is completely original involving scenarios. This is worth any curious person's time!
  • WHAT HARRY POTTER CHARACTER ARE YOU MOST LIKE? SELECTOR By Eve Star Grade C+ It has a lot to do with appearance, or asks questions like"Are you half dead," that everyone would hopefully write"no" for.
  • WHAT HARRY POTTER CHARACTER ARE YOU? SELECTOR Very Popular By TheMast Grade A-/B+ Some of this quiz is very original, and the graphics at the end are done nicely.
  • WHAT HOGWARTS CLASS WOULD YOU EXCEL SELECTOR By Ashleigh. Grade: A-: Figure out what subject you would enjoy most at Hogwarts.
  • WHAT'S YOUR HOGWARTS HOUSE SELECTOR By Andrael Grade B- Good introduction. There is only one question that isn't on every single other Sorting Hat Quiz.
  • WHICH HARRY POTTER MAN IS RIGHT FOR YOU? SELECTOR by Erin Grade B- A bit strange, and weird implications on some questions. The graphics turn up"not found" pages with advertisement. It is popular for some reason.
  • WHICH HARRY POTTER UBERFIC ARE YOU? SELECTOR Popular by Cygnus -Maybe I just don't understand this one. It has nothing to do with the book or movie.
  • WHICH PERSON OF HARRY POTTER:1 ARE YOU MOST LIKE? SELECTOR -This is concerning something I've never heard of, but it doesn't look that exciting.
  • WHICH HOGWARTS' CLASS WOULD YOU BE GOOD AT? SELECTOR By Christa. Grade B-. There is only one question that doesn't belong, and besides that, this is a fun selector with plenty of results, but should have more questions.
  • WHICH POTTER PERSON ARE YOU??!! SELECTOR Popular By Snuzzie Grade B- The ending descriptions are well done, but the rest is just average.
    Untested Harry Potter Quizzes
  • Where do you find yourself in the Royal Court? By Firestrider
  • Which Harry Potter character are you most compatable with? By Glory
  • Harry Potter House Selector By Jenny
  • The only INSIGHTFUL Harry Potter Character Selector By HrtShapedLithium
  • Do you have what it takes to face a Basilisk? By melody7
  • What school would you do best at? By melody7
  • What kind of half-human are you? By melody7
  • Which Harry Potter guy is right for you? By Ron's Butterflies
  • House Selector By Jordan, Head Master
  • The Chosen One By Abby Beck
  • What magical creature are you? By Peppermint
  • ~Which Marauder Are You~ By Elysium
  • What Career Would Best Suit YOU at Hogwarts? By Ashleigh
  • What Harry Potter character would you be? By Loony Moony
  • Find your perfect HP Man! By Chelzy Lupin
  • Which Hogwart's student (from Harry Potter) would you be? By Lady Violet
  • Sorting Hat By Abbie McGuire
  • Which is your Hogwarts house? By magic_knightess
  • Polyjuice Potion Sorting! By Polyjuice Potion admin
  • Yet Another Sorting Hat By Exis
  • What Harry Potter Character Are You???? By Mel B
  • Polyjuice Potion Sorting Hat By Tammy
  • Which Harry Potter character are you? By anne
  • what Daniel Radcliffe are u Quiz By Mia
  • If You Went to Hogwarts, Who Would Be Your Crush? By Uozumi
  • harry potter caracter By hpfan
  • harry potter house quiz By Mackenzie
  • HARRY; RON; HERMIONE AND MORE TAKE YOUR PICK!!!personality test By Inês Pott
  • Which Harry Potter boy is your best partner? By Emma
  • Harry Potter: Sorting Hat a la ISCA BBS Style By J. Slick
  • >ArE u A tRuE hArRy PoTtEr FaNaTiC< By b r i t a n y
  • The Sorting Hat By Tia Panskin
  • Harry Potter Character you are most like By L101587
  • Find you ideal date! By Bilbo Baggins
  • Which Weasley are you most like? By Weasleysrule
  • Harry Potter Quizes By Allie
  • Which Hogwarts scene are you? By gryffindorgurl23
  • Which_Weasley By Mira Zandar
  • Who are you in Harry's Dorm By Mira Zandar
  • Harry Potter Character By Cmdsoccer
  • what hogwarts house u r best sutied for By da finger man!
  • Which Harry Potter Candy are you? By HarryPotteroholic
  • Which Wizarding Profession Would You Be? By melody7_
  • What HH Character are you? By cyberose
  • The Best HP Character Selecter on EARTH! By Go Eat A Pigeon!
  • Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? By Joanniekins
  • Which Footsteps Character are you? By Narcissa
  • The best Harry Potter personality test EVER!!!!!!!!!! By The regected one
  • Which Triwizard Champion Are You By tashberry
  • Sorting Hat--According to Your Favorite Style Of Music By weasleyfan14
  • Sorting Hat By Albus Dumbledore
  • Reef Shark Academy of Magic House Selector By Xantara
  • Harry Potter Morals By Artemisu
  • Transfiguration Quiz By alectrevelyan_006
  • Which Slytherin sorcerer are you? By Guru
  • The Harry Potter Match Maker (or Find your true HP love) By Anna
  • What's your /real/ house? By Fire-Mage
  • Which Harry Potter Character Are You? By Adam
  • How Evil Are You - A Harry Potter Quiz By lucyfur_blue
  • Who is your HP secret crush? By Lucyfur Blue
  • Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot or Prongs? By Lucyfur Blue
  • Tide or Bleach - How would you survive in the Muggle world? By Lucyfur Blue
  • YOUR TIME TO PICK! By tifini
  • Which Harry Potter Character Are You Most Like? By Big Mike
  • Harry Potter best Match By ciara riddle
  • What House at Hogwarts would you be in? By ciara riddle
  • Couple Selector By Gemma
  • what famous wizard are you? By squirrelmango66
  • Harry Potter House Sorter By Ravenclaw Witch-girl
  • Which Founder Of Hogwarts Are You? By melody7_
  • The Sorting Hat by Choices By KBD
  • Cursed by a Character Quiz By Moonpaws the Wolf
  • Harry Potter Selector By Sarina Laywood
  • Which Harry Potter/LOTR guy is meant for you? By Melody
  • Which Hogwarts Student Are You? By Kylie
  • Which House Do You Belong in? By balletbabe
  • Harry Potter Character Quiz By Anime Monkey
  • What Quidditch Position Should You Play? By Erika
  • Sorting Hat- Ill show you where you ought to be By Sara
  • Who Are You With Harry Potter? By Lady_Knight15
  • Which Couples Float Your Boat By Jessica Canavan
  • What Harry Potter character are you? By Fred
  • The Hogwarts Sorting Hat By Sorting Hat
  • Harry Potter broom stick chose By Katie Miler
  • Which Minor Harry Potter Character are You? By Sally-Anne Perks
  • Harry Potter wand selector (the wand chooses) By Katie Miller
  • Which Quidditch Ball are you? By Reggie Oddy
  • Which Marauder are you?? By Hilary
  • Which Harry potter character are you most like? By KittyKat
  • ~*HaRrY PoTtEr ChArAcTeR SeLeCtOr*~ By Snuffles
  • Sara's House Quiz By potterfreak11s
  • Which Harry Potter Character are YOU? By comcexpert
  • AUHP Sorting Hat By Mary and Jes
  • Which Harry Potter Character Are You Most Like By Ashleigh
  • Which Harry Potter character are you? By Kaisu
  • Are you too Harry Potter Obsessed? By Ashleigh
  • How Obsessed With Harry Potter Are You? By Bloodred Rose
  • The HarryPotterFansComeHere Guild Sorting Hat By asuza_the_witch
  • Harry Potter By matt
  • Harry Potter By matt
  • Harry Potter Wand Selector By Snuffles
  • Harry Potter! By matt
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Character Selector *With Links to graphics and info. With some actually DIFFERENT, UNIQUE questions!* By Dementorchic
  • Elcevedrin School of Sorcery By Elcavadra
  • Don't see it? Find it here:
    Featured Column:
  • The Houses: Just what are they about? By Won-Won
  • Untested Harry Potter Quizzes
  • Which Hogwarts House should You be In? By IrishWitch
  • Which Harry Potter Character are u? By Hope
  • Witches Quiz By Misao
  • Hogwarts sorting hat By Hillary
  • What is your inner animal? By Wolfrider
  • Which Harry Potter Marauder Are You? By LionessHeart
  • Harry Potter and the Indigo Genuii By genuii
  • Which Unforgivable Curse Are You By DeathEater1
  • The Marauder's Selector By Twitch
  • Sorting Hat By Jade Merlin
  • Tiger, Hawk, Dragon, or Horse? By falcon1227
  • Harry Potter kids and you. By Iloveviggo46
  • Lop-Lop's Sorting Hat By Lop-Lop
  • The Harry Potter Character Match By XxLuvBugxX
  • Lop-Lop's Harry Potter Character Selector: Who are YOU most like? By Lop-Lop
  • What Magical Creature are You Most Like?? By Demon
  • Which character is your soulmate? By Monkeygirl
  • Which Pair of Socks are YOU most like??? By Lop-Lop
  • Harry Potter House Selector NEW! *With Links to information about your House, and people in the same one!* ¤*¤INCLUDES LINKS TO GRAPHICS!!¤*¤ By Dementorchic
  • H2G2 Sorting Hat By Myjo
  • Who do you love? And will he like you back? By Young Grasshopper
  • Which werewolf pack are you most likely to be in? By AlphaWolf
  • The Sorting Hat By Hotohori
  • The Sorting Hat By Hermione Weasley
  • Which Harry Potter girl are you? By gingernewt
  • Which Denial Character are you? By Maigon Jesolite
  • The Hogwarts Sorting Hat By Crookshanks
  • Perfect Harry Potter Match By Jillian
  • What's your inner beastliness? By Fiere The Kid
  • Which BCOH Death Eater are you? By Ramya
  • Which Harry Potter Person are YOU Most Like? By Cleo
  • The Sorting Hat By Kella Jordan
  • Which Gryffindor Chracter are you most like? By ^~.Lynn.~^
  • The Definitive Online Sorting Hat By Sesshoumaru
  • By Sorcerers Academy
  • Hogwarts Xpressing House Selector By Dice and Iris
  • Harry Potter Magical Creatures Selector By Eliza
  • Would you be in Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor, or Hufflepuff? By Jazmyn
  • The Sorting Hat By Annabelle
  • Sorting Hat By Nicole Vallance
  • Harry Potter Personality Test By -emma-
  • What Harry Potter character are you? By Matt Wormald
  • Harry Potter Career Selector By Luna and Ron
  • Which Marauder Are You? By Meru
  • What animagus type would YOU be? By Ashleigh
  • What Class At Hogwarts Would YOU Be Best At? By Ashleigh
  • Who are you most like in Harry Potter's world? By Buffy Baggins
  • The OOTP Harry Potter quiz By Emily
  • A Really Intellectual Sorting Hat Quiz! By Regis
  • Which Wand for You By Jordan dude
  • Which Harry Potter School For You? By Jordan dude
  • Which Quidditch Position will you play? By Jordan dude
  • Harry Potter Sorting Hat By Maja
  • Which Hogwarts qudditch player are you? By rissa
  • Order Of The PheonixRP Sorting Hat By HeAd MaStEr DuMbLeDoRe
  • What Hogwart's Professor are you most like? By melody7_
  • What Profession Will You Be Most Sucessful In? By melody77_
  • What Room in Hogwart's are you Most Like? By melody777
  • Sorting hat quiz By Moony
  • What is your bloodline? (muggle born, half pure, muggle) By psychowholivesinpottsvill...
  • Which Harry Potter Man Is For You? By Flameandfire
  • Which Harry Potter animagi are you? By Nitisha
  • Very Detailed Quiz - Which Harry Potter Charachter Are You? By Amy
  • Sorting Hat By Keahau
  • Who's Your Perfect Harry Potter Guy? By Captain Jack Sparrow
  • What Animagus Are You? By Hilary
  • By Caroline
  • Harry Potter Character Sorting By Caroline
  • A (Hopefully Original) House Selector By penelope
  • Harry Potter Character Quiz By Caroline
  • Welcome to the Best Harry Potter Selector EVER! By Ryan Davis
  • harry potter character quiz By surge joebot
  • Which Harry POtter Character Are You? By Zek3
  • Harry Potter House Selector By James
  • What's your Hogwarts House? (from "Harry Potter") By Andrael
  • Which Harry Potter Character are you like? By Andrael
  • The Hogwarts Sorting Hat By James Dominguez
  • The Sorting Hat By hermione334
  • For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat! By Cassy
  • Harry Potter Sorting Hat By Emiko
  • The Harry Potter Sorting Hat By Barrelracerchick
  • The Harry Potter Sorting Hat By Armorless Raidramon
  • Sorting Hat! By Lupinwolf
  • The MROM Hogwarts House Selector By Dendra Vanustas
  • Hogwarts Schoolhouse Sorting Hat By Percy Roland
  • Vem är du i Harry Potter? By *bommi*
  • The Sorting Hat By Gryffindor Ri-chan
  • The Sorting Hat By Rob Smith
  • Magical Menagerie Familar Selector By Klawzie
  • Hogwarts House Sorting Hat By Surreal
  • The Hogwarts Sorting Hat By tmsack
  • The Sorting Hat By Kelly
  • TFHP Sorting Hat By Ashley T.
  • Hogwarts House Chooser By Albus Dumbledore
  • Hogwarts School of W & W Sorting Hat By Shifter
  • Sorting Hat By Andrea
  • The Sorting Hat By Harmonie Zap
  • Hogwarts class selector By MeganRicheson
  • What professor are you most like? By Katlyn Langton
  • What Harry Potter character are you? By TheMast
  • The Sorting Hat By Raspberrycouch76
  • Sorting Hat Ritual By inn keeper
  • The Sorting Hat By Glanecia
  • Which Percy are you? By Cairnsy
  • Harry Potter personality Quiz By Atherlin
  • Sorting Hat Ceremony By Ali
  • The Hogwarts Sorting Hat! By Liz Skywalker
  • Which Harry Potter man is right for you?(Harry Potter )By erin
  • The Sorting Hat By Maya Vee
  • What kind of Harry Potter fan are YOU?(Harry Potter )By Laura
  • Which Person Of Harry Potter:1 Are You Most Like?(Harry Potter )By Shini Akusai
  • The Sorting Hat By Lina Seishinsei
  • Which of Sara's Harry Potter Friends Are You? By Sara Cartwright
  • Sorting Hat By serenityfanel
  • What Harry Potter Pet Are You? By Kasumi
  • Potter Sorting Hat By Stephanie
  • Sorting Hat By Alexandra
  • The Sorting Hat By Shadow
  • Hogwarts School Forever Sorting Hat By Monsieur Albus Dumbledore
  • Harry Potter Fan Fic Sorting Hat By Kyto
  • .::The Sorting Hat::. By Hermione_Granger050
  • Which Hogwarts House Would the Sorting Hat Put You In? By Ella
  • What Harry Potter couple do you REALLY ship? By ShiShi
  • Harry Potter Preson Quiz By Katherine
  • Which Harry Potter Character's Should Go Together? By SlytherinSweetie
  • Which "First Generation" Harry Potter Charactor are you most like? By Ashley
  • Are you a Harry Potter Fan? By A Harry Potter Fan
  • Who You should date if you were a harry potter charecter. By Lexy
  • Which Pernese dragon would you ride? By Virochanth
  • Which Harry Potter Character are you most like???? Find out here!!!!! By Pennz
  • The OTHER Sorting Hat By The OTHER Sorting Hat
  • The Sorting Hat By jebidy
  • How big of a Harry Potter fan are you? By Rebecca M.
  • Sorting Hat By Drache Feuer
  • what Harry potter friend are you By Josielest
  • Harry Potter blind date By Slytherin_Selphie
  • Your Perfect [ Prefect?] Wizard By Fredrick Weasley
  • The Sorting Hat By The Sorting Hat
  • Nocturnia House Selector By nocturnia
  • A more original which harry potter character are you selector with a really long title By Diana Riddle
  • The not Slyterin Sorting Hat quiz By The Sorting Hat
  • Nocturnia Sorting Hat By philosnocturnus
  • Quais são suas chances com Rupert Grint? By Kate Grint
  • Harry Potter Character Selector By Kacheek
  • What Maurader time Kid Are You? By Mistress Moony
  • To Save Atlantis By phoenixangel123123
  • By Daestwen
  • A More Meaningful Harry Potter House Sorter By Vashkoda
  • What painted pet are you By Drowningfreak
  • The Sorting Hat By Duncan Maud
  • Which HP Charactor Are You? By lucy_an_lizz
  • Whose your perfect Potter Fella ? (For Girls) By Malz
  • What HP Kid are you? By Delilah Malfoy
  • Hogwarts House By Cira
  • The Hogwarts Sorting Hat By Whitney
  • Which HP villain are you? By YSnape
  • Harry Potter Character Quiz By maryfairy
  • Harry Potter Quiz By *Sam*
  • Mugglenet Personality Quiz- Which Character Are You? By Harrox
  • Which Unconventional HP Ship Are You? By KiaraCurry
  • The Harry Potter House Selecter By T.Vaughn
  • Which HEX Ravenclaw Leader Are You By Theny
  • Which Weasley Are YOU? By *Jess and Sam*
  • Which House will you be sorted in? By Dark The Turk
  • which Quiddich Position do u play? By Hannah
  • Are You Obsessed With Harry Potter? (Be Honest!) By HoboDude
  • Which Harry Potter Male Star Will You Most Likely Date? By Phoenix Louth
  • Harry Potter Charecter Selecter By Chelsea Courville
  • The Sorting Hat By Tia Panskin
  • Which Harry Potter Character are you? By Ginny
  • The Crystalpade By Petrulia Mason
  • The Sorting Hat By Johanna Marlie
  • Which Hogwarts Teacher is your Soulmate? By Indigo Mountain
  • The Crystalpade By Kristen
  • The Sorting Hat By Kristen
  • Compatibility between a Hot Harry Potter Character Selector By Ginny Weasley
  • A look inside your mind! By Leora
  • Not Another "Which Harry Potter Character are you?" quiz By Sarah Gregory
  • Secretly~ Which Harry Potter Charecter do you Like*Love? By Jenna
  • Harry Potter Selector By Harry Potter
  • What Harry Potter Character are you? By Jill & Liz
  • Which Harry Potter character are you most like? By Kendra Recht
  • Which Unforgivable Curse Are You? By Aimless Coyote
  • Which * slash fanfic * couple do you favor? By Aimless Coyote
  • Which 1975 Character Are You? By Narcissa Malfoy
  • Hogwarts Sorting Hat By KweenofFurbies
  • Which Harry Potter character are you most like? By Melody
  • Which house would be your Hogwarts family? By Alice
  • Which Harry Potter professor are you? By Hogwarts
  • Which of the four houses do you belong in? By remuslupin
  • Sortin Hat By the original kres
  • Harry Potter Personalities By Jacqui Excoffier
  • What Hogwarts House are you? By Jennifer
  • The Totally Important-Life-Depending-Animagi Quiz By Monty Slagskov
  • sorting hat selector By sam cole
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