The Big List Of Anime Selectors
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  1. What D.N.Angel Character Are You? By kyo-kun
  2. What Dance Game is for you? By Rani
  3. What darkstalker are you? By michael sasorith
  4. what DBZ character are u? By Jake Smithson
  5. What DBZ Character Are You By scott
  6. What DBZ Character are you? By Linkovage Chakowski
  7. What DBZ Character are you? By DB_Van
  8. What DBZ Character Are You? By Trunks
  9. What DBZ Character are you? By Theresa M.
  10. What DBZ Character R U? By Livvylove
  11. What DBZ Charicter Is your Perfict Mate? By Vegeta Revitalized
  12. What DBZ girl are you? By XXXPan12XXX
  13. what dbz guy are you By xue
  14. What DBZ hunk fits you ? By Sniper
  15. what DBZ person are you? By rko
  16. What DBZ/Gt Guy Is Your Guy? By Kerrilea
  17. What Di Gi Charat character are you? By Jenny
  18. What Digi Charat Charactor should YOU be? By Xiangwa
  19. What Digi World Digimon are you? By Toni
  20. What DigiDestend are you like? By AriisonIchijouji
  21. What Digidestined are you Most Like? By Hika
  22. What Digidestined are you? By Cassie
  23. What digidestined are you? By Ruki
  24. What Digidestined are you? How do you do the things you doooo? By Prima
  25. What DigiDestined is your Soul Mate? By Kazutakia
  26. What Digidestion are you? By Tigerchu
  27. What Digimon are you By Goldvdramon
  28. what digimon are you By qwertyu
  29. What Digimon Are You? By SilvorMoon
  30. What Digimon Character are you most like By DigimonEmpress
  31. What Digimon character are you most like? By Kurisuteru Ishida
  32. What Digimon Character Are You? By Ogremon
  33. What Digimon Character are you?? By kawaii_twilight
  34. What Digimon Character coupling should you support By birdboy2000
  35. What Digimon Character Would You Be? By Stripe Dogg-
  36. What Digimon Frontier Character Are You? By mystical_tamer
  37. What digimon season are you with? By dancha
  38. What Digimon Tamers Character Are You? By Nekura_Satsukiyami
  39. What Digimons Right for You? By Terriermon
  40. What dirty pair flash cahracter are you By karl
  41. What DM Player are you? By darkman2003
  42. What do you know about Cardcaptor Sakura? By Catherine
  43. What Do You Think Of My Fanfics? By Jeana
  44. What does your sex life have to do with your CCS character? By Tweetspie
  45. What Dragon Are U? By Lolo
  46. What Dragon Ball Z Character Are You? By Matthew
  47. What Dragon Ball Z charicter would you stand a chance ageinst? By Unkown
  48. What Dragon Ball Z Girl are You? By rabidweasels13
  49. What Dragon Color are You? By Goddramon189
  50. what dragon knight are u By czech cat
  51. What Dragonball character are you By Banana Boy
  52. What Dragonball Z character are you??? By Bethy-boop
  53. what dragonballz team member are you like? By Ashley aka may-lynn
  54. What Dramon are you? By The Air Victory Dragon
  55. What Dream Runner Are You? By Zamso
  56. What drug are you?! By emina rae (Mallory)
  57. What Duel Monster Are You? By Ultimate Dragon Master
  58. What EBM Character are you? By Dukongmeng
  59. What Eevee Evolution Best Fits Your Personality? By Reka
  60. what element are you? By Issis
  61. What Element are YOU? By Davinia
  62. What Element from Elements 2 are you? By Winged-Kid
  63. What Elemental Master Are You? (Reccaa no Honoo) By The Firey
  64. What Elephant Complex Character are *you* Most Like? By BLKKitti
  65. What Elfen Lied character are you? By Lamar Namou
  66. What Elfquest Character Are You? By PyroShadow344
  67. What Entwined character are you most like? By Buruma-kun
  68. What Ergo Proxy Character are you?? By Lyndsay Summers
  69. What Escaflowne Character Are You? By Dani
  70. What Escaflowne Dragonslayer is best for You? By Kosmos
  71. What Evangelion Character Are You? By Manuverse
  72. What Evangelion girl do you best relate to? By Asuka and Rikka
  73. what evil character from ocarina of time are you By Emanuel Velazquez
  74. What Evil Digimon are you? By ShadowDancerVampire
  75. What Evil Orginization Is Right For You? By Missing White Wings
  76. What Excel Saga Anime Character Are You Most Like? By Marshmallow Moon
  77. What Excel saga character are you By Karl
  78. What Excel Saga character are you? By Shindo
  79. What Faeries Landing character are you most like? By kittiwindx & hamsterxpres...
  80. what family guy character are you !!!!!!!!!! By bardock666/spawn666
  81. What famous RPG character youre most like By Xenochick
  82. What Fav Character of Riks Are You? By Rik Maxwell
  83. What Female Anime Character Are You? By Samantha
  84. What female Anime Game charater are you the most like? By DreamDaze
  85. What FF7 villain are you?! By kyodievincenthot
  86. What ff8 character r u? By Squall n Zell
  87. What FF8 GF are you? By Sorcha
  88. What FFX character are you most like? By Spongebob9933
  89. what final fantasy 8 character are you like By albert meadows
  90. What Final Fantasy 9 Character are you most like? By Melly-Chan
  91. what final fantasy character are you? By ademapark
  92. What Final Fantasy Character Are You??? By Rikku
  93. What Final Fantasy X Character are you?? By aquawaterdreamer
  94. What Final Fantasy X-2 character are you? By Adrienne
  95. What Fire Senshi Are You? By Cathy Rei
  96. What fish are you? By flippedflopfeet
  97. What FLCL character r u? By yuki-kun
  98. What form of Buu are you? By Terance
  99. what Freak of achar of mine are you... By Aureus_Vampire
  100. What fruit basket character are you? By Koujo
  101. What Fruits basket Character are you By DarkAngel
  102. What Fruits Basket dude should you not go out with? By carosene
  103. What FtF Job Class are you? By Saint Sake
  104. What Fularian Character whould you be? By Rex Sauve
  105. What furry are you? By LtStorm
  106. What Furry Fury Character Are You? By Trey Mitchell
  107. What G Gundam character are you? By ggundamcharacter
  108. What G Gundam Character Are You? By Rain
  109. What G Gundam Charator are you?? By Rain
  110. What G1 Decepticon are you? By le person
  111. What Get Backers character are you? By weiss_abyssinian
  112. What G-Gundam Are By Argo Gulskii
  113. What girl from DBZ is like you? By erica
  114. What Goddess are You Most Like? By Clowmistress Satsuki X
  115. what good charlotte song are you? By f
  116. What Goofball Z character are you? By TXA
  117. What Gravitation Character Are You? By Noriko
  118. What Guilty Gear X Character are You? By Birri
  119. What Gundam Character are you? By grah
  120. What Gundam Wing (boy) character are you? By Soujiro Seta
  121. What Gundam Wing Minor Character are You? By Noin & Une
  122. What Gundam Wing Pilot are you? By Nanashi
  123. What guy are you from Tales of the One? By XXXSuperNiyuXXX
  124. What G-Wing character are you?? ^_~ By Aika-chan
  125. What ham-ham are you By Ham-o-chic
  126. What Ham-Ham are You Most Like? By kushi
  127. What Ham-Ham are you most like??? By kushi-kushi
  128. What Ham-Ham Are You? By celestial_reflection
  129. What Hamster X character are you? By William
  130. What Hamtaro Character are you? By Boss_and_Hamtaro
  131. What Hamtaro character are you? By Anime Inverse Webmistress
  132. What Hamtaro/Hamutaro Character are you? By Kamu
  133. What Haruo character are you? By stephmantz
  134. What Hellsing Character Are You? By Jeff Mott
  135. What Hikki song would you be? By ~the wind guardian~
  136. What Holly Forest teacher are you? By Greenmouse
  137. What House Are You In!? By Blu_Berri_Gravity
  138. what HunterXHunter character are you? By henka04
  139. What Inner Inuyasha character are you? By Kikyo
  140. What Inuyasha caracter are you? By Yuna
  141. What Inuyasha Character are you most like By Zack
  142. What Inuyasha Character are you most like? By Rachiru
  143. What Inuyasha Character are you most like? By Mori Telella
  144. What Inuyasha Character are you? By Miyasuki
  145. What inuyasha character are you? By kagomehigurashi
  146. What Inuyasha character are you? By Colta
  147. what inuyasha character are you? By bj
  148. What Inuyasha Character Are You??? By Damian
  149. What InuYasha charactron are you??? By Doug Yarnes
  150. What Inuyasha Good Guy are you? By Kairah Warrior of Darknes...
  151. What Invader Zim Character do you RP on Live Journal? By Insane Miko
  152. What Invader Zim Character Would You Be? By Sally
  153. What is your Anime Catagory? By Huan Lang
  154. What is your anime hair color? By marina bennett
  155. What Is Your Anime Theme Song? By La_Revolution
  156. what is your birth neo scout By inferno sailor saturn
  157. What is your Dueling Skill? By Akasha
  158. What is your Element? By Lady Darkstar
  159. What Is your Ideal Anime pet ? By Rena Sanverse
  160. What is Your Ideal Anime Quote? By San and Toki
  161. What is your perfect anime? By hISoKa Is KuTE
  162. What is your power level? By Dude
  163. What is your spirit card? By bdnwizard
  164. What is your yu yu hakusho personality? By minamino shuuichi
  165. What ISB personality are you most like? By SabinStrife
  166. What J*PoP Goddess Are You? By Rin Rin
  167. What J-fashion label are you? By Tasty
  168. What job are you most suited to on Peacemillion? By kawaii_r
  169. What Khabi Charcter are you? By Mistyca
  170. What kind of anime character are you? By Amy Sama
  171. What kind of anime character would you be? By Jerris Brown
  172. What Kind of Anime Fan Girl Are You? By Lady Fire Kaimina
  173. What kind of Anime Girl would you get? By Mecha Crazie
  174. what kind of anime person are you By Tendril
  175. What Kind of Anime Personality do you Have? By Super Sailor Jamie-chan
  176. What kind of Anime-US member are you? By Seto
  177. What Kind of Character Are You? By snowbear
  178. What Kind of Character are you? By Mathew Wallace
  179. What kind of cute are you? By Woraug
  180. What kind of DBZ wife are you? By Leona
  181. what kind of evil trigun character u r? By Vash The Stampedes Wolf G...
  182. What kind of Guardian are you? By Romel
  183. What Kind of Ham-Ham are you? By Hamtaro-Bijou
  184. What kind of hanyou are you? By ConcreteAngel50
  185. What Kind of Heart Do You Have By Jacqueline
  186. What kind of Inuyasha Character are you? By Kyio-san
  187. What Kind of Love Match Would You Be? By Yoiko
  188. What kind of Mobile Suit are you? By Jaeger
  189. What Kind of Mobile Suit Do You Pilot? By C.J. Velez
  190. What Kind Of Pokemon Are You By Yurumiko
  191. What Kind Of Pokemon Are You By Jack
  192. What kind of pokemon are you? By MissingNo
  193. What Kind Of Pokemon Are you? By Pikacharma
  194. What kind of Pokemon are you?! By Pichu
  195. What kind of Robot Master are you? (Rockman/Mega Man) By Noble Knight
  196. What kind of RPGer are YOU By Squirtel
  197. What kind of Sailor Scout are you? By princesspolaris
  198. What kind of Senshi are you? By Mandy
  199. What Kind Of Yami Side Do You Have (If Any)? By Blackalpha07
  200. What kind of YGO fan are you? By Ashley
  201. What kind of Yu-Gi-Oh are you? By Yu-Gi-Oh Kid44!
  202. what kind of yugioh person are you? By yugi best friend
  203. What kinda Gundam fan are you? By ojitanaka
  204. What kinda of anime do you most like? By Moonlady
  205. What King of Fighters guy would you be best with? By CYS
  206. What Kingdom Hearts Character Are You? By Deraku Riku Hiei
  207. What Kodocha Character would you be? By Sana
  208. What Kodomo no Omocha character are you? By dreamshade
  209. What Kraux Couple are you? By SoYuhn
  210. What Lain are you? By AiR
  211. What legend of the dragoon charector or you? By Shana
  212. What Legendary Pokemon are you? By Dusk the Echidna
  213. What Legendary Pokemon are You? By Crossfire Koji
  214. What Love Hina Character Are You? By Rik Maxwell
  215. what lovehina chrecter aryou By mason
  216. What Mad Scientist are you like? By Zasuki Rotachi
  217. What made up sonic character are you? (this only applies to people who know about this) By Min
  218. What Maelstrom character are YOU most like? :B By Kiwi
  219. What Magic Knight are you? By Kirsty
  220. What Magic Knight Rayearth Character are you? Well, hell I dont know... just take the damn quiz. O.o By Chibi Atticus
  221. What Magical Project S Character are You? By Captain Spam
  222. What Main Articuno Island Patron are YOU? By Styx
  223. What main character of Inuyasha are you most compatable with? By hereditary butt hair
  224. What main Inu Yasha Character are you most like? By agentblonde
  225. What Maison Ikkoku character are you? By Nayno et Jesus
  226. What Male Anime Villain is the Best for You? By Min
  227. What Male DBZ Character Are you? By PM
  228. What Manga Character Are You? By Kuro-Sama
  229. What marionette are you? By SMQuiz
  230. What Mecha should You Pilot? By Star Colonel Roshack
  231. What MegaMan Net Operator Are You? By JackInMegamanExe
  232. What Mellenium Item would you own? By Jo Kaiba
  233. What member of the inner cercle are you? By Sana
  234. What member of the Student Council Are You? By revolutionary_girl_utena
  235. What messed up Yu-Gi-Oh! guy are u most likely 2 marry? By InsaneGal24
  236. What Mind Morphs character are you most like?(my own fanfic peeps) By Stella Hoshino
  237. What minor character are you in DBZ? By unknown
  238. What Minor Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Are You Most Like? By Esper Usa
  239. What Mobile Suit Gundam Character Are You? (Original M.S. Gundam 0079) By Akoudama_god
  240. What Monster Rancher Character are you like? By Nessie Z
  241. What Monster Type Are You? By dudd07
  242. What Monsters Advanced Character are you? By Neko Makai
  243. What Mood are you in? By Arie Tarou
  244. What NACHT/ODIO personality Are You? By Tomoyo-chan
  245. what naruto character are you By glech
  246. What Naruto Character are you....ness? By Prof. Tor Coolguy
  247. What Naruto Character are you? By Gaara of the Desert
  248. What Naruto Character are you? By Kite
  250. What Naruto guy would be your boyfriend? (Bad guys) By !mE
  251. What NC Classification Are You? By Dan
  252. What Neopet are you? By Cassie
  253. What Neopet Are You? By Felthiezair
  254. What Neopet are you? By neopianmaster
  255. What NetNavi r u By MegamanExeTeamStyle
  256. What Newtype Are You? By Iris Nanashi Teyn
  257. What Ninja Scroll Villain Are You? By drvertigon
  258. What Nova Quest Character are you? By MIKEFG883
  259. What One Hit Wonder Character are you? By Bobrox
  260. What one of my charactors would you be? By Shakal
  261. What Oniwaban Character are you? By loelani
  262. What Orenjis Qest character are you? By Deiji13
  263. What Orenjis Qest character are you? By Deiji
  264. What O-sake are you? By Todd K9
  265. What Otaku girls really want in a relationship (for girls to take) By UnseenEntity
  266. What Outlaw Star Crew Member Best Suits You? By Mandii
  267. What pairing do you like? (GW) By Brit-Neko
  268. What Patlabor Character are you? By MIKEFG883
  269. What Peacemaker Character Are You? By RoseM
  270. What Persocom are you? By kikyo27
  271. What person from kof are you the most like? By k
  272. What Pet Shop of Horrors Character are you? By weiss_abyssinian
  273. What Planet Star Kitten Are you? By Aizoku Nekoi
  274. What PokeballZ character are YOU like??? By Yarra91
  275. what pokemon are you By megan the mew
  276. What pokemon are you? By Nick Roccia
  277. What Pokemon are you? By Laura
  278. What pokemon are you? By Eric
  279. What Pokemon are you? By Toni Wales
  280. What Pokemon Are You? (R/B/Y/G/S/R/S) By Dragon Trainer
  281. What Pokemon charecter are you? By Chrismc
  282. What Pokemon Type is you? By Ultima_64
  283. What Pokemorph are you? By AncientGarurumon
  284. What Pretear character are you most like? By Kumiko Miyazawa
  285. What race are you? By Fallen Angell
  286. What Ranma 1/2 Character Are You? By jay williams
  287. What RDD character are you? By kira_neko
  288. What Rebirth character are you most like? By caat1985
  289. What Record of Lodoss War character are you most like By Necronomicon
  290. What Reploid/robot are you? By Ichrio
  291. What Revelation/Genesis original character are you? By Shell
  292. What RK Bishie are YOU most like? By Genrou No Miko
  293. What RK character is right for you? By Scorpiochild_007
  294. What Role Playing Character of Mine are You? By KCooper
  295. What RPG Class are you? By spiritofpodomon
  296. What RPG object are you? By GhaleonBlight
  297. What Ruban Breed is Best for You? By ChibiPush
  298. What Rumiko Takahashi charector best suits you? By kagome
  299. What Ruroni Kenshin Character Are You? By Ryoko The Wanderer
  300. What Rurouni Kenshin Character Are You? By Sano
  301. what s your nentype? By henka04
  302. What Sailor Guardian Are You Most Like? By Kousagi32
  303. What Sailor moon character are you? By firefly
  304. What Sailor Moon Character are you? By kittiwindx
  305. What Sailor Moon Charater Are You? By Supreme Sailor Moon Godde...
  306. What Sailor Moon Stars Magna Villain are you? By clutzyfairy
  307. what sailor r you? By minako aino
  308. What Sailor Scout Are You Most Like? By SkyEyes
  309. What Sailor Scout are You? By Tristann Velorei
  310. What Sailor Scout Are You? Do you REALLY want to know??? By Summer aka Emerald Sage
  311. What Sailor Scout Woul You Be By Juunanagou
  312. What Sailor Senshi are you most like? By Ellie Shields
  313. What Sailor Senshi/Scout are you? By Undercover Goddess
  314. What Saiyan Is Right For You? By Vegeta Revitalized
  315. What Saiyan or HalfSaiyan is Right for you? By PrincessVegeta
  316. What Saiyuki Song are you? By Hibiemi Hoshizora
  317. What Salior Moon Charter are you? By Chibi Kiara
  318. What salor scout are you? By crystal
  319. What Samurai Pizza Cat Personality Problem do you have? By Invader Rox
  320. What sandman character would you be? By chernobylspice
  321. What Sanrio Character are You? By pichucutie
  322. What Scout R U? By Ami-Chan
  323. What Season 1 Digimon character are you? By Alice
  324. What senshi are you By Kaiou-Tenou Jae-Yeon
  325. What Shaman King Character Are You? By Chibi Team Rocket
  326. What Shi Cho charactor are you most like? By Mea fairchyld
  327. What Shrapnel Villan are you most like? By Bobrox
  328. What Shuffle Alliance Member Are You? By JackofDiamonds
  329. What Shuffle Sign are you? By R-chan
  330. what slayers character are you most like By destiny-chan
  331. What Slayers Character are you Most Like? By Zelas
  332. What Slayers character are you? By Filia Ryuuza
  333. What Slayers Dark Lord are you? By Angie Tyro
  334. What Slayers Ship Are You? By Kelly OConnor
  335. What Sonic Charactor are you? By Metalla-Chan
  336. What Sorceror Hunter Villain Are You? By Ruri-chan
  337. What Sorceror Hunters Character Are You? By Ruri-chan
  338. What sort of anime chara are you? By Kawaii_R
  339. What Soul Knight are you most alike to? (most compatible with?) By Takeshi Asamiya
  340. What Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman are you? By oni
  341. What Species are you in RPG world? By Jenni-Chan
  342. what spirit are you? By akasha
  343. what spirited away character are you? By Anya Grace
  344. What SRW Character Are You? By Koji Kabuto
  345. What Star Hunter Extreme character are you most like By Nettie Pendragon
  346. What Star Light are you? By Star
  347. What Star Ocean 2 character are you? By Shindo
  348. What Star Sailor Senshi are you? By Nekoyasha
  349. What starter Pokemon are you? By Alice
  350. What Straw Hat pirate are you? By eneru
  351. What Street Trash Character is Most Like You? By The Original RiN
  352. What stupid anime girl are you? By Kawaii Bunny
  353. What Style are you? By Kait-Chan
  354. What Suzaku Celestial Warrior Are you? By Gennie A.
  355. What Suzaku Seichi Seishi are you? By Kaori-san
  356. What Sword and Shield Character are you most like? By Joui Chan
  357. What Tamers Digimon Suits You? By Fire
  358. What Team are you meant for? By Washu-leader
  359. What Teen Titan are you? By The cowboy bebop blues
  360. What Teen Titans character are you? By claire
  361. what Tenchi character are you By Chibi-Ryoko
  362. What Tenchi Muyo character are you? By Akima Kia
  363. What Tenshi Kishino Character are you? By Supremia
  364. What Toonami Stars Character are you? By Arsagi_San
  365. What TR Member Are You Most Like? By Carly
  366. What Transmutate Are You? By Forgotten Skids
  367. What Transmutate Are You? By Forgotten Skids
  368. What Trigun character would you be? By confessional
  369. What Type Demon off of Yu-Yu hakusho are you? By Drake
  370. What type of anime character are you? By LadyUranus
  371. What type of anime Charactor are you? By Michelle
  372. What type of Anime Charactor are you? By InuBaka
  373. What Type of Aquan aare you most like? By Razarekts
  374. What type of bishoujo are you? By Mary-chan
  375. what type of cartoon are you. By sk8in_hmong_boi
  376. What Type of CCS Fan Are You? By Celine
  377. What type of DIGIMON are you By Starthatshineshighaboveth...
  378. What Type of Digimon Tamer are You By NightGoddessRika
  379. What type of Fanboy are you? By Greddyoda
  380. What type of Ki Warrior are you? By ChaosKid
  381. What type of Killer are you? By DeViLbOy
  382. What type of Kimo are you (kimo is a made up character) By Kimo
  383. What type of mage are you? By evilnertz364
  384. What Type Of Music Are You? By Goddess of Undead Souls
  385. What type of person are you? By Kanji
  386. What type of Zoid Pilot are you? By fionabladeliger
  387. What UC Mobile Suit are you? By Kuroi Hato
  388. What Vampire Princess Miyu Chracter are you? By Emily
  389. What Villain are you most like? By Seiyuuki
  390. What Violinist of Hameln Character are you like By Afan
  391. What Voogies Angels character are u most like? By Crystal
  392. What W.I.T.C.H character are you? By rikku
  393. What Waterfalls Character Would You Be? By Cody Pope
  394. What Weird Pokemon Thing Are You? By The Mewlike Magmar
  395. What Weiss You Sould Be Sleeping With By ReD
  396. what white tiger or allstarz will you marry? By Raven
  397. What Witch Hunter Robin character is best to be your witch hunting partner? By Artemis the witch hunter
  398. What Wolfs rain character are you? By OHW Ceta
  399. What Wolfs Rain character might you be? By ShounenGirl
  400. What x character are you? By cutechii
  401. What yami are you 2? By Kenshi Hamora
  402. What YAtripleSC! Charicter Are you? By Dragon Goddess
  403. what yoshi character are you??? By ria
  404. What Yu Yu Hakusho Character Are You Most Like? By Shiroi Hikari
  405. What yu yu hakusho character are you? By yuyuhakusho luva
  406. What Yu Yu Hakusho Character are you? By annie
  407. What Yu Yu Hakusho Character are you? By Radical Rune
  408. What Yu Yu Hakusho character are you? By Shadow Rose
  409. What Yu Yu Hakusho character are you? By Hieis Goddess
  410. What Yu Yu Hakusho character child are you? By Katsurinu
  411. What Yu Yu Hakusho Guy do you Deserve? By Emilie Heckenkamp
  412. What Yu-Gi-Oh Character Are You By Sara
  413. What Yugioh Character Are You? By Jo Kaiba
  414. What Yu-Gi-Oh Character Are You? By Dan
  415. What Yu-gi-oh character are you? By yamis girl
  416. What Yu-Gi-Oh Character Are You? By Sara Gerszewski
  417. What Yu-Gi-Oh Character Are You? By Lauren
  418. What YuGiOh character are.. YOU? By yugireed
  419. What Yu-Gi-Oh Character Fits You? By Ishizu_Ishtal
  420. What YuGiOh Character would you most likely kill? By Sara
  421. What YuGiOh Character.. are YOU? By Rowreed The YuGiOh Freak
  422. what yugioh duler are you? By bakuras girlfriend
  423. what yugioh monster are you By Bardock666 or Spawn666
  424. What Yu-Gi-Oh Monster are you? By D-Seto
  425. what yugioh monster type are you By offspring
  426. What Yugioh person are you like? By yugianime
  427. What Yugioh person r you By sparkalar
  428. What Yu-Gi-Oh! Card in Gregs Deck are you akin to? By Greg Smith
  429. What Yu-GI-Oh! character are you (boys only) By oreo10970
  430. What Yu-gi-oh! character are you most like?!? By Yugis girlfriend
  431. What Yu-Gi-Oh! Charcter are you? By Beutiful Headhuntress
  432. What Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster Character Are You? By Veraca
  433. What YuYu Character are you? By Theresa M.
  434. What Yuyu Hakusho Character Are You? By El
  435. What ZOID are you selector By pohatu100
  436. what zoid are you? By B the man
  437. What zoid would you pilet By bob45
  438. What Zoids Char Are You? By deathshadow
  439. what zone of the enders delores i charictor are you By flare og
  440. whata lion king :simbas pride character are you By nala123
  442. Whats anime character would you be? By Koremanu San
  443. Whats our favorite pokemon? By Scott
  444. Whats the Manga for You? By Tomoe-san
  445. Whats The Mecha For YOu By Underlord Backlash
  446. Whats the perfect anime gift for you? By Ryuujino Kou
  447. Whats You Anime Blood Type? By Fallen Angel
  448. Whats Your Anime Boyfriend? By Melena
  449. Whats your anime couple??? By kawaii_r
  450. Whats your anime hair color? By animangel
  451. Whats Your Anime Occupation? By Animef
  452. Whats your anime soul? By Mistress Kaname
  453. Whats Your Anime Style? By Cougar
  454. Whats Your Bakuretsu Hunters Personality? By Kelley Harmon ~Shade~
  455. Whats Your Bishonen type? By Youkos Vixen
  456. Whats your Curse? By WildRosesOfFate
  457. Whats your Dragon Ball Z Signature move? By Joey
  458. Whats your ideal yaoi / shonen-ai coupling? By kawaii_R
  459. whats your inner ham ham? By inu_chan_neko
  460. Whats your inner Mana-Version? By mistoline
  461. whats your nen By indoor fish
  462. Whats Your Pocket Dragon? By R. Khanyar
  463. Whats your secret anime identity? By Laura
  464. Whats your true element? By jenna
  465. When Worlds Collide (Digimon/Pokemon) By XelaGarurumon
  466. Wher do you draw your CCS powers from? By Quiksilver
  467. where would you fit in on escaflowne By baby merle
  468.! By Chezumi
  469. Which Gundam Pilot Are You Most Like? By Jess Harmony
  470. Which Pokemon are you? By Haruka
  471. Which "Cowboy Bebop" Character Are You? By xtremeanime
  472. Which "Crystal Clear" character are you? By Star*Cat
  473. Which "Evil" Yu-Gi-Oh Character Are You? By duelpersonality
  474. Which "Good Guy" InuYasha Guy Is Right For U? By Bri
  475. Which "Kirkville" girl are you? By akane_erinyes_roshtaria
  476. Which "My Anime" Girl Character R U? By Lenora Gan
  477. which "real bout high school: samarai girl" are you? By shawn jenkinson
  478. Which "Systematics" Character Are You? By jennifer "talius" temple
  479. Which "Tales of the One" female are you? By Dela8712
  480. Which "Tamashii No Journey" Character are you? By Kuri
  481. Which "Temporal Shadows" Character are you? By Frostbyte2000
  482. Which "The Forgotten Identity" Charecter Are YOU? By TaughtJohnUh
  483. Which "The Human Extinction" Person Are You? By Nightly Rain
  484. Which (main character) Sorcerer Hunter dude is for you? By Juu_Chan
  485. which .hack//sign character are you most like? By KKC
  486. Which .hack//sign character are you? By Mimiru
  487. Which .Hack//SIGN Character Are You? By Naruto
  488. Which .hack//SIGN character are you~? By MazokuXellos
  489. Which 3 amigo are you most like? By Plushy
  490. Which 3 Pillars Character are YOU most like? XD By Karniz Archada
  491. Which 8 bit Theatre Character are you? By Alexandra NightWeaver
  492. Which Aa! Megami-sama! Character are you most like? By Juliechan27
  493. Which AAW member are you? By NoCash
  494. Which Aeon character By Blankles
  495. Which Ah! My Goddess Character are you? By .t.h.e. .f.i.f.t.h. .g.o....
  496. Which Ah! My Goddess the Movie Character Are You? By Deraku
  497. Which Akatsuki Character are you? By Jogemu
  498. Which Akira character are you? By Chimpanzee
  499. which Aku Genrou character are you? By Aku Genrou
  500. Which Alien Dice Character are YOU? By Tiffany Ross
  501. Which Allenoray character are you? By Rachel
  502. Which Amine Do You Belong To? By Nazhuka
  503. Which Amnesia Character Are You Most Like? By Sidus Umbra Evolo
  504. Which Android Would YOU Get Along With? By Zero
  505. Which Angel are You? By Ryuujino Kou
  506. Which Angel Sanctuary Angel are you like? By Lucifers Dark Angel
  507. Which Angel Sanctuary character are you? By Surichan
  508. Which Angel Sanctuary Character are you? By Alpha
  509. Which Angel Sanctuary character are you? By rifaye
  510. Which Angelic Layer Character are You? By Lightspeed Suzuka
  511. Which Angelic Studios Character are you? By Satsuki
  512. Which Angelique Guardian are you? By Tempest Break
  513. Which Angel-tai Member are You? By Vanilla H
  514. which Angry Beavers character are you By kmanwing
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