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  • haangh.. By Joe Jonker
  • Haato no Kagami Character selector By Chibi Alex-chan
  • Haibane Renmei Character Test By Little Crow
  • Hakkenden! Which Dog Warrior are you? By daisaku
  • Ham Girls By BowWowHamtaro
  • Ham Ham Quiz By Bijou
  • Ham Ham Test By Littleone Chao
  • HamHam Clubhouse By DarkWolf
  • Ham-Ham Fan By Alice Chan
  • Ham-Hams By Alice
  • Hamtaro By Hamtaro-Bijou
  • Hamtaro Character Quiz By Double Trouble Togepi
  • Hamtaro Character Quiz (for girls) By Double Trouble Togepi
  • Hamtaro Character Quiz (for guys) By Double Trouble Togepi
  • Hamtaro Ham-Ham Selector By ElectricLucky
  • Hamtaro Ham-Hams selector By Sayuri
  • Hamtaro Kid Character By Alice_ham
  • Hamtaro Quiz By Merica
  • Hamtaro Selector By Murasaki
  • Hamtaro selector By Meru
  • Hamtaro Selector By ~~~~~~~~~~~Bijou~~~~~~~~~...
  • Hamtaro Selector By HamHam
  • Hamtaro-Rayearth-DNAngel-DiGiCharat Character Selector Quiz Thingy By Demi Kobayashi
  • Hana Noko Compatibilty By Sashi
  • HANAH NO COMIK By kuror--erm, me
  • Hand Maid May By SyDog
  • Hand Maid May By Motoko
  • Hand Maid May Character Selector By CyberX
  • Hanyous Character Quiz By HanyouHalfDemon
  • Happy Lesson Character Selector By Nyanko
  • Haruka13 By Haruka13
  • Haunted Junction Character Selector By lolita no 18
  • Haunted Junction Character Selector By Ann Valentine
  • Hawks Anime Test By Night Hawk
  • Heart Heart High character selector By Yuki
  • hellsing By dargeta morgan
  • Hellsing By mtoigo
  • Hellsing character By MT
  • Hellsing Character Selector By HavocHQ
  • Hellsing Character Selector By Morgane
  • Hellsing Character Selector By Manda
  • Hellsing Character Selector By Senno Knife
  • Hellsing Character Selector By The What
  • Hellsing selector By king james
  • Hentai Anime Selector By Tenkawa Ruri
  • Here is Greenwood By Edden
  • Here is Greenwood (Koko wa Greenwood) character selector By Meru-chan
  • Hero/Villain...and where...? By Madness
  • Hikaru no Go By J-chan
  • Hikaru No Go Character SElector By Joyce
  • Hina Miu, Hoshi Miu & Natsuki Miu By Natsuki Miu
  • Hino Reis Personality Quiz By kousagi11
  • Hirotaras Quiz- Who Are You Like In InuYasha? By Hirotara
  • HnC By Ksama
  • HNC2!!!!!!!!! By Ksama2
  • Holy Avenger- Who are you?(portuguese) By Wynna, deusa da Magia
  • Hot Anime Guys By Kimiko T.
  • Hot Bishounen Selector By Harpist Person
  • Houshin Engi Character Compatibility By Yi Lei
  • Houshin Engi Character Test By Aine
  • Houshin Engi Personality Tester By sabine
  • How big of an anime otaku are you? By Purin-chan
  • How Evil are You? By Shara Carter
  • How Evil Are You? By Togechukku
  • How Excessive Are You??? By Lissa
  • How Farf are you? *nacknack* By Rai-jin
  • How Japanese Are You? By Katsuhisa Azusa Asuke
  • How l33t are j00? By DDR Faery Spice
  • how likely are you to have a gay son? By Vicious Vi
  • How Long Would You Survive in the Tokyo Babylon Universe? By Thalia Poet
  • How much are you like Amy Rose? By AmyRose
  • How much are you like Vegeta? By VegetaBuilder
  • How much are you like Xellos from Slayers? By Dark Silence no Hime
  • How much do you know about My Little World? By FC
  • How Much Do You LOVE Digimon? By Yotama Shoro
  • How much do you love Gackt? By mmGackt
  • How much do you love Nuriko By nurikos_lover
  • How much do you REALLY love Genma? By Jenma
  • How much like don patch are you By bo-bopatchasuke
  • How much of a boardie are you? By chacha
  • How much of a Dragonball Z fan are you? By Kenny Asaro
  • How much of an Anime freak are you? By Ruby
  • How much of an otaku are you? By Mishkuu
  • How much of an otaku are you? By mugoi usagi
  • How much Vegeta are You? By Ryan
  • How otaku are you? By Pen Pen
  • How Otaku Are You? By flint
  • How Rukawa Kaede Are You? By Rukawa Nishiki
  • How well do you know JulianMoore? By JulianMoore
  • How Well Do You Know Sean By Sean Bailey
  • Hunter X Hunter By Shilayuki
  • Hunter X Hunter By Killua
  • hunter x hunter character selector By hunter_fanatic
  • Hunter X Hunter Nen Test By domineko
  • hunter x hunter x type of hunter By skater girl
  • Hunter x Hunter: Whats your nen type? By SoHm
  • HunterxHunter By J-chan
  • HUNTERXHUNTER Test By icegirl
  • i love yugi By i love yugi
  • I want to get into anime....but which one should i look for??!! By Eri Adoji
  • Ideal Bishonen By Neeris
  • Ideal Darkstalkers Character By Knuckles 169
  • Ideal female anime selector By Woraug
  • Ideal ff boyfriend By Yuffie&Selphie
  • Ideal Final Fantasy Women Selector By Ultima Kayasaki
  • Ideal Male Anime Character By Kain
  • Ideal Mate [From Fushigi Yuugi] By Yasumi
  • Ideal Yu Yu Hakusho Man Selector By VWKidd
  • Idol Project By piiko-chan
  • idunno By blueberry
  • idunno By idunno
  • If You Were A Yu Yu Hakusho Character: By Pure_Drivel
  • Imadoki! character selector By Tanpopo Yamazaki
  • Imadoki! Character Test By Mariko
  • IMate!: Guy from Anime/Game By Piccylo Daimajoou
  • IMH Character By the Youkai Sisters
  • in which anime do u belong to? By watery_hyna
  • Inner Scout Selector By Eternal Sailor Mars 44
  • Inner Senshi quiz By Fuu Houojii122589
  • inu yasha By foxdemon03
  • INU YASHA By hanu
  • Inu yasha By Lanny-chan
  • Inu Yasha character By Inu Yasha
  • Inu Yasha Character Quiz By wolfxdemon
  • Inu Yasha character selecter By Kaira
  • Inu Yasha character selector By Nazomi Takaishi
  • Inu Yasha Character Selector By inukag_rogue
  • Inu yasha charater decider By Natalie
  • Inu Yasha Lover By KaYoNoSaY8031
  • Inu Yasha personality test By Oreo
  • Inu Yasha Selector! By NeoYasha
  • Inu Yasha/Japanese name that fits your personality! By Usagi
  • Inuyasha By Hono
  • Inuyasha By Kagome,Mutt, and Koga
  • Inuyasha By j to da izzo
  • InuYasha By mornin
  • Inuyasha By Ўŭĸĭ...
  • Inuyasha By tiakw323758979
  • InuYasha All-Inclusive Character Selector By hyperchica11
  • inuyasha and card captors personality quizz By britany
  • inuyasha and sailor moon personality quizz By akaine
  • Inuyasha Bishounens By Inuyasha
  • Inuyasha boy friend selector By Amy
  • Inuyasha Character By keiko
  • Inuyasha character By Kage
  • inuyasha character By Abi Suotani
  • Inuyasha character By Silver heart
  • Inu-yasha character By Himeko maxwell
  • Inuyasha character By Luna
  • Inuyasha Character By Sesshomaru
  • Inu-Yasha Character Personality Selector By Chocolate Ayame
  • InuYasha Character Quiz By _kagome_
  • Inuyasha Character Quiz By ~*~KamiyaKarou~*~
  • Inuyasha Character Quiz By MischiefInstigator
  • Inu-Yasha character quiz By Miyu Haruyama
  • Inu-Yasha Character Selctor By Kiki
  • Inu-Yasha character selecter By Asia Garza
  • Inuyasha character selector By Tina
  • Inuyasha Character Selector By Inuyasha-Gurlie
  • Inuyasha Character Selector By Cherry Blossom Suicide
  • Inuyasha Character Selector By Zack
  • Inuyasha Character Selector By sessh0maru
  • Inuyasha Character Selector By Ryoko-Chan
  • Inu-Yasha Character Selector By Kohaku
  • Inuyasha Character Test By Inuyasha_Alex-_-chan
  • inuyasha character test By jeff r.
  • InuYasha Character- Who Would You Be? By Hirotara/Ayla Hatoshi
  • Inuyasha Characters By Silver_moon_wolf76
  • Inuyasha charactor selctor By Xhyperinuyashax
  • Inuyasha charecter selecter By chelsea courville
  • Inuyasha charecter selector By Chelsea Courville
  • Inuyasha chatacter selector By Kikyou21491
  • Inuyasha for Yaoi By Meining
  • InuYasha Male Selector By Dark
  • Inuyasha Match By Crystal
  • Inuyasha mwahahahahahahahaha! By Koga
  • inuyasha or sesshomaru By inuyasha(christine)
  • Inuyasha OR Sesshomaru -which one are YOU??? By T-chan&Diana-sama
  • InuYasha Or Sesshoumaru? By SSJdemon
  • Inuyasha person selecter By Spark
  • Inuyasha Personality Quest By Yume
  • Inuyasha personality quiz By Darklily
  • InuYasha Personality Quiz By Tetley
  • InuYasha Personality Quiz By Tetley
  • Inu-Yasha Personality Test By Sango
  • Inu-yasha Personality Test By Sabrina Holt
  • Inuyasha Quiz By Inusgurl
  • inuyasha quiz: has almost every common charector By anime angel
  • Inuyasha Selector By Kitty and Fluffy
  • Inu-Yasha Selector By Mallory Woodard
  • Inu-Yasha selector By FuuH
  • Inu-Yasha Selector By Sentuki
  • Inuyasha soul mate By Midnightwolves
  • InuYasha Test By Isuku
  • inuyasha test By yoko
  • Inuyasha Villain Selector By Miss Kittie
  • Inu-Yasha Villains/Baddies Selector By Snowy Anagram
  • inuyasha, ash, kirara, shippo & misty selector By kagome higurashi
  • InuYasha, Dragon Ball Z and Neon Genesis Evangelion Character Selector By areku
  • Inuyasha, Kouga oder ... (Only for Girls) By Sayomi
  • Inu-Yasha: Miroku Slapper Quiz By Pyro
  • Inuyasha: Sengoku o-Togi Zoushi - Who are you? By Kagura-sama
  • Inuyasha: Which Character Are You? By Sir Wence
  • Invader Zim (Ultra Selector! 25 Characters!) By ME_MANIA_Sama
  • Invader Zim Personalitly Test By SSonic10
  • Invader Zim personality quiz By umi-chan
  • Invader Zim Personality quiz By Wack_Zach
  • Invader ZIM personality Test By Zel
  • Iria character selector By Quortez
  • IRIS - Which character are you most like? By Krystal
  • IRIS: Blue City By Krystal
  • Is character selector By Iori
  • Is selector By Tohru_Honda
  • Is shounen-ai for YOU? By Sky Blue Angel
  • Is your bishounen good or BAD? By K-chan
  • Is your personality similar to yukis? (O-meter) By Tabby
  • Ishikawa Metre By Ishikawa
  • Its simply a very good naruto test with many character results and questions, made by a true fan (me) try it! By Destructionz
  • Izzys Fun and Funky (not to mention unconventional) Slayers Selector!!! By Izobel
  • J O B selector By euel
  • Jabon Oblivian By Jabon Bonja
  • jackie chan charactor selector By amnee/ashanti
  • jackie chan selecter 24 By serena tsunico
  • Japnesse Cartoons Selector By Caleb Roy
  • JENOVA Project By Hojo
  • jess By bam butler
  • Jhonen Vasquez Character Selector By RowanNymph
  • Jhonen Vasquez Comic Selector By megumi
  • Jigsaw personality test By Reanna King
  • JLA Selector By Liam Myles
  • JoJos Bizarre Adventure Character Selector By KaLi
  • Jons Characters By Jon Suavayhole
  • Jubei-chan By Val-chan
  • Just another What Anime whould you fit in selecter By Karen
  • Just Who Are You, in and out of Anime? By JosefLocastro
  • Jyunishi characters By Mizuki
  • Don't see it? Find it here:
  • Kaiba, Mutoh and Wheeler Character Selector By SaraG
  • Kaibas Death Quiz By Kai
  • Kaidan Character Selector By Chiron Childress
  • Kaitou Saint Tail By babygomamon
  • Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne By Yuna
  • Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Character Personality Selector By amiboshi
  • Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Love Selector- Guys Version By Chereth
  • Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Selector By George Aguirre
  • Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Selector By CyBoRg
  • Kamikaze Katiou Jeanne By Sakuramoon
  • Kamikaze Katiou Jeanne Character Selector By Tenshi
  • Kanbou Faias Slayers Selector^-^ By Kanbou Faia
  • Kanon Character Selector By Nuriko
  • Kara no Teikoku Selector By ryuuen
  • Kare Kano By maeka
  • Kare Kano character selector By Ryo_Saeba
  • Kare Kano en español By Ayane 3k
  • Kare Kano Super Quiz! By aishabe
  • Karekano By Heather
  • KareKano character profile By BishounernKami
  • Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou Selector By ShadowSweetness
  • Kareshii Kanojo no Jijyo Character Selector By Shiraishi Mayumi
  • Kawaii Anime Character Selector (for girls...) By bob the llama
  • Kawaii Dreams Characters By Kawaii Dreams
  • Kaze Bunshin no Jutsu By True Wind
  • KenjiLife Test! By KenjiLife
  • Kenshin By Ace Gyabuto
  • Kenshin character test By Ilene
  • Kenshin Character. By Ryan Rector
  • kenshin good guy perssanality salector By KC Fritch
  • Kenshin Personality Selector By VinnyMac
  • Kenshin-test By Linn
  • Kewl Digidestined Selector By soniceo
  • Members....Which One are you? By Ami
  • Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer Character Selector By Reiha-chan
  • Kills naruto character selector By Kill
  • Kimis Digimon Selector By Kimi Tachikawa
  • Kinamia--X female selector By Hiei-Chan
  • King of Fighters (Mostly) Male Character Selector By Kyoko
  • King of Fighters 2000 Selector By Reona Heidern
  • King of Fighters Compatibility Selector By _JoKeR_
  • King of Fighters Girls Personality/Match Selector By Ralf Jones
  • King of fighters selector By Ted
  • Kingdom Hearts By cloud
  • Kingdom Hearts By Cloud
  • Kingdom Hearts By ShadowCat
  • Kingdom Hearts By Riku the Heartless Gateke...
  • Kingdom Hearts By zaza
  • Kingdom Hearts 2, Who from Organization XIII are you? By r-o-x-a-s
  • kingdom hearts character selector By jayce
  • Kingdom Hearts Character Selector By Angel_on_fire
  • Kingdom Hearts Character Selector By Amateria
  • Kingdom Hearts charecter selector By DefenderX
  • Kingdom Hearts Charector Selector By RULER OF YOUR WORLD!!!***...
  • Kingdom Hearts Couple Selector By stacy
  • Kingdom Hearts Personality Quiz By Lane
  • kingdom hearts quiz By Emanuel Velazquez
  • kingdom hearts:who are you? By kingdom hearts girl
  • Kingdom Heats Quiz By Kingdom Hearts
  • Kingdom* Hearts By space*outlaw
  • Kitti Cat Co. Character quiz By Kitty Kat
  • Kizuna Character Selector By yuekishuu
  • Knights of Apocalypse Ascendant Selector By Daniel Brabble
  • Knights of Venus By Maeko-chan
  • Know Your Anime! By The Anime Queen, Akiko
  • Knuckles Chaotix Personality Test By Katiria
  • Kodacha Quiz! By Naozumi
  • KodiaX987s TFFOMP Character Selector By KodiaX987
  • Kodocha Bubbles Selector! By Fuuka
  • Kodocha personality selector By Olga
  • Kodomo no Omocha By Geri Faerie
  • Kodomo no Omocha - Squirrel, Babbit, or a Pimp? By HeavenlyCreature
  • KoF character selector By Yamazaki
  • Koko wa Greenwood personality quiz! By rinoastar
  • koogum By Yeng
  • Kraux Personality Tester! By Jenn
  • KRC Char selector By Mangaka Wa
  • Krystainias Villain Finder By Krystainia
  • Kuka Tokyo mewmew hahmo olet?? By MewMinto
  • Kyu Anime Selector By Gohan Kun Shin
  • Lain Character Selector By john
  • Lair of the Blue Eyes By majin_bakura
  • Lawful Drug Bishounen Are you? By AngelCrisis
  • Le selector de personnages issus de NARUTO ! By Junta-kun
  • Leader Senshi Selector By Sunshine
  • Legandary Pokemon Matcher By Chelsea
  • Legend A By Mazukai
  • Legend Od Legaia Selector By the way
  • Legend of Basara Character selector By DrMM
  • Legend of Dragoon character selector By DarkMoon
  • Legend of Legaia By Songi!
  • Legend of Mana Character Selector By Mana Goddess
  • Legend of Mana characters By Mana Priestess
  • legendary pokemon test(kanto-johto) By taylugia
  • Legends of The Universe By Juan.
  • Light and Darkness Character Comparison By Ashley Short
  • Lil Washus Anim Lab By lil washu
  • Litost Satellite Character Test By jazriot
  • Lizaans Cartoon Character quiz By Lizaan
  • Lodoss Character Selector By Belegwen Lightningblade
  • LOM Weapon Selector By Christy
  • Los bishounen son geniales!! ^^ ¿Cuál es el tuyo? By Anna Leonhart
  • Lost Universe character selector By Razynne
  • Lost Universe Character Selector By Holy Challenged
  • Lost Universe Character Selector By Nozomi Blueriver
  • love hina By impkid
  • love hina By mason
  • Love Hina :Test de caractère By Felix
  • Love Hina Chara Selector By xxxxxxxxxx
  • Love Hina Character Selector By Ross A.
  • Love Hina Character Selector By Ross A.
  • Love Hina Characters By Kaolla-Su
  • Love Hina Date Selector By Aiken
  • Love Hina for Matching Service! By wagoo
  • Love Hina Girl Hinata House Quiz By Jose "Makoto" Rebustes
  • Love Hina Girl Selector By Naru-chan
  • Love Hina Girl Selector By 3MB
  • Love Hina Girls Selector By DaWnBrInGeR
  • Love Hina Hinata House Quiz By Jose "Makoto" Rebustes
  • Love Hina Personality By Eric Kyungsuk Kimn
  • Love Hina Selector By Nyanko Rocket
  • Love Hina selector By Darby walsh
  • Love Hina Selector: Which Love Hina Character Am I? By Urashima Keitaro
  • Love Hina Teste By Skuld-chan
  • Loves Magic Selector By Rika =^.^=
  • LS Laurasias Atae By Bastet
  • Lufia Character By Mourdor
  • Lums Stormtroopers Compatability Quiz By Dappya
  • LunaCrystal Character Selector By Ashila
  • lunar 2 character selecter By ghaleon
  • Lunar 2 Character Selector By Merulu-chan
  • Lunar Characters Selector By Hikari Hoshino
  • Lunar: Eternal Blue Character Selector By Josh "Squall" Lionheart
  • Lunatic: Whats Your Quadrant? By Kiara Shiro
  • Lynns creative gals By Lynn Vovan
  • Mabrical Vox By Kailei
  • Magi Nation Region By Cooldilo
  • Magic Knight Rayearth By Fuu Houjoji
  • Magic Knight Rayearth Chara (which r u?) By Kaze_no_Kage
  • Magic Knight Rayearth Character By Christina
  • Magic Knight Rayearth character selector By Tasuki_no_Miko
  • Magic Knight Rayearth Character Selector By Momo-chan 2002
  • Magic Knight Rayearth Character Youre Most Like By Kharinya
  • Magic Knight Rayearth Ideal Match By MahouJamie
  • Magic Knight Rayearth Selector By Mokona
  • Magic Knight Rayearth: Who are you most like? By Dark Hikaru
  • Magic Knight Selector By Umi Ryuuzaki
  • Magic knights Rayearth By Jessica Wilson
  • Magic Knights Rayearth Personality Selector By Monou Kotori
  • Magic Users Club Character Selector By Callistocharon
  • MAgic Users Club--BEtter!!! By CelticChick
  • Magical Doremi By Magical Doremi
  • Magical Girl Pretty Sammy By SailorUsagi
  • Magical Girl Selector By Bekuka-chan
  • Magical Pokemon Journey Selector By Ketsuban
  • Maho Tsukai Tai! Personality By K-tan
  • Maho-do witch shop! By Natasha
  • Mahou Tsukai Tai! Selector By Chas Tsukishiro
  • Main characters from Imadoki ! by Watase By Antigone
  • Main Goodies By Micha
  • Maison Ikkoku By janko
  • Maison Ikkoku Character Selector By Kitsuchan
  • Maison Ikkoku Character Selector By Dappya
  • Majs RPG character chooser doohicky By Majjera
  • Male Match Maker By Skyla Metallium
  • Male Personality Test By Skyla Metallium
  • Male Website Hostettes selector By Gothic Huntress
  • Mamoru Watashi Character Selector By Sasaki Shiori
  • Manga By Midoriko
  • Manga Artists By AngelBunny
  • Manga or Comics By Coolio Chris
  • Manga/Anime Selector By Zhanios
  • manila_nights member selector By magnetic_rose
  • Mardan 2 (what Ruroni Kenshin character are you?) By Starmar
  • Mario and Luigis Test By Luigi
  • Mario Character Selector By FlipTroopa
  • Marionettes Orriginal Character Match By Marionette
  • Marmade Boy Character Selector By Chibi_neko_fae
  • Marmalade Boy Character Selector By Maki
  • Marmalade Boy Character Selector By sher-bear
  • Marmalade Boy Character youre most like... By Suzaku318
  • Marmalade boy quiz By Kaoru Himura
  • Marmalade Boy Selector By MikiYuu
  • Marmalade Boy Selector By eggs_are_tasty
  • Marmalade Boy Selector! <3 By BubbaJIZZ
  • marmalade boy test By ellese-chan
  • MARS character selector By Nekura Kougyku
  • Martian Successor Nadesico Character Selector By i-am-a-moogle
  • Martian Successor Nadesico selector By FuuH
  • Martian Successor Nadesico Selector By The Black Hand
  • Martian Successor Nadesico SELECTOR! By rurirurifuuh
  • Masayume By Namida
  • Master of Mosquiton Character Selector By Zaal
  • Match up your Anime Rival By Trunks
  • Matchmaker for the Females By Skyla Metallium
  • matts buds, who r u? By trugeta flamer
  • MAZE Character Selecter By Taitofan
  • Maze Character Selector By InuYasha111
  • Mazoku, Ryuzoku, or other? By Shineko
  • MEASURE UR OEAA (ECHHI) LEVELS (Spanish language) By Zero
  • Mech Selector By Jason Miller
  • Mecha Robot Selector By Anavel Gato.
  • Mech-Madness By Cross-Kaiser
  • Medabots Character selector By Space Medafighter C
  • Mega Tokyo Character Quiz By Luas Maru
  • Megaman 2 Robot Masters Quiz By Nitro
  • Megami Kouhosei Character Selector By DirewolfX
  • Megami Paradise By Susia
  • Megami-sama Battles! By Sarafu-chan
  • megatokyo characters By Miro
  • MegaTokyo selector...Who 4r3 joo By 7bladeJamez
  • Meitantei Conan - Character Test By Jessie & Pikka
  • Meitantei Conan Character Selector By Natsuko
  • Mellinium Item Search By Kaiba106
  • Melodys Sailor Moon Senshi Selector!!! By TwilightTsunami
  • Metal Fighter Miku By Sayaka
  • Mikä di gi charat oot? By SaNi
  • mini Captain Tylor Character Quiz By Tylor
  • Minui Character Match By Kimiki
  • Minui Matchmaker By Kimiki
  • Miracle Girls Character Selector By Andrea Telenko
  • Miracle Girls Character Selector By RubyPhoenixDust
  • Misc. Anime Selector(Guys) By DarkAngel7665
  • MISOCATHLUSH Character Selector A new online anime By CatoMagumo
  • Miyazaki Anime Heroines By brettie smiles
  • Miyus Strawberry sunday character quiz By Miyu Konno
  • MMX Character Quize By maverickhunterp
  • Mnemosyne Chronicles By Merei
  • Mobile Suit Selection test By NeoZealot
  • mobile suit selector By chivien gato
  • Mobile Suits By Casval Rem Deikun
  • Mode Ryuu Character Selector By Tiamat
  • Mononoke Hime Personality Test By Xania Solara
  • Mononoke Hime Selector By J. Prower
  • Moon-chans Original Characters Selector By moonglider
  • Morrowind Race Selector By Lakai Miyonashi
  • Most Compatable Celestia Character By Ashley-sama
  • Mount Poazu DBZ Good Guy Selector By Devlin
  • Multiple Anime/Game character selector By Starwind
  • My Charachters By Colin
  • My Crazy Anime Man Selector! By Mere
  • My Fancharacters By Adri
  • My Friends By Andrea
  • My Funny Cowboy Bebop Selector! By Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Ti...
  • My Rune Soldier Selector By Mr.Purr Purr
  • My Rurouni Kenshin Quiz Thingamabob By Jake McVey
  • My Site By kenneth shearer
  • Mysterious Play By Jody
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