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  • Earthian Angels By CrimsonTears
  • Ebiez and Shigawiga and Maxoomus and nod Robsa By Maxoomus
  • Eclipse, Ki, or Hellfire? By Moonlit Shadow
  • Ed, Edd, and Eddy Selector By Psykick763
  • Eds Bebop Quiz By chibi_ed
  • Eemag Crew-Member Test By Kirby
  • Eeyargh Sonic the Hedgehog By PsychoCat
  • El Hazard Character Selector By Asidian
  • El Hazard Character Selector By Kurai no Tenshi
  • El Hazard Character Selector By Kamui Adlehyde
  • El selector de Furi Kuri mas cool de la WEB By Haruko
  • Electrical Dragon Selector By Kentaro (PJJ)
  • Element type selector By Jeffery
  • Elemental Power Selector By Shadow in the Alley
  • Elemental Test By Lady Cobra
  • Elements By darkunknown
  • Elements Character Personality Selector By Kazumi-chan
  • El-Hazard Personality Selector By Fish the Conqueror
  • El-Hazard Personality Test By Regris Kallen
  • Emo Death Squad By Ian
  • enchanter character selecter By asasin8
  • enter the yu-gi-oh caricter personality quiz! By tsukasa
  • EOB Character Selector By Arn Erst
  • Eroica Character Selector By kumiko
  • ERP Selector By Noshinto
  • Escaflowne By witch
  • Escaflowne and you? By GKSetzer
  • Escaflowne Character Match-Up By SherryZ
  • Escaflowne character selector By Chimerasame
  • Escaflowne Character Selector By Tumeg
  • Escaflowne character selector By tenkuu
  • Escaflowne Character Selector By J.Alberghini
  • Escaflowne Personalities By Rubie
  • Escaflowne personality quiz By Jack
  • Escape From Gally Character Selector By trippywood
  • Esca-what? By norachan
  • E-Series By HyperShadow1101
  • Esol Character By Koop Konno
  • Ethereal Mists By Airdweia
  • Etoiles Character Test By Etoile
  • Etwas has Character! By GuinevereKoopa
  • Euro*Trash girl selector By Roxie Ishida
  • Eva Look-Alike Selector By kaworukun
  • eva pilot selector By nic j
  • Eva Piolet By tofu_faced_eva
  • Evangelion soul partners for girls By Charles Hopgood
  • Evangelion Character match By Zandock
  • Evangelion Character Selector By Sapphire DeLunar
  • Evangelion Character Selector By Kei
  • evangelion fanfic "Sacrifice" selector By BRidgebunny
  • Evangelion Female By Kageko
  • Evangelion Selector: Youve tried the rest By cad ruck
  • Evangelion soul partner By Charles Hopgood
  • Evangelion Tester By Ryouji Kaji
  • Evangelion: Whos Your Character Personality? By 18th Angel
  • Evil Digimon Compatibility Test By Lunamew
  • Evil or Awesome Anime Character By Shizzy
  • Evil Trigun Character By Sano Millions
  • Evil Zone Selecter By Dragonfire167
  • Excel Saga By Hatsuyuki
  • Excel Saga selector type thingy By Invader Who
  • Excel Saga - which character are you? By Yulia
  • excel saga 1 s By Tony Powell
  • Excel Saga Character Selector By Lady Mialeatha
  • Excel Saga Character selector By Who
  • Excel Saga Safety Assurance Agency Selector By Dosukoi Hanako
  • Excel-Saga selector!^^ By Mei12
  • FAKE Character Personality Selector By KuroKori
  • FAKE character selection By Gojyo
  • Fall of Fly(FF8 RPG) fancharacter selector! By EmuWanderer
  • Fallen: Elemental Gods Selector By Aido
  • fantasy character selector By antognazzi
  • Fantasy Personelle By LollyBee
  • Fashion selector (anime based according to female character) By Angeleyes
  • Fatal Fury Quiz By FatboyNotTooSlim
  • Favorite Anime By Skyler
  • Favorite Anime Girls By Robo_frog
  • Favorite FF (God make up your friggin mine!) By Lord Exdeath2001
  • Female Character Combatability Test! By Kilocron
  • Female Character Selector By Trunks-Jin
  • Female Personalities By Skyla Metallium
  • Female Website Hostettes selector By Gothic Huntress
  • Females Only-Gundam Character Mate By Shimegami
  • Fera Speculum By Rachel Yelding
  • FF Guy Selector By Estrella
  • FF4 character selector By Black Rose
  • FF6 Character Selector Par Excellence By cad ruck
  • FF7 character By Anime/game freak
  • FF7 Villain Selector By bob
  • FF7 Which type of girl are you? By millienial child
  • FF8 (all) Character Selector By Codename Abyssinian
  • FF8 Charachter Selector By sephiroth297
  • FF8 Character Quiz By Kawaii Yuffie
  • FF8 Character Selector By Magus
  • FF8 Female Compatibility By Magus
  • FF8 Girl Selector By Emilio Kisaragi
  • FF8 girls By Kaisie
  • FF8 personality test (includes some villains) By Avanti
  • ffix character selector By animeperson
  • FFIX people selector By Totallyfruity
  • Fianl Fantasy 9 By Dana
  • FIIIIII By tyo
  • Final Fanatsy 8 Selector By Brennan
  • Final Fantasy : Unlimited Character Selector By SilverDragoonWarrior
  • Final Fantasy 5 Class Selector By Jou Kido
  • Final Fantasy 7 By Nanaki
  • Final Fantasy 7 and 10 Character Selector By Bierrez
  • Final Fantasy 7-10 By Blankles
  • Final Fantasy 7-10 female quiz By Dags
  • Final Fantasy 7-10 Female Selector By Stardust Memory
  • Final Fantasy 8 Character Selector By blue rinoa
  • Final Fantasy 8 Chic Selector By Neffie
  • Final Fantasy 8 female characters. By Tortoise
  • Final Fantasy Bad guy By Li-li-chan
  • Final Fantasy Bishounens By Celes
  • Final Fantasy Character Selecter By Silver Chi
  • Final Fantasy Character Selector By Ian Yuy
  • Final Fantasy Character selector By joe
  • Final Fantasy Character Selector By Vincent Valentine
  • Final Fantasy Character selector (FFI to FFIX) By Gilga
  • final fantasy date By darkmistressawne
  • Final Fantasy Female Compatibility Selector By DanielD
  • Final Fantasy Female Girl Compatibility Test By Daniel
  • Final Fantasy Heroes: Whos Your Man? By Taylor
  • Final Fantasy IV Character Selector By Mistcaller
  • Final Fantasy IV Character Test By Kain Highwind
  • Final Fantasy IV Selector By Cyan
  • Final Fantasy IX character By Anime-Anne
  • Final Fantasy IX Character Selector By Gotenkz
  • Final Fantasy IX Guy Selector By Xiao
  • Final Fantasy IX Selector (FFIXS) By issac99999
  • Final Fantasy IX Tantalus Character Selector By Emerald Tribal
  • Final Fantasy Matching for girls By 7thKeeper
  • Final Fantasy Selector By FinalSpirit
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Character Selector By Maj
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Job Class Selector By Setzer Gabbiani
  • Final Fantasy Ten Perfect Mate Selector (for females ONLY) By AuronsAngel
  • Final Fantasy VI Selector By Jim Christensen
  • Final Fantasy VII and IX Main Character Selecter By Gourry
  • Final Fantasy VII Character Selectory Thingie By Freddy the Magical Elf
  • Final Fantasy VII Labrat Selector By Vespa
  • Final Fantasy VII Male Character Selector By Cait Sith
  • Final Fantasy VII Selector By Jeng
  • Final Fantasy VIII By damien noble
  • Final Fantasy VIII Character Selector By Sakaki22
  • final fantasy viii female By morgan_lefay
  • Final Fantasy VIII Guys By Mikosi
  • Final Fantasy VII-Which Turk are you? By Allison Kain
  • Final Fantasy Villain By Anya
  • Final Fantasy villains selector. By Shinigami
  • Final Fantasy Weapon By Miyuki
  • Final Fantasy X female selector By Emilio
  • Final Fantasy X Selector By Ru-su
  • Final Fantasy X Selector By CooLIca07
  • Final Fantasy X SELECTORNATOR! By Auron, Wakka, and Auron A...
  • Final Fantasy X-10 what character are you? By Eiko final fantasy fan
  • Final fantasy/anime character selector By sapphire_dragon
  • Final Fantasy/Sqauresoft Villain Selector By Rikku
  • Final Fantasy: Unlimited By Samishii
  • Final Fantasy10/who would be your GirlFriend ( Guys only) By JoshBVegeta
  • Final Fantisy X main charictors By Harley_Gurl54
  • FinalFantasy7 Girls By AerisGainsborough
  • FinalFantasy9 By Eiko carol
  • find out which ccs character is your fav By sakura_star
  • Find Out Which Chobits Persocom You Are! By Kris
  • Find Out Which Of My OC Youre Most Like By Silent Anime Angel
  • Find out which scout you are! Free, easy, and virtually painless!! By Musa
  • Find out which The One character you are By mOnKeYtAiL8712
  • find out your element quiz By pochacco
  • Find out your special One Piece Charakter (German) By Haku
  • Find the CLAMP for you! By Cristya Blade
  • Find the Final Fantasy man for YOU!!!! By Atika
  • Find your Kindred Senshi! By Larkspur
  • Find Your Soul Card By KAIBA106
  • FindYourColor By Yaredo
  • Fire Emblem Class Selector By Ethrin
  • Firediamond Gundamwing Selector By Firediamond Yuy
  • First test. By Little Angel
  • First/Second Season Digidestined Selector By Mr. Write
  • firts rub By zero-digits
  • Five Guardians Test By Kazenamida
  • Flame Of Recca Character Selector By Tsunami-hime
  • Flame of Recca character selector By Kuroneko, SSBoiled Rice, ...
  • Flame Of Recca Character Selector By Dark Mist
  • Flame of Recca Character Selector By Naraka
  • Flame Of Recca Character Type By Soundcrisis
  • Flame of Recca Selecter By Anthony Pope
  • Flame of Recca Selector By flameofrecca
  • FLCL selector By Thomas Stearnes
  • FLCL selector By azoroth
  • flclc selector By noatakun
  • Flights of Fantasy - WOTW Relationship Quiz By Akasha
  • Flint the Time Detective Selector By Cale
  • Flint: The Time Detective By sir_darc
  • FMA charactors By Anrisa
  • Fogle Pots- weird cartoon people By lil_rudoph
  • fooly cooly By gotenkserc
  • Fooly Cooly Character By Mrs. the Stampede & Lady ...
  • Forever Dreamer - Welcher X-Chara ist dir am ähnlichsten!? By Kakyo
  • FrenchFries quiz By FrenchFry
  • Fruits Basket By Kierina Sohma
  • Fruits Basket By Hideki
  • Fruits Basket By Sephiroth
  • Fruits Basket (Based on Book 1) By Shadow
  • Fruits Basket Anime~Whos UR Character? By AMB
  • Fruits Basket Boyfriends Selector By Kitasessysgrl
  • Fruits Basket Character Selector By Tsuru-chan
  • Fruits Basket Character Selector By Cat
  • Fruits Basket Character Selector By ab
  • Fruits Basket Character Selector By XxPiRaHnAxX
  • Fruits Basket Character Test By DiamondLotus
  • Fruits basket characters - who r u? By Mrs. Videl Son
  • Fruits Basket Characters: Which One Are You? By AnnelyseMBansbach
  • Fruits Basket Guy Compatibility By syao-chan
  • Fruits Basket People selector By KeruKeru
  • Fruits Basket Personality Selector By Aki-san
  • Fruits Basket Selector By Naji&DrWatari
  • Fruits Basket! By askaesca
  • Fruits Party! By e-chan
  • Fuashigi Yuugi character test By Ume Kagome
  • full metal alchemist character test? By katoryu diethel
  • Full Metal Panic Selector By chidori
  • Fullmetal Alchemist character By Kira17
  • FullMetal Alchemist Match! (GIRLS ONLY!!) By Tomoe_Yukishiro
  • FullMetal Alchemist Selector By TheFairyofDeath
  • Furuba Character By ShiguRei
  • Furuba Character Analysis By Shades
  • Furuba Character Selector! By orangejujy
  • Fushigi Atotsugi Character Selector By Lalita Padma
  • Fushigi Yug Character Test By Tatara:The Byakkos Seish...
  • Fushigi Yugi Character By Lily-chan
  • Fushigi Yugi character selector By Miaka
  • Fushigi Yugi Character Test By Samiko Kit
  • Fushigi yugi character test By HIkaruShi
  • Fushigi Yugi Personality Quiz By Tetley
  • Fushigi Yugi Seriyu seven selector (sss) By Arafel
  • Fushigi Yugi Suzaku Shichiseishi Selector By ChibiExcel
  • Fushigi Yûgi: The Mysterious Play quiz By Hotohori
  • Fushigi Yuugi By Miaka
  • Fushigi Yuugi Beast Gods By Aya and Kira
  • Fushigi Yuugi Character Quiz By Fang Girl
  • Fushigi Yuugi Character Selector By sher-bear
  • Fushigi Yuugi Character Selector By MiakaHater
  • Fushigi Yuugi Character Test By noda
  • Fushigi Yuugi Character Test! By TiaraChan
  • Fushigi Yuugi couple selector By Bebely Hidaka
  • fushigi yuugi guy selector By fishie and a-chan
  • Fushigi Yuugi Personality By Ginookami no Miko
  • Fushigi Yuugi Personality By Tama-Neko
  • Fushigi Yuugi personality quiz By Estrella
  • Fushigi Yuugi Personality Survey By Winea
  • Fushigi Yuugi personality test By Zanballa Cloverleaf
  • Fushigi Yuugi Priestess Selector By Guardian of Darkness224
  • Fushigi Yuugi selector By chibi_angel
  • Fushigi Yuugi Suzaku Selector By Thumpers Angel
  • Fushigi Yuugi- Tamahome or Hotohori? By Umeko
  • Fushigi Yuugi warrier quiz By tra-chan
  • Fushigi Yuugi, Dragon Ball/Z/GT, CardCaptors Selectors By Marine2002
  • Fushigi Yuugi...The one and only ^_^ By VataniJ
  • Fushigi Yuugi...what type of guy do you prefer? By animeweirdo
  • Fushigi Yuugi: whose your suzaku or bishie boy? By Caldina Starheart
  • Fy Charrie Selector n.n By Miaka Yuuki
  • FY TEST! By Jenga-Chan
  • FY/WK/CCS BISH By Depression
  • FYnoda By SoulChild
  • Don't see it? Find it here:
  • G Gundam By Love
  • G Gundam By Gundam Gurl*
  • G Gundam brothers personality quiz By Kayna Kasshu
  • G Gundam Character quiz By GMaxter21
  • G Gundam Character Selector By Straya
  • G Gundam Character Selector By Dappya
  • G Gundam Character Test By Spiegel Gundam
  • G gundam Gundams By Ciden
  • G Gundam Male Character Compatibility Test By Dappya
  • G Gundam Personality Quiz: Which Character Are You Most Like? By Anime-Wall-Flower
  • G Gundam Personality Test By ClubAceChou
  • G Gundam Pilot Quiz By Domon of Neo Japan
  • G Gundam Quiz By Orfen
  • G Gundam Selector By The Ever Hater of Miaka
  • G Gundam you know and you dont By M & A Kasshu
  • Galaxy Angel By Meilin
  • Galaxy Angel character selector By Saotome Keitaro
  • Galaxy Angels By sakaugila
  • Galaxy Angels By Yuna_Gurl987
  • Galaxy angels girl selector By harpie-lady
  • galaxy girl personality quiz By Taii Koneko
  • Galaxy Girls personality traits By Kali Anderson
  • Galaxy Senshi Personality Test By Crystal Clear Destiny
  • GALS! Female Selector By Cryssi
  • Games Personality By suzaku spirit beast
  • Garden Hills Character Selector By Beth
  • gargoyles selector By effera
  • Gate Keepers Personality Quiz By Sanos Atkin
  • GateKeeper Girls Selector By Chou Nuriko
  • Gateway of Destiny By Apollo
  • Gemini Girlz: Lost Goddesses By Kimmie Aria
  • General Anime Character Selector By Sohryu Asuka Langley
  • Generation Fushi Senshi By Kaze
  • Generation of Revolutions personality quiz By Mel*chan
  • Gensomaden Saiyuki By Laira
  • gensomaden saiyuki By CJ triumph
  • Gensoumaden Saiyuki Character Selector By shura
  • Gensoumaden Saiyuki Personality Selector By alyxie
  • Geobreeders Character Selector By Comatose Turtle
  • Get Backers Selector By JoJo
  • Getbackers By jooosssh
  • G-Girl Selector By Ann Valentine
  • G-Gundam By Patryk The Man
  • G-Gundam Ulitimate Personality Quiz By C.C.
  • Ghost In The Shell Character Selector By Ryo Shikuze
  • Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex By John
  • Ghosts Full Metal Alchemist Character Selector By Angel Ghost
  • Girl Anime Character Selector By Kawaii_Kylara
  • God Land Personality Selector By Rae-chan
  • Gokinjo Monogatari By prisonsexxx
  • Gokudo-kun Manyuki Character selector By Niari no Miko
  • Gold Digger By Moonflayme Dragon
  • Golden Sun Chara Test By Artic
  • Golden Sun Character Persona Selector By Golden_Sun_Xtreme
  • Golden Sun character quiz By NekoBlaze
  • Golden Sun II: the lost age. Who are you? By Kobra
  • Gone Wrong Band Member Selector By evan worse
  • Good Guy Anime Selector By TrunksMasterKi
  • Good guys from Dragon Ball Selector By Balina Firako Halo Kensa
  • Gorillaz Character Selector By Portable Confessional
  • Goth Potion By dirtywitchkara
  • GRAPE FRUIT By Nao Ryusaki
  • Gravitation Blind Date-o-meter Selector By The Fablespinner
  • gravitation character By ruki saotome
  • Gravitation Character Remix By Sandcat Juniper
  • Gravitation Character Selector By Isabella Kraft
  • Gravitation Character Selector By Kinki
  • Gravitation character selector By Kell
  • Gravitation Character Selector By Merii-ko
  • Gravitation Character Selector By Mitsu and Kitsu
  • Gravitation Character Selector By Kim-chan
  • Gravitation Character Selector By Cube
  • Gravitation Character Selector, the original one By Twincast
  • Gravitation Personality Match By Obsessive_Fangirl
  • Gravitation testy majiger thingy! By Desolation
  • Greengirl7 By Clio the Muse
  • Groove Rave Adventure Selector By feitan_26
  • GTO French Test By Hajime Saito
  • GTS Characters By CeruleanLee
  • Guardian Alana: The Eight Protectors By Rika
  • Guardians Trilogy Character Selector By Spryng
  • guess what anime By sakura
  • Guild House Sorting By _Kagome_2o01_
  • Guilty Gear Character Selector By Genko Matsuri
  • Guilty Gear X: Whos Your Man? By Mashiro Karasu
  • Guilty Gear XX Character Quiz By Larry
  • Gundam 0079 Personality Test By NeoZealot
  • Gundam 08th MS Team Compatibility By Akuma
  • Gundam Boys 4 Ever By Jasmine
  • Gundam girl matcher By Randall
  • Gundam Mecha Quiz By chris
  • Gundam Pilot Personality Test By Char Aznable
  • Gundam Pilot Selector By DraecoAznable
  • Gundam SEED character selecter By Vatani-chan
  • Gundam Seed Character Selector By Scott
  • gundam selecter By zach
  • Gundam W Character Selector By AnimeOkieGuy
  • Gundam Wing Bishonen Selector By Mitsuyatsu Neko-Chan
  • Gundam Wing Bishouen Boyfriend By Anshin
  • Gundam Wing Bunny By Shinigami Myao
  • gundam wing caractor/ endless waltz By otakuJames
  • Gundam Wing Character Quiz By Allison
  • Gundam Wing Character Selector By Kachan
  • Gundam Wing Character Selector By Chikinmegami
  • Gundam Wing Character Selector By Chikin
  • Gundam Wing Character Selector (Spanish) By Kamikaze Tsukiyono
  • Gundam Wing Character Test By Nadeshiko Kinomoto
  • Gundam Wing Characters By Quatre
  • Gundam Wing charcter By Kalu
  • Gundam Wing Compatibles By Xanpyther
  • Gundam Wing Couple Selector By Asura Sotosuri
  • Gundam Wing Entertainment; Fan-Fic Character Selector; Pilots By Kat
  • Gundam Wing Girl Selector By G-Gurl
  • Gundam Wing Guys: Which guy is best for you? By Goddess of Death
  • Gundam Wing Love Selector By Trintons Girl
  • Gundam Wing Mecha Selector (from Alexs Ultimate Gundam Wing) By Duo Maxwell
  • Gundam Wing Perfect Partner By Ailia
  • gundam wing persona selector, the real thing By Alexis
  • Gundam Wing Persona Test By Ryuujino Kou
  • Gundam Wing personality selector By Seifer_Squall
  • Gundam Wing Personality Selector By ShiroiTsuru
  • Gundam wing personality test By Komilla
  • Gundam Wing Selector By dEePdEpReZiOn
  • Gundam Wing Selector By gundam_girl
  • Gundam Wing Sick Puppy Writers Brigade By Solitude1056
  • Gundam Wing Women Selector By Rose Valentine
  • Gundam Wing/Escaflowne Character Quiz By Anime Monkey
  • Gundam Wing: Which gundam is best for you? By Duo Maxwell
  • Gundam/Final fantasy Ideal man By FF-Chan
  • GundamW boys character matching By rhythmgeneration
  • GundamWing Character Selector By kurisaru
  • Gung-Ho-Guns: Which one are you? By Gabe
  • Gunsmith cats charecter selector! By rally_vincent
  • Gunsmith Cats OAV Character Selector By Nastajja Radinov
  • Gunsmithcats character selector By Misty
  • Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour character selector By darklordebemon
  • GW Character Selector By Vash the Stampede
  • GW Match By Shikkan
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