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A Religion Selector by SelectSmart Staff, created April 2000.

Find out which movement of Judaism most closely fits your own beliefs. If you have limited knowledge of Judaism, use this selector to begin to explore of some of the characteristics of the different movements within Judaism. Disclaimer.
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The first selector question is below.

1. Torah is the word of G-d as directly revealed to Moses, and the Jewish laws and ancient traditions should not be altered or reinterpreted.
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2. Torah was written and interpreted by divinely inspired humans, and Jewish laws may continue to be reinterpreted through careful study and agreement among rabbis and other Jewish scholars.
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3. Individuals and communities may adapt Jewish practices and traditions to their needs, if informed and in keeping with the spirit of Judaism.
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4. Jewish male infants should be circumcised to enter into the covenant with G-d.
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5. Hebrew should be the only (or predominant) language used in Jewish services.
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6. Women should be allowed to be ordained as rabbis and to worship side by side with men in synagogue
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7. All dietary laws (e.g. keeping kosher) must be adhered to strictly per ancient tradition.
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8. It's okay to drive to your place of worship and use electricity on the Sabbath.
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9. The offspring of a (born or properly converted) Jewish woman are Jewish regardless of their beliefs and practices, but the offspring of a Jewish man and a non-Jewish woman are not Jewish unless they properly convert.
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10. A child may be Jewish (without conversion) if just one parent is Jewish, if the child is raised with Jewish practices and identity.
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11. I prefer to embrace Judaism, its traditions and culture, from a non-theistic perspective.
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12. The Messiah (Moshiach) will come.
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13. The Jews were chosen by G-d to enter into a Covenant to bring His message to the world.
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14. Homosexual behavior should be accepted and not condemned.
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15. Ancient Jewish mysticism and meditation can reveal the secrets of creation and enable us to experience G-d personally and ecstatically.
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