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RecreationHow annoying do people find you?
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A Recreation Selector by Zorpisuttle, created December 2004.
This test is to find out exactly how annoying people find you. Of course, this is just my opinion. But whatever. Disclaimer.

The first selector question is below.

1. iz thiz wat ur tieping yzualie lukz lyke?!!!1
Prioritize your choice above:

2. Do you whine often?
Prioritize your choice above:

3. Do people attempt to avoid you?
Prioritize your choice above:

4. Do you wonder what those "manner" things are everyone is talking about?
Prioritize your choice above:

5. Do you have an IQ of over 90?
Prioritize your choice above:

6. Are you insulted by these questions?
Prioritize your choice above:

7. Do YOU think you are annoying?
Prioritize your choice above:

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