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  1. Which Sorority Would You Be In?
  2. What Final Fantasy Summon are you?
  3. Find a new hobby!
  4. Are you Playboy material?
  5. Which Smallville Character are you?
  6. If you were a girl, what sorority would YOU be in?
  7. Which Member of the Harem Are You?
  8. Which Avril Lavigne Song Are You?
  9. Are you likely to die soon?
  10. How Nerdy Are You????
  11. Which Ninja(samurai) Weapon are you most like
  12. How Big Of A loser are you
  13. What golf club you like/are most like
  14. Past Life? What Were You?
  15. Light vs. Dark vs. Evil
  16. Barrel Racing
  17. LifeStyle Chooser
  18. What type of anime Watcher are you
  19. Future Lifestyle
  20. What should you do in your free time?

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