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1Multi-Choice SelectorWine Selector
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1Yes/No SelectorWhat do I want to drink tonight?
2Yes/No SelectorWhich is the right beer for you?
3Yes/No SelectorWhat Alcoholic drink is best for you?
4Yes/No SelectorWhat Type Of Beer Should I Drink?
5Yes/No SelectorWhat Kind of Alcohol Should I Drink
6Yes/No SelectorCocktail Selector
7Yes/No SelectorBritish pub drink selector
8Yes/No SelectorWants Your Cocktail?
9Yes/No SelectorWhat type of North American Whiskey are you???
10Yes/No SelectorMcMenamins Brew Selector
11Yes/No SelectorWhat Alcoholic Beverage are you?
12Yes/No SelectorWine Chooser
13Yes/No SelectorWhat Beer Are You?
14Yes/No SelectorChoose your booze!
15Yes/No SelectorWhat's Your Drink?
16Yes/No SelectorSpirit Selector
17Yes/No Selectoralcoholic beverage
18Yes/No Selectorwhat kind of mixed drink are you?
19Yes/No SelectorWhich drink are you?
20Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of beer are you?
21Yes/No SelectorWhat alcoholic drink is for you?
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