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  1. 40s (40 ounce malt liquor)

  2. Domestic Beer Basic (Bud, Coors,etc.)

  3. Domestic Beer Premium (Sam Adam's, Pet

  4. Import Beer Basic (Any Mexican Beer)

  5. Import Beer Premium (Guiness, Bass, Ha

  6. Hard Cider (Hornsby's, Cider Jack, Har

  7. Sangria

  8. Merlot

  9. Cabernet

  10. Chardonnay

  11. Zinfandel

  12. Pinot Grigio

  13. Port

  14. Cheap Champagne

  15. Premium Champagne

  16. Take shots of something that is > 40%

  17. Martini

  18. Prairie Fire(Tequila & Tabasco)

  19. Zipper, Brain Hemorrhage, Earth Margar

  20. White Russian, Blowjob, Slippery Nippl

  21. Sex on the Beach, Mai Tai, Long Island

  22. Flaming Drinks

  23. Everclear, Sugar Alcohol, Bacardi 151

  24. You really shouldn't be drinking.

  25. Drink everything you can get your hand

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