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A Games & Toys Selector by Jillian, Queen of Otters, created December 2006. I used mostly Resident Evil One and Zero characters and I put mainly good characters. Sorry if you're evil and can't relate to anyone.


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1. You are about to engage in a fight with a tough boss. Do you stratagize or do you barge right into the fight? (stratagize: yes), (barge in: no)
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2. You come home from work/school and turn to open the door, but you realize that you locked yourself out and forgot your keys. None of the windows are unlocked. Do you try to pick the lock, which may look suspisious (yes) or do you call a locksmith and wait (no)?
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3. There's a new rule at the clothing shop where you work that says you can't wear anything but the company's clothes. If you don't, you'll be suspended. Do you wear the clothes you want ot wear and hope they don't notice (yes) or do you do what you're supposed to do (no)?
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4. You must babysit your kid sibling. You have the chance to run off with your friends; no one will know, but you must leave your sibling unprotected. Do you stay with your sibling (yes) or do you run off with your friends (no)?
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5. You have been taken hostage with your spouse and your best friend, both of whom you love very much. You have the chance to save one of them. If you don't save one, all of you will die. Who do you save? Spouse (yes) or best friend (no)?
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6. You have been accepted into a fighting school. You have the option of doing weapons training or martial arts. Do you choose weapons (yes) or martial arts (no)?
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7. A prestigous organization has accepted you as a member. The other members are older and you will be a bit behind and will have to work very hard to get their confidence. Do you join (yes) or do you turn down the offer (no)?
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8. You are about to face Plant 42. Do you mix a chemical to kill it (yes) or do you take it in combat and hack at it's roots (no)?
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9. You can make a lot of money by helping out a person who is doing very bad things. Do you help them and get the money (yes) or do you forget the money and turn them in (no)?
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10. You have found an item that will give you unlimited strength, but it is possible that your body couldn't handle it and you would die. Do you risk death (yes) or do you give up the power and play it safe (no)?
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11. You have gotton in trouble with the law and may be facing a couple years in prison. A cop friend can help you break out, but you will have to live in secrecy. Do you escape (yes) or do you face your sentence in hopes of a good life afterwards (no)?
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12. A fire is spreading rapidly through you're town. You have to leave immediatly, but someone younger than you needs help. If you don't get out soon, you will be burnt to a crisp. Do you stop and help (yes) or move on and hope they make it (no)?
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