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A Games & Toys Selector by Jeremy Martin and Michael Fraser, created June 2005.
This chooser will identify your tactical style, personality, and hobby interests, rank them, and cross-check them with the qualities of the 25 most common armies in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail us at Disclaimer.
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1. It's far more impressive to see my enemies cut down in a furious blitzkrieg of gunfire and clashing weaponry than to rain Hell down upon them from on high.
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2. If I'm to go to war, it is nobler to be fighting a Holy Crusade than to fight for survival or to wage war for its own sake.
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3. After the battle, I'd rather the enemy's commander stand astride the legions of his fallen men, palefaced, and gibbering, "Wha- What happened?" than having him standing astride the massacred squadrons, knowing exactly how we'd beaten him, how badly we'd beaten him, and that we will come back for him soon.
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4. I'd rather be feared for my righteous avenging wrath than for my reckless, bloodthirsty brutality.
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5. It's better to overrun a city with thousands of loyal, screaming infanteers than it is to sack it soundly with half that many highly-trained elite troops.
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6. My vehicles should be mobile, quick-response weapons, capable of adapting to any situation, not an armoured behemoth, heavy-laden with weaponry of unspeakable power.
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7. It's better to walk ten armoured men forcefully forward into the maw of combat, confident in their own invulnerability and laying methodical waste to the landscape than it is to have twenty lightly-armoured men rushing in at incredible speeds, cracking off precise shots as they sprint.
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8. Psykers (people with psychic abilities) are gateways to ethereal power we can control, not mutant freaks to be exterminated.
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9. It's better to feel the hot blood of the hated enemy spilling across my chest in a glorious moment of victory than to see him put down in a sudden shock through a cold, efficient sniper's scope.
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10. I was born to kill. The day isn't complete until I feel a heart stop beating through the steel of my blade. Peace is a bad dream.
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11. A well-fought battle is a work of art, one of carefully weighed statistics and intense psychological and tactical conflict between commanders. If your whole strategy is to rally your men, charge headlong into the red mist of war, and ruthlessly decimate anything in your path in the name of honour and glory, you deserve to lose.
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12. The innate nobility and rugged adaptability of humankind make them far superior to aliens, regardless of their exotic skills or abilities.
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13. It is correct to believe that a well-placed, well-led army stands a good chance of defeating a disorganized army with superior numbers and firepower.
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14. I prefer having access to a significant amount of "flavour" material and background on my army than having to leave it a mystery or write my own army's history.
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15. I'd rather field a force that is so substantially different from every other that it warrants its own Codex, as opposed to one of the little-known fringe elements described within a larger book.
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16. I'm willing to spend a considerable amount of money to field my dream army.
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17. I'd rather spend hours on each complex model, ensuring every single corporal is a work of display-case art than slap red and green paint on all my units and get to playing immediately.
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18. I'd rather live in a well-ordered universe of beauty, truth, and peace than a no-holds-barred universe with no rules or responsibilities, satisfying my every desire with a snap of my fingers.
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