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What is your Metaphysical IQ?
Test Your Metaphysical knowledge with these What kind of vampire are you? Quizzes
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MetaphysicalWhat kind of vampire are you?
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A Metaphysical Selector by Robin, created March 2006.
DO NOT take this test seriously. purely cause it's the first one i've done, otherwise, 6 quessies to determine whether your a Truely Immortal Vampire or simply a fledgling Disclaimer.
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The first selector question is below.

1. You've just woken up for the first time as a vampire, it's night, your thirsty, the nearest living creature is a rat, do you feed on it (yes) or search for a human victim? (No) Bear in mind the searing sensation of the thirst
Prioritize your choice above:
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2. After feeding you wonder at your new powers, and want to test them, do you?
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High Medium Low

3. Would you prey upon only the evildoer or does it really matter to you?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

4. You find your master (The guy who made you a vamp.) to be ungracious and almost feral at times, does this matter at all to you?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

5. Your on the run from the mob. do you massacre them (Yes), run away and stalk them (No), or simply run (No preference)
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

6. Your stalking in your prime, it's your hunting ground, and plenty of mortals are about, how do you stalk, do you single people out and gain their trust (Yes), do you take the loners (No), or do you simply use your powers to grab whoever you like and feast right there and then (No preference)
Prioritize your choice above:
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Just for fun, predict what your #1 result will be.Your prediction will not influence your results.

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