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Medical selectors, pages, etc.
More on the PACT act so indy can spread falsehoods a bit longer
By oldedude
June 12, 2024 8:41 pm
Category: Medical

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Like I said before, which no one really gives a fuck about. The PACT act is an important feature of today's veteran's health. This issue is that the VA lasted long enough that over half of those affected are either in hospice or dead because the congress needs to increase the military budget (in which the VA is part of). Most of those dying early are women (which aren't "really veterans" to the dims anyway). Cancers took out an unusual number of veterans from the Gulf wars, and a much higher number of females than usual. In addition to veterans not getting VA health care, they're also not given some burial rights "assumed" by even many veterans.

I want to throw some creds out to the VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America) who got completely shit on by the United States when they got back. This is the era most of the sheep here spend their time. This is where they get their information about the military. These people fought the VA/government regarding "Agent Orange" which they died of enmasse. They're still dying, but maybe taken care of better than the Korean War or WWII folks. We owe the PACT act to them. Thank you.od

PACT was known in 1990. It is now 2024. Does your healthcare work that slow? Or should it?

VA enrolls record number of women veterans in healthcare

The enrollment of women veterans in VA healthcare is 20% higher than in the previous year, a VA news release says. The states that saw the greatest number of enrollments were Texas, Florida, California, Virginia, Georgia, and North Carolina.

The increase in women veterans enrolling in the VA is largely being driven by the Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act, or PACT Act, which allows the VA to presume that Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffering from lung cancer and other diseases were sickened by their exposure to burn pits and other sources of toxins.

More information about which illnesses the VA considers presumed service-connected for toxic exposures is available online or by calling 1-800-698-2411.

The VA is providing disability benefits to 717,141 women veterans, a record high, the VA news release says. That also represents an increase of 197,667 women veterans over the past five years.

More than 89% of women who have applied for disability benefits are receiving compensation for at least one condition. They are receiving an average of $27,109 in earned disability benefits per year.

Over the past two years, the VA has also increased health services for women veterans, including breast cancer screenings and mammograms for veterans who were potentially exposed to toxins, increased reproductive health services, and expanded maternity care.

FYSA- This is telling you they haven't given a shit about 30%+ of the force. In 1990, there were still VA's without womens' toilets/ restrooms if that's a clue about the government. It wasn't until the government made it mandatory that the restrooms were put in. In addition, female veterans need the same support system as any other veteran.

Many are homeless, the 22/day (suicide rate) was modified by the left to a total of 20/day... I'm not really sure how that's a difference when they don't fucking know how many are actually suicides when curt and indy are okay with the overdose rate of fentanyl in the US (It's their choice, right curt!). But be that as it may. If it were civilians the US military were killing, you could bet the US left would be up in arms over almost 8,000 being killed per year.

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Comments on "More on the PACT act so indy can spread falsehoods a bit longer":

  1. by HatetheSwamp on June 13, 2024 2:57 am

    You mean this?

    View Video

  2. by Indy! on June 13, 2024 11:24 am

    I read the first couple lines - obviously I'm not going to read OD's entire novella there when it starts with another one of his lies. I never heard of PACT nor do I care one way or the other about it. So far as the military budget needing to be increased to pay for the VA? Ummm... no. That's the dumbass way the gov't HOPES the vets and their fanbois think about it -

    "Oh, if only they would increase the ALREADY ABSOLUTELY LUDICROUS military budget just a little more... we could afford bandaids for these poor suffering HEROES who FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOMS

    No OD. What we do instead is take that Ukraine money we're flushing down the toilet and give THAT to the VA to take care of the soldiers who were wounded in the OTHER stupid wars we started for no reason.

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