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MythologyWhat Mythical creature would you be?
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A Mythology Selector by Magical C, created June 2015.
If Mythical creatures did exist have you ever wondered of which would you become? This is a fun little test for you to complete to see just what kind of thing you would probably be OR you could possibly escape it all and remain a human by the end of the test. It can't hurt to try and it shouldn't take too long. Some of the questions/answers may not exactly make perfect sense to you at the moment however there is some sort of reason in my head for each one of them so please just have fun and be open minded! Disclaimer.

The first question is below.

1. You are out and about and want to do something fun and all of the following are your options, which do you choose?
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Prioritize your choice above:

2. If there was a 100% chance that one of the following wishes came true and you could only choose one of them which one would you wish for?
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Prioritize your choice above:

3. You have found yourself in a certain situation where there are several different unknown liquids in front of you and you are forced to drink one of them. which colored liquid do you choose?
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Prioritize your choice above:

4. When you stare at the bright full moon in a clear night sky what is the first thing you see or think?
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