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Joe's Big Boy press conference predictions?
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Biden up 2 in PBS poll!
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Will anyone here be chagrined...
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Threepeat! Something for the people who frequent the selectors.
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A new Donald Trump. Relaxed. Mellow. During Hannity interview.
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Joe's letter
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Two interesting and consequential court decisions.
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Anonymous comments regarding the Presidential Candidate Selector and the election
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Updated Nate Silver forecast
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Axios article on Biden:
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Crime selectors, pages, etc.
Speaking of Epstein...
By Indy!
June 11, 2024 8:59 pm
Category: Crime

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No "CONSPIRACY" subject offering, Curt? Coulda used it here. The only problem with this article is Fox going WAY outta their way to protect Epstein and Ghislaine - their crimes being "alleged" even though Epstein was murdered suicided for it and Ghislaine is in jail serving time for it. The FBI also gets a lot of cover by Fox calling everything a "failure" when it is clear they do not want to - and never will - seriously look into these crimes because too many of the string pullers are involved... Clinton, Trump, Gates, Fauci, etc... etc...

Jeffrey Epstein victims sue FBI for alleged failure to investigate 'sex trafficking ring for the elite'
FBI accused of breach of duty investigating Jeffrey Epstein's child sex crimes

A dozen of Jeffrey Epstein's accusers have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government alleging that the FBI failed to properly investigate the financier's sex-trafficking crimes as far back as the 1990s.

"Jeffrey Epsteinís penchant for teenage girls was an open secret in the high society of Palm Beach, Florida and the Upper East Side of Manhattan which was disregarded by the FBI," reads the lawsuit on behalf of 12 Jane Does. "Epstein orchestrated an illegal sex trafficking ring for the elite and the FBI failed to adequately investigate the abuse, failed to interview the victims, failed to investigate the crimes and did not follow routine procedure or offer victim assistance notwithstanding credible reports and tips."

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday, alleges that all 12 women were victimized by Epstein and "co-conspirators" because of the FBI's alleged past failures and that current FBI Director Christopher Wray has done nothing to "right that wrong," as Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn requested he do in a December 2023 hearing.

A LOT more at the link below...

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Comments on "Speaking of Epstein...":

  1. by Indy! on June 11, 2024 9:10 pm

    This is also interesting. The guy who beat up Epstein in his jail cell is an ex-NY cop. Ooooooh shocking... said NOBODY. Dude murdered 4 people in cold blood in order to get ONE GUY he thought ripped him off. He strangled the one guy he wanted to kill - then took the 3 other unfortunate men the guy brought with him out in the woods and shot them in the back of the head execution style. That's 3 innocent people who had nothing to do with this deal. On top of drug trafficking, kidnapping, etc.... Okay? Read on...

    Former Jeffrey Epstein cellmate, bodybuilder ex-cop turned drug trafficker, sentenced

    Tartaglione faced a minimum mandatory sentence of life in prison after federal prosecutors declined to seek the death penalty in charges that included murder, racketeering and kidnapping. The Justice Department asked the judge to impose four life sentences to be served consecutively.

    Indy again: No death penalty on the table for 4 cold blooded murders - 3 of the people not even known to this guy? Wonder what he might have done to help federal prosecutors so they would take it easy on him... Hmmmm... It's a mystery.... 🤔

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