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Republicans: Do you know where your political donations are?
By Curt_Anderson
April 24, 2024 6:12 pm
Category: Politics

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Trump supporters including current and former henchmen, supporters and hangers-on are facing serious criminal indictments in various election-related crimes.

These are people who are not billionaires such as Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani, Boris Epshteyn, John Eastman, Jenna Ellis, Christina Bobb, Mike Roman, Ken Chesebro and former Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward, state senators Jake Hoffman and Anthony Kern, and Arizona’s RNC committeeman Tyler Bowyer. These are not people who'd do well in jail. I don't think they are the types ready to fall on a sword for Donald Trump.

They are people who'd have a hard time paying their legal bills. Unless of course the RNC and/or Donald Trump covers their legal bills. That of course means Republican political donations are going to pay criminal defendant legal bills beyond the legal bills Donald Trump is wracking up.

Even if the indicted get help with the legal expenses, not all of them will perjure themselves. Some will spill on Trump.

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Comments on "Republicans: Do you know where your political donations are?":

  1. by oldedude on April 24, 2024 7:50 pm
    You understand there are LAWS regarding everything you said. AND you (meaning the fuckinglibtards) set this up to force him into everything that is being done now. So you need to clip your shit about it when you cause it.

    You're a good german. Your first love was something that murdered hundreds of thousands of human beings. Your Stuka. Great aircraft once they got out of Spain and figured out their angle, but too much hang time for AA.

    po- the A10 has received a reprieve, as well as the C130. Both are wonderful fixed wings. The A10 is really hard to handle at low altitudes though. New pilots crash them alot and die. I've been on the call in for them though. I've gotten may arse pulled out of things I shouldn't have because of them. Love their pilots also.

    130's? the best aircraft in the world in the past 70 years. IMHO

  2. by Curt_Anderson on April 24, 2024 8:48 pm
    "You're a good german. Your first love was something that murdered hundreds of thousands of human beings. Your Stuka." ---OD

    Stuka was not my first love and we broke up after a summer or two. But as for it "murdering" anybody, how does it compare to the Confederate Flag which you still display and the deaths under its aegis?

    Yes, I know there are LAWS. Trump and his confederates broke many of them. I didn't cause their legal dilemmas. Liberals didn't cause it. Trump and the people dumb enough to do his bidding are cause of their own legal problems. It's a bonus that RNC donors are forced to cover legal expenses instead of just paying for political ads and campaigns.

    Meine schadenfreude ist vollkommen!

  3. by HatetheSwamp on April 25, 2024 6:18 am

    What laws did Trump and his confederates break?

  4. by Curt_Anderson on April 25, 2024 7:46 am
    A Guide to Trump Allies Who've Pleaded Guilty or Been Convicted of Crimes… see link. Other cases pending.

  5. by oldedude on April 25, 2024 7:57 am
    curt- That is probably the most accurate thing you've ever said.

    "Meine schadenfreude ist vollkommen!" Your lack of empathy towards anything. Do you pull the wings off of flies? Slowly murder cats for fun? Shoot things just to watch them die? How many children do you have buried in your yard that you revisit from time to time for sexual thrill? (that's a rhetorical question, because you just admitted you're proud of having those traits).

    Psychology Today spells out your love (sexual and non-sexual) of hatred towards others and how it's fixed on those Dark Triad traits you have. Instead of celebrating this, it more than shows you have the same "ability" to love as the guards at Treblinka or Jenny-Wanda Barkmann.

    Let's look at ten evidence-based facts about schadenfreude.

    1. In a study published in Science, Hidehiko Takahashi et al. used functional MRI to record mechanisms of painful emotion, envy, and schadenfreude, which was the rewarding reaction.

    First, when participants were presented with scenarios promoting envy, the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) was activated. Second, when the participants were presented with related scenarios promoting schadenfreude, the ventral striatum was activated.

    The anterior cingulate cortex connects to the limbic system, the seat of emotions, and the prefrontal cortex, the seat of cognition. Consequently, experts hypothesize that the ACC plays a role in integrating neuronal circuitry directing affect regulation. The ventral striatum is also associated with the limbic system and is involved in reward processing and motivation.

    2. Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Humor is just Schadenfreude with a clear conscience.” Nietzsche suggested that the emotional pain people feel about their in-group's inferiority results in the pleasure of schadenfreude when a successful out-group fails. Subsequent research has supported the notion that schadenfreude has more to do with the inferiority of the self rather than the success of others. Nietzsche also thought that schadenfreude only served as a temporary panacea for the pain of domain inferiority.

    3. Oxytocin is often associated with prosocial behaviors. However, in one study, Simone G. Shamay-Tsoory et al. showed that oxytocin administered intranasally boosted feelings of envy and schadenfreude. The investigators concluded that oxytocin likely plays a central role in a gamut of behaviors, positive and negative, connected to social emotion.

    4. Envy does not always predict schadenfreude. Based on experimental results, van Dijk et al. concluded that hostility and envy mediated schadenfreude. Furthermore, schadenfreude occurred when the participant and imagined target shared characteristics such as gender. For instance, in the study, male participants felt schadenfreude for male targets but not female targets.

    5. Research has demonstrated that the misfortune of another triggers schadenfreude when this misfortune is seen as deserved or befalls an envied or hated person.

    6. Experts hypothesize that misfortune afflicting an envied person can bring pleasure because it makes the advantaged target less enviable, as well as removing the underlying envy.

    7. Schadenfreude likely exists on a spectrum from episodic to trait. In some people, schadenfreude is so prevalent that it could be considered a trait.

    8. In a study published in PLoS One, Laura C. Crysel and Gregory D. Webster found that schadenfreude may play a role in politics and why people disseminate damaging news about political failures. Happiness derived from a politician’s misfortune may predict whether people share this misfortune with others using social media

    “As U.S. politics become more divisive, and social media are used to shame and denigrate targeted politicians, schadenfreude can increasingly explain our social behavior. If schadenfreude explains why people share these embarrassing failures, then it may even help explain political outcomes, including election victories,” concluded the authors.

    9. Consumer research has shown that schadenfreude is rampant in sports, where it is not only directed at rival teams but also at team sponsors. Experts suggest that companies should approach sponsorship gingerly to avoid inciting customers who are fans of rival teams.

    10. Schadenfreude is thought to be closely linked to Dark Triad traits (narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy), as well as sensational interests, including those in guns, knives, true crime, the occult, and Nazism.

  6. by Indy! on April 25, 2024 10:20 am

    What does Psychology Today say about projection, OD? Because I know a guy who does that all day long and thinks he's Sigmund Freud to boot.

  7. by oldedude on April 25, 2024 1:21 pm
    And usually when someone has a "friend" with a psychological "issue," it's themselves.

    If you're going to make a remark, you need to either read the posts, or remember the posts that have been posted.

    For over a year, maybe two, I've been routinely remarking about curt not caring about other human beings. This has included cops that unwittingly become victims of fentanyl, child sex slaves and the rape trees (When you agreed with him), and many others. I never thought he would at any outside chance admit fully to his feelings that he absolutely joys in the suffering of others. I find that repulsive.

  8. by Indy! on April 27, 2024 2:14 pm

    What I find repulsive is your inability to discern reality from fiction. We agreed to play nice and yet you are still trying - at every opportunity - to project your creepy sexual infatuation bullshit onto me. I never even heard the term "rape tree" (and still have no idea what it's supposed to mean) until you and your infatuation with sexualizing every conversation came along.

  9. by oldedude on April 27, 2024 6:51 pm
    What I find most interesting is your complete lack of understanding of the cartels that you said you knew so well.

    Second. Again, you never read what you're answering. You fill up everything with nothing but juvenile bullshit. I have not only said what rape trees are, but curt, you, and I have had discussions about them. So now you're throwing a 3-year-old hissyfit because you got caught again. So go hide behind your (sic)daddies' skirts on this one.

    John Ladd's phone is an archive of life on a ranch beside the Arizona border with Mexico.

    He scrolls past photographs of handsome Red Angus and cross-bred Hereford-Brahman cattle, picture after picture of Donald Trump's 30ft border wall that spans about six-and-a-half miles of his land. Then he stops at an image of a tree.

    'Almost all the women who come across get raped by their guides, who then they throw their underwear in the trees.'

    The trees have been spotted up and down the border. Academics talk of them as warnings or trophies in the brutal symbolism of violent gangs.

    Ladd, 68, has been a rancher all of his life. In the past 30 years he has learned about such savage displays, as well as the patterns of migrants who cross the border and the cartels who control turf on the other side.

    His 16,000 acres lie in the busiest part of the entire border. Border Patrol agents in the Tucson sector recorded 250,000 apprehensions in just the first four months of the fiscal year — almost a 200 percent increase on last year.

    His family has kept cattle here for four generations or 127 years.

    These days he keeps count of the dead bodies he has found on his land — 17 in total (not counting those found on the 60ft strip of federal land at the border). They are migrants who succumbed to the desert heat in summer or the cold in winter or whose hearts gave out or the victims of violence.

    'They're not seeking asylum,' he told at the end of a day sorting calves for market. His shirt was spattered with blood from a dehorning operation.

    'They're military age males in camouflage, Balaclavas and a cell phone. They don't want to get caught.'

    While migrants in other spots hand themselves in for processing, hidden cameras operated by the Cochise County Sheriff's Office show images of arrivals crossing the Ladd ranch headed for the highway.

    We agreed to play nice and yet you are still trying - at every opportunity - to project your creepy sexual infatuation bullshit onto me.

    In the post above, I only mentioned it because You're the one that "forgets" what he said, and plays(maybe?) stoopid. That was it. You were in on those, and many other conversations that you can't remember. And in this case, you're the one that started on me. So pissoff. (#5,6,7,8)

    I still am playing "nice." But if you're too shallow and insecure to fess up to what you've said (several times), then I need to bring that up. Just like now. You're playing ignorant, which is your bullshit infatuation. And what you said about 10/7. And then, all I said was that you're being used like an ignorant little bitch by a global terrorist group.

    I haven't mentioned your mom once since then. I haven't mentioned you being a "party favour" since then. And that is NOT a piece of it here. Again, If your too insecure about yourself and your life, you may want to think about getting a new one.

    I never even heard the term "rape tree" (and still have no idea what it's supposed to mean) until you and your infatuation with sexualizing every conversation came along.

  10. by Indy! on April 28, 2024 12:46 am

    Thanks for proving my point. You lied about me in the first paragraph. I never said I knew anything about the cartels and this is how you start shit, so I’m bailing out now.

  11. by oldedude on April 28, 2024 6:31 am
    You talked about being a valet and how they were "pretty cool guys." Then you talked about the morons who left their guns for "easy access" which you and I agreed was a stupid move.

  12. by Indy! on April 28, 2024 1:54 pm

    Yes, I was a valet. I parked the cars for some of the cocaine cowboys. That's how I "knew" them.🙄

  13. by oldedude on April 28, 2024 6:02 pm
    And then you went onandonandonandon......about them and how "cool" they were...🙄

    And that was a very small part of the whole post. It was like five words, and was made only because you always (and conveniently) "forget" what you said so I was beating you to the punch by saying we've already had this conversation and it not worth either of our time to discuss this further. And you get butthurt over that? And waste my time on it? Grow the fuck up.

  14. by Indy! on April 29, 2024 9:33 pm

    Nope, I didn't. Just you making up shit again and so now I will turn slowly to leave the room and fart in your general direction on the way out.

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