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It's weird to predict a hung jury.
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Master politician Kathy Hochul calls NY voters clowns
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Joe Biden is one tough, kick ass President admits cowering, whimpering Trump
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RCP: On this date in 020, Biden was leading Trump by 5.5%
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HUFFPO (a person of Curt's Holy Trinity): Joe Biden Called Out For Numerous Corrections In White House Transcript Of Speech
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Trump announces deal with his bff Vladimir Putin help him win election
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University Presidents testify before Congress on their enabling of antisemitism
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Anonymous comments regarding the Presidential Candidate Selector and the election
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Gay & Lesbian selectors, pages, etc.
GAG's one year anniversary
By HatetheSwamp
June 6, 2023 9:31 am
Category: Gay & Lesbian

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In spite of vigorous woke oppression.

The most influential part of the second head of pb's anti-woke TQ three headed monster.

306,000+ Twitter followers in one year!

pb pointed out last Pride Month that a sea change was taking place and that there were tensions in the LGBTQ family. LGBs were jettisoning TQs AND politically conservative and moderate LGBTs had had enough of woke attempts to define the community.

A year later, the battle against LGBTQ woke oppression is well under way. Nothing proves that more than how marvelously GAG has prospered;

Today is June 6th, and that means it is our BIRTHDAY!! 1 year ago today, @thegaywhostrayd had the idea to create this organization to fight back against the sick agenda being pushed on kids from inside the community.

She thought that maybe in 6 months to a year we would have about 5,000 followers and perhaps some blog would write a little piece on us. As you know, that isn’t exactly what happened 🤣

Our movement took off nearly overnight, amassing 100k followers in just a few months. 3 months in and she was asked to be on @TuckerCarlson’s show, and would be on another 3 times after that.

In the span of 4 months, we had been banned from over 7 platforms and services, most notably PayPal and Venmo, which really shook the nation. It had become clear just how effective our voices were in ending the sexualization, indoctrination and mutilation of children.

Our enemies saw us as their greatest threat yet, and they were right in doing so.

In one year, we have now garnered widespread international attention, been banned from 11 companies, gained over 600,000 followers across social media, assisted in getting 13 child protection bills passed in the United States, launched 18 chapters, had dozens of articles and hit pieces written about us (including 11 just from Media Matters — obsessed much?), held numerous protests across the nation, attended over 30 school board and city council meetings, testified on over a dozen bills, and so, so much more.

And the real kicker is, we’re still just getting warmed up.

This has not been an easy journey. Not in the least. Our team is comprised solely of volunteers, dedicating huge amounts of their time to furthering our mission. No one has pocketed a dime, and we have had zero big donors. Everything we do is purely a grassroots effort. It has been truly remarkable what we have been able to accomplish, and this pride month, we are really proud of that.

Thank you to everyone for your support and recognizing how important our voices are in this fight. Together we WILL end this evil agenda.

Woke oppression is aggressive and obnoxious. But, ultimately, impotent.

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Comments on "GAG's one year anniversary ":

  1. by oldedude on June 6, 2023 9:46 pm
    As their work progresses, I'm liking them more.

  2. by HatetheSwamp on June 7, 2023 3:30 am

    I have to say, OD, that you were waaaaaaay ahead of me, as was GAG, in realizing that the real issue is grooming in its various forms.

    The anti-TQ LGB groups and activists are all over that truth. It's what's destroying the LGBTQ coalition.

    So, bang on!

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