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2Yes/No SelectorWhich Anne Rice Vampire are you?
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4Yes/No SelectorAnimagus Form
5Yes/No SelectorWhat color dragon should you ride?
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7Yes/No SelectorHis Dark Materials Daemon Selector
8Yes/No SelectorWheel of Time character quiz
9Yes/No SelectorWhich Artemis Fowl Character Are You?
10Yes/No SelectorWhich To Kill a Mockingbird Character are you?
11Yes/No SelectorWhich Book Should You Read Next?
12Yes/No SelectorWhich Sherlock Holmes Character are you?
13Yes/No SelectorDemon-Slayer Personality Test
14Yes/No SelectorWhich Ami de l'ABC are you?
15Yes/No SelectorWhich Romeo and Juliet Character Are You?
16Yes/No SelectorWho are you in Pride and Prejudice??
17Yes/No SelectorWhich Dragonlance Character Are You?
18Yes/No SelectorWhich Little House on the Prairie character are you most like?
19Yes/No SelectorBook Selector
20Yes/No SelectorWhich Thea Sister are You?
21Yes/No SelectorWhich ''To Kill A Mockingbird'' Character are you?
22Yes/No SelectorWhich Black Jewels Trilogy character are you most like?
23Yes/No SelectorWhich Outsiders character are you most like?
24Yes/No SelectorWhich Edge Chronicles Character are you?
25Yes/No SelectorWhich Dr. Seuss Character Are You?
26Yes/No SelectorWhich Skulduggery Pleasant Character are you?
27Yes/No SelectorWhich Discworld Character Are You?
28Yes/No SelectorAnimagus Selector
29Yes/No SelectorWhich Daughters of the Moon character are you?
30Yes/No SelectorWhich eragon/eldest character are you??
31Yes/No SelectorRomance of the Three Kingdoms
32Yes/No SelectorWheel Of Time Character Selector
33Yes/No SelectorWhich AND THEN THERE WERE NONE Character are you?
34Yes/No SelectorSevenwaters Trilogy Character
35Yes/No SelectorWhich character from Song of Ice and Fire are you most like?
36Yes/No SelectorHamlet
37Yes/No SelectorWhich Mayfair Witch are you most like? (Anne Rice)
38Yes/No SelectorSisterhood of the Traveling Pants Quiz
39Yes/No SelectorWhat Roald Dahl Character are You?
40Yes/No SelectorWhich ''A Song of Ice and Fire'' character are you?
41Yes/No SelectorWhich ruler of the Valar or Valier are you most like?
42Yes/No SelectorWhich Chronicles of Narnia character are you?
43Yes/No SelectorWhich Ajah should you be in?
44Yes/No SelectorWhich Last Book in the Universe Character are You?
45Yes/No SelectorWhich Enjolras Are You?
46Yes/No SelectorWhich Austen heroine are you?
47Yes/No SelectorWhich Elegant Dark Character Are You?
48Yes/No SelectorTwilight Character Quiz (GOOD....TRUST ME!)
49Yes/No SelectorThe Discworld Character Selector
50Yes/No SelectorWhich character from War and Peace are you?
51Yes/No SelectorWhich Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles character are you?
52Yes/No SelectorWhich Anna Karenina character are you?
53Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of a book hero you are most like?
54Yes/No SelectorFantasy / Sci-fi Book Selector
55Yes/No SelectorWhich Character from Redwall are You..?
56Yes/No SelectorWhat Memoirs of a Geisha Character Are You?
57Yes/No SelectorWhich Wizard of OZ character are you most like?
58Yes/No SelectorWhich Sweet Valley Girl Are You?
59Yes/No Selectorwhich Good Omens character are you?
60Yes/No SelectorWhat Circle of Magic character are you?
61Yes/No SelectorRedwall Species Selector
62Yes/No SelectorWhich Marauder are You?
63Yes/No SelectorWhich minor Lord Of The Rings Character are you?
64Yes/No SelectorWhat Animorphs Character Are You Most Like?
65Yes/No SelectorWhich great novel should you read?
66Yes/No SelectorWinnie the Pooh Characters
67Yes/No SelectorLOTR Quiz
68Yes/No SelectorWhich Wheel of Time Forsaken are You?
69Yes/No SelectorWhich Atlas Shrugged character are you?
70Yes/No SelectorAnimal Farm Selector
71Multi-Choice SelectorLord Of The Flies
72Multi-Choice SelectorNations War Quiz!
73Multi-Choice SelectorA Room With a View
74Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Trickster's Choice Character Are You?
75Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Midnighter are You? (multiple choice!)
76Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Pride and Prejudice character are you?
77Multi-Choice SelectorDaughters of the Moon Dating Game
78Multi-Choice SelectorWelcher Ulldart Charakter ist dir am Ă„hnlichsten?
79Multi-Choice SelectorWhat HOPE character are you?
80Multi-Choice SelectorJane Austen heroines
81Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Pride and Predjudice character are you?
82Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Midnighter are You? (multiple choice!)
83Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Pride and Prejudice character are you?
84Multi-Choice SelectorWelcher Ulldart Charakter ist dir am Ă„hnlichsten?
85Multi-Choice SelectorLord Of The Flies
86Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Trickster's Choice Character Are You?
87Multi-Choice SelectorDaughters of the Moon Dating Game
88Multi-Choice SelectorJane Austen heroines
89Multi-Choice SelectorA Room With a View
90Multi-Choice SelectorEDGE Characters
91FlowchartOf Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
92FlowchartRun on Sentence checker
93FlowchartWhat Fictional Character Are You?
94FlowchartGuide to Game of Thrones
95FlowchartElectric Kool-Aid Acid Test -> ?
96FlowchartDonations Processing
97FlowchartDecision tree
98FlowchartStephen Dedalus
99FlowchartRTI S.O.P
100FlowchartWhat Berlin book should I buy?