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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Jane Austen Character Selector" by Merrie Haskell.

Choose from this list:

Mr. Darcy from _Pride & Prejudice_
Wickham from _Pride & Prejudice_
Eliza Bennet from _Pride & Prejudice_
Lydia Bennet from _Pride & Prejudice_
Mr. Bingley / Jane Bennet from _Pride & Prejudice_
Mr. Collins from _Pride & Prejudice_
Lady Catherine de Bourgh from _Pride & Prejudice_
Anne Elliot from _Persuasion_
Captain Wentworth from _Persuasion
Lousia Musgrove from _Persuasion
Sir Walter Elliot from _Persuasion
Emma Woodhouse from _Emma_
Jane Fairfax from _Emma_
Harriet Smith from _Emma_
Frank Churchill from _Emma_
Miss Bates from _Emma_
Mariane Dashwood from _Sense & Sensibility_
Elinor Dashwood from _Sense & Sensibility_
Col. Brandon from _Sense & Sensibility_
Lucy Steele from _Sense & Sensibility_
Willoughby from _Sense & Sensibility_
Fanny from _Mansfield Park_
Henry Crawford / Mary Crawford from _Mansfield Park_
Catherine from _Northanger Abbey_
Mr Knightley from _Emma_


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