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  1. Any Harry Potter book

  2. Green Rider

  3. Wild Magic

  4. Alanna: The First Adventure

  5. Her Majesty's Wizard

  6. The Secret of Dragonhome

  7. The Girl With the Silver Eyes

  8. The Elfstones of Shannara

  9. Double Trouble Squared

  10. DragonSong

  11. The Golden Compass

  12. Starswarm

  13. The Secret of Platform 13

  14. Harpy Thyme

  15. Acorna

  16. Howl's Moving Castle

  17. So You Want to Be a Wizard

  18. M'Lady Witch

  19. Dealing with Dragons

  20. The One-Armed Queen

  21. Three Lives to Live

  22. The Lost Years of Merlin

  23. Animorphs

  24. In the Forests of the Night

  25. Circle of Magic

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