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Books Poll: Romance of the Three Kingdoms Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" by BloodPhoenix.

Choose from this list:

Cao Cao - Formed the Wei Kingdom, basically usurped the power of the Emperor. Died without ascending the throne. Indicates that you have a propensity for forwarding your own causes and are willing to lead the way to get them.

Liu Bei - Sworn with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei to restore the Han Dynasty to its former glory. Champion of the people and eventually became Emperor of Shu-Han, which was overcome by Cao Cao's Wei Kingdom. Indicates that you are an apt leader, honorable and just.

Sun Quan - Descendant of Sun Tzu, ruler of the Southlands. Became the Emperor of Wu, which was eventually defeated by the Wei Kingdom. Died of natural causes. Indicates a desire to have more in your life and the ability to strive for it.

Dong Zhuo - Tyrant and usurper of power. Installed a puppet Emperor with help of Lu Bu, whom he took in as a stepson. Was eventually slain by Lu Bu. Indicates a strong desire for personal satisfaction.

Yuan Shao - Leader of the Yuan family and ambitious general. Was routed and absorbed by Cao Cao's forces. Indicates a desire to have more in life, but either not enough willpower or ability to achieve those goals.

Zhang Jue - Mystical leader of the "Way of Peace" which became known as the Yellow Scarf Rebellion. Was defeated by the Allied forces under the Han. Indicates possible leadership material, though you may tend to remain uninvolved with certain aspects of the world around you.

Guan Yu - "Man of the Magnificent Beard" Loyal, Honorable, Fierce. Was feared by all save his allies. Sworn brother to Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. Executed by order of Sun Quan after being captured by Lu Meng. A powerful and possbily tempermental personality, but ultimately honorable.

Zhang Fei - Ferocious but loyal. Sworn brother to Guan Yu and Liu Bei. His drinking caused him to beat his bodyguards, who eventually rose up against him and killed him. May indicate tendancies to feel protective of others.

Zhao Yun - Great general under Liu Bei. Loyal and clever, he served Liu Bei unwaveringly. Extremely brave. Indicates a penchant for intelligence under stress, and the desire to protect and serve loyally.

Dian Wei - "The Coming Evil" Personal bodyguard to Cao Cao. Held off Zhang Xiu's assault long enough to let Cao Cao escape, but was then taken down by multiple arrows. A strong personality, not hindered by norms, and loyal to your cause.

Lu Bu - Simply unstoppable. The greatest warrior of his time. Once fought Liu Bei, Guan Yu AND Zhang Fei to a draw. Adopted son of Dong Zhuo, he eventually came to assassinate the tyrant. Was captured while in a drunken stupor by Cao Cao, and then executed. Indicates a tempermental desire for advancement.

Gan Ning - Former pirate who gave up the life to serve the Wu forces under Sun Quan. Crafty and bold, ready to have fun and show off. Indicative of a loyal, protective personality; one without the trappings of traditional thoughts about good and evil.

Yellow Scarf Rebel - a peasant with the aspirations of rebellion. Serving under the mystical Zhang Jue's "Way of Peace," these rebels ignited what was to become the greatest period of turmoil in China's history. Indicates the propensity to follow strong causes, but is otherwise not easily influenced by trivial matters.

Lesser Commander - Not quite the calibur of a great general of the time, but showing promise to help lead your forces into victory. Indicative of leadership capabilities to an extent, while also willing to follow someone who shows greater potential.

Zhuge Liang - "The Sleeping Dragon" Was the greatest military strategist of the era. Serving Liu Bei after being honored by 3 visits, he continued to uphold the Shu-Han ideals even after Liu Bei's death. Fell prey to overworking himself and died of illness. Indicates a strong desire for knowledge and its applications as well as a well-developed sense of morals.

Zhao Yu - The first Wu Kingdom advisor, crafty but tempermental. Would have been considered the genius of the Age had Zhuge Liang not come out of seclusion to serve Liu Bei. Was overcome by illness. Indicates an intelligence that is infused with occasional bouts of irrationality.

Lu Xun - Young general/advisor that took over for Zhao Yu after his death. While Liu Bei's advisor was away, concocted a plan that routed the Shu-Han forces and gave the South a major victory. Indicates a desire to excel in life beyond what you have currently; intelligent, but not always easily influenced by others.

Sima Yi - Advisor to the Cao family. Vain and powerhungry, the Yi family overthrew the Cao family's hold on the Emperor's throne and formed their own Jin Dynasty. Indicates cunning intelligence and a desire to achieve.

Lesser Advisor - Not quite up to snuff with Lu Xun, Sima Yi or Zhuge Liang, but showing the potential to serve as a junior advisor. Indicates intelligence, but with a desire to provide support as opposed to taking the lead.

Peasant - Farmer, hawker, ditch digger. Living quietly in a hut and letting the world handle itself. Indicates the possibility of a withdrawn attitude or a desire to let things run their course.


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