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''What is my animal DNA?'' personality test
Scientists at University of Queensland, Australia discovered we humans share almost 70 percent of the lowly sea sponges' genes. SelectSmart.com Since Aesop's time and before, literature is full of references to animal characteristics and how they apply to humans. So it's not surprising that our personalities share qualities with particular animals, some more than others. This quiz determines your animal DNA (Dominant Natural Attributes) and tells you which animals most closely share your traits...and vice versa.

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''What is my animal DNA?'' per

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1. What do people notice about your thinking and your brains?
They say I'm clever
They talk about my wisdom
They say I'm inquisitive
My excellent memory is noticed
They say I'm mentally unbalanced
They say I must be intoxicated
When people talk about me, thinking and brains aren't mentioned.
I may not be genius, but I ain't isn't aren't am not stupid!
Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

2. Imagine that you are on a football team, what is primary thing that the coach notice about you?
That I am fast
That I am strong
That I am slow
That I am elusive
I am a team player
That I will chase down an opponent
That I could give a damn.
Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

3. Check your mood right now. Which of the following words describe you?
None of the above
Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

4. Who are you at a party?
The fun-loving one
The shy wallflower
The silent type.
More than silent, the tight-lipped person.
The proud and boastful one.
The sloppy one who spills drinks and food.
The inebriated person.
The unconstrained one that doesn't recognize boundaries
The one who whistles and howls whenever an attractive person passes.
The person who removed their clothes
The good-looking one
Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

5. What will your boss at work most likely say about you?
That I'm industrious
That I'm busy
That I'm lazy
That I'm obstinate
That I'm loyal
That I'm easily distracted
What work?
Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

6. Let's discuss your income level. You are:
I am impoverished
Somewhere in the middle
Well off. I always take more than my share. Got a problem with that?!
Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

7. Which of these terms are people most likely to use to describe you?
That I am well-grounded with my feet firmly planted on the ground
That I soar above my peers. Detractors say I'm flighty.
That I go with the flow.
That I move slowly sliding on a slick layer of mucus.
Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

8. Which of these describe what and how you eat?
I have frequent hunger pangs
I consume my food sloppily and quickly
I am overweight
I am a carnivore
I am an omnivore
I am a vegetarian
Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

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