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Crime selectors, pages, etc.
The 2:24 Tweet
By Donna
July 22, 2022 5:47 pm
Category: Crime

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Trump's 2:24 Tweet is all we need to determine that he was an active participant in the Jan 6th insurrection.

He made that tweet after his crowd of crazed supporters, some armed, broke into the Capitol building chanting "Hang Mike Pence!"

One of the central themes in Trump's address to the crowd that preceded the break-in of the Capitol building was that Mike Pence was to blame for thwarting his crazy plan to stop the certification of the election results.

So at a moment when the Trump was the only one who could have stopped that crazed crowd from hunting down Mike Pence and murdering him, that piece of excrement Donald J. Trump does the opposite and uses the opportunity to continue to blame Mike Pence for ruining his plan to reverse the election results instead of acting like a civilized human being and protecting VP Pence.

From the WSJ:

White House officials described a tweet from then-President Donald Trump as a breaking point that prompted some to decide to resign.

Mr. Trump tweeted at 2:24 p.m., after the riot was under way: “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done.” That was a reference to the vice president’s refusal to block the certification of President Biden’s election win in the joint session of Congress that day.

“The tweet looked to me like the opposite of what we really needed at that moment, which was a deescalation,” Matt Pottinger, Mr. Trump’s former deputy national security adviser, told the committee.

Sarah Matthews, a former White House deputy press secretary, argued that the tweet gave Mr. Trump’s supporters permission to continue their assault on the U.S. Capitol. “It was essentially him giving the green light to these people,” she said, adding that Mr. Trump’s supporters “truly latch on to every tweet and every word he says.”

Both Mr. Pottinger and Ms. Mathews said the tweet prompted them to decide to step down.

The committee played testimony of other officials' reactions to the tweet. “That's a terrible tweet. And I disagreed with the sentiment, and I thought it was wrong,” said former White House counsel Pat Cipollone.

Former press aide Judd Deere said the tweet was “extremely unhelpful. … The scenes at the U.S. Capitol were only getting worse at that point. This was not going to help that.”

Rep. Elaine Luria (D., Va.), a member of the committee, said the violence escalated quickly right after the tweet, and the panel showed video of rioters shouting, throwing objects at police and taking swings at them.

The committee displayed a series of texts among the National Security Council starting at 2:13 p.m. – 11 minutes before Mr. Trump issued the tweet about Mr. Pence.

“Starting to kick in windows at the capitol,” the first message said. By 2:16 p.m., another chat stated “VP being pulled.”

At 2:18 p.m. – six minutes before Mr. Trump’s post – an NSC staffer had said in a chat “decision in the next 2 - 3 mins or they may not be able to move … VP may be stuck at the Capitol.”

The committee then took a short break.

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Comments on "The 2:24 Tweet":

  1. by Donna on July 23, 2022 7:31 am
    Forgot to include the WSJ link in my lead post.

    From TPM:

    In the middle of the mob attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, Donald Trump attacked Mike Pence in a tweet. At that point, we learned Wednesday, Pence and his family had still not been evacuated to a safe location.

    The timestamp on Trump’s tweet, 2:24 p.m. ET, came two minutes before Pence and his wife and daughter were evacuated to a safe location still within the Capitol.

    “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!” Trump tweeted.

    Del. Stacey Plaskett (D-VA) noted the evacuation during the impeachment trial Wednesday.

    “While all of this was going on, Vice President Pence was still in the room near the Senate chamber,” she said. “It wasn’t until 2:26 that he was evacuated to a secure location.”

    Crucially, the Trump attack came after it was clear — to him, to the entire world — that the Capitol was under violent attack by his supporters, the impeachment managers argued.

    “Even when President Trump knew what his words were causing, he didn’t do any of those things to stop the crowd,” Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) said. “In fact, he did the opposite. He fueled the fire.”

    Castro cued up a video clips of rioters seemingly responding to Trump’s tweet: One man read the tweet through a megaphone, others called Pence a “traitor” and a “bitch.” “Mike Pence, we’re coming for you too, you fucking traitor!” one man inside the Capitol said.


    Trump very deliberately egged on people he already whipped into a frenzy about Mike Pence to murder him. There is no other way to interpret that. It was so appalling that that was the moment some of the people who his supporters worked for him at the White House resigned that day. Some were loyalists who worked on his campaign teams.

    None of what Trump did has surprised me.

  2. by Curt_Anderson on July 23, 2022 9:14 am
    Even with my very low estimation of Trump I find it shocking that he would sic a mob onto his own vice president.

    You will occasionally see news stories about somebody attempting to hire a hitman who turns out to be a law enforcement officer. I'm not sure what the crime is, maybe attempted procurement of murder. Whatever it is, Trump is guilty of it.

    The DOJ should add that to their list of chargeable crimes.

  3. by Donna on July 23, 2022 10:05 am
    I agree, Curt.

    Prior to Trump's nomination in 2016, I had read a lot about Trump. Much was written about him long before he ran for president as he has always led a very public life.

    The following is an excerpt from an article by Conor Friedersdorf entitled "Donald Trump's Cruel Streak; For decades, the candidate has willfully inflicted pain and humiliation" that was published by The Atlantic on 9/26/16 (link at bottom). Excerpt:

    In 1999, the family patriarch died, and 650 people, including many real estate executives and politicians, crowded his funeral at Marble Collegiate Church on Fifth Avenue. But the drama was hardly put to rest. Freddy’s son, Fred III, spoke at the funeral, and that night, his wife went into labor with their son, who developed seizures that led to cerebral palsy. The Trump family promised that it would take care of the medical bills.

    Then came the unveiling of Fred Sr.’s will, which Donald had helped draft. It divided the bulk of the inheritance, at least $20 million, among his children and their descendants, “other than my son Fred C. Trump Jr.” Freddy’s children sued, claiming that an earlier version of the will had entitled them to their father’s share of the estate, but that Donald and his siblings had used “undue influence” over their grandfather, who had dementia, to cut them out. A week later, Mr. Trump retaliated by withdrawing the medical benefits critical to his nephew’s infant child.

    “I was angry because they sued,” he explained during last week’s interview.

    I have to ask again.

    What kind of billionaire withdraws the health insurance of an infant with cerebral palsy in a fit of pique? A person comfortable being cruel to others. “This was so shocking, so disappointing and so vindictive,” his niece Lisa Trump said at the time.

    I could talk about Trump being cruel to others for another 20,000 words. But deep down, even many Trump supporters already know this truth about the man they’re supporting. They’re just so acclimated to his cruelty that they’ve stopped noticing it.

    Enough. Wake up. Look at this man with fresh eyes.

    People disagree about the ideal traits to have in a leader. But almost no one wants a president who has proven himself an addict to being cruel, mean-spirited, and spiteful. For decades, Trump has been deliberately cruel to others, often in the most public ways. He behaves this way flagrantly, showing no sign of shame or reflection.

    What kind of person still acts that way at 70? A bad person.

    It is that simple.

    Giving a cruel man power and expecting that he won’t use it to inflict cruelty is madness. To vote for Trump, knowing all of this, is to knowingly empower cruelty.

    Better to recoil in disgust.

  4. by HatetheSwamp on July 24, 2022 7:56 am


    Trump is despicable. pb's always said that. More lately, pbs refined his assessment to, Trump's an arrogant, narcissistic SOB.

    I watched FOX NEWS SUNDAY earlier today. Newt was on the panel and he said something insightful when the conversation was on the J6 Committee (paraphrased roughly):

    The fact that so many ignore the Committee has very little to do with Trump, but millions of people see the existence of a elite in this city (DC). They see this city as evil and the way this Committee operates is proof of that evil.

    When pb couldn't register as pb on SS Post, he chose, HatetheSwamp, in a matter of seconds, with no careful thought but, looking back? As po'd say, WHAT EFFIN BRILLIANCE!

    pb caught the spirit of the times.

    It's becoming clear, to me anyway, that the Swamp, through your beloved J6 Committee, is herding cats.

    Trump's crowds are larger and more boisterous than ever and, while pb thinks that Trump is an arrogant, narcissistic SOB, he's like millions: HatetheSwamp!

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