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Member-Created Multiple Choice Selectors
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1Multi-Choice SelectorObey Me Compatibility Quiz
2Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Sonic Character are you quiz
3Multi-Choice SelectorWhat Minecraft Mob are you?
4Multi-Choice SelectorWhich Yakuza character are you? (Yakuza 0)
Member-Created Yes/No Selectors
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1Yes/No SelectorWhich Genshin Impact Character are you most like?
2Yes/No SelectorWhat Color Yoshi Are You?
3Yes/No Selectorgenshin impact kin assignment
4Yes/No SelectorWhat SNK character are you?
5Yes/No SelectorWhat 'Mystic Messenger' Character are you?
6Yes/No SelectorWhich Megaman Are You?
7Yes/No SelectorWhich Genshin Impact Character are you most like? (Revised)
8Yes/No SelectorWhich Legend of Dragoon Character are you?
9Yes/No SelectorBest RPG for you
10Yes/No SelectorWho of Genshin Impact are you most like?
11Yes/No SelectorWhich Legend of Zelda Character Are You?
12Yes/No SelectorWhich Super Smash Bros. Character Are You?
13Yes/No SelectorMetal Gear Name Generator
14Yes/No SelectorWhat Navi Would You Be?
15Yes/No SelectorSSBM Character Selector
16Yes/No SelectorThe Super Smash Bros: Melee Personality Test
17Yes/No SelectorWhat Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monster are you most like?
18Yes/No SelectorWhich Tekken 3 Character Are You?
19Yes/No SelectorWhat Super Smash Bros. Melee Character Are You?
20Yes/No SelectorWhich Evil Mortal Kombat Character are YOU?
21Yes/No SelectorWhich Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character Are You?
22Yes/No SelectorWhich Lunar dragon are you?
23Yes/No SelectorWhat ''Persona 4'' Main persona are you?
24Yes/No SelectorWhat style of video game is right for you?
25Yes/No SelectorWhat video game should you play
26Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII-VIII Personality Test!
27Yes/No SelectorWhat Resident Evil Character are you?
28Yes/No SelectorWhat Crash Bandicoot Character Are You?
29Yes/No SelectorWhich Video Game System are you?
30Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy 6 Character are you most like?
31Yes/No SelectorVideo Game Selector
32Yes/No SelectorWhich Mario character are you?
33Yes/No SelectorWhich Epilogue Character Are You Most Like?
34Yes/No SelectorSonic Character Selector
35Yes/No SelectorWhich Samurai Warriors character are you?
36Yes/No SelectorWhat RPG Sprite are you?
37Yes/No SelectorWhich Kingdom Hearts character are you?
38Yes/No SelectorWhat Video game character are you?
39Yes/No SelectorFFF - Final Fantasy Females
40Yes/No SelectorWho should be your Final Fantasy lover?
41Yes/No SelectorWhich Video Game Character Are you like?
42Yes/No SelectorSuper Smash Bros. Melee Selector
43Yes/No SelectorSoul Calibur 2 Character Selector
44Yes/No SelectorWhich Twilight character are you?
45Yes/No SelectorMortal Kombat Character Selector
46Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy 9 Character are you most like?
47Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII Personality Quiz
48Yes/No SelectorWhat Disgaea character are you?
49Yes/No SelectorWhich Zelda character are you most like?
50Yes/No SelectorAnos 80 - Quem era você?
51Yes/No Selectorfamily guy character selector test
52Yes/No SelectorSoul Calibur 2 & 3 Personality Quiz
53Yes/No SelectorWhich Legend of Zelda Character are you?
54Yes/No SelectorWhich Fire Emblem:The Sacred Stones class are you?
55Yes/No SelectorMetal Gear Series Characters
56Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 10 Character Selector
57Yes/No SelectorWhich Fire Emblem 3 Character are YOU?
58Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Femme
59Yes/No SelectorHow Long Would You Survive in a Survival Horror Game?
60Yes/No SelectorWhat Harvest Moon Character are you?
61Yes/No SelectorResident Evil Character Selector
62Yes/No SelectorWhat Kirby character are you?
63Yes/No SelectorStreet Fighter Personality Test
64Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VIII Female Selector
65Yes/No SelectorResident Evil Selector
66Yes/No SelectorZelda Game Selector
67Yes/No SelectorWhich fire emblem character are you.
68Yes/No SelectorThe Final Fantasy Character Compatability Quiz
69Yes/No SelectorWhat Star Ocean 2 Character Do You Act Like?
70Yes/No SelectorWhich Castlevania Character Are You?
71Yes/No SelectorWhat Minecraft Mob are You?
72Yes/No SelectorPhoenix Wright Character Selector
73Yes/No SelectorHalo Character Selector
74Yes/No SelectorWhich video game character are you?
75Yes/No SelectorWhich Purple Moon Rockett's World Character are You?
76Yes/No SelectorWhat Zelda Character Are You Really?
77Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy girl should you marry?
78Yes/No SelectorMetal Gear Solid Code Name (Part 1: Expertise)
79Yes/No SelectorResident Evil Match Quiz (for Guys)
80Yes/No SelectorWhat Earthbound Character are YOU?
81Yes/No SelectorWhat Kind of Video Game are you?
82Yes/No SelectorMetal Gear Solid Code Name (Part 2: Animal)
83Yes/No SelectorPaper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Character Selector
84Yes/No SelectorWhat Video Game Character Are You?
85Yes/No SelectorWhich Samurai Showdown character are you?
86Yes/No SelectorSonic the Hedgehog Character Selector
87Yes/No SelectorPicking a video game type
88Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VIII Squall/Seifer Selector
89Yes/No SelectorWhich Tekken character are you?
91Yes/No SelectorWhat Zelda Race Are You?
92Yes/No SelectorWhat Crash Bandicoot Character Are You???
93Yes/No SelectorWhich JSRF character are you?
94Yes/No SelectorPS2 Action/Adventure game selector
95Yes/No SelectorSquaresoft Guys - Pick your ideal mate!
96Yes/No SelectorWho is your 'Legend of Zelda' Girlfriend?
97Yes/No SelectorWhat Video/Computer Game Character are you?
98Yes/No SelectorWhat Video/Computer Game Character are you?
99Yes/No SelectorWhich Valkyrie Profile Character are You?
100Yes/No SelectorPSX RPG selector
101Yes/No SelectorConsole Game
102Yes/No SelectorVideo Game Villains
103Yes/No SelectorWhat Sonic the Hedgehog Character are you?
104Yes/No SelectorWhat Sim would you be?
105Yes/No SelectorThe Harvest Moon 64 Girls Selector
106Yes/No SelectorWhich Guitar Hero II Playable Character Are You?
107Yes/No SelectorWhat Tales of Phantasia Character Are You Like?
108Yes/No SelectorEverQuest Class Selector
109Yes/No SelectorSimilarties: Which Final Fantasy Character Are You Like?
110Yes/No SelectorWhich resident evil 4 character are you like?
111Yes/No SelectorUltimate RPG Match-Maker
112Yes/No SelectorPaper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Boss Selector
113Yes/No SelectorWhich Blood Omen 2 character are you?
114Yes/No SelectorWhich Super Mario character are you?
115Yes/No SelectorWhat StarCraft character are you?
116Yes/No Selectorwhat tales of symphonia character are you?
117Yes/No SelectorPuyo Puyo Character Selector
118Yes/No SelectorSonic the Hedgehog Personality Quiz
119Yes/No SelectorStarFox64 Character Selector
120Yes/No SelectorFF7 Female Character Personality Test
121Yes/No SelectorThe Resident Evil Movie Character Test
122Yes/No SelectorWhich Deus Ex Character are You?
123Yes/No SelectorWhich Devil May Cry demon are you?
124Yes/No SelectorIf you were a unique item from Diablo, which one would you be?
125Yes/No SelectorStreet Fighter Character Quiz
126Yes/No SelectorWhich RPG character are YOU?
127Yes/No SelectorWhat Video Game Character Are You?
128Yes/No SelectorWhich Yellow/Red/Blue Pokemon are you?
129Yes/No SelectorVideo Game Characters selector
130Yes/No SelectorWhich Pokemon would you be?
131Yes/No SelectorWhich Golden Sun Character are you Quiz
132Yes/No SelectorWho's Your 'Legend of Zelda' Boyfriend?
133Yes/No SelectorNext Gen Console Selector
134Yes/No SelectorWhich TF2 class are you?
135Yes/No SelectorWhich Resident Evil Girl are you most like?
136Yes/No SelectorJ-J-J-JET SET RADIO? Who in Tokyo-To are you?
137Yes/No SelectorPhantasy Star Character Selector
138Yes/No SelectorWhich Kingdom Hearts 2 Character are You?
139Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy Character Are You Most Like?
140Yes/No SelectorWhich Pokemon game should you choose?
141Yes/No SelectorWhich Squaresoft Video Game Character Are You?
142Yes/No SelectorWhich Professor Layton character are you?
143Yes/No SelectorWhich Triforce Would You Get?
144Yes/No SelectorWhich Video Game Character are you most like
145Yes/No Selectorwhat sonic character are you? (sonic hero's-sonic unleashed characters only!)
146Yes/No SelectorFinal fantasy Turks character
147Yes/No SelectorWhich Civ 4 Leader?
148Yes/No SelectorWhat Monster Rancher 2 monster are you?
149Yes/No SelectorVideo Game Personality Selector
150Yes/No SelectorWhich video game character are you?
151Yes/No SelectorWhat WOW class are you?
152Yes/No SelectorWhich Max Payne Character are You?
154Yes/No SelectorWhat Video Game Char Would You Date?
155Yes/No SelectorWhat is your favorite yaoi couple type?
156Yes/No SelectorWhich PS2 Game you would most like?
157Yes/No SelectorFF7: Turks
158Yes/No SelectorWhich Genshin Impact Character are you most like? (Revised)
159Yes/No SelectorWhich Console best suits you?
160Yes/No SelectorWhich Syphon Filter Series character are YOU like?
161Yes/No SelectorHalo Combat Evolved Character Quiz
162Yes/No SelectorWhat video game console to buy?
163Yes/No SelectorWhich DOA character are you like?
164Yes/No SelectorWhich Phantasy Star 4 Character are you most like?
165Yes/No SelectorWhat's YOUR best Final Fantasy weapon?
166Yes/No SelectorNext-Generation Console Selector
167Yes/No SelectorWhat Game Company Are You
168Yes/No SelectorQué personaje de la sere de Videojuego de Mario Bros. eres? (Spanish)
169Yes/No SelectorFF7 Male Personality
170Yes/No SelectorVideo Game Selector 2001
171Yes/No SelectorWhich Super Smash Bros Brawl character are you best at truly
172Yes/No SelectorTekken Test
173Yes/No SelectorWhich Bully Clique would you probably belong in?
174Yes/No SelectorWhich Legend of Zelda character or monster are you
175Yes/No SelectorQual personagem do Aow Shard que você mais se identifica?
176Yes/No SelectorPsychic Force 2012 Character Slector
177Yes/No SelectorValkyrie profile test
178Yes/No SelectorVideo Game Character
179Yes/No SelectorWhich Megaman Character Are You?
180Yes/No SelectorWhich Thief character are you?
181Yes/No SelectorWhich Suikoden III character are you?
182Yes/No SelectorEarth Bound Character Test
183Yes/No SelectorMario Personality Test
184Yes/No SelectorWhat Jumi Are You?
185Yes/No SelectorWhich Skies of Arcadia character are you?
186Yes/No SelectorDream Sphere Presents...FF7 CHARACTER TEST!!!!
187Yes/No SelectorWhich Battlefield 2 Kit is right for you?
188Yes/No SelectorThe Wind Waker Character Quiz
189Yes/No SelectorAnimal Crossing Personality Quiz
190Yes/No SelectorWhich kind of Koopa are you?
191Yes/No Selectorvideo game creatures....
192Yes/No SelectorWhich Pikmin creature are you?
193Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 4 Character Personality Test
194Yes/No SelectorWhich Suikoden IV character are you?
195Yes/No SelectorElemental Knight Personality Test
196Yes/No SelectorWhat first-person shooter is best for you?
197Yes/No SelectorWhich King of Fighters Character are you?
198Yes/No SelectorDoll Princess Quiz
199Yes/No SelectorWhat DBZ character is most like you?
200Yes/No SelectorResident Evil Personality quiz
201Yes/No SelectorRiver City Ransom Gang Selector
202Yes/No SelectorKirby Character Test
203Yes/No SelectorWhat Guilty Gear Guy Are You?
204Yes/No Selectorwhich starter pokemon are you
205Yes/No SelectorChrono Trigger Character Selector
206Yes/No Selector¿Que personaje Del tekken3 eres?
207Yes/No SelectorWhich Ocarina of Time character are YOU?
208Yes/No SelectorCastlevania Personality test
209Yes/No SelectorWhich Fire Pokemon are you?
210Yes/No SelectorKs Capcom/SNK character selector!
211Yes/No SelectorMegaMan X Character Selector
212Yes/No SelectorGrand Theft Auto 3 Character Selector
213Yes/No SelectorLegend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time female character selector
214Yes/No SelectorMajora's Mask Character Selector
215Yes/No SelectorMetal Gear Guy Selector
216Yes/No SelectorWhat Mortal Kombat warrior are you?
217Yes/No SelectorQue personaje de Chrono Cross eres?
218Yes/No SelectorMagic Video Game Characters
219Yes/No SelectorEverQuest Race Selector
220Yes/No SelectorWhich Tama Are You?
221Yes/No SelectorVideo Game Villain Selector
222Yes/No Selectorwhich video game series do you like??
223Yes/No SelectorWhich Anime Character would you be???
224Yes/No SelectorWhat Sonic R Character are you most like?
225Yes/No SelectorParappa the Rapper/Lammy Character Selector
226Yes/No SelectorWhich Smash Character are YOU?
227Yes/No SelectorThe Paper Mario Character Thingy
228Yes/No SelectorWhat video game charactor are you?
229Yes/No SelectorWhich Tamrielic Race Are You?
230Yes/No SelectorThreads of Fate Charactars
231Yes/No Selectorvideo game character personality test!
232Yes/No SelectorWhich kick-ass main character are you?
233Yes/No SelectorWhat Skies Of Arcadia Character Are You?
234Yes/No SelectorWhat Evil Video Game Character are you?
235Yes/No SelectorWhat RPG Class Are You?
236Yes/No SelectorCual es tu color de elemento?
237Yes/No SelectorWhich Megaman Boss Character Are You?
238Yes/No SelectorWho are you like in ''Rudra no Hihou'' (Rudra's Secret Treasure).
239Yes/No SelectorWhich Dragon Quest 8 character are you?
240Yes/No SelectorWhich Resident Evil 1 Character Are You?
241Yes/No SelectorTenshi Ishhi Personality Test
242Yes/No SelectorVideo Game System Selector
243Yes/No SelectorWhich Suikoden character are you most like?
244Yes/No SelectorWhat Role Playing personality suits you best?
245Yes/No SelectorWhat's Your Dance Dance Revolution Theme Song?
246Yes/No SelectorWhich Megaman Are You?
247Yes/No SelectorWhich Megaman Boss are you?
248Yes/No SelectorSSB:M Character Selector.
249Yes/No SelectorThe Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker character selector
250Yes/No SelectorHENTAI
251Yes/No SelectorThe Bio-Organic Weapon Quiz
252Yes/No SelectorWhich Chrono Cross female personality type are you?
253Yes/No SelectorWhich Rival Schools Character(boy) Are You???
254Yes/No SelectorThe Harvest Moon AWL Girl Selector
255Yes/No SelectorYour Perfect GTA Game
256Yes/No SelectorWhich Kya Dark Lineage character are you?
257Yes/No SelectorWhich Ocarina of Time Temple Sage Are You?
258Yes/No SelectorWhich Donkey Kong 64 Character Are You?
259Yes/No SelectorWhat Evil Zone Character Are You?
260Yes/No SelectorWhat Type of Video Gamer are you?
261Yes/No Selectorwhich dragon ball z character are you
262Yes/No SelectorWhat Sonic Adventure 2-Battle Character Are You Most Like?
263Yes/No SelectorGTA V personality test!
264Yes/No SelectorWhat Anime Character Are U Similar To?
265Yes/No SelectorWhich Evil Megaman Boss Are You?
266Yes/No SelectorVideo Games and You!
267Yes/No SelectorWhat Warcraft II character are you?
268Yes/No SelectorStar Fox Adventures Character Selector
269Yes/No SelectorWhich Legend of Zelda character are you?
270Yes/No SelectorWay of the samurai personality test
271Yes/No SelectorWhich Tales of Destiny Character are you?
272Yes/No SelectorWhich Warcraft class are you?
273Yes/No SelectorWhat's Ur Faveorite Videogames Console??
274Yes/No SelectorSilhouette Mirage Selector
275Yes/No Selectorwhat lunar 2 character are you?
276Yes/No SelectorWhich Darkstalker Most Applies To YOU
277Yes/No SelectorWhat Old-School Nintendo Character Are You?
278Yes/No SelectorWho are you in TS2?
279Yes/No SelectorTales of Symphonia Quiz
280Yes/No Selector¿A qué personaje masculino de Rival Schools te pareces?
281Yes/No SelectorWhich Mega Man Legends Character Are You?
282Yes/No SelectorBloody Roar 2 Character selector
283Yes/No Selectorwhat brawl character are you?
284Yes/No SelectorMetroid Prime Hunters Character Selector
285Yes/No Selectorwhat item are you in the N64 zelda games?
286Yes/No SelectorKingdom Hearts Personality Test
287Yes/No SelectorDragon Quest III Class Selector
288Yes/No Selector:: The Um Jammer Lammy Character Selector ::
289Yes/No SelectorThe Discworld MUD Guild Selector
290Yes/No Selectorwhich jak and daxter charter r u?
291Yes/No SelectorWhich Okage: shadow king character are you most like?
292Yes/No SelectorChrono Trigger Personality Quiz
293Yes/No SelectorWhich Kingdom Hearts character are you?
294Yes/No SelectorWhat Suikoden Hero are you??
295Yes/No SelectorWho's your KOF man?
296Yes/No SelectorDonkey Kong Country character quiz
297Yes/No SelectorWhat weapon do you use?
298Yes/No SelectorVirtua Fighter 2 Character Selector
299Yes/No SelectorWhich person from any Zelda game would you be?
300Yes/No SelectorLegend of Zelda Personality Selector
301Yes/No SelectorTekken 4-Dark Resurrection Character
302Yes/No SelectorGRAND THEFT AUTO: san andreas and vice city
303Yes/No SelectorThe Puyo Puyo Game Test
304Yes/No SelectorGuilty Gear/X Character Selector
305Yes/No SelectorWhich Region Should you live in?
306Yes/No SelectorWhat Zelda character is your personality most like?
307Yes/No SelectorWhat type of video game character are you-innocent or mischievous?
308Yes/No SelectorWhich Sonic character are you?
309Yes/No SelectorWhich Legion Saga character are you most like?
310Yes/No SelectorWhat Everquest (tm) class would you be?
311Yes/No Selector¿A quíen te pareces de Rival Schools: Project Justice?
312Yes/No SelectorAre you a Yoshi, Sonic, Mario, or others?
313Yes/No SelectorRiviera/Yggdra Union Element Selector
314Yes/No SelectorAre you an avid gamer?
315Yes/No SelectorWhat Navi Would You Be?
316Yes/No SelectorWhat Mario charecter are you most like?
317Yes/No SelectorWhat Clock Tower 3 Character are you?
318Yes/No SelectorPokemon character compatiblity
319Yes/No SelectorSoul Calibur 2 Character Test
320Yes/No Selectorgames console selector
321Yes/No SelectorSuper Smash Bros Melee Character Selector
322Yes/No SelectorWhat Star Fox char are you?
323Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Dating Service!
324Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy or Dragon Ball Z
325Yes/No SelectorJet Set Radio Deluxe Character Test
326Yes/No SelectorThe Sonic Character Selector
327Yes/No SelectorWhich DDR character are you?
328Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy 10 Character are you?
329Yes/No SelectorWhat EVIL Final Fantasy character are you (1-10)
330Yes/No SelectorWhat Legend of Zelda character are you?
331Yes/No SelectorMilkCan Groupie or Hip Hop Master??
332Yes/No SelectorWhat Septerra Core Character Are You?
333Yes/No SelectorXtaku: Yea, or Nay?
334Yes/No SelectorWhat Tales of Destiny Character are you?
335Yes/No SelectorMetal Gear Solid 2 character selector
336Yes/No SelectorSonic Adventure character personality selector
337Yes/No SelectorWhat Guilty Gear Gal Are You?
338Yes/No SelectorAge of Empires Military Unit Selector
339Yes/No SelectorSonic the Hedgehog Selector
340Yes/No SelectorSuikoden 1 selector
341Yes/No SelectorPersona 2 Character Selector
342Yes/No SelectorWho tekken 3 Character are you?
343Yes/No SelectorWhat Bloody Roar Character Are You?
344Yes/No SelectorOnline gamers personality quiz
345Yes/No SelectorWhat Female Chrono Cross character are you?
346Yes/No SelectorWhich Terranigma Character Are You?
347Yes/No SelectorWhich L Position Suikoden 2 Character are you?
348Yes/No SelectorWhat Chao Are You?
349Yes/No SelectorFF3 Character Personality Test
350Yes/No SelectorWhat Resident Evil Character Are You? (15 characters)
351Yes/No SelectorWhich Suikoden 1 Character Are You? (for girls)
352Yes/No SelectorDead or Alive Girl Selector
353Yes/No SelectorStreet Fighter Alpha personality
354Yes/No SelectorWhich Laguna Loire Are YOU?
355Yes/No SelectorChao Quiz
356Yes/No SelectorWhich Suikoden Strategist are you?
357Yes/No SelectorWhat Oddworld creature are you?
358Yes/No SelectorDiablo II: What kind of character would you be best at?
359Yes/No SelectorWhich Sonic Character Are You?
360Yes/No SelectorWhat Donkey Kong Character are you?
361Yes/No SelectorKingdom Hearts Character Selector
362Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy game is the best for you?
363Yes/No Selectorratchet and clank character selector
364Yes/No SelectorWhich Spyro The Dragon character are you?
365Yes/No SelectorWhich Tetris Shape Are You?
366Yes/No SelectorWhat Xenosaga Character Are You?
367Yes/No SelectorWhich Pokemon are you?
368Yes/No SelectorWhat's Your Ideal BattleMech?
369Yes/No SelectorWhat's Your Strongest Ideya?
370Yes/No SelectorThe Tek Select
371Yes/No SelectorOgre Battle 64 Character Selector
372Yes/No SelectorDarkness, Inc. Personality Test
373Yes/No SelectorCharaboms Selector
374Yes/No SelectorKSRPG Character Type Selector
375Yes/No SelectorWhich Sonic Hero Are you?
376Yes/No SelectorDBZ and Final Fantasy charecters
377Yes/No SelectorWhat MegaMan 7 Boss Character Are You Most Like?
378Yes/No SelectorRPG game that best suits you
379Yes/No SelectorQual personagem do Star Ocean Second Story vc é?
380Yes/No SelectorWhich Killfrog Character are you?
381Yes/No SelectorUm Jammer Lammy character selector
382Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy girl are you?
383Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 7 personality quiz
384Yes/No SelectorWhich Resident Evil character are you???
385Yes/No SelectorWhat colored Jewel Chao are YOU?
386Yes/No SelectorFind out Your Element
387Yes/No SelectorAre YOU a Final Fantasy VII master?
388Yes/No SelectorNintendo Villains quiz.
389Yes/No SelectorSuper Smash Bros. Melee!
390Yes/No SelectorLegend of Dragoon Personality Test
391Yes/No SelectorWhat Seiken Densetsu 3 Character Are You
392Yes/No SelectorFamous Game Series
393Yes/No SelectorClock Tower 3 character selector
394Yes/No SelectorWhich Secret of Mana Spirit are you?
395Yes/No SelectorWhich Xenogears villain are you?
396Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Villain Selector
397Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy on the PSX would you fit into best?
398Yes/No SelectorVideo game selector
399Yes/No SelectorWhat Starcraft Broodwar Defense Map Are You?
400Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Tactics Character Selector
401Yes/No Selectorwhich ssx character are you?
402Yes/No SelectorBloody Roar 1-3 Zoanthrope Character Selector
403Yes/No SelectorElements
404Yes/No Selectorwhat gta character are you???
405Yes/No SelectorStretch Panic Character Selector
406Yes/No SelectorWhich Grand Theft Auto 3 Island Would You Be Most At Home On?
407Yes/No SelectorWhat Chao are you like?
408Yes/No Selectorwitch digimon would be the best partner for you
409Yes/No SelectorWho is your Advance Wars DS character
410Yes/No SelectorPower Stone Character Selector
411Yes/No SelectorKirby Character Selector
412Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Character Test
413Yes/No SelectorFF7Lover
414Yes/No SelectorWhich Starfox: Dinosaur Planet Character Are You?
415Yes/No SelectorWhat SA2B Character Are You?
416Yes/No SelectorSnatcher Character Quiz
417Yes/No SelectorMark of the Wolves
418Yes/No SelectorWho matches your Personality?
419Yes/No SelectorRockman Character Selector!
420Yes/No SelectorThe Triforce Selector
421Yes/No SelectorVirtual On: Cybertroopers Character Selector
422Yes/No SelectorCrash Match Personality Selector
423Yes/No SelectorThe Um Jammer Lammy Character Selector #2
424Yes/No SelectorWhich Street Fighter are you?
425Yes/No SelectorDevil May Cry Character Selector
426Yes/No SelectorTales of Destiny character selector
427Yes/No SelectorStarcraft Broodwar Unit Selector
428Yes/No SelectorResident Evil Code Veronica Character Selector
429Yes/No SelectorNintendo Character Selector
430Yes/No SelectorWhich Rival Schools school are you in?
431Yes/No SelectorWhich Sonic The Hedgehog Character Are You???
432Yes/No SelectorWhat Mario Character are you?
433Yes/No SelectorResident Evil Online Quiz
434Yes/No SelectorWhat FF4 Survivor character are you?
435Yes/No SelectorLegend of Zelda- female character
436Yes/No SelectorWhich Suikoden2 Guy is right for you?
437Yes/No Selectorwhat the legend of zelda character are you?
438Yes/No SelectorDDR Freak .. or not?
439Yes/No SelectorWhich Harvest Moon Girl Are You?
440Yes/No SelectorDark Souls Character Selector
441Yes/No SelectorWho's Your Iron Fist?
442Yes/No SelectorRed Alert 3 Quiz
443Yes/No SelectorWhat A Raichu's Tale Character are YOU?
444Yes/No SelectorWhich Zelda Series Characters Are Most Like You?
445Yes/No SelectorCom qual personagem de Ultima 1-7 você se parece?
446Yes/No SelectorShizuma's Amazingly Adequate Xenogears Character Selector
447Yes/No SelectorBloody Roar 2
448Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 7/8/9 Character Selector
449Yes/No SelectorWhat Iconic RPG World Map Theme Are You?
450Yes/No SelectorWhich Grandia character are you like the most?
451Yes/No SelectorWhich Weaponlord Character Are You?
452Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy V Characters
453Yes/No SelectorWhich Shadow Age Character Are You?
454Yes/No SelectorWhat Final Fantasy VIII Monster Are You?
455Yes/No SelectorKlonoa:Lunatea's Veil character selector!
456Yes/No SelectorXenogears Personality Test
457Yes/No SelectorWho's your KOF lady
458Yes/No SelectorWhich Nintendo character are you?
459Yes/No SelectorWhich Deus Ex Character Are You?
460Yes/No SelectorPaper Mario Selector
461Yes/No SelectorWhat Ninja Turtle Character are you?
462Yes/No SelectorValkyrie profile character
463Yes/No SelectorWhich sonic Character are you supposed to be?
464Yes/No SelectorDance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Character Quiz
465Yes/No SelectorWhich character are you from The Legend of Zelda: The Heart of Evil?
466Yes/No SelectorWhich Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure 2 Character are you?
467Yes/No Selectorfinal fantasy villan
468Yes/No SelectorClock Tower 3 character selector
469Yes/No SelectorLegend of Dragoon Quiz
470Yes/No SelectorWhat Zelda Character Are You?
471Yes/No SelectorWalthros Character Selector
472Yes/No SelectorBully personality test!
473Yes/No SelectorSonic Characters Quiz
474Yes/No SelectorCrash Bandicoot Character Selector
475Yes/No SelectorSuper Smash Bros Melee
476Yes/No SelectorLunar 2: Eternal Blue Character Selector
477Yes/No SelectorDoes Ross like me?
478Yes/No SelectorChapino Fandom
479Yes/No SelectorWhich resident evil character are you?
480Yes/No SelectorConoce tu color innato
481Yes/No SelectorWhich BOTVGHer are you? 2002 Edition
482Yes/No SelectorWho Would Be Your RPG Man?
483Yes/No SelectorSonic Adventure 1 and 2 Character Test
484Yes/No SelectorWhich Zelda Character are you?
485Yes/No SelectorWhat Nintendo Charecter are u?
486Yes/No SelectorWhich Mega Man Character Are You Most Like?
487Yes/No SelectorStreet Fighter
488Yes/No SelectorWhich Final Fantasy 9 character are you most like?
489Yes/No SelectorDiablo II character selector of doom
490Yes/No SelectorWhich Megaman Character are you?
491Yes/No SelectorWhich Grandia II Character Are You?
492Yes/No SelectorFrom Aeris to Vincent - Which FF7 character are you?
493Yes/No SelectorFF Quiz
494Yes/No SelectorWhich Epilogue Character Are You Most Like?
495Yes/No SelectorDynasty Warrior Character
496Yes/No Selectorwhich top 15 video game character are you?
497Yes/No SelectorEverquest class
498Yes/No SelectorWhat MegaMan Soul Are You?
499Yes/No SelectorOcarina of Time
500Yes/No SelectorWhich Street Fighter Vixen Wants To Spar You?
501Yes/No SelectorWhat ToS charecter are you?
502Yes/No SelectorWhich SMRPG character are you most like?
503Yes/No SelectorParasite Eve Character Selector
504Yes/No SelectorResident Evil villain choser
505Yes/No SelectorWhat Chrono Trigger character are you most like?
506Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy class selector
507Yes/No SelectorWhat character from the EverQuest RPG are you most like?
508Yes/No SelectorZelda Game Selector
509Yes/No SelectorCastleVania Quiz
510Yes/No SelectorMonkey Island Character Selector.
511Yes/No SelectorSaGa Frontier Characters
512Yes/No SelectorWhat class would YOU be in the FF world?
513Yes/No SelectorWhat Mario Character are you like?
514Yes/No SelectorWhich character from the Mega Man X series would you be?
515Yes/No SelectorWhat Navi Are You?
516Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Character Class
517Yes/No SelectorChrono Cross Female Selector
518Yes/No SelectorWhich Legend of The Gems Chracter are you?
519Yes/No SelectorMario Character Test
520Yes/No SelectorWhich Super Smash Brothers Melee Charecter is right for you
521Yes/No SelectorGolden Sun Character Selector
522Yes/No SelectorWhat Uscit character are YOU?
523Yes/No SelectorWhich Metal Demon is YOUR long lost twin?
524Yes/No SelectorWho the hell are you?
525Yes/No SelectorWhat SSBM Character are you?
526Yes/No SelectorWhat Dungeon Siege Monster are you most like?
527Yes/No SelectorWhat Version should I run?
528Yes/No SelectorWhich triforce are you going to get?
529Yes/No SelectorWhat Resident Evil Character Are You?
530Yes/No SelectorDead or alive Selector
531Yes/No SelectorBloody Roar: Primal Fury Character Selector
532Yes/No SelectorWhich Elemental Spirit are you?
533Yes/No SelectorSoul Calibur Characters
534Yes/No SelectorWho should you use on super smash brothers melee?
535Yes/No SelectorHarvest Moon Back to Nature Chick finder
536Yes/No SelectorWhat megaman hero are you?
537Yes/No SelectorWhich MM Character are you?
538Yes/No SelectorFinal fantasy character fav
539Yes/No SelectorNintendo Character
540Yes/No SelectorChrono Cross Female Character Selector
541Yes/No SelectorNintendo Mascot Selector
542Yes/No SelectorANOTHER Um Jammer Lammy Selector
543Yes/No Selectorwhat zelda character would you best be in a relationship with?
544Yes/No SelectorWhich Sexy Gym Leader/Elite/...sexmonster are you? :D
545Yes/No SelectorWhich Goldeneye Weapon Suits You
546Yes/No SelectorChrono Cross Female Character Selector
547Yes/No SelectorKoF2K1 Females
548Yes/No SelectorWhich character in a RPG are you?
549Yes/No SelectorYour Zelda character
550Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII character selector
551Yes/No SelectorLunar Compatibility Test
552Yes/No SelectorWhat Civ IV Traits Do You Have?
553Yes/No SelectorWhich Super Smash Melee character are you!?
554Yes/No SelectorWich Star Fox character is you most alike?
555Yes/No SelectorWhich Um Jammer Lammy female are you most like?
556Yes/No SelectorDance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Song
557Yes/No SelectorWhich Super Smash Bros. Melee Character Are You?
558Yes/No SelectorWhat color are you?
559Yes/No SelectorFirst Person Shooter
560Yes/No SelectorMario character selecter
561Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Character Selector
562Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VIII Dating Game
563Yes/No SelectorWhat GOJ are you?
564Yes/No SelectorGrandia II Quiz
565Yes/No SelectorWhich Star Ocean 2 Character are you?
566Yes/No SelectorPop'n Music Deuil Selector
567Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy X Personality Test
568Yes/No SelectorSecret of Mana Elemental Selector Test, For Some Reason
569Yes/No SelectorMega Man 8 Robot Master
571Yes/No SelectorThe Classic Final Fantasy Enemy Test
572Yes/No SelectorWhat Ragnarok 1-1 job suits best your playing style?
573Yes/No Selectordynasty/samurai warriors test
574Yes/No SelectorSonic
575Yes/No SelectorWhich Adept Are You?
576Yes/No SelectorWhich Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
577Yes/No SelectorWhich Metal Gear Character Are You???
578Yes/No Selectorthe best sonic character for U
579Yes/No SelectorResident Evil 2 and 3
580Yes/No Selectorshrek slam
581Yes/No SelectorWhich Monster are you from Disgaea ?
582Yes/No SelectorWhat Chrono Trigger Character are you?
583Yes/No SelectorResident Evil Weapon
584Yes/No SelectorWhich SaGa Frontier Main Character are You?
585Yes/No SelectorChrono Trigger Time Period Selector
586Yes/No SelectorThe Six Sages
587Yes/No SelectorCO Selector
588Yes/No SelectorRanger, Warrior & Other Characters
589Yes/No SelectorSonic Adventure 1 + 2 Character Selector
590Yes/No SelectorYoshi Color
591Yes/No SelectorWhat Command & Conquer Char. are YOU?
592Yes/No SelectorFF7
593Yes/No SelectorWild Arms 2 Character Selector
594Yes/No SelectorWhich Phantasy Star 2 Spell Are You?
595Yes/No SelectorJob CLass Finder
596Yes/No SelectorFF8 compatibility selector
597Yes/No SelectorHappy Wheels personality test!
598Yes/No SelectorKIngdom hearts
599Yes/No SelectorMario Selector
600Yes/No SelectorWhat are you?
601Yes/No Selector¿A qué escuela de Rival Schools pertenecerías?
602Yes/No SelectorWhich Zelda character are you?
603Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Character Selector
604Yes/No SelectorMario Party 3 Partner Selector
605Yes/No SelectorWhat game character are you?
606Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy VII Character Selector
607Yes/No SelectorPhantasy Star 3 Character Selector
608Yes/No SelectorPick a Super Smash Bros. Melee Character
609Yes/No SelectorWhat FFX character are you??
610Yes/No SelectorWarCraft2 Character Selecter
611Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 7
612Yes/No SelectorEarthBound Character Selector
613Yes/No SelectorWhich Akiba's Beat Character are you?
614Yes/No SelectorWhat Rival Schools Character (girl) Are You?
615Yes/No SelectorSilent Hill 2 selector
616Yes/No SelectorNintendo character selector
617Yes/No SelectorBreath of Fire 2 Character Test
618Yes/No SelectorWhich ''8-bit Theater'' Character Are You?
619Yes/No SelectorTurok 2 characters
620Yes/No SelectorThe best Chrono Cross selecter
621Yes/No SelectorWho are you like?
622Yes/No SelectorTHE FF VILLAIN QUIZ - Wanna be a Villain?!
623Yes/No SelectorKingdom Hearts Character Selector
624Yes/No SelectorBest Chars(Ex:Sephiroth,Howrang,Ken from Street Fighter)
625Yes/No SelectorComputer Game Selecter
626Yes/No SelectorWhat Charactor are you most like
627Yes/No SelectorSilhouette Mirage: Second Chance
628Yes/No SelectorWhat Golden Sun Charactor are you?
629Yes/No SelectorWhat halo villan are you?
630Yes/No SelectorKirby Character Advanced
631Yes/No SelectorGrandia Character selector
632Yes/No SelectorWhich hero/heroine are you?
633Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy 6
634Yes/No SelectorPhantasy Star 4 Character Selector
635Yes/No SelectorBest Sonic Charecter
636Yes/No SelectorWhich Chrono Trigger character are YOU?!
637Yes/No SelectorYour SegaSonic Character
638Yes/No SelectorHarvest Moon Girl e
639Yes/No Selectorwarhammer 40k
640Yes/No SelectorMetal Gear Character Quiz
641Yes/No SelectorCrash Bandicoot Selector
642Yes/No SelectorWhich Nintendo character are you?
643Yes/No SelectorChrono Cross Female Selector
644Yes/No SelectorWhat Super Smash Bros. Melee Character are you like?
645Yes/No SelectorFinal Fantasy Game Selector
646Yes/No SelectorWhich Evolution character are you?
647Yes/No SelectorForbidden Realm Players Species
648Yes/No SelectorWhat Zelda character are you?
649Yes/No SelectorOld School Final Fantasy Super-Selector
650Yes/No SelectorWhat Legend of Zelda character are you?
651Yes/No SelectorWhich Sonic the Hedgehog character
652Yes/No SelectorFantasy Character Selector
653Yes/No Selectorfinal fantasy female
654Yes/No SelectorWhat Dragoon are you?
655Yes/No SelectorWhich....MIGHTY FIGHTING MACHO MAN..are you?
656Yes/No SelectorFF 7-10 Guy Test
657Yes/No SelectorThe SSBM Character You Are
658Yes/No SelectorThe CoD2 Character Selector
659Yes/No Selectorearthbound
660Yes/No SelectorPuyo Puyo 2 Character Selector